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Part 13 : Love Me always

As they drove away from the airport into the city Armaan glanced at Riddhima. It was not even dawn yet . They had arrived there in the middle of the night as duration of flights from Delhi to Mumbai was barely an hour an a half. She looked away outside the window as the not so cool night breeze hit her face. She hadn't uttered a word since they arrived or sat in the car Shubhankar had sent for them.

Placing a hand on hers unable to hold any longer he asked.

"Honey? What's wrong? Why are so very quite? Any problem?" He gently asked.

Breaking from her daze she muttered " No Armaan nothing, I am just a little tired I guess after the ceremony we left immediately so I think I am a bit worn off, a little sleep should do the trick I think."

Seeing her faint smile he looked at her unsurely.

"Ok honey as you wish. As soon as we reach there and meet Dr Shubhankar you can go ahead and rest after that" he smiled looking at her and slowly put an arm around her. Looking at him surprised again she didn't ask him to remove the arm.


"hello Dr Armaan and Riddhima right? Am Dr Shubhankar. Incharge of this branch of sanjeevni under Dr Shanshank ofcourse." Armaan shook hands with Shubhankar as he led them inside.

"I hope your journey was ok?" Enquired Shubhankar.

"Oh it was alright. No problems at all." Armaan smiled.

"That's great. Ok Armaan and Riddhima temporarily I have put u up in the doctors quarters here. They are a pretty small but all this was at such a short notice and……… so I really apologize for this inconvience. I would have booked you a hotel room but u were coming so very late so I though best you stay here till morning then we will see. I hope you both will not mind .Then in the morning if you want we can shift you to the hotel or where ever till the accommodation issue is sorted out."

"No problems at all Dr Shubhankar. We can definitely adjust, you don't need to worry. Thank you for assisting us till now. Right Riddhima"

As Riddhima nodded her head agreeing Shubhankar smiled.

As they walked down to their quarters. "Well you see Dr Armaan…….all those who come to this branch love staying at doctors quarters despite them being so small and cramped with only one room."

As Armaan looked at him confused he explained further.

"its like our hospital isn't exactly on the beach infact quite away but the campus is so huge that doctors quarters have been built almost at the edge touching the beach. People specially from outside love staying there as they are so very very close to the beach."

"oh the beach I thought I could smell salt in the air!" shubhankar nodded smilingly as Armaan looked a surprised as Riddhima finally spoke up something.

"Ok goodnight and see you in the morning!" Armaan wished him the same Shubhankar left them at the doorstep.


Armaan looked over at the small quarter with only one room and a small kinda living room cum kitchen etc, very distasteful Armaan muttered. Wow sasurji running a bid hospital and cant make a better quarter? .

 He looked at Riddhima coming out of the washroom and sitting on the bed looking tired.

"Ridz? Why don't you go off to sleep? I mean you go to sleep here while I will sleep outside in that living room or is it a kitchen or whatever?" Armaan spoke to her as he laughed. "I mean now that we are alone you can be comfortable. I will sleep outside honey. Don't worry.

"No Armaan you can ofcourse sleep here okie. I mean I trust you that much now. Atleast after spending more then a month with you sharing a room. Its really ok. You need not go get so uncomfortable for my sake. If you are caring so much about I cannot be so very mean right?"

Riddhima smiled as Armaan came near her. Holding her shoulders he pushed her down on the bed gently, as he sat on the edge of the bed.

"Go to sleep now honey. I am so happy to hear this today. U trust me? Thank you honey. Am never gonna break your trust ok. No you go to sleep here while I go outside. Sweet dreams."

 Riddhima looked at Armaan stunned at his words. She looked at pull the covers over her as he gently kissed her fingers lightly. Moving out switching off the lights as he moved out Ridz continued staring and thinking about all he said. Kissing over the same fingers were he had placed his lips she whispered.

"Goodnite Armaan."


Armaan moved out into the very small balcony. The warm night breeze hit his face. Despite feeling warm he felt very pleasant as the air rushed past his face. Its quite pleasant he thought. NO wonder Shubhankar was saying people love staying here. His thoughts wandered to Ridz. His smile deepened as he remembered her words.

I mean I trust you that much now. Atleast after spending more then a month with you sharing a room. Its really ok. You need not go get so uncomfortable for my sake. If you are caring so much about I cannot be so very mean right?"

I trust u ? He smiled again. Those simple words had made him so very delighted. She trusts me Armaan whispered softly. Yes my love trusts me. He spoke a little loudly and gleefully.

Suddenly he went inside and into their room where Riddhima had fallen asleep. He stood there looking at he face in moonlight. Moving still closer he sat at the edge of the bed. "I can never break your trust jaan" He whispered softly.

Giving a soft peck on her forehead he slid down from the bed on the floor. Taking her hand in his he couldn't help kissing her wrist yet again. Looking at her he placed his chin on her hand staring at her.


Smelling extremely usual warm salty air Riddhima woke up with a start thinking where she was. Looking around she remembered they were in Mumbai. Smiling slightly she looked around. Her eyes soon felt on him sleeping soundly with his head on her palm as if it were a cushion. He slept on the floor the whole night? Riddhima looked at him stunned.

She gently tried to take away her hand not wanting to wake him up. As she tried he now clutched her hands with both his hands making it even more difficult for her. Smiling slightly and turning pink she couldn't help ruffling his hair. She stared at him clutching her hand. She felt so special.

"I never break your trust honey" She moved closer to his face as she recalled his words last night. He is so very perfect she thought. The way he cared for her nobody had ever done so. He had changed so much over the past few days. This is the real Armaan she thought. Caring, warm, loving and gentle she blushed as she numbered these qualities. He seems to know me so well. He treats me with so much care. No one has ever treated me so nicely or made me feel so special. He never goes out of his way to make me comfortable. Just being with him makes me comfortable. He just has to be his self and I feel as if the whole world is beautiful.

She gently touched his cheeks as she remembered how he broke down that night. My heart was crying with you Armaan. I just couldn't see in that state. I don't know why but you are special Armaan. You are affecting me and I know it. But do I mind? Do I mind when you do those little things that make smile, do I mind when you in your own way show me that you care for me so much, do I mind when you come close to me due to which I skip I heartbeat?

No a small voice spoke in her head. I don't mind. And I guess I have discovered the reason by now. I knew it way from the beginning why I found him so special. Because I have……………but I still need to assured. What if all this is just a sympathy or just friendship or just plain humanity for that matter from his part. I cannot take another heart break.

She stopped her thoughts as he stirred. As he snuggled up more closely on her arm she suddenly got an idea. Smiling slightly she moved forward. Bending a little to reach his ears she spoke.

"Wake up Armaan or you will have to go hungry as I cannot cook with one hand. My other hand has been crushed to last bit by your overly large head." She shouted in his ears.

Armaan jerked up putting his fingers in his ears.

"what the hell was that Ridz? First of all I spelt on the floor and this is what I get? and whats with my head? Look at yourself first. Bloated like a balloon "

Armaan folded his legs and sat looking the other way like a spoilt child looking so very adorable Riddhima thought. Pinching his nose as she got up she spoke.

"Yes that is all you get as I didn't ask you to sleep on the floor. And forget your head I think you nose is a bit too long and you ears……." She giggled as she ran into the bathroom as Armaan picked up the pillow aiming at her.

Laughing Armaan  put the pillow down. He loved seeing her giggle.


Armaan searched for her as he came inside the quarter. It had almost been more than a week and they had now settled down in Mumbai. Getting used to weather, the city. The week had been one of the most terrible and grueling week for them specially Armaan. They were resident doctors and along with that learning ropes of administration too. Armaan had sensed that he had more workload then Ridz even though they were supposed to be doing everything equally.

On enquiring Shubhankar had spilled the beans that Shanshank had ordered him to train Armaan to the fullest. He should be made more then perfect. Armaan remembered Shubhankar's words. Ya rite make me more then perfect by making me work like a donkey. His day started in the wee hours of morning and ended late at nights. Sometimes he didn't sleep all night and Riddhima…………

He felt very unhappy as he thought about her. He hadn't even spoken to her properly after the day they arrived. When he left she would be asleep and when he returned she would again be asleep. His heart went out to her as he remembered her sleeping on the dinning table once waiting for him.

This sasurji …..he gritted his teeth. Make me a perfect doctor, make me a perfect administrator but don't allow me to become a perfect husband.

He muttered angrily. No I will first be more then perfect husband then rest can follow he kept muttering angrily. But where the hell is my wife now? Beach he thought!! Yes she will be there. As he recollected yet again she had this fascination for beaches. Only few days ago when he had come and hadn't found her in the house at that time of the night he had panicked and gone outside searching. He had found her walking along the water.

 Joining her there he wanted to ask her what was she doing there at that time alone? But he had been so tired that it showed on his face and he had no choice as Ridz pulled him into the house looking at his face. Then again when Shubhankar had suggested to shift them to a hotel or something she had refused saying she wanted to stay there as the beach was so near.

She must be there he thought as he made his way there. I was right Armaan grinned as he saw her sitting peacefully on the sat starring at the dark waters. Today for a change the breeze was a little cooler than usual.

"Armaan? So early today?" She looked him as he sat down next to her.

'yup I told them I want to go and sit next my half mad wife who sits alone on the beach at late nights. So they let me go" Armaan grinned looking at her as she looked daggers at him.

Moving more closer to her he whispered "comeon Ridz tell me which handsome hunk cums to meet you here? Every night? Tell the truth? Am sure he cant be handsome as me but your choice isn't………or wait is it a whale? Or a dolphin? All are mammals so you shudnt have any problems, or yes I get it's a merman?"

'Shutup Armaan and whats this Merman?"

"opposite of mermaids…….honestly if u have found a merman tell me then I can get myself a mermaid ………ohh u remember that Disney cartoon? That hot and beautiful mermaid princess cartoon they had. I wudnt mind her u know. She looks…………."

"stop eating my eating Armaan. And I didn't know that it was ur age to drool over cartoon princesses, grow up will you?"

Moving a little more closer and slowly taking her hand in his he held it close to his chest.

'Then what should I do? I think I should drool over a real princess then, like the one sitting right beside me?"

looking at her turning deep shade of red he smiled. He knew he had hit right on target. Great going my boy he congratulated himself. Looking at her becoming conscious he decided to change the topic.

"So what is my princess doing here may I know?" He asked playing with her fingers.

"Armaan" She spoke softly.

"I love the sound of the waves. Its so peaceful, so calming. Just love the whole atmosphere." He looked at staring ahead dreamily.

Putting his hand gently around her shoulders he pulled her close to him. She automatically leaned in him. Her head on his chest. Interlocking his fingers with hers he waited for to continue.

"I always loved this Armaan. When I was young I would keep dreaming of having a house besides the beach. A perfect home with a perfect family. The house would be fully white and have a spiral staircase up to my bedroom which would overlook the sea. My bedroom would also be in white with this huge closet where I wud arrange all my stuff. Have a separate rack only for shoes and the clothes. And there would be this huge balcony overlooking the sea where I could sit for hours together.And then have this huge mirror in my room just above the makeup stand and all."

Laughing a little she looked up at him.

"you must be thinking I am such a baby na? Thinking of such things?"

"No honey everyone has such dreams. And……."

"and they never get fulfilled" Ridz completed the sentence in a tone full of remorse as she put her head back on his chest. As he saw a lone tear escaping her eye he pulled her still closer and wiped the tear.

"No honey dreams are meant to be fulfilled. We dream of something as we actually want it to happen in our lives. Ok if you say u want to go and play on the moon then its not logically possible but otherwise……. If you loose hope then you cannot survive Ridz,"

"Well I too lived on that hope as you call it. Sent away to boarding school when I was hardly of age. I loved mom so much. I didn't know why dad insisted on me going away. I didn't want to leave her. Every vacation I wud return and coax them to take me out or holidays, to bring me aleast to Mumbai. But no we never went out on any vacations as dad was always too busy. He never actually had time to look at us and mom much as she loved us, she was always unhappy. I still don't understand why? Dad didn't give her time but Armaan we loved her. She was our world. U know she would tell me, Riddhima one day ur dream will cum true.

Then one fine I was called back as my only friend, my only soul had gone away, far away ftom me. My mom. I cried so much. But nothing changed. I was sent back and then sent away to US. And my dream remained a dream. Now that sit here and look at the waters all those memories coming flashing back. Its all so very very ............."

Armaan wrapped both his armas around her. He had tears in his eyes. He held her close for sometime. Finally hearing her sobs stop he looked at her to find her fast asleep in his arms.

Gently picking her up he went inside. Gently putting her on the bed he sat there starring at her forlorn, tear-strained face as he placed it on his lap. Wiping away the dry tears he couldn't help kissing her cheeks.

"I love you Ridz and I will give you the world"


She giggled as he tied the saturn ribbon around her eyes.

"Armaan atleast tell me where we are going? You actually took an off for us both? Atleast tell me why did you take an entire day off? We have so much workload and how did u convince Shubhankar and where…………..?"

"shh" He placed a finger on her lips. As he started the car and drove , he spoke.

"will Riddhima gear up urself as I am taking you to meet my mermaid princess, the only true love of my life!!"



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