Monday, 3 June 2019

Part 14 : Love Me always

Placing a hand over the satin cloth on her eyes Riddhima smiled. Her smile widened as she recollected the events of the morning. She had again caught him sleeping on the floor this time in a position as if he had been staring at her face all night.

"armaan you on the floor again? Seriously can't you just make up your mind where you want to sleep? Half of the time you sleep here on the floor in the same position! Whats wrong with you? You had decided to sleep outside and now everyday you practically sleep on the floor?"

"Well ya I had decided to outside in that kitchen cum living room Ridz but what to do? Past 1 and a half month or rather more then that I have become so used to seeing this threatening  face of yours  that if I don't see it the first thing I wake up and get my usual heart-attack by looking at those scary features of yours  then my day just doesn't go well." Armaan smirked looking at her as he got up only to receive a pillow hitting his head.

"Lier!! Cant you just admit it Armaan that you cant resist my beautiful face and sleep here on the floor every night to just keep looking at it?Its ok I understand! I have that effect on guys" Ridz added pompously. Armaan smiled looking at her expressions as she said this. She looked so very adorable.

Walking towards her, he sat don on the bed next to her as she got up. Going extremely close he gently trailed his finger along her forehead, down to her lips and then touching her cheek softly he rested his hand there as he whispered in her ear softly,

"you are right honey. You do seem to have this breathtaking effect on me. Such is the effect that I cant take my eyes off you."

Allowing his lips just to linger over her ears for a longer time Armaan saw Riddhima getting conscious as her eyes looked away knowing the fact he was looking at her.Her hands fidgeting with the bed cover very slightly. Carefully observing her every action Armaan didn't want to break the moment this time. He just sat there looking at her turning into a deep shade of red.

Finally deciding to move over still looking away Riddhima asked "don't you haave to leave early today?"

"nop" Armaan answered getting up smiling at her."Today I am finally on official off so…."

"Great so u can cook today for me?" Riddhima smiled wickedly at him trying to get even with him for the situation he had put her through few minutes ago.

"hmm so this all you feel for your husband who has practically worked as a slave all week?" Armaan asked her putting up a sorry for myself look.

"poor me and anyways I would have done too for you except that I have taken an off from your side too so we have three options: 1 you cook as usual 2.we cook together and 3. we go out. And since the first two are ruled out by me I choose the third one . Bad luck on your part that am tired or else you wud have got a chance to eat my famous recipes. But then again why should I waste it on you.. So madam u better get ready" He said all this in one breath and gave her a wink as he opened only to receive a pillow hit his head yet again.


After all the teasing by the time they finally left it was almost mid-afternoon. She was a bit surprised when he told her he had taken a leave on her behalf too.

But she didn't object as it had been beyond a week since they had a talk. The entire week after that he was hardly at home. Wenever he was at home he was always busy doing something.Talking to somebody or discussing something.Infact she felt there was something more going on besides just hospital work. He was many times not there in the hospital and wen she inquired Shubhankar hadtold her it was for administrative meetings.

The last time they were together was when he had finished his duty and come along down to the beach that night. She didn't know what had happened to her that night but the emotions she had bottled up for so many years had just seem to pop out in front of him. He had been so comforting And putting aside her doubts and fears she had for the first time criedout loudly letting herself free from all those emotions which had nagged her for so many years!She was secretly really happy to be going out with him.

As she sat there in the car smiling Armaan looked at her. She looked so very pretty. I wish I could just take her in my arms. Sighing he looked ahead wondering when that time would finally arrive.Laughing at his own thoughts he looked at her again deep in thought.

"What are u thinking Ridz? are u jealous?I mean thinking about who my mermaid princess is going to be?? Don't worry there is still time for that." He added cheekily.

"armaan cant u keep quite? Here u have made me sit with this cloth over my eye? Wat do u intend to do? For howlong are u going to make me sit like this?"

Hearing her annoyed tone he smiled. "Just two more minutes honey. We are nearly there. Actually there has been a change of plan in mind."

"change of plan? Now wat…………?"

'relax honey. Just a minor change. Ok we are nearly there. Hang on I'll open the door for you"

armaan spoke as he stopped the car. Helping her get down he slowly opened her eyes.

As she opened her eyes she saw him standing in front of holding a bouquet. Observing it closely she realized it contained one kind of each possible flower.

"Armaan this is……….? I mean there are daises,orchids, and wats this?Ahh chrysanthemums, and roses too? And few more I don't even know them?"

She looked at him geniunly surprised by this.

"no Ridz actually didn't know which one u like so asked to make one bouquet containing each. Tell me which is your favourite?"

'so Armaan you blindfolded meand took an off for me to give me a bouquet containing different flowers? You cud have just me my favoirite and given me there. Why so much of trouble?" She looked at him laughing and amused.

Looking hurt by her comments Armaan just looked away without giving any reasons. Seeing his expressions changing Riddhima quickly added.

"Sorry Armaan I was just joking.The bouquet is beautiful and I love orchids. But why have you brought me here?"She asked looking around as it seemed some parking area of some hotel or a mall to her.

Seeing her smile at him, he cudnt help touch her cheek. Placing his hand lightly on one cheek and then pulling it softly he said.

"u look very cute when u smile. Shall we?"

Blushing a little she linked her arm with his wondering where he had brought her.


Staring out as the waiter brought the starters Riddhima cudnt help that Armaan had specially done this for her. Seated there in one of the plush Mumbai restaurant's she gazed out at the breathtaking view. As the waves crashed upon the wall just below the glass window where they were seated Riddhima just cudnt help looking around in awe.

"its beautiful isnt it?" Armaan asked looking at her still staring out.

"it is Sir, this table is one of most sort table in our restaurant. If u hadn't booked it in advance Sir then you wud have definitely never got this opportunity." The waiter who had just brought in the starters spoke listening to Armaan. As he walked away Riddhima looked at Armaan

"You booked this specially for me Armaan? Armaan I don't know how to thank………….?"

"Shh, you don't need to thank me now, not atleast for this! Consider urself lucky as I was actually going to take you to meet my sweetheart first.But brought u here instead as it was almost lunch time so……….trust me after seeing her you wudnt have eaten anything, so thought of showing her after we finish." Armaan added grinning at her.

"ufff Armaan I am really tired of hearing you talk endlessly about that darling of yours. Now am really earger to see who this whitch is going to be?"

"hmm someone is J huh? Witch and all?" armaan asked her amusingly.

"Not in the least" Riddhima added stirring her soup. "I really want to see who this cracked female must be if she fell for your charms"

"well you will soon discover honey"

"ya surely Armaan now can you allow me to eat in peace?" Putting up an annoyed expression Riddhima looked down at her soup.

After a few minutes of silence when he didn't speak Riddhima spoke up.

"Armaan I am sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you. Thankyou so very much for this beautiful lunch. Armaan really sorry……….."

Placing his hand on her he smiled looking at her.

"Ridz? Stop that sorry ok! Please I don't want our relationship to be such that we need sorries and thankyou's to convince each other. ' ridz looked at him touched by his words. He leaned closer and added.

"hmm I know u were feeling jealous, so its natural to get annoyed"

Laughing along with him riddhima let her hand stay in his.


"errm did u see the guy who was with me for lunch?Mr Armaan Mallik?"

Riddhima asked the waiter for the nth time in past half an hour.They had almost finished their lunch and it was almost late afternoon. Then under the pretext of using the washroom Armaan had gone away asking her to call for desert. She sat there waiting for him but it has almost been over half an hour and he had yet not returned. Trying to calm herself , she got up. Making her way out she saw the waiter coming towards her> He handed her a note.

"I know you are missing me! Come outside the gate.Dont worry the bill has been paid so no one will catch you.Haha

miss you too


Riddhima literally ran outside only to find him no wer in sight. Still confused, frightened and scared she looked around frantically.Just then she saw a guy come towards her. Handing her a note which she took even more surprised then ever.She quickly tore it open

"Looks like someone is really searching hard for me. Get into the car in front of you.

Trust me


Looking ahead she saw the same guy who had given her the note waiting with the car door open. Hesitating still looking around she tried his number. Hearing unreachable she sighed in desperation. Just then the same lad came forward and gave her another note.

"don't panic hearing unreachable. Trust me and get into the car.

Will always be with you


Not giving a second thought now she quickly got into the car.After wat like seemed 15 mins of drive, the driver stopped the car and told her the her destination had arrived.

Getting down Riddhima saw that she was still along the seaside.Looking ahead she saw a beautiful sight. Standing in front of her was small beautiful bungalow with ivory work and surrounded by a small garden in the front. It wasn't anything huge. But it was separated from the rest of the row houses along the lane and the reason she now saw was that it was constructed on a slightly higher plane then the rest. Perched not exactly on a mini hill but just a gently slope she released that if one went right round the other side then he wud be facing the sea.It is really beautiful she thought.

Unsure of wat to do next she looked around. Just then a small child came up to her. Handing out a note again Riddhima nearly snatched it away from his hand.

"walk through the driveway and enter in through the threshold. U will find all ur answers there.

Yours truly, Armaan"

As she stood at the threshold before entering she noticed a huge bouquet of flowers at the doorstep. Picking it up she realized they were all different coloured orchids.smiling slightly she picked it up to find yet another note inside stuck. Opening it she read.

"I asked your favorite flower but not your favorite colour. As I meant to give u each colour I felt u deserve. The pink orchid signifies the beauty and elegance u hold. The purple stands for the richness ur thoughts hold. And finally white signifies the innocence and purity , words which are completely signified by you.

finally I hold back just one colour with myself. Walk in thru the threshold and come up the staircase. You will find the colour there. I will also introduce you to my dream princess."

In complete awe reading this Riddhima quickly opened the door. Walking in as she looked around she momentarily forgot what she had come for. The house was completely painted in white. The main hall was separated from the rest by glass walls through which water ran in between.Going deeper into the house she found a spiral staircase with glass like steps leading up.

Going up she found herself on the threshold of yet another she went towards it to open it she found yet another note lying at the bottom on the floor.

"As you open the door, walk in. Stand infront of the mirror. As the sun sinks down it will show u my love there."

Smiling slightly now beginning to understand the game she opened the door. As she walked in she noticed it was furnished in a very elegant way.Painted in some parts in shades of beautiful lilac, some in ight thought not shiny silver and white Riddhima had to admit it was breathtaking. Finally standing in front of the mirror as Armaan had told she looked at her reflection.

After a few silent minutes of nothingness Riddhima started becoming restless.Rereading the note she read '.

"As the sun sinks down it will show u my love there."

Looking around she saw the sun almost sinking down.Looking at her reflection in the mirror again she saw the sinking sun being reflected just behind her reflection. It seemed to cast a golden glow on her enhancing her beauty all the more.

"so you finally met my love?" Jumping out of her skin Riddhima saw Armaan standing just behind her.

"armaan u scared me out of my wits.Wat is going on and………….?"

 She stopped as he put his finger on her lips. Turning her back to face the mirror he pointed out to her reflection. The sun almost in the sea now it cast a reddish goldish glow all over the room and was reflected from the mirror too.

"U see her?" he asked pointing to her reflection.

"She is my princess,my life, my heartbeat, the love of my life" He whispered in her ears.

Dazed and shocked she instantly looked in his eyes. He stood looking into her eyes and slowly brought up the red orchid he had been clutching on for so long. Bringing up her hand to hold the orchid he looked into her eyes and spoke.

"this is the colour I hold for you. The colour red,which stands for the unconditional love I hold for you. I love you Riddhima.



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