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part 15 : Come Back to Me

"Riddhima where are we going?" she turned to face him as he took hold of her hand ; she opened the car door to the driver's seat. Seeing him hold her arm she tried tugging it off as he waited patiently for her reply and began to play her fingers.

"Armaan go and sit down……I'll tell you once we get started" she snapped back pulling her hand away from his.

"Oh ok" he beamed and went around the car and sat down like an obedient child.

"By the way….." he popped up again opening the door.

"Riddhima are you sure you want to drive? I can drive you know….." he smiled.

"No I'll manage" she replied curtly and heaved a sigh of relief as he sat down again. Seeing Rahul approach them she bent down and muttered through the window.

"Armaan Rahul wants to talk about something, I'll just be back"

"Oh sure"

Leaving him seated she made her way to meet Rahul who stood a few feet away.

"Riddhima believe me I am so glad you agreed to help him out, I mean I had half thought you will refuse after what all happened but seeing you…..thankyou so much…….I am so glad you didn't leave your love….." he started.

"Rahul, it isn't love. I am helping him just for humanity sake. That's it. I cant see him in this state. I couldn't see anyone in this state. Be it even you. And if I am the solution I would gladly help save a life. Just for sake of humanity" she replied cutting him off.

"Oh ok." Rahul answered smiling.

"So where are you taking him? Will you be shifting back to his place? I'll help you clean up the place if you want…..its a mess I know…" he asked changing the topic.

"Oh no, I am taking him to my place, I can't stand his place……it brings back memories …..I have so many attached to that place….I can't possibly go back there…….it will be torture for me…." She muttered lowering her eyes.

It was true, going back to that place, the place she once called her home, their home, where she had dreamt of a life together, with him and their…….child. The place where her dreams shattered into a million of pieces…….which broke her completely….God she would go insane much more then him if they were stay there.

"Oh I completely understand girl. You go ahead now, any help I'll be just a phone call away" he smiled and squeezed her gently as he led her to the car.

"Hey Armaan take care buddy" he called out from the window as he closed the door once Riddhima was seated.

"I will, bye" Armaan answered back flashing a grin.

As the engine roared to life Riddhima drove off leaving a smiling Rahul behind.

"For humanity sake Riddhima?" he grinned recalling her words. "No Riddhima, this is love, and I am sure it will conquer in end, no matter how hard you fight against it" he smiled.


"Riddhima where are we going?" Armaan whined and placed his hand on hers over the gear stick as she accelerated the speed.

"Armaan we are going to my place, I mean I have a house…….errm we have a house just on the outskirts, we are going there" she yanked her hand from under his on the gear stick and gently placed his hand on his lap in a flash of a second. The closeness he was initiating was too much to cope up with.

"Oh really?" his eyes lit up.

"How come I don't know about this place…." He looked at her confused.

"Armaan, well…….I just bought it……I mean I wanted to surprise you ……you know like a vacation home……get away from the city and hectic schedule sort off place?" she fibbed hoping she made sense to him. How on earth was she to explain that….that place was hers……the home she built herself after he had ruthlessly thrown her out from the place she called her home once upon a time.

"Oh really? Wow we are going on a vacation? Just you and me? Riddhima I love you" he picked up her hand and kissed her fingers gently and passionately one by one. Riddhima wanted to scream and tear away from his hold. This was more then she bargained for………

Carefully pulling her hand away she gave a small smile. 

"Yes …..a vacation sort of…." She tried assuring him.

"Thank you Riddhima" he whispered closing his eyes.

"Hey why is this car so silent……lets see what is on air on the fm……I know you hate driving without music" he smiled suddenly opening his eyes and bent forward to turn on the radio.

Riddhima looked over at him stunned that he still did remember such small muses of hers.

"You know Riddhima I love this song…… describes my feelings so aptly…….the love I hold for you…I love you Riddhima" he whispered as Riddhima continued looking ahead uncomfortably.

(tu jahaan main wahaan
sang sang yu chalu tere
jaise tera aasmaan ) - 2

jo dhup nikli chaya ban jaaunga
jo ho tu akeli saaya ban jaaunga
jo uljhan mein ho mann main behlaaunga
tum aa gaye ho toh jeena aaya hain
khushiya ka tumne yeh jaal bichaya hain
khoya hain khudko yah sab kutch paaya hain
tu jahaan main wahaan
sang sang yu chalu tere
jaise tera aasmaan

ho gam ke badal mujhpe tham jaane de
bechainiyo ko mujhse takrane de
dukhti ho koi baat mujhpe aane de
dil sochta tha ke koi apna ho
koi raaz na ho jo uss se rakhna ho
aankhein na kholu main shayad sapna ho
tu jahaan main wahaan
sang sang yu chalu tere
jaise tera aasmaan
A wonderful Vm by Gagan on this song, i personally love the song!


"Riddhima this place is beautiful" he sighed as she entered along with him. She was proud of her little cottage, she called her home. It wasn't very huge or showy kinds. Just a simple dear little thing with a small garden in front, Riddhima had done it up all on her own, according to her taste; it had somewhere helped her overcome Armaan. And here she was today standing on the porch with the very same Armaan.

"Thank you" she replied hearing his compliments.

"You know what……." He turned towards her as the entered.


"I am going to love staying here" he whispered stepping closer.

"Why?" she looked up confused stepping back as he encircled his arms around her waist and pulled her close.

"Because I don't know why but everything around here seems to have you, like each stone here is vibrating your presence. The whole place is done up according to your taste ….that I can see…and nothing would make me more happy then staying in a place where even the air smells of your fragrance" he hugged her gently kissing her hair and wrapped his arms tightly around her. Moving her hair he brushed his lips on her neck…..unaware of her lack of response.

Riddhima felt herself turning stone cold at his physical initiative. For a moment she froze feeling his arms around her. As she felt his wet lips on her neck she pushed him away.

Stepping back she glared at him and raised her finger pointing to him as he looked at her bewildered.

"Enough" she spat out.

"Armaan just because you are here ……..staying with me, just because I agreed to do this doesn't mean you can do whatever you like. Stay within your limits and keep away…..don't make me regret my decision of taking pity on you….you would have rotten away there……so stay within your limits…dare you cross them" she glared at him.

"Riddhima……." He whimpered looking aghast.

"Yes,………you heard me out right? Keep within your limits, you want to stay here, suit yourself but dare you try messing up my life again……you had it then….I haven't yet forgotten and can never forget those wounds you stabbed mercilessly, those lonely nights I spent….."

"I messed up your life…." He repeated in a daze.

"Yes you did… killed my child, you……….." Riddhima bit her tongue seeing his distant eyes. Oh God why did she not control her tongue? He was here ill for heaven's sake…..and did he deserve more then the punishment he was already suffering from?

"Armaan…." She softly called out.

Seeing him standing still she stepped forward and gently placed her hand on his shoulders.

"Armaan?" she called out again.

"I killed our baby…..I messed up my Riddhima's life……my Riddhima's life…." He mumbled looking down nodding his head ……

"Armaan listen to me….Armaan….I am sorry…"

"I am sorry……." He suddenly turned towards her and swiftly took off her hand from his shoulder.

"Stay away…..I messed up my Riddhima's life… child….I lost…." He sat down looking here and there and kept mumbling.

"Armaan…….listen to me" Riddhima called out firmly.

He stopped and gazed at her tearfully.

"Look Armaan I didn't mean it that way……"

"No Riddhima……….I know you coming here with me is a big deal…I am sorry….I'll maintain my distance" he mumbled and got up.

"Where is the washroom?"

"There…" she indicated. As he turned to go Riddhima felt a lone tear escape her eye.


"Armaan what are you doing here?" she asked as he entered her room. The day had been quite peaceful as she had shown him around the house and then prepared dinner together. He had been silent all day and Riddhima didn't attempt to break to his silence, it was better off this way. She was amazed seeing him help her with the dinner and then wash the dishes.

"Riddhima I cant sleep without you" he whispered as she narrowed her eyes.

"Armaan there is noway you are sleeping here with me" she answered with an air of finality.


"Armaan get this straight. You are obviously not sleeping in my room with me. You know I won't allow it…" she added firmly.

"Yea I know…" he answered dully.


"Riddhima I don't intend to sleep with you literally, on your bed….I will sleep here on the floor. I can't sleep without looking at your face. Please…..I won't disturb you promise. I'll sleep here on the floor." He pleaded indicating the floor.


"Riddhima please….." he pleaded once more.

"Ok fine, suit yourself, but don't you dare……." she answered

"No I promise I won't disturb you or do anything which might displease you…..than\k you Riddhima" he whispered beaming.

"Your welcome" she muttered turning away to face the other side and switched of the lights. The silver faint moonlight illuminated the room and Riddhima closed her eyes feeling glad that the day had come to an end.

"Riddhima please turn to my side…." He whispered through the darkness.

Sighing she turned to his side. His silhouette was clearly visible in the faint light. She saw him curled up on the floor on the rug.

"You know you look beautiful in moonlight."

"Goodnight Armaan" she whispered.

"Goodnight love, sweet dreams"

Even in the dark room she could feel his gaze on her. How on earth was she going to cope with him all over again she thought closing her eyes wearily.



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