Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Part 15 : Love Me always

"I love you Riddhima" She stared at him as he said those words again. Blinking at him without any reaction she stood there. Looking at her expressionless Armaan began to feel restless.

Why the hell is she isn't responding? I mean not that I expected her to hug me immediately and say

"aww Armaan I love u too"

No actually this would have been lovely .Only if she had done that. But here she is standing as if I told her

"Statue Riddhima and not I love u Riddhima"

Sighing he gently gripped her shoulders and spoke.

"Riddhima ? Are you alrite? What's wrong? Did I say something wrong?"

Snapping out as he shook her she looked at him yet again and nervously averted her gaze . Sensing that she seem to have gone all nervous, he made her sit down on the bed. Sitting down on his knees he took her hands in his and spoke. "Riddhima I really………"

"Armaan you love me?" Getting impatient he stood up and walked out to the balcony. Looking at her sitting on the bed he muttered. " well that's what exactly I said Ridz a few minutes ago. I really love you"

'Armaan are ………are you sure about this? You love me? I mean…….?" Riddhima came over walking to him and stood next to him.

Now Armaan realized what she was thinking. Of course she will think like this, what did you expect Armaan? To reciprocate and say she loves you the same the very next moment. Wait does she love me? Well I will find out sooner or later. But I love her and that's the truth.

"Riddhima why will say I love you if I don't? give me one good reason. Trust me I am not lying or don't have any other intentions as such" Armaan spoke softly looking at the sea.

"No no Armaan I know you don't have any such intentions" Riddhima came closer to him. Placing her hand lightly on his she continued.

"Armaan its like we were married not exactly according to our will and then I always felt from the beginning since we met that you didn't like me much and then after marriage we kinda grew close as rather friends I will say ……….so now are u emmm sure . I mean I really respect you Armaan and your opinion too but I don't know what I feel. I mean ………."

Looking at her hesitant face Armaan knew she was nervous and scared as to how he would react.

"Go on honey, no need to feel scared or nervous I am all ready to listen to what you have to say" Smiling lightly he placed his other hand on hers reassuring her.

"Armaan pls don't get me wrong but………..as I said…. I mean I really respect you Armaan and your opinion too but I don't know what I feel……are u sure this is not attraction? I mean……lust or …." Riddhima asked him averting her gaze looking away.

 Feeling him leaving her hand she looked at him surprised. He went behind her and lightly placed his hands on her shoulders. Bending down to reach her ears he softly spoke.

"I love you Riddhima" Hearing this again Riddhima closed her eyes feeling a strange happy feeling building inside her. She wanted him to say it again and again.

"I won't deny that I am attracted to you! It's natural but yes it's not lust definitely. Riddhima…….." Turning her around he made her look in his eyes and took hold of both her hands.

"I really love you with all my heart. For the first time in my life I actually felt love. I have always grown up seeing hatred, homes breaking, spent so many nights crying and............ just forget it I don't want to get into that now and spoil this moment which I have tried so very hard to hold back. I wudnt dream of just playing with you and you mean the world to me Riddhima, and with you I can see the world differently. Your support, with you by my side I know I wont fall, believe me you changed me. I never would bother with you much before as I …………"

Breaking off he looked away and left his grip off her hands. Curious as to what he had to say more Riddhima stood there quietly and feeling herself melting as he spoke more. She felt she just wanted to run and hug him tight saying………saying……..

"I have a confession Riddhima………I was attracted by your innocent charm ever since the ball. But I always shook it off as mere attraction, that I felt for so many other women I wont deny. Later in the hospital too I didn't want to get distracted by you. But ever since we got married and all…………..i started seeing u in new light. Slowly I realized its more then attraction and I was sure its not lust for you honey. Finally I realized now its only love that I have .Am blown away by you Riddhima. And I don't know what else to say…………"

Armaan looked at her rooted to the spot. She looked away to the sea as she felt her eyes swelling up. Seeing her Armaan felt she need some time by herself. Afterall he thought she wasn't going to hug you and say I love you right now itself. Give her time Armaan dude. He went and stood beside her.

" Hmm Riddhima? Honey I am not forcing you into anything at all ok?Its even ok if you don't feel anything for me" ouch thought Armaan my heart breaks saying that line but I guess you have to say…..

"Take your time Riddhima, I am going down now and be ready for dinner tonite, downstairs at dinner table ofcourse." He left the balcony and was about to move out of the room.

Shocked and surprised she turned around.

"Armaan? This house I mean………how can we and this bedroom? What's all this you haven't even told me who or what?"

Turning back stop in his tracks Armaan looked at confused face grinning. Retracing her steps back to her he spoke.

"Hmm this home is ours"

He stopped to enjoy the effects his words had caused on her face.


"yes Ridz its ours, I have bought it to gift it to my love"

"Armaan?" Riddhima looked at him stunned. He actually bought this place? So soon, without telling her, just to surprise her. OMG girl thought Riddhima. With a million of new questions swimming in her head she spoke again only to be stopped by his finger on her lips.

"Shhh told you na its ours, mine and yours. " Saying so he made for the door when Riddhima back to her senses spoke.

"Armaan ?Ours ?Are u serious? How can we? I mean? And how did you manage in such a short span? And the furnishings? I don't now what to say?"

Saying so she sat down on the bed still stunned as the effects of this news took over. She still couldn't believe.

"So don't say anything Ridz" Armaan looked at her grinning.

"and your so many rapid fire questions will all be answered later darling"

Riddhima blushed as she heard him address her like that. Seeing her blush Armaan winked and before going out he looked back.

"Better be on time for dinner. Don't keep your chef waiting" Blowing her a flying kiss he left the room as Riddhima sat there turning red.


"Riddhima what is going on?" she thought aloud to herself.

"I really love you with all my heart. For the first time in my life I actually felt love"

His words echoed through her ears. "I love u Riddhima" He loves me? Still feeling numb and stunned she pulled up herself. Get a grip girl she thought. Does he really love me? She pondered on her words. At the next instant pat came a reply in her mind. Yes. He bought this place, furnished it exactly as I ever dreamt of and the orchids…………..he does love me. So do I need this stuff to prove his love? Again she looked around miserably at the sinking sun trying hard to find answers and a solution.

Solution of what she thought? He loves me he said it. However and whatever he did to show is his love is his concern. What I should see is he loves me and I asked him for time. Time for what ? To decide whether I …………I…………I finally mustering courage to speak out love him or not??

As soon as she uttered those words she knew ……….i love him I know! Deep down she finally felt her heart lighter as she confessed it to herself. The fact that she been trying to keep them bottled within her so that she could control herself in his presence. She didn't want to be weak or vulnerable in front of him without knowing what he felt.

Past few weeks the change in him was not unnoticed by her. She saw him caring more than ever for her, being just the companion she ever wished for. But still she had doubts nagging, feeling it was just out of friendship or pity or worst attraction. But he never ever crossed his limits despite being close to her all the time. She grew to love him even more she thought.

Earlier when he would be cold to her it would hurt her. Even more becoz deep down she always knew he was the one she fell for. Now after so many months my love for him just grew. Then why did I even ask for time?

Riddhima stood up annoyed with herself. I could have told him straightaway that I feel the same. OMG why did I not respond. Maybe becoz for the first time things went smoothly and happiness just came right upto her without any intrusions. She just cudnt believe at that time. Plus she wanted to make sure that…………leave it Ridz she thought. Its your turn now. Smiling slightly she looked forward to their dinner.


Looking around as she got down the last step of the stairs she was yet again amazed by him. This time he had not done anything extravagant. Just kept it simple and yet conveyed a whole lot of meanings through it.

Set on the dinner table covered with white cloth was a single plate with three candles burning despite the lights on. She looked around for him.

"Hey your looking breathtaking in white honey. I knew it would look good"

She shivered as he suddenly whispered this in her ears. Blushing she looked at him, it was true he had gifted it to her. After the dramatic events of the evening as she had opened the wardrobe she had found yet a another note from him with the white saree asking her to wear it tonite only if wanted too. Without a second thought she had worn it taking great care while getting ready, blushing profusely all the time.

As she looked up at him to say something, she saw the chef's hat on his head. Then she realized he was even wearing an apron. Laughing out aloud she asked

"Armaan? What's all this?"

"hmm I thought women liked such setups?" Armaan looked at her disappointed.

"Arree noooo" Riddhima shook her head. "I meant you are dressed up as a chef!!"

"Oh this?" Armaan asked grinning at her pointing to his chef cap.

"Tonite is a special dinner for a special lady of honour."

Riddhima giggled as he bowed and pulled out the chair for her. Sitting down she looked at him lovingly as he put the food on her plate.No one had ever done something like this for her.

"Armaan your plate?" As she saw him moving back to the kitchen.

"No I will serve my lady tonite, anything she wants"

"No Armaan come and have dinner with me please" Riddhima looked at him pleadingly.

 As he sat down next to her he saw she hadn't touched her plate. He smiled loving her even more with every passing moment. They finished the dinner in silence occasionally talking in between about general stuff way too occupied in their thoughts.

"Armaan did you cook all this?" Riddhima asked him as they were about to finish.

Laughing out a bit he grinned.

"How I wish I could say yes honey but sadly no I didn't, I would have trust me for you but there was no time and my attempt………leave it .What was more important is that I got to spend this entire lovely evening with you!"

Looking at her going red by his flirtatious remarks, he moved closer to her and whispered in her ears.

"So what tip will you give your chef tonite?" Looking at her shocked face he cheekily got up.

"So what do u accept? Cash or card?" Riddhima stood up looking at him smiling.

Taken a back by her advance this time he moved a bit more close to her face. Almost feeling her conscious breath kissing his face he whispered.

"Cards only and that too only if it says I love you"

Smiling deeply Riddhima moved out and went out to the balcony while sighing deeply Armaan followed her out.


Seeing her calmly looking at the sea smiling he came and stood beside her. While she looked out he continued staring at her face, studying each detail as if it was for the first time.

Turning to his side she found him staring at her. He broke away the gaze as she looked at him. Taking hold of her hands he looked down and spoke.

"Riddhima I hope you didn't get me wrong. I really love you and its really ok if you don't like……….i will never ever force you into anything. I love you the way you are and ………….."

"Armaan?" placing her finger on his lip she stared into his eyes.

"I love you Armaan"


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