Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Part 16 : Love Me always

Armaan tapped his ears with his fingers to check whether they were working well. Did he hear it properly? Did she just say that……say that she….that she loves me. Nop Armaan dude u finally have lost it. I knew this will happen one day you will start hearing and seeing things………I need a doctor. But Armaan she is standing there right in front of you. Oh yes she is a doctor too. Next thing you will imagine is her kissing you. No no Armaan will you shutup!

Looking at his rapidly changing expressions from frown to confusion to going red to nodding his head dreamily Riddhima couldn't help giggling a bit. Finally seeing that he wasn't going to come out of his trance she cautiously spoke

"Armaan are you alrite? I am sorry if I …….what's wrong Armaan?"

Seeing her snapping her fingers in front of his face he blinked and looked at her. She was really present in front of him. That means she really told me she loves me. OMG Armaan yes she finally told you.

Finally getting restless and annoyed that what would have been the most beautiful moment of their lives was ruined by his non-responsive dreamy look Riddhima decided to walk away.

As she turned her back to move out she felt him pulling her back clutching her arm. Bringing her back gently to face him he held her in his arms clutching both her arms. Looking into her eyes he saw her looking flustered, nervous and confused at the same time.

"What did you just say? Please say it once more I guess I didn't hear it properly" He smiled looking at her sheepishly.

Blushing down lowering her gaze she whispered

"I too love you Armaan"

Letting go of her arms he looked at her intensely as though it was the only one moment he had to live through.

"I love you too Riddhima" He went forward and lightly touched her cheek caressing it. Cupping her face he whispered again.

"I love a lot Ridz and if ever I was a jerk to you forgive me…….promise never to behave like one again. You really……." He stopped as she placed her fingers on his lips.

Turning about facing the sea she softly spoke.

"Armaan I really love you, have fallen under your spell completely. I just fear one thing. Don't ever betray my trust Armaan as I won't be able to take the heart ache. I knew I loved you from a long time but it took me time to even accept it myself. I am giving this chance to myself, to my life once again, by trusting you and if you ever leave me or break this then I don't know whether I will even be able to cope up with another betrayal. All those whom I loved till now have either gone away from me or just simply drifted far away……….too far for me to reach out for them. Promise me you will always be by my side forever and not leave me half way?"

Placing his hands on hers as the rested against the railing her hugged her from behind placing his chin on her shoulder. Riddhima closed her eyes feeling their proximity.

"I promise Riddhima to always be there for you. I have seen enough myself, so  to break your trust will be piercing my heart with a hundred knives. I wouldn't have confessed this myself if I was going to part ways with u from midway. And you shouldn't be feeling so doubtful as you made The Armaan Mallik who never even uttered the word love, who had promised never to allow any woman be close to him succumb to your charms Riddhima."

Saying so he lightly kissed her hair. Standing there in the balcony her saw small tears form in her eyes. Wiping her tears still hugging her from behind he lightly placed his arms around her waist as she softly gasped feeling him so near.

Bringing his lips closer to her ears he gently blew and whispered.

"Hmm finally my princess confessed right? I am the happiest person on this earth as now after two months I will finally be able to sleep on the bed."

Looking confused she turned to face him.

Grinning wickedly he continued.

"Well you remember Ridz I told you na I have become used to seeing your scary face every morning as soon as I wake up. I mean without looking at your ghost-like features my day just doesn't begin .And these two months to do that I had to sleep on floor. Now that you said you love me I have the license to cuddle up next to you. Ahhh it will great to be back on bed."

Seeing him look at him with horror he stretched his arms and evilly smiled.

"don't look so shocked honey I am really happy today. I will get my bed back today. " Bending down he whispered.

"infact that's the prime reason I told you I love you as I desperately wanted to be back on the bed, tired of sleeping on the floor and couch Eehhhhaahhhh" He wickedly laughed loudly in her ears causing her to hit him on his chest.

Quickly dodging another punch he ran out as she followed him annoyed for ruining their moment.


Running along the beach with soft sand under his feet he looked behind to see her following him. He dodged around for some time more teasing her by sticking out his tongue enjoying her indignant face followed by her laughter. As she kicked out her shoes to follow him faster clutching her saree he stopped looking at running towards him.

He stood there he allowed her to bump into him. Falling back on the sand he secured his arms around her waist and rolled over her.

Panting and feeling out of breath she looked at him staring at her. Pushing aside loose strands of hair from her face he looked at her passion now running high. Gently kissing her forehead he bent further…………she looked away turning her face. Placing a soft kiss on her cheeks he lightly turned her face to face him. Riddhima slowly opened her eyes to see his eyes boring in hers. She could nothing but love and passion in his eyes. With one hand on her cheek and the other resting around her waist he moved closer to , their foreheads now touching he could her goose bumps rise as he saw her lips trembling. Caressing her lips with his thumb he continued staring at her. She found herself falling deeper into his spell mesmerized by his presence and the proximity they were sharing.

She isn't ready yet thought Armaan. I can feel it, she isn't ready to take our relationship to the next level. I cannot force her into anything. No I promised not to do that. Let her come along. I happy that she atleast loves me.

He moved away creating some distance between them, resting beside her he got off her. Holding her hand close to him he gently kissed it looking up at the stars. Taken aback by his sudden backing Riddhima looked at him gazing at the stars holding her hand. Snuggling up closer to him she rested her head on his chest, interlocking her fingers with his and looked up at him.

Feeling her grip tighten in his hand he gazed down into her eyes to find her looking at him lovingly and longingly. Unable to hold back any longer he gently brushed his lips against hers kissing the softly. Feeling her respond back he passionately and intensely kissed her now allowing the passion and love that he had for her flow through. He held her securely with his hand around her bare waist while the other still interlocked with her other hand. He sensuously caressed her cheek as the intensity of their kiss increased.

Finally breaking away from the kiss she laid her head on his chest again sighing softly clutching his hand tightly. He gently kissed her forehead. Holding each other contently in each other's arms Riddhima closed her eyes wishing for the moment to last forever.


Waking up he looked at cuddled up against him holding him tightly. It must have been almost more then an hour since she fell asleep in his arms. Looking at them still on the beach he gently shifted her a little meaning to get up. She stirred and frowned snuggling closer to him.

God she looks so very beautiful. I could just………..he looked at her opening her eyes and looking up at him blushing.

He smiled warmly at her kissing her cheek as she buried her head in his chest.

"I really love you Armaan"

Stroking her hair gently " I love you a lot Riddhima and I promise that nothing will ever get us apart. You mean the world to me"

Gently getting up still holding her in his arms he picked up up and went inside.


Placing her on the bed he sat there on the edge of the bed stroking her hair as she held his hand tightly. As she kissed his hand he couldn't help bending down and kissing her cheeks. Looking at her lips he now touched them with his own intently, passion on a real high. Leaving her lips he moved down to her neck letting her saree pallu off……..

She pulled him closer to her ruffling his hair, She cud feel and see in his eyes, all the love and passionate feelings he had towards her. Together the two lovers explored each other touching, caressing and embracing.



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