Thursday, 6 June 2019

Part 17 : Love Me always

As the early sun rays peeped through the windows she opened her eyes to find herself in his arms. Looking up at him she felt herself shivering with joy as she felt a gush of emotions running through her. Holding him tightly a lone tear escaped her eye as she knew that he was the heart of her life, to her.

Feeling a wet drop on his naked chest he opened his eyes find her awake staring at him with moist eyes. Sighing he pulled her closer to him and softly kissed her lips stroking her bare back.

'What makes my honey shed tears early morning?'

Hugging him tight Riddhima found herself slightly crying. Pulling her out of the hug Armaan looked at her, wiping her tears he kissed her forehead cuddling her again.

'Armaan u will never ever leave me na?' Riddhima mumbled like a small kid.

Smiling deeply he kissed her hair and spoke.

'Never honey. Why are you feeling so insecure? I love you Riddhima and''' cupping her face with his palms he looked deeply into her eyes and continued.

'Will not even let a frown ever appear on your face .But only on one condition.'

Frowning Riddhima looked at him confused.

'That you will never ever make me sleep on the floor again'

Giggling slightly she pinched his nose, ' No chance Mister, you will be back on the floor from tonight, I cannot give u concession every night'' got it!'

'Ok so is that the case? Fine then I will surely sleep on the floor as your highness commands but just on one condition more .That you will accompany me down there too.'

Saying so before she could reply he kissed her .As they parted Riddhima smiled as Armaan got up in the sitting position cuddling her. Leaning her head against his chest Riddhima smiled contently closing her eyes. She felt truly blissful, truly happy for the first time in her life and it was all because of Armaan.

'Told you na will not allow a frown too to settle on your face.'

Armaan looked down at her smiling. Looking up at him Riddhima blushed deeply unable to believe that she could ever be so happy at once.

'Armaan?' Riddhima spoke lightly moving her hand along his chest. 'Did you ever expect that this moment will come in our lives? I mean you married me only because you felt indebted and''.I never thought something like this will happen. Just for muma-papa's sake I married you and now look how crazily I fell for you.'

'Hmm crazily for me ?That I could out make from last night. You just weren't ready to leave me, gosh Ridz learn to control, at this rate toh, ouchhhhhhhh'

Armaan looked cheekily as Riddhima hit him hard. Laughing at her he answered in a serious tone.

'To be frank no Riddhima, never did imagine that I will fall in love with you or that happiness come in our lives too. I married you because your dad offered me the''.'

Sitting up instantly Riddhima looked confused 'offered you something?'

'I mean reminded me of the debt and everything, he wanted to complete your mom's last wish and all'.so''''

Armaan added hastily seeing her face. As she cuddled up against him again he looked up at the ceiling biting his tongue.

What was I just about to do? Tell her the truth that I married her for that idiotic deal. Yes now the entire idea seems idiotic. Its nothing compared to her love. Then why did I just stop myself from confessing it to her right now. Afterall she has to be told the truth and that to by me or else''''

Armaan looked out the balcony miserably thinking what wud happen if she came to know about it now. No let her be happy now he thought. She has all the rights to deserve this happiness. I will not ruin the best moments of our lives by breaking this disgusting news to her. Let our relationship grow stronger, then I will automatically confess. Yes that's right. Let me work on strengthening our relationship rather then this. I will tell her when the time comes.

Seeing him lost Riddhima spoke 'Armaan what happened. Why do you look so lost?'

'Nothing nothing' Smiling at her deeply he kissed her forehead.

Looking into his eyes Riddhima spoke

'Armaan''''.can I ask you something?'

'Come on honey now do u need to take my permission?'

Looking down nervously Riddhima softly asked.

'Armaan cant we stay here forever? I mean you say you bought this house, so why should we go back? I want to stay here, in our house with you''.and''..I know Dad has given us the responsibility of the Sanjeevni overall and we need to be there but Armaan cant we give it to Anjali Di and Atul jiju? They can take care over there and plus Rahul is also there. Cant we divide all this will? Then we can stay here and take care of everything here in Mumbai''..I mean only if you wish Armaan. I just felt like this and'''''.only if possible.'

Armaan looked at her nervously looking up at him. He felt torn apart and helpless at the same time. He would have said yes in a heartbeat. But ''''..then Shanshank? He will definitely screw me up if I dare suggesting this. But Riddhima's wish? And where am I saying that we wont be a part of this administration thing? And my dream will be fulfilled too this time with my Riddhima by my side. Just division of the will but'..I doubt that my dear sausrji will agree. I feel he will just shoot me with an AK-47 if I even dare make such a suggestion. But Riddhima'''..her wish. Oh God???

'Armaan I am sorry'

'Huh? For what honey?'

'I just wished we could stay here forever'''.but if you don't want I am sorry I didn't mean to''''..'

Placing a finger on her lips Armaan shook his head saying.

'Riddhima what is all this sorry? U just suggested and I promise I will think about it ok' Picking up her hand kissing it softly he continued.

'I will not promise you anything as yet Ridz but yes I will definitely think about this. After all its my darling wife's wish! But Riddhima this much I can promise that if this doesn't work out I will definitely bring you here once in 2-3 months ok! '

Smiling at him she hugged him tight.

'I love you Armaan' Kissing her neck he whispered 'I love you too Riddhima'

Pulling out she looked at him and spoke.

'So now atleast can you tell me how come you arranged this house''so fast with furnishings of my choice and just because I told you I had this dream and all''Armaan you don't know how special you made me feel ''those orchids ? You arranged them in half an hour flat?'

Grinning at her Armaan looked with a twinkle in his eye and answered.

'First the orchids. Haha actually I didn't know what was ur favorite flower was and they were necessary in my plan to surprise u and make your day special. So frankly and truthfully all those flowers which I had included in the big bouquet I gave before going to the hotel u remember it by the way?'

Seeing nodding her head he continued.

'Well I had arranged for all different colors of each flower from the bouquet so that once you pick ur favorite I can send you those particular ones.' He looked at her smiling sheepishly.

'Coming to this house well nothing so great about it. I had a talk with Dr Shubhankar earlier regarding us shifting somewhere as those doctors quarters weren't exactly too comfortable and also we were there temporarily, we would as it leave them as they are basically for the interns and other stuff. Also if we were to come here every 2-3 months it wasn't possible to stay there. So first we thought of hotels but then its not logical if we are staying here for more than a month. So I met up his close friend who happens to be a big estate agent. When I specified I would love something by the beach he showed me this beauty. There was another much bigger one down this lane but this had a spiral staircase so there''.I just made a few slight changes in the interior, majority changes are left especially main hall and all. We will do it as your wish.'

Tears formed in her eyes as she heard what all he had done for her. I must have done some great deeds to have in my life she thought.

'Hey princess don't cry please. It was all to show you how much I love you and to make the day special Riddhima. As long as you love it I am happy. This is nothing compared to your love' Saying so he kissed away her tears as she clung to him unable to say anything.

'Armaan I don't know how to thank you , you have given me the world and'''

'Nop there is something I didn't do'

'And that is?'

'I didn't make your dream closet, remember the one as large as a room, well I didn't do it on purpose as I fear you will blow up my bank balance trying to fill it up and''then''.poor me'

Laughing along with Riddhima got up wrapping the sheet around her only to be pulled back by him.

'Armaan? You know what the time is? We will be terribly late and everyday isn't not an off Armaan.'

Letting go of her as she looked at him surprised to be let gone off so easily, he spoke.

'Fine go ahead Ridz, we wont get late'

Still surprised that he agreed so easily Riddhima got up looking at him suspiciously as he made himself even more comfortable.

'Ahhh bed atlast ' He muttered in a sleepy voice hugging the cushion.

Shaking her head she made her way to the bathroom. As she closed the door he sprang up. Grabbing the phone he dialed.

'Hello Dr Shubhankar?'


Walking into the kitchen drying his hair he looked at her already busy, juggling with vessels. He hugged her from behind kissing her cheek as she stopped working closing his eyes. After a few minutes opening her eyes she whispered.

'Armaan, we will get late, we need to leave in some time or Dr Shubhankar will not be pleased and we took an off yesterday too'''Armaannnn'

She turned around as he continued kissing her back softly. As she faced him he placed his lips on hers before she could say anything more. Melting into his arms she moaned softly through the kiss as he pulled back, placing her gently on the counter he looked at her pushing back her hair gently behind her ears.

'Riddhima why do you think of hospital while with your husband I don't understand. How does even that Shubhankar enter your thoughts when we are alone? And to top it all you have such a hot, handsome husband, how come Riddhima tell me?'

He looked up at her innocently as she turned red. Fearing she would loose herself once more she pushed him back.

'Yes because Dr Shubhankar is much more handsome then you Armaan. Ahhh take me to the hospital fast I am dying to see him Armaan' She spoke putting out her tongue.

Picking up the chopper from the counter he advanced towards her with a threatening look while she jumped down sticking out her tongues and ran towards the dinning table. Going round the table in circles dodging him she laughed while Armaan followed her mindlessly showing the chopper in his hand smiling, looking at her laugh made him want to laugh out loud too.

'ohhh Dr Shunbhankar huh? Just wait honey, let me get even with you then I will exactly make you spill out who is more happening.

Finally out of breath Riddhima's foot lightly hit the side of the table causing her to stop momentarily. Which was just enough for Armaan to catch up. Gripping her from the waist he pulled her backwards causing them both to fall back on the couch.Laughing out aloud Riddhima rested her head on his shoulder as he continued tickling her lightly.

'Armaan stop it!'

'No first say Armaan is the most handsome, hot and happening guy on this earth'

'Ok according to Armaan he is the most handsome, hot and happening guy on this earth' Riddhima added giggling.

'Hey hey no cheating, you have to say that according to Riddhima her husband most handsome, hot and happening guy on this earth'

'ok enough now'

'No first say'

'Armaan we will dreadfully get late. Have u seen the time? Armaan seriously get up'

Riddhima looked at him sternly and seriously.

'relax sweetheart. I have a surprise for you'

Riddhima now got up looking at him confused.

'Surprise? One more? Armaan''.'

Smiling cheekily he spoke.

'Yep one more'..its like'''I''''

'Tring Tring'

'Now who is this spoiling our moment early in the morning?' Armaan looked away annoyed as he heard the door bell ring.

'Armaan keep quite' Riddhima shot hi a furious look as she got up to open the door.

Armaan looked behind surprised as riddhima exclaimed.

'Atul jiju? U here so early and in Mumbai?'


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