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Part 18 : Love Me always

Armaan got up turning around seeing Atul at the door step smiling.

'Hello Ridzy' Atul smiled as he lightly hugged Riddhima.

'No hugs for me?' Came a voice from behind as Rahul stepped came forward smiling.

'OMG Rahul you too?' Riddhima exclaimed unable to control her surprise.

'Yes Riddhima Atul and me both, came along to give a surprise visit.'

'But Jiju here in Mumbai? How did you know this address and you didn't even inform me? How is Anjali Di and Muskaan? And papa? Is everything alrite?'

'Relax Ridzy my gosh so many questions at once? Will you first welcome us and take us inside or you want to know the story at the doorstep?' Atul added lightly pinching her nose.

Riddhima smiled at moved aside as both of them made their way in. Armaan hadn't uttered a word. He stood rooted near the couch with a not so happy look. Great Atul and Rahul turn up just when I decide to finally spend some time alone with Riddhima. Gosh couldn't they call up? Don't they know people in Mumbai are dead busy and don't have time. And I was to be the most busiest husband now but no my own brother and friend come immediately to sit on my head. I hope the aren't planning to stay.

'Hey Armaan? How are you ? New house huh? I must say its wonderful' Atul went forward and shook hands with Armaan smiling. Armaan returned his vigorous handshake rather half heartedly.

'Hello Bro? Hows it all going?' Rahul came forward and hugged him next. Departing from the hug finally Armaan spoke.

'I am fine bhai. Everything is going great. And thankyou Atul, well we decided to shift here as those doctors quarters weren't permanent and if we have to come here like every 2-3 months then its better to have a place.'

'Yes your right Armaan' Atul spoke making himself comfortable on the sofa besides Rahul 'Shubhankar told us everything. We met him this morning before coming here.'

Lookout Armaan they seem to have come with a big plan. Gone'..all my wonderful plans for Riddhima and me are gone down'..deep down the drain. Hmmmm maybe sasurji sent them!! Armaan thought arching his eyebrows.

To spy on us? No shutup dude he is your own brother and that's Atul, Anjali's husband, why will they come to spy? No then maybe sasurji sent them with a hidden camera, yessssssss that's it!! They will leave a bag here and then sasurji will be sitting there in his cabin back in Delhi and watch my every move. Armaan???? Will you shutup?? From when did you start thinking like Sherlock Holmes? From the time I accepted that  slimy old politician as my sasurji Armaan gritted. Ok forget this and better ask them for how long many precious hours which should have been only for Riddhima and me will be wasted. Uffff Bhai why did you have to come today??

'errm Rahul?' Armaan cautiously asked. 'how did you both suddenly come down to Bombay?'

'Ohh Armaan actually Shanshank uncle wanted some papers to be signed, you know after father and all, they were here as if you recollect Dad used to be in charge of Mumbai branch na? So earlier Shubhankar was supposed to come there but then it got delayed so I had to come down here as it was urgent. Atul also had to sort out some papers so he came along' Rahul added smiling.

Heaving a sigh of relief Armaan asked ' So like once the papers are signed you will go back? I mean you musty be only on one day leave na? so like you came now so by evening you will go back' Armaan asked rather too eagerly.

Grinning rather wickedly Rahul spoke.' Hmm Armaan why do you seem to be so keen to know when we are going? We met after so many days? You bought a house, you should be happy we are here? You don't seem to be? Right Atul?' Rahul looked at Atul winking.

'Well let Armaan think whatever he wants, Jiju and Rahul, you both can stay here as long as you feel. Infact Anjali Di and Muskaan should have come along too.' Riddhima came out from the kitchen and started arranging plates on the table.

Armaan looked over at her in horror.WHATTTT??? The rest of family TOOOO?? Ridhimaaaaaaaaaa are you crazy?? The whole khandan here?? Just when we finally are together?? Next toh you will want sasurji to come over too. Gosh poor you Armaan. Armaan looked squashed with self pity.

Looking at Armaan who sat there visibly horrified Rahul couldn't help but smirk.

'Riddhima your so sweet yaar. See you on one hand, so new to our family and already treating us like as if you knew us since ages. And look at my brother who looks like he has been slapped tight by you just suggesting such a thing, right Armaan?'

Armaan smiled sheepishly at Rahul looking visibly embarrassed. He wiped out his grin as he saw Riddhima glaring at him.

'Don't worry dude' Rahul got and patted on his back. 'We are going back right in some time. Just dropped to see how you guys are doing. Shubhankar told us you wont be coming today.'

'We wont???' Riddhima looked over at Rahul and Armaan confused 'But Armaan weren't we supposed to have morning duties?? Armaan you told we have na?'

Frowning at Rahul Armaan hastily answered. ' No honey I mean um Riddhima there was a change of plan. We don't have anything now, I will tell you later. Why don't you set up the lunch? Obviously Rahul, u both will go after lunch right?'

Smiling at Armaan's haste Rahul nodded adding 'well if you insist otherwise we will just leave straightaway' Rahul looked at Armaan winking.

'No ways' Riddhima retorted. 'obviously you will go after lunch.

Rahul smiled as Armaan looked up at the ceiling sighing.


Lunch was a very formal affair with Armaan sitting grumpy and silent all the time. Riddhima was totally confused seeing his behavior. What is wrong with this guy she thought .Why is he behaving like this???

As the lunch got over Rahul and Atul bid goodbye to Riddhima and a suddenly gleeful Armaan. Armaan came along the driveway to see them off. Before getting into the car Rahul spoke.

'Armaan she seems really happy. I am proud of you Armaan. I hope you both always remain so happy.' Smiling Armaan hugged him as he continued 'Hmm so why were you so keen to send us off??'

Looking visibly embarrassed Armaan looked away and said 'No no bhai you got me all wrong. Nothing like that at all '

'Don't you dare lie to me Armaan. Anyways go ahead. We wont be as they call kabab mei haddi.'

Laughing out aloud Rahul sat down leaving a visibly red Armaan as they drove off.

'She is happy Atul' Rahul looked at Atul as they went back.

'hmm I could see that, Anjali will be really happy. She was rather very apprehensive. That's the reason I came along with you as Anjali couldn't possibly come, but I am glad so them sorted out. Infact the radiance on Ridzzy face was unlike ever before. I am feeling really proud of Armaan now. Hope they always remain like this.'

'They will Atul don't you worry. I trust Armaan in that way'


'Armaan what was wrong with you?' Riddhima stood putting her hands on her hips as Armaan entered.

'How could you behave so uninterested and so very rudely with your own brother?'

She walked back into the kitchen visibly annoyed. Grinning Armaan followed her there.

'Rudely and me??? Honey your putting a false accusation on me?' He edged closer to her silently.

'Yes you were rude and very embarrassing. I saw you making those awful monkey faces in front of them as if you didn't want them here.'

'Yup because I didn't want the moments I will get with my wife alone to be ruined'

'Armaan???' Riddhima whispered as he lightly slid his hands along her waist hugging from behind. Seeing her close her eyes he smiled snuggling closer still till there was no space left resting his head on her shoulder. Riddhima closed her eyes feeling his breath on her neck. She knew she was completely under his spell unable to think anything beyond feeling him so close. Neither did she want to break free from this spell. Finally after a few moments she whispered.

'Armaan? Don't we have to go to the hospital today? Why did you say that there was a change of plan?'

Lightly kissing her shoulder Armaan answered 'That was the surprise I was talking about sweetheart?'

Riddhima opened her eyes to look at him.


'Yup remember I was telling you about it before we were interrupted by''anyways this is what I wanted to say that we are on leave now?'

'Leave today again? But we just took an off yesterday?'

'Yes sweetheart, I know but I took an official leave for us both, 3 days only but just me and my Riddhima. You know sort of a mini honeymoon' Armaan added winking at her.

'Armaan'.' Riddhima blushed deeply and hugged him tight.

'How did you manage this?' she whispered.

'Well I told Shubhankar that my dear wife isn't keeping well, you know workload and all so asked for a leave of few days and that I was really worried about you so I should just be there with you for a few days, not many but just 4-5 days'

'And he agreed? You lied and now what will happen if Rahul goes and tells him''that he saw me perfectly fine?'

'Hmm that's called the Armaan effect you see honey' 'And Rahul is my elder brother Riddhima grown up enough to understand such things' Giggling she pulled out of the hug and stared at him.

'Now will you please stop your talks about Shubhankar? For the rest of the 3 days it will be only Armaan you get that?'

'Hmmm noooo I want to see Shubhankar' Sticking out a tongue she ran out before he could catch her. Out of the kitchen she ran up to the bedroom closing the door behind and hid outside in the balcony.

Pushing the door Armaan came in calling out.

'Riddhima where are you now? Stop behaving like a child ok.' Saying so he walked around wondering where she disappeared.

As he was about to enter the balcony ' Booooooo' Riddhima jumped on him causing him to momentarily scream

'Riddhima what was this?' Armaan glared at her mockingly. 'Want to give me a heart attack honey. As it is seeing your face I get one.'

'ohh really?' Riddhima looked away pouting her lip.

'yesss so now revenge time' Armaan came closer and whispered.

'Armaan noooo' Before she could say anymore he picked her up and put her on the bed. Putting her hair behind he came closer still touching his forehead to hers and spoke softly.

'Yes Riddhima, I am sure you wont mind this revenge though?' Lowering her eyes she lightly smiled as he brushed his lips against hers and gently kissed her. She placed her hand on his cheek as the intensity increased. As they broke apart Armaan slipped down beside her holding her hand kissing it lightly as Riddhima hugged him 'I love you Armaan'

Pulling her closer still he kissed her eyes. 'I know that Riddhima'

She opened her eyes to see him grinning as she smiled and kissed him on his cheek widening his grin even more.


He closed his eyes as he felt her ruffling his hair lightly and gently with his head on her lap as she there on the bed looking at him. He felt so blessed to have her by his side. But still there was one thing barring him from being truly happy and that was the truth which was buried deep within him.

No one knows why I married her. All think I am so great to marry her and keep her happy. But the fact is'''''I married because I was selfish and now''''I fell deeply in love with her and''..what if she now comes to know? Wont she think I am still playing with her now too? Oh why cant things be simply once? If that sasurji tells then? OMG she wont see my face again and me'''no I  should be the one telling her. She has to know the facts that I was a different guy then. Ridz you changed me and now''I am completely yours. Nothing else matters to me. But the point is how? Today? No Armaan let these two days go, let her feel that you are with her completely forever and then I will drop the atom bomb. Oh Ridz I hope you forgive me then.

Breaking his thoughts Riddhima spoke.

'Are we going to spend the entire day on the bed Armaan?' She looked at him teasingly.

'Well that's what exactly I wish for and that's what I am going to do' Armaan looked at her grinning.

Pushing him away Riddhima spoke 'Are you crazy Armaan? No ways you can spend the day alone on bed if you want. I am going out.' She tried getting up only to be pulled back hard on causing her to fall back on him and rolled her under him.

'And what will I do spending the alone on bed. No honey definitely not alone'

 He buried his face into her neck and kissed her lightly.

'Armaan I want to go out somewhere, please? 'Riddhima moaned softly.

Pulling back he smiled at her. Placing his hand on her cheek he spoke.' As my princess wants'..get ready we will go out'

Looking at him gleefully Riddhima asked 'Really Armaan? Where?'

'Hmm get ready sweetheart I will take you out for shopping '

Seeing her excited face like a teenager girl going shopping Armaan couldn't help smile at her as his dimples set in on his cheek.


'So what's the specialty here?' Riddhima asked looking up from the menu. They had shopped the whole evening, till Riddhima herself finally confessed that she was tired and that it was enough for the day. Riddhima was greatly amused to see him carry all the bags like an obedient husband not complaining once. Neither did he ask to stop when she teased him that she was going to blow up his balance big time today.

He had merely shrugged saying 'Its all your honey' causing Riddhima to fall in love with him all the more. She didn't what good deeds she had done to have him in her life. Finally they had come down to a plush hotel for dinner before heading back home.

'Well Ridz they say this place is known for Italian, so as you wish otherwise. All your choice '.

'Armaan now food order also my choice? That's not fair. No it will your choice.'

Grinning at her he spoke 'Nop honey food  you order of your wish while I will order something else as per my wish'

'What is that?' Riddhima looked at him confused

'The drinks' Armaan winked at her slyly

'No Armaan don't tell me you will drink today?' Riddhima asked him in distress.

'Relax honey just normal wine or something, not getting drunk ok' Armaan assured her.

Riddhima found herself having the most enjoyable meal of her life with Armaan by her side.

Armaan had settled down for beer despite Riddhima's apprehensions. He wondered why was she reacting in such a way when he ordered for the drink.

'Riddhima? Honey what's the matter? You don't want me to drink I wont but at least tell me the reason yar .Its not that I have drinking to the brim or something? It's just over a dinner'

He looked at holding her hand over the table.

'No Armaan nothing like that I am fine' Riddhima averted her gaze looking away.

'That I can see Riddz, now will you tell me the real reason?'

'Armaan errm'..actually I had heard that you''.you  like'''.'

Like what Riddhima?'

'You like partying till late nights and all and that you like'''.' Riddhima looked at him uncomfortably.

Laughing at her nervousness Armaan interlocked his fingers with her and spoke

'Honey that Armaan was a different guy. I promise I gave up those habits now. No late night parties now. Ok yea I will go for late nights but will tag you along too and then will get you drunk.' Armaan added winking at her.

 'Ahh you and drunk '.wont that be so very very wonderful?' Armaan looked at innocently putting up an expression of day dreaming.

Leaving his hand Riddhima glared at him mockingly as he grabbed her hand again.


'Omg Ridz I think I ate a raw chilly or something. OMG my mouth is burning' Armaan panted suddenly putting aside his spoon. 'There is no water in this glass. Please quick Ridz'

Riddhima hurriedly called the waiter to get water as Armaan's eyes started to water.

As the waiter came over Armaan quickly grabbed the the glass before the waiter could put the glass down and gulped down in one go.

'SIR Stop!!!!' Armaan looked at the waiter confused as he put the empty glass down.

'Am sorry sir but it was plain vodka in this glass for our other customer and water here in this glass for you and you just had a glassful of vodka now.'

'What?????' Riddhima looked at the waiter sharply annoyed.

'How could you make such a mistake?'

'It wasn't my mistake madam Sir was in such a hurry and'..'

'Riddhima relax its ok honey, I was in a hurry I guess, relax'

'But Armaan?'

'Chill Ridz, I am fine ok'


'Fine my foot' Riddhima muttered to herself as she opened the door of their home and pulled in a dazed looking Armaan in.

'Riddhima I love you' Armaan put his arms around her shoulders and closed his eyes looking at her.

'I know Armaan now leave me, you are on real high Armaan, all that waiters fault. Come on Armaan don't put your weight on me. How do you expect me to walk you up to the bedroom like this.'

She looked at him annoyed as he jerked back grinning at her. Taking his hand she pulled him up to the bedroom cursing everything. It had been quite some job to make him sit in the car, to stop him screaming' I love Riddhima' every two minutes and to drive herself and get back.

'I love you Riddhima' He mumbled as he stumbled on the bed.

'Armaan that's the 20th time you said that. Now shutup and go to sleep'

'But Riddhima I love you' She looked daggers t him ready to slap him once more he said that. 'I love you ' was getting on her nerves.

Finding it better to leave him alone so that he would fall asleep she got up only to be pulled back

'Armaan? Leave me please. Go to sleep, I am not going anywhere'

'Promise Riddhima you wont ever leave me?'

Seeing her nod her head he pulled her closer putting his head on her hand and closed his eyes.

'You are lying Riddhima, you will leave me one day'

'No Armaan I wont ever leave you' Riddhima looked at him in distress.

'No you will leave me, you will go far away when you come to know the truth'

'Truth?' Riddhima edged closer putting her hand on his cheek.

'Yes truth that my marriage with you was a deal'


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