Saturday, 8 June 2019

Part 19 : Love Me always

Riddhima jerked back her hand looked at him mumbling.
'Riddhima am sorry. I never wanted to hurt you but your father''am sorry ''Riddhima don't leave me'..I wont allow you to leave me' sorry. I love you Riddhima. Now I truly love you. Am sorry'
Riddhima sat there close beside him looking taken aback as he took hold of her hand again, his eyes half closed. Holding it close to him he still kept muttering
 'Am sorry honey'.the deal seemed so great to me at the moment and I didn't see anything wrong'. But now I am feeling terribly guilty. You will leave me and'''
He kept mumbling and saying sorry. Lightly removing her hand from his hold she placed it on her cheek and softly spoke.
'No Armaan I will never ever leave you. You have given me the world and''.'
She looked at him fast asleep. Edging closer she placed his head on her lap and continued staring at him.
Yes truth that my marriage with you was a deal' 'Am sorry honey'.the deal seemed so great to me at the moment and I didn't see anything wrong'. But now I am feeling terribly guilty. You will leave me and''your father'..'
His words hit her back as she pondered over them.

Leave him? Armaan is feeling guilty? She could hardly make sense from what all he had blurted out. So apparently our marriage was some deal according to what he says? Riddhima sighed deeply looking at the ceiling wishing she could just wake him up and shake him for her answers.
I never wanted to hurt you but your father''am sorry '
Father?? He means papa was in this so called deal or plan whatever? OhhArmaan please get up'.tell me'. this will kill me? She looked at him helplessly as he lay on her lip with a silly smile in his face. As she fingered gently through his hair she kept wondering what to do next.
This wasn't supposed to be known to me'.ya Ridz she thought to herself. Armaan has blurted it out in his state of unconsciousness. He seemed so very scared that I will leave him. But if there was something more to our marriage then the reasons he had given her why hadn't he told her from the very beginning? Why hide it at all. He could have told from the start, that time '..maybe he wasn't supposed to tell me she reasoned.
Exactly she thought, he wasn't supposed to tell me then I guess'.and he kept it hidden till now. But why?? It was deal'!! This word echoed in her ears. Papa!! Yes he himself took Dad's name so that means' Ridz dad cant seal you as a package deal or can he?? Riddhima felt herself going cold suddenly as she thought over this. Much as her heart was against this deep down she knew her father was capable of doing this. Without knowing the details she could sense her father was definitely a major role player in this.
Taking her hand away from him she looked at him helplessly as her thoughts kept battling. So this means all his love was an''.act ''..just to keep her happy and''NOOOO Ridz how can you even think of something like this?? Doubting his love? Ridz are u crazy?? Even if this whole marriage was a deal why would he bother to do this much for you? He could have just left you alone as he had suggested in the beginning' everyone has.
There was no need for him to go out of his way to make you feel loved. No Ridz the fact is he now loves you. Yes now'..he didn't before that you knew. Hence he is feeling guilty now I guess. Finally Riddhima felt her heart lighter as she found some sense in her thoughts.
Yes he loves you now, you mean the world to him. So does he. So where is the issue now. The deal spoke a small voice in her head. I want to know the truth now but Armaan''.how do I ask him. He doesn't want to tell me but feels guilty and''.what do I do now?

She looked at him pulling her hand towards him again and smiled. Bending down she lightly kissed his cheek as he moved to get more comfortable. He loves you Riddhima and will you make him feel all the more guilty now?? If you question him he is bound to feel uncomfortable and he might even feel scared more then he is to tell the truth. Even if he tells you he will feel guilty for life. Let him decide Ridz. Yes let him decide whether when and how should he say whatever he wants. Whats the point of bringing it up now anyways. Its done already and am sure he would have thought it was great as he seems so very ambitious. But now'''
Its different now. He has accepted you in his life as his wife and the way he seemed so tensed about everything am sure he will confess one day. And even if he doesn't'''if he doesn't then? Then I will ask him Ridz thought. Not now but later yes definitely. Let our bond strengthen more then I will ask him. Not now. Let me just forget this for now and behave as I nothing at all has happened. I will not spoil our moments by getting this in between now.
Sighing she drifted of into sleep staring at him.
He woke up feeling hot as light beads of perspiration formed on his forehead. OMG where am I he wondered clutching his head as he felt it throbbing and weighing as a if it were 10 tons!!
Getting up still holding his head he looked around to see the room washed with sunlight. OMG its 12 pm????? He looked at his watch startled to see the time. I slept for more then 12 hours???? And where is Riddhima he looked around as he saw her no where around. Ok so last night I got drunk?? Man'Armaan dude you are a jerk. What will Riddhima think now?? That she has married a drunkard?? But it wasn't my fault he reasoned. That waiter'''yea right but you wouldn't have got on a high if you hadn't had that excessive amount of beer first. Ok so better be ready for her wrath now Armaan shook his head annoyed with himself. He remembered her helping him sit in the car and then him shouting I love you in her ears as she drove. Armaan you are totally crazy. God knows what all did I do after that as I don't remember anything after those I love you's in her ears. Poor girl.
Getting up he climbed down to see her doing something in the kitchen. She looked all the more beautiful then she always did as she stood there in a wearing a deep purple saree with a sleeveless blouse. Is it my eyes or is she looking even more breathtaking today, Armaan wondered rubbing his eyes. As he entered she saw him looking at her trying to gauge her emotions. She smiled mischievously to herself and turned to look at him blankly.
'So you're up Armaan? It's too early Armaan. Just 12 pm. Go back to sleep.' She added glaring at him
'Riddhima' Armaan moved in close to her as she turned her back at him.
'Am sorry honey' He mumbled. 'I didn't mean too get so drunk' He hugged her from behind.
'Oh really' Riddhima shot back at him enjoying the look on his face.
'Really sweetheart. It was the waiter's fault. As I would get so drunk not atleast with you around' Armaan bit his tongue regretting his last words.
'Armaan you wouldn't have got on a high if you hadn't had those beer shots before. I was warning you and what exactly do you mean by saying not getting drunk when I am around'
Riddhima pushed him back with her elbow and turned to face him putting up all the anger she could she trying her best not to giggle.
'Riddhima honey'.'
Stop calling me honey as I am not your honey ok Armaan. You have had so many other sweethearts before. I came to know everything last night Armaan. '
'Huh?' Armaan looked at her dumbfolded. 'ridz you got it all wrong. I only have one sweetheart and that's you and only you'
'Riddhimaaaaaa' He trailed behind as she walked away from the kitchen in a huff.
He kept following her wherever she went. 'Riddhima listen to me'..honey ur my only sweetheart and trust me I got on a high because of that extra shot of vodka I don't drink that much.'
Riddhima tried hard to suppress her giggles as she him following her like puppy dog mumbling sorry. He kept bugging her till she stopped and looked daggers at him. Frowning he went and pulled out a chair , sitting down with a bang he annoyingly dug his elbows on the glass top of the dinning table.
'You will break the glass Armaan' Riddhima told him as sharply as she could.
Behaving as if he hadn't heard Armaan looked away. He looked up at her with a ray of hope as she set their plates on the table. But she didn't show a slightest hint of any expression at all.
Lunch seemed the most miserable meal Armaan ever had in his life. He tried talking to her only to be glared upon or ignored. Sighing feeling completely at loss as to how to woo her back Armaan put down his spoon staring into space.
'What will you have for dessert Armaan? Ice-cream or chocolate or should I open another bottle of any particular alcohol you want. But usually you drink along with meals or before na as far as I have heard' Riddhima spoke in a teasing tone.
'Get whatever you want' Armaan answered not registering a word of what she asked him. He was too busy mourning in self-pity.
'What will you have?' He asked absent mindedly.
Bending down Riddhima whispered in his ears.
'I will have you honey'
As she ran away giggling Armaan got up recovering from the initial shock hearing what she had just whispered. He looked behind to see her giggling and running up. He sprinted up behind her Opening the door of their bedroom he saw standing on the other side of the bed showing her tongue.
'So all this was a joke? You put me through a torture of so many hours just so that you can have a good laugh. Riddhima you are such''.'
Armaan looked at her furiously. He tried catching her once more but she kept dodging him teasing him. Finally tired he stopped , out of his breath he saw her standing coolly giving him a mocking grin.
'Yes my dear darling Armaan, whatever you call it joke '.yes I played a joke on you. Just a payback since you trouble me much. Take last night for instance'
'Oh really?' Armaan looked at her now smiling.
'I trouble you honey? So what all did I do last night?' Armaan started advancing towards her winking.
Conscious of his words Riddhima stepped behind looking away.
'No Armaan '..I didn't mean anything like that'.I meant you troubled me like screaming in my ears and'and'.'
'And? And what Ridz come on tell me?' Armaan kept stepping forward. Hitting the wall behind Riddhima now looked down nervously as her cheeks turned red for no reasons. He kept inching closer. Only an inch apart Armaan now smiled seeing his effects on her. The room had darkened as the clouds loomed over in the sky.
It began to drizzle. Riddhima looked up at him nervously as he slowly edged closer. She felt his breath on her face. She closed her eyes unable to take his intense gaze. Feeling him move away she opened them to see him going towards the balcony. Surprised by his actions she followed him. She stopped as he stepped into the rain closing his eyes getting wet completely.
'Armaan get in, you will fall ill. What exactly are you doing?' Riddhima shouted as the intensity with which it was pouring increased. She saw him grinning at her his hands outstretched as he got drenched from head to toe.
'Armaan?' Riddhima shouted yet again thinking he had completely lost it.
Suddenly she found herself being pulled out strongly. Crashing into him she glared at him as he held her securely against him smiling mischievously.
'Armaan you have completely lost it? Leave me'.u may fancy getting drenched but I don't' Riddhima struggled to get out of his grip as he pulled her closer still.
'Yes honey I have lost it'..lost in your love' Armaan whispered feeling her shivering he pulled her closer still.
Riddhima finally gave up struggling as she found herself wet all over. She looked at him annoyingly still in his arms only to find him gazing at her. She lowered her eyes as she felt his hands ticking her bare waist lightly teasing her. Feeling his lips kissing her cheek she spoke
'Armaan what are you doing?'
'Romancing my wife'.cant believe its been one and half day since I played romance-romance with her' He added teasingly.
Before she could retort he locked his lips with hers. As his grip around her waist tightened Riddhima felt herself actually trembling. Each throbbing pulsation filled her soul with a yearning hunger.
 As she ran her fingers up his back he suddenly took hold of her hands and held them securely against her back as he broke the kiss and moved down to her neck. Warm swells of excitement began to flow through her body. It wasn't the first time he was loving her but still Riddhima felt her that Armaan's closeness was even more tantalizing then she had ever imagined..
He trailed kisses along her forehead and eyes and cheeks, and finally, kissed her lips yet again lifting her off her feet. Without breaking the kiss he laid her on the bed. As Armaan laid her on her back, she felt his weight follow her. Ridz felt all her senses, leaving her as slid down the blouse. His lips trailed kisses down her throat and shoulders .Trembling with joy they both sank deep into a soft enveloping darkness.
She opened her eyes feeling a slight shiver run down her spine as she found herself wearing his damp shirt. Blushing hard she recalled what took place a few hours ago. I feel so much in love with him she thought. She turned around to see him no where in sight. It was way past evening, where did he just go away. She was about to get up as she saw the door open slightly.
He walked in holding a tray and smiled seeing her awake.
'So did my princess have a good sleep?' Turning crimson she hugged him tight as he sat down next to her cuddling her.
'You better have this coffee now as I don't want you falling ill' Armaan winked at her as she pulled out from the hug.
'Its all your fault if I do fall ill, you pulled me into the rain and'''
Ok my fault so should I cure you in my way 'Armaan whispered teasing her gently kissing her ears. Riddhima could hardly stop herself from blushing incessantly. She felt her cheeks would turn crimson permanently at this rate. She laid her head against her chest feeling embarrassed and at the same time enjoying his teasing gestures.
'Hmm you did not answer my question honey? Should i''?'
'No'.you don't need to'..i mean stop it Armaan' Riddhima lightly hit him as he chuckled pulling her closer.
'Ok now will you drink this coffee I made? Its so much hard work to make coffee you know' Armaan handed her the coffee as she smiled at him.
'Oh really is it that difficult?'
'Yes you don't know Ridz'''
He stopped as he saw her cell ringing. She picked it up and spoke.
'how are you''.yes he is here I will hand him over the cell one second'
'Armaan its Dad. He wants to talk to you urgently'


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