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Part 2 : Destiny will bring us back(Kash mini)

6th November 2010.

Shilpa was as usual, working out in the gym. Lately she's just been chilling with her friends & her family. A month had passed since she last saw him, and later tonight she would be leaving for London, maybe for a month or even longer, who knows. But she just wished she could see him again.

As Shilpa left the Gym & headed to her favourite Cafe, she received a call.

"Hello, Shilpa?"

"Yes, di."

Shilpa was shocked after what her sister, Sakshi told her over the phone. Her flight that was to leave at 7 tonight had been cancelled.

"What? Why? How?"

"I'll tell you all that later, where are you?"

"I'll be home soon, just gonna go grab a hot chocolate." She said as she entered Cafe Hotshot.

"Kay, I'll see you at home."

"Okay di, Bye."

Shilpa walked over to the counter and ordered her favourite Hot chocolate. As she made her way to look for a seat,

"You're a Genius mann, Karan!" She heard someone say before hearing a rage of laughter.

She was stunned for a moment as she looked back to see who this 'Karan' was.

"C'mon Shilpa.. there are a millions of Karans out there.. not everyone is him." She thought to herself and sat at her most favourite spot.

She was facing them. Actually she was facing the guy whose voice she heard earlier. He was talking to the person seated in front him, she guessed that was the 'Karan'. She couldn't see his face though. "He's not Karan, Shilpa!" She reminded herself.

"Here's your cappuccino sir. More cream, Less Sugar."

That caught Shilpa's attention instantly. "More cream, Less Sugar?" She whispered, repeating the waitress. She stood up immediately and walked up to their table with a hug grin on her face. "Karan?" She said, loud enough to be heard. The guy turned around to look at her. Her grin vanished.

"Yea, Babe?" The guy smiled at her.

"Oh, I'm sorry.. I thought you were someone else. Sorry, again." And she left.

"It wasn't him. But More cream, Less sugar.. that's what Karan always likes. Urghh, C'mon Shilpa. There can be many people who like their coffee like that, just like the way there are many people who love Hot chocolate. But, so many coincidence in one day? Flight cancelled, Some random Karan ordering Karan's fav cappuccino type. Sounds like the 'Milenge Milenge' plot." She laughed to herself. With that thought, she left the Cafe with her Hot Chocolate.

Back at the counter of the Cafe,

"Hey, I ordered a cappuccino, More cream Less Sugar.. but I haven't got it yet. Could you please check?"

"Excuse me, sir," A waitress called out to him. "Here's your cappuccino,Sir. Sorry, there was some misunderstanding. I gave it to.."

"Some other Karan?" He interrupted. "It's okay, I'm used to it. But, Thank you."

Karan took his Cappuccino & left the Cafe.


10th December 2010

"But Shilpa, it's your birthday!"

"Yea, I know. But I just don't feel like celebrating it."

"You've officially lost it. I don't care what you say, we're going Shopping for you right now." Sakshi told her sister. "C'mon! Get up and let's go!"


"See.. I told you shopping will make things better, now tonight, we're gonna party & I'm not hearing no for an answer!"

"Okay, fine.. whatever you say Boss!" Shilpa said, laughing.

Back at home:

"This courier is for Ms.Shilpa Anand."

"She's not home right now, you can give it to me." Shilpa's mom said to the delivery guy as she signed the document.

That's when Shilpa & Sakshi reached home, laughing & having a riot.

"Shilpa, there's something for you." Her mom held out the courier to her daughter.

"For me?" she asked as she took it. "It's some letter, wonder who it's from."

"Ohhh.. looks like birthday girl has a secret well-wisher!" Sakshi teased.

"Shut up di, let me read it first." With that she went to her room.

She opened up the letter & it had a picture of her in it, actually pictures of her. It was practically a collage of her pictures, decorated beautifully with glitter ink and it simply wrote:

Dear Shilpa,

Wish you a very happy birthday.

Love, … :-)

"Dot. Dot. Dot?" Shilpa asked herself. "What the heck?"

"Soo.. who is it?" Sakshi entered the room.

"Don't know."

"What do you mean?" She took the letter from Shilpa.

Sakshi laughed upon seeing it.

"What's so funny, di?"

"Looks like you REALLY do have a secret well-wisher." She winked at her sister.

Shilpa just rolled her eyes.


20th Feb 2011

"I swear di, if you don't stop talking about that idiot, I'll.. I'll.."

"Yea, yea.. what will you do? Mujhe bhi batao." Sakshi laughed as she teased her younger sister.

Both the sisters got into the car, Sakshi on the driver's seat & Shilpa next to her.

"C'mon di, it's not funny.. I find this person some mental asylum patient. Haan.. must be. I toh think we should tell the police about him."

Sakshi started the car. "Don't be crazy, Shilpu. It's so sweet of this person to actually give you letters wishing you on.. almost EVERYTHING! Kash.. I had someone like that."

"Sweet? My foot! More like a maniac."

"Girl, you seriously have to start considering yourself lucky. ANYONE would die to be in your place." Sakshi looked at her sister. "Actually, do that. Write back to him, write back & say.."

"Di! Watch out!"


General Hospital

"Shilpa.. Shilpaa? Shil-paaa!"

Shilpa opened her eyes to see her sister seated beside her. She tried getting up but her head hurt like never before.

"Ouch.. what happened to my head?"

"Are you alright?"

"No no.. I'm dead.. You're talking to my bhoot right now." Shilpa said sarcastically, still rubbing her head.

"Shut up, Shilpu! Oh god, it's all my fault.. I should have drove carefully."

"Wait a sec.. How come I'm hurt so badly & all you have is a bandage of your forehead?"

"Well.. obviously SOMEONE doesn't listen when I ALWAYS tell her to put her seatbelt on!" Sakshi glared at her.

"Oh, wow sheesh.. chill."

"Thank god for the guy who brought you here."

"Guy? What guy?" Shilpa asked suspiciously.

"I don't know.. there was this someone. God knows what he was doing right there at the exact same time."

"Did you see him? Did you thank him? Where's he now?"

"No, No & I don't know! You just rest now okay. I'll be back in a bit." Sakshi stood up to leave. "Oh wait, I almost forgot." Sakshi took out something from her purse. " Here.. I happened to read it. I'm telling you Shilpa, you are so lucky!"


"Okay, okay fine.. I'm leaving it here.. read it if you want."

Sakshi placed the letter from the 'well-wisher' next to Shilpa on the table & left. Shilpa hesistantly took the letter from the table & read it.

I don't know why it hurts me to see you hurt. Get well soon, Shilpa! :-)

"Weird guy mann.." Shilpa shook her head but without realising it, she actually smiled.


For the next couple of months, every month Shilpa received a similar letter by her 'secret well-wisher." Some were to congratulate her on something, and some were just to casually tease her. Even when Shilpa fell sick, the person would write her a get well soon card. At first Shilpa was annoyed by them. She taught it was some crazy guy stalking her. Heck, she didn't even know if it's a guy or a girl, but slowly she started liking the letters. The number of pictures this person had of hers was amazing. Whoever it was, he/she always wanted to see her happy. And now, she really did want to know who it was.


6th October 2011.

Shilpa was going to receive a letter again, and this time she may just be able to meet this person.

Shilpa was pacing around the front door of her house, impatiently waiting for the bell to ring & to get the letter from him.

"Shilpa, what are you doing, beta?" Her mom asked as she was making her way to the kitchen just to see her daughter pacing around the house.

"Ermm.. nothing mom."

"Nothing my foot!" Sakshi walked down the stairs & gave a tight hug to her mom. "She's waiting for a special someone's special letter." Sakshi winked at her sister and was returned with a death glare from Shilpa.

"You two will never change, na?"

"Nope!" Both the sisters said together.

"By the way, there's a party at the Mehta's tonight.. and you both are coming."

"What?! you mean, THE Mehta's?" Sakshi exclaimed looking at her mom.

"Yes, I mean THE Mehtas." She replied to her daughter while she started to write something.

"Suna, Shilpu? Party!"

"Hmm.. yeah." Shilpa's mind was completely on the door. Sakshi just rolled her eyes.

"What's the date today, Sakshi?" Their mom asked.

"Uhmm.. 6th October."

"What? What did you say?" Shilpa asked her sister.

"The date. 6th October.. isn't it?" Sakshi double-checked on her phone.

"No, I mean, yea it is.. never mind, nothing."

Shilpa looked away from her sister. 6th October.. It's been a year. She recalled her last conversation with him & smiled. "Wonder WHEN will this so-called destiny bring us back." She thought.

To be continued..


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