Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Part 2 : The Green Blue Hues (AR ff)

 Bickering, Arguments and….FIGHTS!!!

 He lightly started tickling Riddhima around her stomach and she at once squealed out. She was a very tickly person, and Armaan got a kick out of seeing her laugh like that. He held her around the waist, so that her back was towards him and his arm went around her waist while the other tickled her. She laughed and squealed, slapping his hands away. They both were laughing their heads off, oblivious to a svelte figure in a black dress emerge at the kitchen door, arms folded, looking at the scene with raised eyebrows.

Clearing her throat, she made her presence known.

Girl: ahem ahem….having a moment here, are we…??

Armaan and Riddhima both froze in their tracks and turned to see Ryna, Armaan's girlfriend, standing at the door of the kitchen.

Armaan looked at her and sighed, while a frown came on Riddhima's face. Ryna stepped into the kitchen, looking disapprovingly at Riddhima as Armaan put a hand around her waist and gave her a quick peck on the cheek.

Armaan: hey baby…I didn't hear you coming in…

Ryna: clearly!! You were too busy….(eyeing Riddhima with narrowed eyes who gave her a huge fake smile and started eating her breakfast)

Armaan: (cleared his throat) ummm…we were just heading out for the uni…how come you are here so early…??

Ryna: I had an early photo shoot….thought of dropping in to see whether everything was okay cuz you forgot to call me back last night….(with raised eyebrows)

Armaan: ummm yeah….actually…umm I had to go…and…umm….run this errand for someone…(looking at Riddhima who giggled)

Ryna: (turning to her) what are you laughing at?

Riddhima: ummm…I seriously don't think I am answerable to you Raina…(in a very paindu Indian style she said her name, just to irritate her further)

Ryna: (making a disgusting face) Oh for the last time…my name's RYna…RYYnA…not Raina…

Riddhima: they pronounce it like that in India…(winking at her, as Armaan stifled a giggle. He found it really funny when they both bickered, but often their bickering could get down to a fight and then Armaan had to step in)

Ryna: keep your India and its pronunciations to yourself, weirdo. (turning to Armaan) Baby, why don't you go and change….don't you have to leave??

Armaan: umm…yeah…yeah I will do that…

He left the kitchen, glariing at Riddhima as a warning that she shouldn't pick a fight with his girlfriend. Riddhima winked back at him. She quietly involved herself in her omelet while Ryna observed the kitchen.

Ryna: by the wayyy….did u know that you are reeking of…umm…alcohol??(turning to Riddhima and giving her a vicious look)

Riddhima: (acting innocent) oh really? How come Armaan didn't tell me that even when he lay beside me the whole night long? Weird, na?

She laughed inside as she saw Ryna fume with anger. Actually, Armaan had slept in his own room but she always made Ryna think that Armaan slept with her in her bed when she was in a drunk state.

Ryna: listen, you girl…(stooping down in front of her and pointing her finger at her)…Armaan is MY guy…you better steer clear of him asap…cuz I know what you are upto with all that friendship faade you put up in front of him…get it…?? (clicking her fingers)

Riddhima rolls her eyes and gets up too, pointing her finger at her too. They looked like two cats ready to pounce on each other.

Riddhima: now YOU listen to Me, Miss Bitchy Model…as if I haven't known you long enough to know why exactly you are with him, and as if I am a total novice when it comes to observing you putting up that fake bull shit of love with him…you got the guts to talk back to me…?? You know what…this is our house….i pay my part of rent for it and I also therefore get a right to decide who comes here and who doesn't…and now that its just you and me here alone…and as I am currently suffering huge trauma to my brain because of your ghastly presence in my paid-for kitchen…I would tell you to take that bitchy attitude of yours and yourself out of here right this second….

Ryna was shocked out of her wits at being insulted like that. She fumed, her eyes glaring at Riddhima, but because she knew she couldn't say anything, she just stomped her foot and left the kitchen, curing Riddhima.

Ryna: I will definitely tell Armaan about it and see what he does to u about treating me like this…(she shouted at Riddhima as she walked down the corridor)

Riddhima: Oooooohh!!! I am so scared….(laughs) oh and did I tell you…..you reek of cheap whorish perfume!!!


Riddhima laughed to herself as she heard the door slam hard. Giggling loudly, she sat down on the stool when she saw Armaan enter with a puzzled look on her face. Immediately changing her face expressions like a chameleon, she put on an innocent face smiling up at him.

Armaan: oh…what did you do this time?? (exasperatedly)

Riddhima: me…? I never do anything…? Do you think someone as innocent and nave as me could say something to someone as clever as Raina??

Armaan gave her a look and she cracked up.

Armaan: (smirking) Seriously…what is your problem with her???

Riddhima: (eating an apple) She is a mean bitch and a stuck-up model…and I hate her…seriously Armaan…(putting a hand on  his) you can do much better…

Armaan: (taking a sigh) you say that about all my girlfriends…

Riddhima: (opening her mouth) oh no I don't…!!!

Armaan: oh yes you do…you said that about Malleka and about Ria too…

Riddhima: yeah..but Ryna's more of a meanie than them…Ria was sweet..i liked her…

Armaan: is that why you dyed all of her wardrobe black….?? (with a raised eyebrows)

Riddhima snickered

Riddhima: yeah well…that was one of mine and Nance's pranks….but her face…OMG…it totally cracks me up even today…

Armaan laughed along with her….

Armaan: (getting up) okay…come on get up…we are running late…let's go…

Riddhima jumped up from her seat and put on her hood, pulled her bag over her head on to her shoulder, and they both made their way out of the house. As they reached the garage, Riddhima started humming a song.

Riddhima: hey hey you you…I don't like your girlfriend…

Armaan turned and looked at her skeptically while she gave him a cheesy smile

Riddhima: no way no way…I think you need a new one….

Armaan rolled his eyes…

Riddhima: hey hey you you…

Armaan: you wanna be my girlfriend…?? (Armaan hummed back at her)

Riddhima stood there with an open mouth as she was caught completely off-guard. Armaan came extremely close to her, pinning her against the wall and said, in a deep husky voice.

Armaan: you wanna be my girlfriend…?? (he repeated)

Riddhima was completely lost for a few seconds, in his eyes. They often had these stupid awkward moments, but then both of them got over them saying they were kidding. Armaan looked into her eyes and grinned, flashing his dimples at her. Then he winked at her, and Riddhima made a face. The moment had passed.

Riddhima: cheeeeee….!!! (pushed him away and walked towards the car) Me? And your girlfriend…???.....shakal dekhi hai…?? (sat in the passenger seat)

Armaan sat in his driver's seat too

Armaan: chal chal…teri se to behtar hi hai…

Riddhima: mera shakal better hai…(squinting at him)

Armaan burst out in laughter

Armaan: idiot…its MERI…not meRA…(hitting her lightly on her head)

Riddhima: how am I supposed to knw? You say mera…

Armaan: that's cuz I am a guy….you on the other hand, are a girl…so you should say…meri…

Riddhima: ughhH!! Its such a confusing language…

Armaan: nah girl…it's a versatile language…(reversing the car)

Riddhima: its not!! Even your language has gender discrimination…why are there different words for different genders…why not the same like in English???

Armaan: cuz my dear…we in India think that both the genders have special attributes given to them…and the culture promotes these attributes to form a perfect circle of life…

Riddhima: that's weird…I am so confused…!

Armaan: you will understand…once you go there…you will understand everything!!!

Riddhima: why would I go to India?? I will never go to India…

Armaan: never say never…who knows when God is listening….He might just be listening now…and you might be on the next plane to India before you blink an eyelash….(winking at her)

Riddhima: oh shut up!!! Why do you always have to talk nonsense…That can never happen…

Armaan: You never know!!

Riddhima hit his arm and they both went to uni, bickering all the way.


Lunch break. Cafeteria in uni.

Armaan, Riddhima, Rahul, Muskaan, Dave and Nancy were all sitting together. They all lived in one big house, with different rooms given to all, and they pooled in their money to pay for the rent. It was a convenient way for all of them.

Riddhima: hey guyz….guess who dropped by today after you guys left…?? (smirking at Armaan who rolls his eyes)

Nancy: who…??

Riddhima: none other than our very own queen of the people of Passive Aggressiva….(winking at them and laughing)

Muskaan, Dave, Riddhima and Nancy burst out laughing while Rahul smirks and Armaan pouts

Dave: dude…you gotta do something about that girl…(putting his hand on Armaan's shoulder)

Muskaan: yeah Armaan….as I always say, you are too good for her..

Nancy: yep…and unless you want us girls to drive her away with our never ending list of pranks…u better drop her off urself…(hi-fiving Riddhima)

Riddhima: see Armaan…?? Nobody likes her….get a new girl yaar, not difficult for you….as much as I know, girls quite dote on you…

Rahul: yep mate…and your being the basketball team captain, quite adds to the charm…

Armaan: guyz….i don't see why you people dun like her…!!

Riddhima: and we don't see what you like in her…I mean, she's just with you cuz you'd seem like a good escort to be taken along to on parties…oh and not to forget, you are rolling in money which she has come to know now….

Armaan: Ragz…she is not after my money!!

Everyone: Yeah rite…

Armaan snickers

Armaan: anyways…you guyz know she is just a time-pass for me..i mean, I dun plan to get married to her….she is just a way of telling my highly insistent parents that I DON'T want to get married….so chill…

Everyone laughs

Muskaan: oh..that reminds me Armaan…howz your mom??

Armaan: she's doing pretty well now…the docs said she will recover soon…

Dave: oh…so the tumor's shrinking??

Armaan: no…its not shrinking…but its not growing either…that's a blessing in itself…

Riddhima smiles and puts a hand on his

Riddhima: don't worry…she will be fine soon..we all always pray for her…

Armaan smiles back at her, putting a hand on hers

Armaan: I know…

(Armaan's mom had brain tumor)

Just then a guy comes and stands behind Riddhima's seat and taps her on the shoulder. As she turns, everyone turns as well to see who it was. It was none other than Vivek, Riddhima's ex boyfriend.

Vivek stoops down near her ear and whispers in a deep voice.

Vivek: hey babes….wassup??

As Riddhima looks at him with confusion and fear, she feels Armaan's hand under hers clench hard into a fist. Turning to see him, she saw a flash of pure hatred and anger in his eyes as his jawline tightened and his lips pursed together. She shrank back in her chair as she saw Armaan stand up in anger in a jolt, his chair falling behind him. His anger intimated her, and she felt the stillness and quiet fill the cafeteria as every eye fell on the two men looking at each other with anger. As Armaan quietly took hold of her hand and pulled her up, she saw him put a hand on her waist from the front and gently pushing her behind him and giving a quiet look to Rahul, who took hold of her hand and led her out of the cafeteria. She heard thuds and shouts behind her, but she quietly followed Rahul outside, as she heard Armaan cursing a yelping Vivek, punching him hard in the face. She closed her eyes, feeling numbed. He had come back.


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