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part 2 &3: ye saazish hai boondon ki (arsh ss)

"chali gayi?", Arman uttered and a thought came to his mind, "may be because of last night?"

He was stepping outside the orphanage and the chain of thought was revolving in his mind

"did she left  because of that kiss?"

"I hope she has not taken it seriously", thought Armaan and completed, "why am I thinking that too much? I've to sort it out.", saying this he creased the muddy road with his car's tier and drove off to leave for Mumbai.

Shilpa reached at Mumbai and when she entered, found a whole bungalow was decorated like a  bride, with flowers, lights and all those stuff use to decorating for the marriage of a girl.

She stepped forward when Anjali caught her, "hey Shilps tum aa gayi? I was waiting for you only. Tumhe pata hai what this girl is saying ", Anjali stopped while pointing on Riddhima.

"kya kya hua Di Is everything alright", concerned Shilpa
Anjali and Riddhima laughed in unison and replied, "there is nothing to worry about Shona"

"thank God. Dara diya apne", shilpa pouted.
"hehhe darpok", teased Anjali.

"Are baba Di is joking. What I was saying that there is good news. Pata hai kya?" Riddhima cupped her sister's face.

"kya news hai" excited Shilpa asked.

"Armaan ko ab koi problem nahi hai meri or Sid ki shadi se in fact he is coming to attend All the functions" widely smiled Riddhima.

Shilpa's smile vanished when last night incident knocked the door of her mind and she thought with disgust, "why not ab jab aap nahi mile to aapki Shona Mein interest hai uska. Par main Uski  ye wish kabhi poori nahi hone dungi" she decided with full Confidence.

Shilpa was fuming with anger when a voice reached to all the ears from the door, "kya ho raha hai yaha? Ek shadi ke baad bhi nahi sudhri, Dusre ka aaj Roka hai...and you both are teasing my daughter who has just arrived" Padma scolded her daughters and gave coffee to Shilpa.

After few seconds later when all the Gupta ladies were retarded leaving Shilpa alone her chain of thought started, "Armaan Malik tumhe mujhse jyada accha koi nahi janta", and this took her to flashback incidents.

"Shilpa flower ji ke sath blind fold game lucky hai humare Armaan bhaiya", joked JP which seems awkward to Shilpa who was near JP, Jiggy and Yuvraaj.

"Haan kash humari itni acchi Kismet hoti" pouted Jiggy.

"chup karo apne armaan Bhaiya ka gungan ...k abhi Shilpa jabhi Riddhima..."Yuvraaj said with disgust as he was at Sid's side.

"meaning?", they both asked.

"meaning he is famous to cheat girls, who can forget Maya", Yuvraaj explained about Maya who alleged that Armaan has cheated her but truth was not clear to him and with this Shilpa Concluded an opinion about Armaan.

The hot coffee took Shilpa out from the day she misconceptalised About Armaan and she uttered,  "I .. I kissed him oh gosh what I have done...", regretted she.

" I kissed her. Why and how can I do this to a girl." Armaan snapped his steering wheel and increased the velocity of his car.

"jis ladki Bilkul pasand nahi...", he stopped in between and continued, "jis ladki ko main shayad pasand bhi nahi karta ... How can I do this to her", he regretted too and stopped his car in front of Gupta Mansion as he wanted to apologize and clarify everything Firstly.

He entered inside when he saw the guests teasing Riddhima about Sid and she was blushing. He felt that something which wasn't his is going from his hands about which he has no regret.

Riddhima's eyes fell at him one of her cousin, "which is your favorite gift among Sid has given you"

She retorted back, "none", and started pacing towards Armaan. All were shocked listening this when she completed, "Sid is my favorite gift which Armaan gave to me without letting me feel any regret."

Armaan closed his eyes tightly Listening this but his eyes fell on Shilpa who was witnessing all this from the corridor.

He excused Riddhima and jump on the pebbles of the staircase to explain everything when Nani called him from back, "Armaan! My child when did you came?"

He was facing Shilpa but when Nani called him, he turned his back to her and he answered to Nani, "bas abhi", and he turned back Shilpa was no where.

Nani chit chatted with him but he found her no where after a long search when Atul called her, "hey Armaan kesa hai mere dost"

He sighed thinking why she ran away from there, "pata nahi"

Atul thought he is talking about sidma so he turned the topic, "yaar aaj Roka hai Sid Riddhima ka Ayega na?"

"yup ab to ana padega ", he thought about Shilpa and tip toed for his apartment.

Part 3

Atul thought he is talking about sidma so he turned the topic, "yaar aaj Roka hai Sid Riddhima ka Ayega na?"

"yup!! ab to ana padega ", he thought about Shilpa and tip toed for his apartment.

"I'm happy after all, my best friend has accepted reality and moving on", Atul thought after disconnecting the phone call.

In the Night

Around 8 p.m.

Gupta Mansion, Mumbai

The whole bungalow was decorated with flowers and lights. Shashank and Padma were attending the guest whereas the Gupta sisters including Riddhima were getting ready in which Nikita was helping them.
Abhimanyu and Atul were sitting with the groom as support system and cracking jokes related to marriage when Armaan entered.

"I'm glad to see you my son. May god bless you!!", Padma showered the blessings on Armaan at which he helplessly pressed his lips in a smile.

Shashank patted his back, "Welcome! What you have done needs guts. You are a gem. Go and enjoy", he ended with smile and forced him to enter inside.

Armaan was looking here and there searching for Shilpa with a gift in his hand when he tilted his head to check in the corridor which was full of guests but Shilpa wasn't there, he collided with a body and the gift in his hand was about to fell when he helped.

"Sambhal ke mere bhai... is baar kadam ladkhadane nahi dunga tujhe", Sid smiled and hugged him as a brother cum friend tightly, at which Armaan reciprocated.

"I'm sorry! Just because of me tum dono...", Armaan tried to reason but Sid shushed him and said, "dekhna yaar teri absence main Bhai aur Atul kitna majak bana rahe hai mera. I need you man!!", and winked changing the topic.

At which Armaan laughed, "Mere hote hue koi aur tera kaise mazak bana sakta hai main bhi dekhu", and cracked a joke and they hugged again.

Riddhima's Room,

All the girls were trying to ready Riddhima when Shilpa finished with putting a maangtika on her elder sisters forehead and hugged her. Nani put kohl behind her granddaughter Riddhima's ear and blessed her.

Nani left and the same time Nikita's phone rang, "What? Is this true? Thank god Abhi ab sab thik ho jaega hum sabki life mein bas use sambhalne mein time lagega", she disconnected the call when Abhi told her about Armaan's arrival and she ran to meet her best friend.

"Kya thik ho jaega", Anjali asked from behind.

"Armaan aya hai. My best friend, I am going to meet him", Nikita excitedly said at which all the Gupta sisters smiled widened but Shilpa was the exception her smile vanished.

Shilpa crushed her jaw and uttered in her thoughts, "What the hell is he doing here. Pehle meri di ki life almost barbad kardi and now he is trying to play with me? I will not let you do anything to anyone, just because you are here", and gulped down.

Riddhima shrugged her and took her in senses at which she fakely smiled.

Party Hall,

"Armaan you are lucky man teri abhi tak booking nahi hui otherwise wives...Arghhh mujhse atul se aur ab Sid se poochna how dangerous are they", Abhi cracked a joke in which no one interrupted in between when someone tapped his back.

Abhi avoided the patting for some jokes when he himself turned after getting irritated and found Nikki who was giving him a deadly glare.

"So I'm dangerous haan!", she asked sarcastically.

"No baby I was just...", he was searching an answer but she cut him off, "No! No! you were just joking right?", and glared him clenching her jaw.

"Sorry wo!! Haan", Abhi confessed.

"Shukar manao aaj mere dewar or meri friend ka Roka hai jisme mera best friend aya hai and I'm not in a mood to spoil the day otherwise I will have explain you how dangerous I am", Nikki threatened him sarcastically at which all chuckled and she met Armaan.

But Armaan's eyes were searching someone else, they were searching Shilpa apart from the whole drama going on and he was looking for her constantly on the corridor, and the chime of payal in the silence grabbed his attention. It was Shilpa with Riddhima and Anjali taking her elder sister downstairs for the Roka ceremony.

Armaan's eyes didn't fell on Riddhima and Anjie but from where the ghunghrus of payal were clinking. The payal belonged to Shilpa who was looking mesmerizingly beautiful as she never look, she has adorned herself in a peach color ghaghra choli with dupatta lying on her shoulder opening and touching the floor and at the name of accessories she has wore a mang tika and heavy earrings his heart was feeling as any princess was coming downstairs.

But when they came down Riddhima thanked Armaan firstly and distracted him, "thank...", but he interrupted, "Don't embarrass me tumne aaj tak jo manga mene diya chahe tumhare pyaar mera yaar kyu na ho...jao ye bhi diya", and finished with giggle.

Shilpa disgusted at him, "Aur iski kimat tum mujhse nahi maang sakte Armaan Mallik. I'm Shilpa not any other girl to whom you can trap easily"

The ceremony completed and all the gang joined Sidma, as kabab mein haddi excluding Armaan who was trying to take a chance to apologize Shilpa, who was engrossed in enjoying with all but avoiding him.

Armaan's self control became weak and Shilpa, who was now talking to a girl and receiving her, he grabbed her arm and took her in the side keeping in the mind that no one sees them.

"Why are you ignoring me mujhe baat karni hai tumse..", Armaan whispered controlling his anger.

"But I don't want to", and she was somehow leaving his hold when he blocked her again, "But why? I know jo hua wo...", she interrupted him, "I don't want to discuss about that, leave me it's my Di's roka, you jerk!!", she clenched her jaw and the same time the music of trumpet attracted everyone.

Badtameezee ek bimari hai

Ek aisi bimari

Jo dheere dheere waqt ke saath

Budhaape mein badal jaati hai

Main kehta hoon jab tak budhaapa nahi aata

Thodi badtameezee hi kar lete hai

All were amazed when a guy uttered these words but when he skimmed out and winked, Shilpa was clear that he was Mr. Badtameez, Sanskar Maheshwari, her best friend and the co-singer of the Threesome band in college, seeing him she remain amazed.

Paan main pudeena dekha

Naak ka nageena dekhi

Chikni chameli dekhi

Chikna kameena dekha

He smiled looking at Niki and then he move towards Abhi who gave him a glare.

Chaand ne cheater hoke cheat kiya toh

Saare taare bole gilli gilli akhaa

He pointed towards Shilpa while saying Chand and made a gloomy face as his best friend forgot to invite him in the Roka ceremony of her sister.

Pa para para...

Meri baat, teri baat

Zyada baatein boori baat

Thaali mein katora leke

Aaloo bhat, Muri bhat

Mere peeche kisi ne repeat kiya toh

Saala maine tere muh pe maara mukka

He kept singing, dancing and with every step he moved towards JP, Yuvi and Atul, and witnessing a chirpy guy who has added a flavor into the party smiled and cheered up, but one person was there who was feeling unease with this guy's presence, Armaan.

Ispe bhoot koi chadha hai

Theharna jaane naa

Ab toh kya buraa kyaa bhalaa hai

Fark pehchaane naa

Zidd pakad ke khadaa hai kambakht

Chhodna jaane naa...

Sanskar moved towards Shilpa who was near Armaan and shrugged his shoulders at the last lines pretending that his heart is stubborn at which she giggled naturally and Armaan felt unease with that.

Badtameez dil, batameez dil, batamiz dil

Maane na, maane na

Badtameez dil, batameez dil, batamiz dil

Maane na, maane na

Sanskar was singing and dancing and all were enjoying his presence but Armaan was hell irritated with his behavior towards Shilpa as he was unaware with the relation of this guy with Shilpa.

Yeh jo haal hai, sawaal hai, kamaal hai

Jaane na jaane na

Badtameez dil, badtameez dil badtameez dil

Maane naa..

He came towards Shilpa from the centre floor and indicated that she is looking beautiful in the Indian wear and again stepped forward but Armaan was closing his eyes tightly with his behavior.

Hawa mein Havana dekha

Dhimka falaana dekha

Seeng ka Singhara khaake

Sher ka ghuraana dekha

Poori duniya ka gol gol chakkar leke

Maine duniya ko maara dhakka

Sanskar asked for a hand to Shilpa and she gave her hand in his which burn Armaan from top to bottom. But they kept dancing, he revolve Shilpa in a gol gol chakkar and left her hand but she somehow managed herself to not slip but Armaan managed to not let her slip and they shared a glance but again Sanskar interrupted apologizing to her with his song and they came to senses.

Pa para para..

Hey Bollywood Hollywood very very jolly good

Raayi ke pahaad par teen futa liliput

Mere peeche kisi ne repeat kiya toh

Saala maine tere muh pe maara mukka

But this time Shilpa herself started dancing with him all were enjoying but not Armaan.

Ayaashi ke one way se khudko

Modna jaane naa

Kambal bewajah sharam ka

Odhna jaane naa

Zidd pakad ke khadha hai kambakht

Chodhna jaane na... Haha..

Sanskar unknowingly moved towards Armaan and pointed towards Armaan's heart he kept singing and twirled on the floor and Shilpa gave a glare to Armaan which pierced his heart.

Aaj saare, chaand taare

Bann gaye hai disco lights

Jal ke, bujha ke humko bula ke

Keh rahe hai, Party all nights

Naata betuki dillagi se, todna jaane na

Aane wale kal ki fikar se, judna jaane na

Sanskar moved towards Riddhima and Sid and tilted Riddhima's face up while singing chand tare at which Sid slammed his hand lightly and all laughed out loud. Shilpa was enjoying with him and in his presence she was all lost, which Armaan didn't like.

Zidd pakad ke khada hai kambakht

Chodhna jaane na... Haha..

Badtameez dil, batameez dil, batamiz dil

Maane na, maane na

Badtameez dil, batameez dil, batamiz dil

Maane na, maane na

She enjoyed, she danced and forgot even Armaan in Sanskar's presence which increased the unease of Armaan even more.

Yeh jo haal hai, sawaal hai, kamaal hai

Jaane na jaane na

Badtameez dil, battameez dil badtameez dil

Maane naa..

She kept dancing with him but Armaan left the area and when finally when the song ended she hugged Sanskar tightly which didn't get unnotice by Armaan and he clenched his jaw tightly in unease.


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Important Points: Here are some points related to story which are important to understand for further reading.

1. In this story, Shilpa has misconception that Armaan is a play boy kind of person and she knows about AR as well.

2. All knows about the reality of Shilpa being Riddhima's sister and accepted her as third daughter of Gupta's.

3. Armaan has no problem now with Sidma marriage. 

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