Sunday, 9 June 2019

Part 20 : Love Me always

Armaan looked at her nervously as she handed over the cell to him.

That slimy old politician again ? Why did he call up now ?To talk to me? Oh I hope he doesn't mess up things now. Armaan thought frowning as he took the cell and got up.

Riddhima looked at him leaving the room. Why did he have to go out to talk now to her dad? He could have had his conversation in front of her itself. But Riddhima he doesn't know that you now know about some deal going on between him and Dad. Oh Armaan cant we just sort this out? Tell me the truth Armaan. Promise I won't desert you. Atleast you won't have to pretend and go all nervous in front of me. And there wont be this thin veil separating us, with you always dreading I will leave you. Armaan how much long? I need to sort it out. Oh well you have some time more or I take things in my hand and probe you myself. How can do that Armaan? Please don't ever force me to do that as I know I cant'''..

Riddhima hugged her knees as her mind kept replaying all the unhappy thoughts. Armaan noticed her lost deep in thought as in entered the room.

'Ummm Ridz? What's wrong sweetheart???' He slid down beside her moving in closer as he saw her face showing a different expression unlike the one she had few minutes ago.

'Riddhima? Whats up?'

She looked at him straight in the eye intensely as if questioning him as he looked away nervous suddenly aware of her intense gaze.

'What did dad want Armaan?'

'Oh your dad just want to discuss some important case regarding the administration. Nothing moreee. And he said'..that'.oh well leave that for now, will talk about it later.'

Armaan looked at her with a slight smile confused by her question.

'Then why did you go out Armaan? You could have just sorted it out here right? I mean '''''''

Armaan looked at her shocked. OMG she is doubting me now? All of a sudden? Why?

'Riddhima, honey whats up? it was just plain on impulse that I went out. Had no intentions as such, am sorry if'''

'No Armaan its really fine I guess i''I over reacted and you really saying sorry?' Riddhima placed a finger on his lips as he smiled at her.

'Hmmm so where were we'..oh yes coffee?'How about Dr Armaan's special dose of medicine? Seriously it will be wonderful''and'.'

'Armaan will you keep quiet?' Riddhima mockingly glared at him getting out of his hold only to be pulled back with greater force, as they both fell back on the bed.

'Armaan you're too much'

'Oh yes not the first time I heard that honey'

Armaan laughed lightly placing a tiny peck on her nose.

'Hmm so shall we continue?'

'What Armaan?'

'My methods of treating you ofcourse'

'No ways'.you better'''


'Ufff don't tell me your dad is interfering again between us'

Armaan looked at Riddhima's phone ringing again as she giggled picking it up.

'Helloo?' 'Diiii? hHow are you? Tell me hows your health? Jiju had just dropped in yesterday?'

'Yes yes I know Ridz I am fine''perfectly n fine health. Touchwood. And I just gave a call to give you some great news?'

'Really?' Whats it Di?' Riddhima got up excited. Armaan looked at her confused.

'Ridz'..Rahul and Muskaan finally decided to get married. I mean we forced them as its high time and can you believe it I made Rahul agree to it????'

'Goshh really? I mean'''..thats simply a great news Di? How did he agree so soon I mean? And when and?'

'Ridz the date has been fixed for the next month as the day is pretty auspicious' you guys better packup and get here as there is loads to do and Armaan'..oh yea Armaan doesn't know still does he? Give the line to him I'll talk'

Riddhima smiled as her pulled her tightly into a hug after he put down Anjali's call. She knew he was truly thrilled with the news. Rahul's marriage getting postponed two times hadn't gone down well with him as he somewhere considered himself responsible for it she knew. Their hasty marriage had made Rahul postpone it the first time.

'Riddhimaaa' he picked her up and twirled her around

'I am so very very happy today. Finally Rahul and Muskaan will get married!! OMG I cant believe this'.Ridz I love you'

Putting her down he gently placed a soft kiss on her lips before murmuring.

'Its all because of you Riddhima. The day since you entered my life you have given me nothing but happiness. I am really really a lucky guy to have you in my life. Thankyou so very very much Ridz''your'.'

'shhh' Riddhima placed a finger on his lips. Hugging him tight she softly whispered.

'Armaan I should say you brought happiness in my life. You are the one who brought life back in me. And I fear this might all just go away''snatched away rudely as it has always been so'.i feel so scared I will loose you and'''

'Enough Riddhima'.i will never allow anything to pull us apart that I promise you. I may sound clinched and like a real bollywood movie hero but it's a fact and I mean it.'

As he hugged her back with equal passion Riddhima closed her eyes wishing for the moment to stay forever. As he looseded his grip he cupped her face and smiled giving a slight peck on her forehead.

'Hmm I know this will be difficult but Ridz we have to go back sooner then I thought.'

'Armaan whats so difficult in that? Di told me''..there is no more auspicious day then the one next month'.for 5 months after it hence the hurry and ''''

'What?? I mean yes Anjali told me this but you don't mind going back so soon. I thought you enjoyed the fact we were alone here
''whether u like it or not I don't want to go away so soon.' Armaan sat down pouting his lip annoyed.

'Armaan''its not like that'.ofcourse I love us being here but then its Rahul's wedding and we have to go right? Its your brother's wedding and Armaan we can come back anytime you want as I love this place and'''.'

'Yes sweetheart I promise to bring you here whenever you wish. But tell mee seriously you want to go back I was so annoyed with your Dad told me to get back soon'.though he didn't tell me why that time but I guess it was for this'..'

'Armaan we have to be there right? Ok not tomorrow or day after but atleast by a week we have to leave'..Anjali wanted us to come back immediately. So atleast we should by the next 3-4 days.'

'Hmm ok'.but after 3-4 days, am not going anywhere leaving my mini honeymoon in between, no more discussion now, we have other better things to do'

'Armaan?? You are jus'.. '

'Too much I know Riddhima' Armaan winked at her as she giggled.


Riddhima stood in the balcony feeling the wind kissing her face as she looked over at the sea. It had almost been a week over since Anjali had called and Armaan had somehow managed to postpone their going back by a week. He was just too much she thought smiling.

Riddhima was by now completely and deeply in love with him. Not that she wasn't at first but these two months had brought them so much close'.. closer then she had ever imagined and expected that her love for him had just grown to an entire new level. She felt she fell in love with him every single moment all over again as he did those small little things for her and made her feel like a queen without putting any extra effort in doing so.

Feeling a warm hand resting on her shoulder she looked behind to see him smiling deeply as he came closer and hugged her from behind. Sighing she placed her hands over his as they encircled her waist and spoke.

'Armaan I really cant believe we have believe we have to leave this place in a few hours. How I wish I could stay here for ever!! I really don't feel like going back now'..much as I was the one preaching you but'..'

'I know what you mean honey' Armaan whispered kissing her ears 'But we have to as u had preached. Haha even I hate going back but somethings which are to be done have to be done right. Promise I will get you here whenever you wish. Your wish is my command.'

'Really Armaan?' Riddhima turned back facing him.

He smiled nodding his head and whispered

'Yes that's a promise sweetheart.'

Riddhima hugged him tightly as he gently kissed her hair. Finally pulling back Riddhima looked up and asked

'Armaan what did you think?? I mean I hope you don't mind me asking but you had promised to think about us shifting here forever na?Please Armaan I would love to shift here'.i so love this place and you by my side'cant we'.i mean?'

Armaan looked into her eyes feeling a pang of guilt raising deep within. It was true he had given it a thought and he would have agreed to her in a heartbeat and said yes but there was one major hitch. Shanky '.gosh thought Armaan how on earth will I tell him this? That I want to share and divide all his wealth with Atul and Muskaan'.i mean involving Anjali and Rahul will mean them too. He hates them so very much. Its so strange he hates the guy his daughter loves so much'.she is married to him, about to give birth to his child, his own grandchild, high time he accepted Atul along with Muskaan since he treats Rahul like a son. Armaan this guy is so strange; he trusts you suddenly giving you his daughter and wealth and doesn't trust his own daughter. There is something more I have to yet uncover Armaan thought. He had been thinking about this ever since Riddhima had told him her wishes. He so wanted to say yes as there was nothing he would lose. All he wanted was her happiness now.

But how do I convince that old man now? I shudder to think even his reactions now. Oh Riddhima what do I explain to you now.

Armaan looked at her staring at him expectantly. Forcing a smile he spoke.

'Yes Riddhima I will definitely talk to uncle about this once we get back'

As she lightly kissed pulling him into a hug again he looked up at the stars sighing.


Riddhima looked at him with tears in her eyes as she threw the papers on his face.

'its all over Armaan. I cant believe I loved you so much and all this time' were''''

Armaan looked dumbfolded at her as she fell down on the floor crying.

'No Riddhima you cant do this to me! Let me explain please'.just give me a chance'.you got it all wrong Riddhima'

'No Armaan I got it all right now'.till now I was under a false belief, living in a dreamworld. Thankyou for shattering it. Armaan how could you'''''..'

'Riddhima I'll explain'give me a chance '.how can you ask me for a''.' Armaan looked helplessly at her.

'Yes I want a divorce Armaan.'

'Riddhima no'.'

'you heard her Armaan, she wants to divorce you so you better just leave now or''' Shanshank stood behind Riddhima as an evil smile played along his lips.


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