Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Part 22: Love Me always

Armaan got up looking at her and softly whispered

"The truth Riddhima?"

"Yes the truth Armaan, the complete truth. I want you to tell me everything. I dont want anyone else to come and tell me things about you be it my own father in that case."

Armaan looked away closing his eyes. Seeing no visible reaction from him Riddhima proded further. "Armaan dont i have the right to know? I should be...."

"Riddhima our marriage was a deal. I wont deny that . Your father was partly right but the was a complete lie. I swear on you it was a lie. And that time it was like...."

  Armaan took the courage to steal a glance at her and found her looking intently. Whatever the reaction was to come knowing this truth none were currently surfacing. She was looking at him with a blank expression.


"Armaan i asked for the complete truth please thats all that i am asking for."

Looking at her calm and but yet expressionless face Armaan sighed. Getting up he went and stood near the door leading to the balcony and spoke in a low soft tone.


Armaan saw her sitting ever so quietly at the edge of the bed lost deep in thought. He had told the truth. The complete truth that she had demanded. He no longer wanted to hold back any thing from her. It was threatening to break their relationship which he could not see.

Walking up to her he sat down next to her. Pulling her close he looked her still sitting motionless.

"Riddhima? Sweetheart that's all….you wanted to know this? I am no longer hiding anything from you. Our marriage was a deal which I don't deny but trust me that time was different…..I was different. My outlook was different. When your father offered me half of sanjeevni I just couldn't refuse….guess I was way too desperate to achieve my ambitions and……."

Pulling back he looked away running his fingers through his hair he spoke " Wish I could explain you what I had exactly felt that time….Riddhima believe me it was like I wanted to prove that I am unlike dad….and was driven hard by that force to achieve …..saw this as the golden opportunity and grabbed it….I know I did wrong. Using you but…..trust me know….if you ask me to leave everything I will….Riddhima you are the most important person now in my life…more then me."

He looked at her as she stared into his eyes. He couldn't read them, was she going to digest this? The very fact that their relationship had been signed and stamped as a deal?

"Riddhima you ok honey?"

Nodding her head she gently placed her head on his shoulders. He heaved a sigh of relief as he felt her taking hold of his hands.

"Trust me sweetheart…I don't deny I married you as a deal but now…I truly love you and am ready to do anything you say…..thats why I had even had a talk with your father…you remember asking me to divide everything amongst all of us? I mean give all powers here to Anjali and Rahul and we shift away to Mumbai? I had a talk with him too and……"

"You asked him? When Armaan? Did he agree?" Riddhima looked up.

"Well just two days ago…as soon as we arrived I had a meeting with him about this….he did not seem to pleased about it though."

Armaan got up….and stood near the window.

"And much as I hate to point out Riddhima I feel he has falsely made me sign those papers…he wasn't too happy with what I informed"

"What did you tell him Armaan?"

"I told him you wanted to divide all that is on your name and we were ready to take the responsibility from Mumbai. Here we could have Rahul and Anjali handle stuff but Riddhima I knew he wouldn't agree. You know he asked my hand for you with the prime reason that he did not want Anjali or Rahul to take control….."

Riddhima looked at him stunned. He had married her for selfish gains wasn't something new…she had expected it….she knew it was coming but papa weaving such a great web was something which she couldn't digest.

Armaan looked at her feeling sorry. He knew this had to happen one day. The sooner the better he thought. Sitting beside her again he put his arms around her…resting her head on his chest gently kissing her forehead.

"I am sorry Riddhima I didn't want to hurt you….I really love you so much. Please say something."

He urged her lifting up her chin and looking into her eyes. She lowered her eyes and spoke.

"And then Armaan…what happened? How did papa react?"

Armaan sighed. This wasn't going too easy. But he knew he rather spill the facts then leave her in dark.

"Well I told him you were keen to divide…it was your decision…and that I had no issues with it. But your father didn't react. He simply nodded and then he suddenly said he will think about it and asked me to leave."

"Later in the evening he came into my cabin….all smiling …that time I was about to just head for a surgery. He stopped me saying he had given my proposal a thought….and he needed me to sign a few papers urgently. I was about to read them when suddenly the wardboy rushed to me saying a complication has come up in my case. As I was rushing out your father forced me to sign…I did so without reading"

"You signed the papers without reading Armaan?"

Riddhima looked up at him shocked.

Sighing Armaan nodded slowly. "I knew Ridz that at the back of my mind he was upto no good, I regretted signing them in a hurry but then damage was done…I guess they were those divorce papers and….."

Armaan looked at her…she was surely behaving strangely. He saw her eyes blank….not a single tear came out. Earlier even on seeing the divorce papers she hadn't reacted in this way …..then now??

"Riddhima? Honey you ok?"

She saw him pull her closer to him as she nodded her head. Stroking her hair gently he whispered.

"Riddhima….sweetheart I love you…you mean the world to me…..whatever I did is past and the fact is now only you're my world. And …"

"You don't need to explain me Armaan…..you told me the bare facts….without leaving out a single truth….what greater proof do I need that you love me?"

Smiling he looked at her tearfully as he hugged her. Feeling her respond back he pulled her close.

"I love you Ridz"

Pulling out he gently brushed her lips as she closed her eyes…..he looked at her …there was something wrong with her. What was it? He couldn't put a finger on it.

He kissed her again ….gently only to find her breaking it and hugging him tight.

"Armaan you really love me na?"

"Riddhima ….honey I do…..promise I wont allow anyone to mess with us ever again"

He looked at her smiling as she suddenly got up.

"You should get going Armaan…..papa will be home soon. We will talk about this later…."

"Riddhima later? I want this sorted straightaway you understand? And you are coming back with me…..I am not leaving you and going anywhere"

Armaan looked at her stubbornly as she came forward and took hold of his hand.

"Armaan just for now atleast. Let me atleast see what papa says now……if you argue now itself we will never know what he wants or why…..why on earth being my father he is doing all this? He still has those divorce papers and if he can make you sign then taking my signatures wont be any hard job for him…I still cant believe he is doing all this…. "

Armaan shook his head stubbornly.

"No ways Ridz…."

"Armaan please for my sake!!"

Riddhima gently placed her hand on his cheek. He looked at her and reluctantly made his way out. Closing the door behind him he looked behind worried. The look in her eyes had made him leave….she said she was fine but was she? Not entirely convinced he walked out resolving to come back soon.


Closing the door behind him…she slid down on the floor with her back against the door. What had made her behave like this? Didn't she already know this was coming? You knew that there was a deal…infact you should be proud as he told you everything….not a single detail is left now from his side then what is wrong with you??

Riddhima hugged her knees as she felt tears brewing in her eyes…..i had expected this…then what is troubling me? The fact that papa is behind all this….well that too I knew then? Armaan has been so loyal to me….he …he has….given the world to me….then?

What if leaves me tomorrow? What if he no longer likes me? Riddhima shutup….what are you saying? He loves and….yes how an he love me so much. Do I deserve it? He told me the truth so frankly and his promises…..but …but then…he really loves me right?

Feeling the slow insecurity creeping up Riddhima picked up her cell….intending to call him but cut the call on the next impulse. Few minutes later a message flashed.

"Hope you are ok sweetheart. I love you and will always continue to do so.


Clutching her cell she kissed it lightly. I will go back she thought. She couldn't stay away from him….he might just leave her. Noways…Ridz he wont leave you….he loves you…but I need to see him….and ask him….

 Getting up she wiped away her tears and combed back her hair as she heard the doorbell ring. That must be dad…she opened the door…of her bedroom intending to go down and face it now.


Shanshank looked at her as she walked upto to him pale faced. He smiled at her….as she approached him.

"You are going somewhere?" He asked her as saw her dressed up.

"I am going back home dad….to meet Armaan"


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