Thursday, 13 June 2019

Part 24 : Love Me always

"Yes Riddhima it me, but my gosh you are some wild tigress"

Riddhima freed herself from his grip and retorted.

"Tigress huh?  Armaan you scared the hell out of me. I was so scared and ..."

"Hmm you didn't look like some scared woman. You looked like tigress ready to pounce upon her prey"

"How many times will you emphasize on that word tigress? I would call it self-defence, presence of mind to fight intruders like you who turn up in the middle of the night to take advantage and by the way Armaan how did u ever land up here? You said that you don't even know how to climb pipes then in the middle of the night how come?"

Riddhima looked at him narrowing her eyes as he walked towards her grinning. She stepped back automatically and stopped as her leg hit the wooden edge of the bed behind.

Armaan came closer and gently moved his fingers and knuckles along her cheek to see her breath in sharply. She closed her eyes as he came forward tucking her hair behind her ear. He smiled seeing her reactions. The sense of control he had over her made the curve playing along his lips widen.

Gently he whispered,
"What do you think I was doing after I left you in the afternoon?"
Riddhima opened her eyes looking at him in confusion.
"Learning how to climb pipes ofcourse."

He answered simply with a twinkle in his eye as her confused expression was replaced by indignant and ultimately she laughed along with him.

"So you finally learnt how to climb up? You are a fast learner Armaan" 

"Oh totally Ridz I now am regretting not learning this art before. It's so handy really. Would have come to great use earlier!! I would always get caught while guys with me would easily and freely visit their gals anytime. I such a duffer really."

Armaan added winking.

 "Oh really?"

Ridz looked at him raising a brow.

"So now are you planning to try it on anyone besides me to make up for your loss till now?"

Armaan grinned hearing this. He moved still closer and cupping her face in his palms in spoke looking in her eyes.

"Nope. I am very happy that I learnt it after I found my heroine and am pretty content and happy to climb up only to her up there waiting for me. "

 Riddhima stared at him intently without a blink.
"Though it's not a very bad idea to practice it on others, you know practice makes a man perfect."

He smiled deeply his dimples setting in. He could say she was deeply touched by what he had just said. Ridz moved forward and hugged him. Her arms around his waist tightly. She closed her eyes as she rested her head on his chest. Armaan smiled as he hugged her back.

Feeling close to him again Ridz felt a sense of completeness. As she felt his arms around her holding her, for one whole minute she completely felt truly happy. Here he is she thought. Always by your side. To hold you, love you. Take care of you. With him by your side you don't need to worry or ever feel lonely. She felt him pull her completely into him.

"I love you sweetheart.".

It wasn't the first time he said that but she still felt as if she could just jump and scream out. But but what if ...what if he wouldn't say that again.
No this is ridiculous. What am i thinking? Why am i being so negative and doubtful? Ridz felt a sinking feeling creeping as she felt her mind going back on the same track that she was trying to block out. She knew it was futile as her thoughts just wouldn't stay in her control once she sank into that mental state. I cannot punish Armaan like this by my delirious state of mind.

Sensing her unusually quite he pulled out of the hug and looked at her questioningly.

"Hmm so for how long have crying?"

Riddhima blinked at him.
"No Armaan I haven't been..."

"Shut up!! You have been crying and you can't deny that, in fact..."

 He moved the back of his hand along her cheek and spoke,

"You have been crying from quite some time Riddhima?"

Armaan looked at her sternly. He was getting weary of her reactions. She firstly had not shed a single tear when she came to know the biggest truth of her life, their relationship had been stamped as a deal and then she asked him to leave her alone, later she calls up to ask him whether he loves her? Armaan stood there looking at her as she looked away and moved away from him and went out going to the balcony. She closed her eyes as he felt him follow her and standing behind her.

"What's wrong Riddhima?"

She looked down as he made her turn and face him.

"You have to tell the afternoon you asked me to tell you the truth...i deserve to be aware of it...but your reactions are worrying me sweetheart. You asked me to go way and now....."

Running his hand through his hair he lifted her chin with the other hand and made her look up to him. He could clearly see the small tears brimming in her eyes.

"Riddhima?"  He called her gently. "What's the matter....tell me sweetheart?"
He took hold of her hand and held it close to his heart kissing it lightly.
"Armaan....I...I...." Riddhima fought back her tears not knowing why she was crying.

"I love you Armaan"

He smiled looking at her and lightly touching her cheek," I love you too Riddhima...but what's wrong...if you don't share it along....please tell me honey...speak up.."

Riddhima looked at him....feeling all her feeling mounting high. Her fears, her confusion, and the insecurity it had led too. She sank down to the floor feeling silent tears flowing through her eyes. Sitting down she held her face in her palms not knowing what to do.

Alarmed by her actions Armaan sat down beside her and made her remove her hands from her face. She looked at him as he wiped her tears.
"You will never ever leave me na Armaan?"

Armaan sighed. "No Riddhima never ok. Now stop crying and tell me what's going on in your mind atleast. Look I can't stand you crying and looking so broken. This wasn't the Riddhima I got married to."

"Armaan I ...I fear you will leave me and go away....far will leave me...and i will be left alone, all alone as always" Riddhima whispered looking at him.

Armaan saw the fear in her eyes. What is happening to her he thought? He was fearing her reactions by the minute.
Edging closer he put his arm around her puller her close. "Why will i leave you Riddhima, you mean the world to me. I will never ever go away from you, tell me one reason why will i leave you?"

Armaan whispered back as she stared at him without blinking.
"Because everyone whom I love leaves me or goes away from me.....far away."

"Riddhima I am here....see ...and Anjali is there .......everyone is here...all those who love you. Your pa....."
Armaan bit his tongue....better not to mention him...or she might react more violently.

" Ok see am here....I love you the most and am not going anywhere"
Armaan hastily added. He tucked her hair behind her ear and gazed at her. She looked so vulnerable and weak not to mention a complete mess. I have to get her out of this he grimaced.

"Anjali Di doesn't love me that much" She whispered gazing down. "Or she would never left me alone.....she would be there with me, always but she doesn't love me that much"

Armaan looked at her shocked. Oh God he thought. Her mental state was scaring him. He tightened his hold around her pulling her closer to him and cuddled her. Resting her head on his chest he stroked her hair and spoke in the same soft tone.

"Riddhima everyone has their way of expressing love, Anjali loves you...a lot....just because she doesn't show it the way you want doesn't mean she doesn't love you"

"No she would have never allowed me to be sent away alone after mom died. Only mom loved me and see..... she was taken away and so will you"
"Riddhima" He raised the tone of his voice. Feeling her arms tighten around him he sighed and continued in a gentler tone.

"See you know your father wanted you to go away to the boarding and Anjali could not fight na against him?"

"But she fought for herself Armaan...she couldn't fight for me too?"
"You too didn't fight for yourself Riddhima? How can you expect anyone else to fight for you?"

Seeing her silence as she pondered over what he spoke Armaan probed further.

"We cannot expect anyone else to stand up for us...we have to do that Riddhima, just because Anjali didn't fight for you does that mean she doesn't love you that much? And Riddhima your mom....she has never left you..always there somewhere watching you. Clinched though it may sound....those whom we love can never really leave us ....they remain in our hearts forever....thought you may find what I am talking extremely bookish and filmy kinds its true. She will always there and you thinking she has left you will hurt her."

Riddhima looked up at him as he smiled deeply at her. Wiping her tears he kissed her eyes and spoke

"Riddhima stop thinking like that....nobody leaves you till you throw them out...."

"Armaan you don't understand..."

"I don't understand?? Riddhima me?? You know my mom left us....she walked out on us...we never had her love, and dad was never the same. We grew up just like orphans with everyone looking down upon think I don't understand?"

"Armaan but i feel so scared...I don't know how to control....I just fear so much and..."

"So whenever these thoughts come distract yourself. Talk to me....tell me immediately"

"But Armaan everytime I can't ....."

"Why can't you? Don't you consider me as a part of you sweetheart. You can tell me anything you want without fear. I am always here for my Riddhima"

"But ...but.."

"Ok if you cant tell me or if I am not around distract do something you please....or yes...Riddhima you have such a charming husband lady.....its so easy to get distracted"
Riddhima looked up questioningly.

"Like see I'll explain...if you want to distract yourself just think about me Armaan is so charming.....his perfect sculpted face. The cheekbones right in its place....eyes sparkling and full of passion when he looks at you....the smile which lits up his eyes...killer enough to disarm you and body..."

"Enough" Riddhima looked at him sternly. "I have not asked you to submit me a report on your Godly looks....gosh I didn't know your study yourself so much....and your flaunting it...heights of cheekiness really your the limit."
Armaan grinned looking at the colour slowly coming back to her cheeks. She had looked to so pale when he had come. He was glad she was slowly getting out of her trauma. He pulled her tightly into an embrace and whispered.

"Well you may call it whatever you want....but this Greek God has fallen totally for your charms lady so......"

Riddhima pulled back and looked into his eyes....she leaned forward lightly kissed him on his cheek causing him to smile.

"You forgot one quality my Lord"

"And that is?"

"That you have an amazing dimple forming on your cheeks as you smile making any woman go weak in her knees.'
"Ohh hooooo"

Armaan grinned looked at her as she poked his cheek making his dimples sink in deeper. She looked down blushing slightly as she rested her head on her his shoulder.

"I am sorry Armaan....I put you through so much of strain....I really didn't know what came over me and I..."

"There you go again" Armaan sighed. Taking hold of her hand he slid his hand along her waist and spoke.

"Riddhima think...come on distract yourself....Armaan is hot...he is handsome...come say that....."

"Armaan you are..."

"Tooo  much....I know"

"Yea more then too much......"

"Ok now enough of talking....I haven't come here taking so much trouble of climbing a pipe and braking in your room to just talk"


"To romance the way what is this world coming to?"

"Meaning?" Riddhima looked at him her eyes widening.

"I mean there were times when boyfriends would sneak up to the room of their girlfriends and loves.....but now?? A husband sneaking up to see his wife?? Honestly terrible times....."

Riddhima chuckled as he picked her up and took her inside.


She gazed at him as he laid her on the bed ever so gently. Feeling him snuggling beside her, she closed her eyes. She always found herself lost and devoid of any sense when he was so close. Feeling him kiss her ears she turned to face him as he sealed his lip on hers.
He felt her melting in his arms. As he broke the kiss, feeling her arms around him and seeing her eyes closed he smiled. He loved the effect he had on her. He loved seeing her blush crimson even with by a slight brush of his fingers on her skin. He was worried to death seeing her reaction today and it needed a closure. She has been through a lot for a day he thought. And its all because i left her here. How can a father be so cruel he wondered? Some facts need to be uncovered. He put Riddhima through so much of mental stress, broke her completely. Had I not come tonite then......well I will sort that in the morning. Right now I need to get her back. He looked at her gazing at him with a small smile as she came forward and placed a small peck on his chin.
"I love you sweetheart" He whispered as he pulled her close to him.
Riddhima opened her eyes and saw him holding her against him. She never felt so calm and peaceful. Yesterday's storm that had come over her seemed far away. She gently placed a kiss on his lip as he opened his eyes.

"Good morning sweetheart"
Riddhima hugged him.

"Hmmm looks like someone is really loving me too much...I mean clinging to me and cuddling to me all the time."

"Shutup" Riddhima drew back indignantly as she looked away.

"Was just kidding yaar....can't you even take a joke? Infact the more you come close the happier I am. Hey lets do one thing. Why don't we stick up to each other with fevicol or something. Then your father too won't have a choice but to let you go and come with me". Armaan winked at her.
"That was seriously the most pathetic and poor joke i ever heard in my life. My husband has a lame and horrendous sense of humour....." Riddhima sat up making a face at him.
"Oh really??"

He pulled her back with full vigour making her fall back on him. He quickly turned over so that she was beneath him before she knew and he held her hands.

"Say I have the best sense of humour?"


"You have too" He blew closer to her face knowing she would melt instantly under his force.

"Armaannnnn" Riddhima pinched his nose causing him to jerk back involuntarily as she took the chance and sprung up. She ran of to the bathroom before he could catch her showing him her tongue.

"I seem to be loosing my charms" Armaan got up scratching his and feeling his nose.

He saw her brushing her hair as he walked in the room from the bathroom. Almost half of the morning they had spent in teasing each other and to Armaan it seemed after ages though it had been just 2 days they spent apart. He didn't want to leave her a minute now. Not here atleast he thought. She had told him what all had conspired between her and Shanshak and Armaan under no cost wanted her to stay back here. It was dangerous. He might drive Riddhima crazy, she is in such a sensitive state of mind. I have to do something urgently and fast. There is only one way he thought, only hope Riddhima trusts me that much.

Walking towards her he stood beside her and taking a deep breath he asked

"Riddhima.....whatever your Dad has put under your name in the will....has made you the first bearer on this empire. Are you willing to transfer it all on my name?"


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