Friday, 14 June 2019

Part 25 : Love Me always

"Riddhima I want you to put everything on my name, whatever your Dad has legally put on yours, I fear very soon he will retransfer everything back under his name. Hence we have to work fast and the immediate action we need to take is put everything on my name. As your legally married husband then your dad can't do much and we will be able too......................"

"But I thought you didn't want this property and money anymore Armaan?" Riddhima's voice quivered as she spoke.

Sensing the change in her tone Armaan came forward. Holding her by the shoulder he guided her to the bed. Making her sit down he kneeled down besides her holding her hands in his.

"Riddhima I won't deny there was a time when I did want all of, money, power. I agree I took the wrong way. And Riddhima believe me I have changed. I will not deny that I am still very ambitious and still dream to achieve the very best one day. But the only difference being Riddhima, you are a part of my dream now. Whatever I achieve it will be together, the both of us.

"But Armaan......"

"And regarding the matter now, Riddhima you are the rightful owner along with Anjali to all this. I want to know why your Dad is playing with us. When I asked him to just merely divide his power amongst both his daughters instead of you alone, he stooped down to separate us?? No Ridz, sweetheart we have to find out why?? Didn't you ever wonder why did he ask me to get married to you?? Gave you all his power as soon as we got married??"

"Armaan but.............."

"Riddhima.....if we don't work it out now...he might take some other drastic measure. Believe me darling, you can trust me with all the power. I will never ever betray your trust. I just want to end these mind games for once for all."

He looked at earnestly, his eyes boring in hers trying to convince her. Armaan knew she would eventually give in as she loved him the most. He knew that. He wanted her to support him whole heartedly as some unsolved puzzles needed to be answered before it wreaked their lives. He had seen her suffer from severe mental trauma ever since this happened.

And the last couple of days he had seen her changing mental moods which weren't a great sign. He had to work fast and take her out of this. He was partially responsible himself as he had agreed to this deal in the first place she was his responsibility and he could not bear to see her in this state. If only she could trust him................

"Fine...I trust you Armaan. You have my full consent to do anything and everything" She spoke softly in a low formal tone.

"Trust me sweetheart I won't betray you ever" He leaned forward and placed a soft gentle kiss on her forehead assuring his words. He had seen the uncertainty still visible in her eyes and he would prove himself to be true rather then assuring her any more with words.

He got up as her eyes followed him; she got up along with him. Glancing at the wall clock hanging on the wall opposite he muttered.

"I better get going now sweetheart. It's almost noon and your father will wonder why you haven't appeared even once since morning. I don't want him barging in here and creating any more issues."

"Dad will never ever come up here Armaan. Don't worry he has never entered my room once since I remember. He won't really be it's really ok. I mean if that were the case I would have told to be careful or rather go away last night itself. But the fact is he has never come up....not even when I had fallen ill.....after mom passed and so............" Her voice trailed off with a distinct look.

He moved forward and took hold of her. Hugging her tight he softly murmured against her hair.
"I love you Riddhima, you are never alone. I am and will forever be along your side ok."

Pulling out of the hug he looked at the small tears forming in her and smiled.
"And it's a good thing he doesn't come up you know. Good for us. I can come whenever I want. No wait. You're my wife; I really don't need to climb up the windows to see you. Wish I had been your boyfriend. Then I would have made full use of this fact that your father never comes up. Uff such an opportunity missed. Very sorry state of affairs." 

She smiled hearing him mutter all this in one breath and gently placed her hand on his cheek.

"I trust you Armaan, more then my self" she softly whispered.

"Am glad you do sweetheart, I promise never…….."

"I know you wont " she softly murmured.

Armaan couldn't help but lightly kiss her as he leaned forward brushing his lips against hers.

"Now Ridz, the immediate action we need to take is that you sign the papers. I will get them ready by evening. We have to take care your father doesn't get any hint at all and we need to work fast. Once under my name there is little he can do. But till then we have be very careful. Riddhima don't sign any papers under any circumstances ok. Give me a call immediately." She nodded as he turned to go.

"How are you going back Armaan? From the window again? Its day time. Some might see you and……."

"Hmm even I was thinking of the same thing. I would have just stayed here with you had we not to work fast and get those papers ready. Let me think…." He frowned.

"I'll just see, if Dad has gone you can sneak off Armaan, no one will doubt anything or see you I guess. But if…."

"Don't worry I'll take care….just tell me if the coast is clear"

Riddhima came back after a while to inform him that Shanshank was no where in sight and the coast was absolutely clear.

Giving her a last kiss he whispered

"I'll be back tonight… you Riddhima"

"I love you too" she whispered.

 It was the test of their relationship now. Her trust in him and his love for her would be put through trial now. Riddhima closed her eyes wishing that their love would prove itself and not fail.


She smiled standing next to Muskaan as the camera zoomed and flashes were seen from all sides. Riddhima couldn't help but smile widely feeling Armaan standing beside her his arm around her waist. She looked at him turning her head for a second to see the wide smile plastered on his face too.  He looked at and lightly gave her a flying kiss before looking away and greeting people who came on stage to wish Rahul and Muskaan.

Their reception had gone completely perfect. It had almost been more then a week since she had signed the papers Armaan had asked her to sign and during the week that followed her trust and love in him had reached new heights.

In order to keep her father under the belief that she no longer had any thing to do with Armaan they had very heavy heartedly agreed to stay apart . She continued staying with Shansank. Strangely enough not once during those days had Shanshank even once asked her about Armaan or the property or money or any will papers. He had been gentle and polite to her.
Riddhima was thoroughly confused and totally taken aback by this sudden change in his attitude. She couldn't really make sense of it. It later when  confided in Armaan that he informed her that Shanshank was sort trying to by her trust. Was waiting for the right opportunity.

Also he didn't want to ruin any chances of having Ridz completely under his control by forcing her into anything. He was under the belief she was in no contact with Armaan as they had taken every precaution possible to keep it under wraps.

He would visit her regularly at nights usually and Riddhima would look forward to it like a 16 year old girl waiting to meet her guy. It did not escape Shanshank's notice that she was all the more cheery then she had ever been and Armaan had to warn her to keep low or their secret would be discovered.

 Riddhima tried to probe him about the progress of things after signing the papers but he had put her off asking her to keep out of it. When she had argued saying how did he expect her to keep out when it was actually involving her Armaan had gently though gravely asked her to wait. He would reveal to her once things would settle down. 

She did not ask him again as she had noticed him turning grave as the days passed. He wasn't his usual self any more. He would come to her and sometimes just hug her tight and whisper.

"I am always there for you Riddhima….no matter what"

She would just simply hug him back. As the week neared an end Rahul-Muskaan wedding had been finally arranged as Anjali had informed earlier. The date was auspicious and there was no such auspicious occasion for another six months.


"Riddhima why haven't you signed the divorce papers??"

 Shanshank had asked her as she came down dressed to go for the mehendi.


"What?? Do you still trust that guy over your father?? I want you to sign them straightaway and hand them over to me….and where are you going Riddhima?"

She bit her tongue trying to find words but she knew she would have to do it.

"Dad…I am going to Muskaan's mehendi ceremony"

Seeing his shocked looked Riddhima quickly added before he would say more.

"Dad….Whatever happened with Armaan…Rahul and Muskaan cannot be blamed Dad. I know they belong to same family but they have always been kind to me and I can't ruin their happiness like this Dad….even Di loves them and I cant pour water over their happiness by getting my issue in between"

"Even after all Armaan has done to you?"

"Dad" Taking a deep breath she continued.

"Dad whatever happened….its with Armaan, and Dad whatever  said and done…..they have never ill treated me and so I owe it to them Dad….and partly it's your fault to ….Armaan asked you and you immediately agreed"

Riddhima bit her tongue as she said that. It was the first ever time she had spoken to her father like that.

"My fault? Riddhima I meant it all for your own good and…"

"Dad…it's ok…whatever happened has happened. I just don't want to ruin any one's happiest moments of life by creating a scene. Imagine what will Rahul feel if he sees these divorce papers and Armaan's true colours when he is all set to get married"

"Serves them right" Shanshank muttered.

"Does it?"

Riddhima looked up at him? How could her father be so cruel she failed to understand. But right now her focus was to attend the ceremonies and get away from here.

"Dad please don't say things like this…..Ok I will sign the papers after the wedding. Trust you Dad" Riddhima added trying to sound as convincing as she could. Get separated from Armaan was something couldn't even dream of and here she had to say all of it coolly. But then she couldn't let Armaan down.


Riddhima thought over all this as she saw Rahul smiling with Armaan by his side. The last few days had been great. She would be their place ….not their ….her home…her rightful home all day under the pretext of putting up and act in front of her father of showing everything was normal till the wedding got over. She had never been so happy despite the looming shadow.

Arranging the wedding, the ceremonies, everything looked grand to her. Being lonely all her life all this fascinated her and Anjali too had married without her being present. Her own marriage too had been a simple one, devoid of any pomp and pleasure which Riddhima now realized how she missed it all.

Hence she had made it a point to get her hands full with heena just like a bride would. She kept Armaan company all day till she could without looking suspicious to her father on hand and looking like a perfect couple to the rest on the other hand. As she now looked at the dark colour set deeply on her hands she smiled seeing him talking to a few guests. He had promised that by the time the wedding got over it would all be sorted and they would be out of the mess completely.

 Shanshank had obviously come to the wedding and reception to make his presence felt. Arrmaan had tried his best to make himself and Riddhima look fake to him.

Armaan saw her smile deeply at him and blew a kiss back as saw Anjali approach him.

"We need to talk Armaan, immediately"

"Anjali, something wrong? The reception isn't yet over yaar I can't leave this just like that and come."

"Armaan, its really urgent yaar. I know we shouldn't leave the reception and go but ok just a few minutes. We need to talk now."

"Umm Ok come on" Armaan reluctantly agreed and followed her up the stairway to the room.

Two pairs of eyes followed them as they went up unaware of the gaze that followed them.


"Armaan what's going on?? Aren't the papers ready as yet??"

"Anjie they are ready. We just need Riddhima's signatures again and bingo…your Dad will never be able to do anything ever again"

 "But what took you so long Armaan? You know ever since I came to know all this I haven't rested in peace. To think he would do this to Riddhima, but then he never really was a much of a father anyways. Am glad atleast we can tackle him now and avenge mom's death. But to think….you know when Riddhima comes to know the real truth how shattered she will be??? She is only aware of the half truth till now…the full truth will….."

Anjali sat down feeling tears form in her eyes.

"Hey I won't allow anything to happen to her. I am there for her. You don't need to worry about her….she will…"

"In that case you do Armaan…you do have to worry about her, as I am still here in the game. Its my game in case you have forgotten"

Armaan and Anjali stood up shocked to see Shanshak standing at the doorway.



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