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Part 26 : Love Me always

"Hmm so continue….Armaan, Anjali with your discussion. Do you mind if I join?? I am sure you wont right?? "

 He strode in coolly.

Armaan clinched his fists as he saw him. Anjali walked over and stood next to him devoid of any reaction.

"Yes so Dr Armaan Mallik? You thought you will beat me in my own game huh? Actually hats off to you….you managed. You convinced your darling wife somehow and made her sign……these papers"

Shanshank threw a bunch of papers on his face. Looking down Armaan realized they were a Xerox of the very papers he had made Riddhima sign while transferring the entire property on his name.

"Now now….don't wonder how they came to me Armaan. You're no fool. I was bound to come to know somehow. It's my bad luck that I came to know a bit late. Anyways what do you want Armaan? You are really proving me right you know. I told Riddhima you were after my property and there you did prove me right son."

"Sorry to interrupt Dad….but not quite you know. Armaan intends to divide it as per Riddhima's wishes amongst all of us which is fair enough. But you wouldn't want that do you?? That's the reason you tried separating Armaan and Ridz. How low can you stoop so low?"

"Don't you dare forget you're talking to your father Anjali"

"That I have forgotten ages ago ever since you killed Mom"

Dark colour flushed up his cheeks as Shanshank looked at her.

"Anjali if you were not my daughter then I would have…….I would have…."

"What have played a sick game with me like you played with poor Riddhima? Because she isn't your blood? No wait you never accepted her as your blood right Dad?? Never accepted the fact that she is your illegimate child….did you??"


 Shanshank moved forward raising his arm only to be rebuked back.

"Don't you dare touch me Dad…no actually Mr Shanshank Gupta, your not fit to be called a father. How could you even play with your some one's life like this?? You knew Armaan was ambitious, hence you trapped him. You made him marry Ridz and  just because he now refused to do things as your will you want to separate them? For no fault of theirs? Just because they wanted to divide it amongst us which you didn't agree to, you made him sign fake divorce papers??"

"Yes I did….Armaan was under my control don't forget that, I gave him all the control and power and now he has the cheek to defy me?? "

"So you made Riddhima undergo so much pain because she's your illegimate daughter? She still remains your blood, how could you forget that?"

Armaan quietly asked. He felt a surge of pity for her, what if she was to hear all this?? She would go mad with shock.

"That's none of your business Armaan; don't poke your head in matters that don't concern you. I never considered your Riddhima as my child so…"

"You considered me too as your daughter despite me being the legal child, I can imagine what you must be feeling for poor Ridz, she doesn't even know."

"I guess that more then enough my children. You have said enough….more then enough. And Armaan my boy you have worked so very hard. Now let me step in and finish it up. Giving my touch"

"You cannot do anything Dad. Riddhima has signed the basic power of attorney and now once she signs the transfer of power the ball is in our court Dad"

"Exactly but tables can be turned you know." Shanshank smiled.

"Well what if I tell Riddhima that you all know she's illegimate?? And you never really accepted her. Being her father I obviously accepted her but you never did. Hence you paired up with Armaan and played this game. Building her trust and then using her?"

Anjali felt the earth move as she heard him say that. This was getting out of bounds now.

"The fact is you never loved her, she knows that Mr Shanshank. You think she never noticed that you were always distant from her?"

"Oh she's very easy to play with Armaan, you know that don't you? You worked your charms so excellently on her that she cannot just see beyond you. Ok I'll tell the facts….since you have worked so hard. Yes Riddhima is my illegimate child. Not that I ever wanted her"

"You didn't ….you never did Dad, you put all the blame on Mom and forced her to commit suicide" Anjali whispered.

"Keep quiet. I had never promised Shobha anything. And Padma your mother…well she had walked into my life as though giving me a new life."

"Obviously she did….as she brought these millions with her"

"Brilliant Anjali. Her father just like me as I saw in Armaan…saw this driving force in me…fire to achieve nothing but the best. I agreed instantly. It was a golden opportunity. I married your mother immediately. She thought I loved her….women…tut tut….and then you were born. I wanted to make you just like me….so that I could control you. And I could see me in you. But no….Padma influenced you too much. Hence I had to send you away from her Anjali…to boarding .To keep you away from her."

 "And then one night she walked in with girl in the house. She had this letter in her hand, from Shobha saying she was my daughter. And Padma being the great lady she was…she brought her home as Shobha was dying in the hospital. I would have never accepted her as my daughter. But Padma….noo she accepted her and brought her up as her own child. "

"And never once did she question you no Dad…as she had already seen your true colours."

"Ahhh well Padma was sensible enough to keep quiet. Anyways I saw her influencing that Riddhima .Had to send her away too. But Padma then started raising her voice .Insisted on having both her daughters back .Foolish lady."

"Yes….and you got me back home and then….when she insisted on Riddhima being brought home you told her off. You insulted her, told her Riddhima might be her own child who knew. I can never forget that night."

Anjali sobbed quietly as Armaan moved forward placing his arm around her. He was too shocked to react with so much surfacing.

"And you humiliated her so much…..that she…she committed suicide…thinking her children too weren't hers or perhaps you might never allow them to be hers .And in that weak moment she…… …."
Anjali stopped unable to continue as she felt herself leaning on Armaan crying.

"Why Dad? Why?" She sobbed as Armaan tried comforting her.

"And when I rebelled you made Riddhima your pawn? What did you gain Dad?"

"I never wanted what I have earned, the power I have gained to fall in some hands which were not capable or upto my expectations. Anjali you disappointed me girl. You married that fool Atul .Son of that Joshi whom I always detested. His father was always poking his nose in things which weren't concerning him and he gave me a hard time, he was the one becuase of whom Padma got the strength to refute me...That Joshi and his wife.... but when you were you…..I saw the spark, the pluck and I was proud of my daughter and you….you defied me. Left me and married his boy. You think I will ever forget that?"'

"Hence I reluctantly turned my attention to that Riddhima. She was always so willing to lick my feet. Then Armaan came into picture and everything was so perfect. Both would be under my control and it was going all according to my plan but this Armaan………….Anyways since Armaan disappointed me…I will have my way still. Anjali and Atul can never ever have this….but I will still control Riddhima…bring her under my control and see to it that she only obeys me. "

He looked at Armaan giving him a deadly glare.

"You are going to pay for it Armaan"

"Uncle please….she's your daughter how can you??" Armaan whispered softly.

"Ohhh advising me?? Shall I remind the world who's son's you are?? I don't need to remind that do you?? The weak man who went into depression because of a woman……shall will make this reception very interesting you know"

"But Riddhima is your child…."

"Yes so that's exactly what I will do…tell her kindly…break the news of her blood to her myself and….."


Turning their attention to the door Armaan and Anjali gasped to see Riddhima standing there looking white. Armaan ran forward as she turned to walk away.

"Riddhimaaaa" he almost shouted as he walked quickly trying not to draw attention as he ran down the stairs. He just caught up with her as………..

"Hey Armaan….meet him…he an old friend of ours you know…." Armaan stared miserably at her walking away as he found himself bumping into Rahul and Muskaan.


 "What???? OMG she isn't there?? Anjie you sure…you called up Atul?? He went to the hospital?? No we cant lodge a complain. The whole world will come to know and Rahul just got married and….if the media gets to know…."

Armaan cut the call running his fingers through his hair. He had immediately left the reception as soon as he got away from Rahul and Muskaan. He had left Anjali to do the explanation. He went straight to his home from the hotel after searching the entire hotel practically. She wasn't there anywhere. His heart skipped a beat to find her not at their home too. He went to her place and found it dark and empty.

She was no where to be found. They had combed every place possible and Armaan banged his fist hard on the steering wheel as he sighed in frustration. He didn't even know for long had she been standing there and what she had heard. He just hoped she wouldn't take things wrongly….she needed him the most and here he was…but where did go and why??

"Its my fault. How could I let her go like that? Riddhimaaa where are you???



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