Monday, 24 June 2019

Part 3 : Destiny will bring us back(Kash mini)

Shilpa was getting dressed to go the party at THE Mehta's. The Mehta's owned their own production house, and would be launching the first look of their new show in the party. Sakshi was really ecstatic. She loves parties, being in the crowd, going wild. Not that Shilpa doesn't, but Shilpa had waited the entire day, for something special. She had been waiting for a letter by her 'secret-admirer' like her sister calls it. But nothing came. And to top that, it was 6th October today. The day she last saw Karan.

'Shilpu!' Shilpa heard her sister call from downstairs. They were getting late, so she quickly set her hair properly for the last time before leaving the room.

Mehta House

As Shilpa walked into the grand entrance of the house which looked more like a mansion, she felt something inside of her. She felt the presence on something unknown, but yet very familiar.  She ignored the thought & entered the party with her mom & sister. The party was more of a sophisticated one, or what Shilpa would usually call a boring one. But today she was glad that it was 'boring'.

'May I have your attention, please?'

She turned to see Mr.Mehta on stage. He had gained everyone's attention by now, even hers.

'I'm elated that all of you have been able to make it here today,' he continued. 'As you all may know, we're gathered here today for the launch of Mehta Productions new upcoming show, 'Saajna'. To give you the first look of this show, I would like to allow the star of this show, the main lead actor himself to do the honours. So, ladies & gentlemen.. a huge round of applause please!'

With that, Mr.Mehta left the stage & the place went black. Just then, a light was flashed on the screen. The light came from the projector, which was now flashing photographs. Shilpa froze. The slideshow, was of none other than her, AND Karan. The pictures were of her & Karan when they were doing Armaan & Shilpa, with the music of 'Saajna' playing in the background. She couldn't believe it. Was she looking at this for real? In a party by the Mehta's, there's a slideshow of Karan & her pictures? What was happening?

'This has to be a dream.' She thought to herself. Before anyone would start asking her questions, she decided to sneak out of the place, which was rather easier since it was dark, and no one could see her. Once she reached outside, she sighed a sign of relieve. 'But, what just happened?' she thought and started walking toward the main gate. Seeing her & him on screen again made her feel uncomfortable, how would the other guests be feeling, she wondered.

'Are you Shilpa?' The guard asked her as she reached the gate.

'Yes, I'm Shilpa.' She replied.

'This is for you, Ma'am.' The guard said as he passed her an envelope.

'But, what is this?'

'A gentleman gave this to me. He said to give it to the first girl that comes out of the party, and her name would be Shilpa.'

With that, the guard left. Shilpa opened up envelope and read it. Well, there wasn't much to read. All it had written was:

Mount Mary Church. 15 minutes.

Shilpa closed the note & put it back in the envelope. For a while she just stood there, thinking of what to do. To go or not to go?


Mount Mary Church

The church was filled with red candles & red roses. He stood there, in front of the grand statue of Jesus Christ.

'This is it.' He started. 'Today is the day, where it will all come to an end, to start a new beginning. Please, help me. I know you will.' Just then a smile crossed his face. He felt her. 'She's here.'

Shilpa walked into the church. She looked around in amusement. She used to come her a lot, but she never saw this place as beautiful as it was right now. And all this, was just for her. Red roses, red candles.. to match her red dress. Just then, she saw the back of someone and stopped on her tracks.

He was wearing a white suit. The wind was blowing so hard that the wind-chimes started chiming, only to create a more awkward atmosphere for her, and a more beautiful one for him. She stared at the figure standing in front of her. She knew it was him, but she was just too scared to admit it. She was confused, on how to face him. She can't. She turned back toward the exit.


She heard him call out & shut her eyes. His voice, his beautiful voice. How long had it been since she heard it. She could hear his footsteps, coming closer & closer & closer. He was behind her now. He looked at her from the side, her eyes were shut, her lips were slightly parted, and she was playing with her fingers. He admired her and moved his face closer to hers, placing his chin on her shoulder, and his hand slowing making its way from her arm to her hands, tangling his fingers in hers. He placed his other hand gently, on her hips, to bring her closer to him.

'Shona..' he whispered into her ear.

'Ka..' She started.

'Shhhh.' He interrupted her.

He turned her around slowly, making her face him. He saw that her eyes were still closed. He pulled her closer to him from the back of her hips. His other hand reached to her face. His finger trailed her face, from her forehead, to her nose, to her lips & finally to her neck, which made Shilpa face up.

'Open your eyes, Shilpa.'

Shilpa did not dare.

'Shilpa..' he said, this time sounding more like a plead.

She slowly opened her eyes, only to see his beautiful, grey eyes looking into hers. She looked at them, never wanting to look away. She could read his eyes. They were telling her to never leave him again. Karan moved his hand to her face, moving off the strain of her hair, and cupping her face in his hands. Slowly & gently, he placed a kiss on her forehead. Shilpa then looked at him, and smiled suspiciously. Karan gave her the 'what?' look.

'It was you, wasn't it?' Shilpa asked, putting her hands on her hip while taking one step back.

Karan looked at her confused at first, and then realized what she was talking about. He crossed his arms against his chest & just smiled at her, just before he winked.

'You idiot!' Shilpa punched him on his shoulder. 'Stupid, Fool!' She punched him again.

'Ouch, Ouch & Ouch!' Karan gave her the 'hurt' look.

'Yea yea, don't act! You.. You knew where I was, what I was doing for the whole 1 year, and you never told me!?'

'Well.. I.. actually I..'

'Yea, you.. you what?' She asked him, before turning her back towards him & crossing her arms.

'Oh c'mon Shona.. Think of it this way, at least I was still there with you, in those letters?'

She turned back to look at him. 'But then why letters? Why couldn't you come in person?'

'I was abroad yaar Shona, C'mon please.. I'm sorry.'

Shilpa didn't say anything.

'By the way, why? Are you upset that I wasn't with you? Did you miss me?' He teased her, giving her the smirk.

'Me? Missing you? Please.'

'Oh, really? Then look at me in the eye & say that.' He leaned in closer to her. Shilpa just looked at him when he burst out laughing. Shilpa rolled her eyes.

'Stupid!' She started to leave, when he grabbed her hand.

He moved closer towards her. 'I know you missed me, I missed you too.' He whispered in her ear & gave her a peck on the cheek.

Shilpa let go of his grip & ran out of the church. She was smiling, no.. she was blushing.

To Be Continued.


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