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part 4 : ye saazish hai boondon ki (arsh ss)

Shilpa and Sanskaar were dancing happily with the whole DMG gang on the Sid and Riddhima's roka ceremony and when the song was about to end a person, Armaan, without informing anyone left the area and when finally when the song ended she hugged Sanskar tightly which didn't get unnoticed by Armaan, when he turned back from the main door and he clenched his jaw tightly in unease.

Even though he being oblivious with the fact that why the hell he was feeling so uneasy and was not in his senses when Shilpa was happily dancing with Sanskaar and finally hugged him. He was driving furiously as something was pushing him to maintain distance with her but he himself didn't want to. So he listen to his mind this time over his other senses and reached home.

Shilpa was so surprised to see Sanskaar as she has not invited anyone from her side in the function then how come Sanskaar was present there, before she could came out from his trances he clicked his fingers on her face and asked,"Hey Surprised haan? How and why am I here?"

"Yeah. I mean I didn't invite anyone so...", before she could complete he interrupted her, "so no one will invite me?"

"No it's not like that. The functions were planned in so haste that I forgot to invite. By the way who invited you", she justified herself and asked him so that the mystery resolve.

"I thought my little sister is so busy in her hospital duties so she might not have been invited anyone so I did that on your behalf", Anjali patted her back chirpily at Shilpa smiled thankfully.

"Okay then where is your rest of the gang, I have invited them also na why didn't they came?", Anjali asked Sanskaar.

"Gang?", Sid caught the topic in between.

"Yeah! Shilpa and Sanskar has a Gang, I mean band from the college time", Anjali answered his question.

"Wow that's so cool", Atul replied excitedly.

"Exactly, and our Shona was the leading dancer and singer of that band", Riddhima informed everyone.

"Oh wow! That's the reason behind her excellent dancing talent but we didn't know about the singing well anyways. You are awesome girl", Nikki appreciated her at which Shilpa smiled and looked her and there as if she was in search of something or someone.

"Yeah that's true.  By the way there is a concert in Kolkata and everyone is there. I'm here on everyone's behalf but they all promised to come soon as the concert end", Sanskaar explained and assured them.

They all get seated on the giant round table and everyone was so excited after meeting such a lively personality Sanskaar Maheshwari,  "Wese tum kya role play karte ho apne band mai", Yuvi asked to Sanskaar.
"Well I'm all in one, I sometimes dance, sing and play guitar drums... In fact poore band ko maine hi train kiya hai", he joked.

Everyone laughed but he continued modestly, "Arey nahi baba I am a guitarist and kabhi kabhi drum baja leta hoon"

"Hmmm. But I'm pretty sure Armaan se accha Guitar koi nahi baja sakta. Right Rahul.", Nikki said at which Rahul agreed and continued, "Yes. He was the best in the college"

"Really? By the way who is Armaan here?", Sanskaar asked curiously.

"My Best Friend. Ah might be here and there only.", Sid said.

They all looked here and there except Shilpa as she was not at all interested in looking after him when a waiter informed them that Armaan has already gone in haste.

"Ab ye Armaan ko kya ho gaya chala kyu gaya?", Riddhima asked worriedly to Sid when they were searching him near bar counter.

"Don't worry Riddhima it's our special day aur ye usi ke wajah se to aya hai. I promise he'll be here tonight. Main khud use lene jaunga", Sid assured Riddhima.

"Ye kya bol rahe ho tum. What if the guests will ask about you?", She retorted back.

"Hmmm. Wo bhi hai ek kaam karta hoon Yuvi aur JP ko bhej deta hoon", Sid rested his hand on her cheek and replied.

Riddhima rolled her eyes and replied, "And do you think Armaan unki baat maan lega? Come on Sid you know him very well how stubborn he is"

"Then, what should we do?", He asked.

"What happen Di? You are looking so tense", Shilpa asked Riddhima as she was concerned about her.

"Haan wo Armaan...", but she cut Sid's words in between, "Oh come on! Uske jaane se hum apna mood to spoil nahi kar sakte na its your special day after all"

"Tum nahi samajh nahi rahi ho Shilpa. He is very ...", But Sid cut Riddhima's words in between and said, "Calm down! Riddhima. I think ek insaan hai jo use leke aa sakta hai"

"Who?", She asked.

"Shilpa", he answered back at which Shilpa shockingly replied, "What?"

"Yes. I know he is stubborn but you are as equal as him", he replied.

"No I'm not going anywhere", she declared as her final decision.

Riddhima held her palms in hers and requested, "Please Shilpa he is our guest aur wo humari party se iss tarah gaya hai its not good na. Can't you do this for me"

"Arghh! Emotional blackmailing", she shook her head and agreed finally to go back but on the same time asked, "Magar phir bhi wo nahi aaya to?"

"Phir hum kar hi kya sakte hain", Sid replied at which she nodded her head positively when Sanskaar who has heard them said, "I will come with you, it's too late", and she has no option just to agree as she didn't want to spoil her sister's mood on her memorable day.


Armaan has reached the home driving furiously with the speed of light and now he, who has changed his outfit and took a shower, so his hairs were wet but not because of the water, because of the sweat which was releasing from his body, as in he was constantly punching his fists o the punching bag which was hanging in the middle of his room. His eyes were on the punching bag while thumping his fists which had wounds on them but he wasn't even aware of that fact. His mind was all engrossed with the comfort and closeness of Shilpa with the guy she was dancing with.

He has not introduced to that guy with whom she was dancing but Armaan was feeling as uneasy as someone has stole something very precious to him. His blood shot eyes were just reminding the scenes of the ceremony and the dance like a painting. It wasn't like that he didn't try to avoid that but he wasn't even aware of that fact that why the hell he was getting affected.

On the other side, Shilpa who was sitting the front seat of the car which was driving by Sanskaar, was lost in her own thoughts. She wasn't in the real world. Her state of mind was all lost in the circumstances which she was facing and because of which she has made an opinion about Armaan.

Shilpa's POV:

In the initial days of my joining in Sanjeevani, I had an opinion about Armaan was that he is a rule breaker and lively, alike me. We two were so similar according to me those days but when I came to know his real face, I stopped liking him. It wasn't like that I have made this opinion in seconds but because when I came to know that he was a part of Riddhima Di's life I was shocked, as in he has claimed that he loves her more than anything in the World in fact more than himself. And the same time I heard a conversation between JP and Jiggy about him, that he is a complete Casanova who can do magic on any girl to let her fall in love with him and the same day I started hating him, when he kissed me in Lonavala as if he owes me or I am his personnel property.


She came to the real World when Sanskaar shrugged her shoulder and asked, "What happen? I have called your name 5 times still you aren't responding"

"I'm sorry. Actually I was thinking something", she replied and changed the topic, "By the way you were asking something?"

"Yes. How come I know the directions of your friend's house? You have to direct me right!", he arched his brow and said.

She closed her eyes tightly and took a deep breath and said after pressing her lips a bit, "Firstly he isn't my friend he is just a colleague"

"And secondly?", he retorted back.

"Take the right turn and then go straight", she replied at which he nodded his head positively and started driving the car again.


Armaan who was constantly punching the punching bag and his eyes were blood shot red, he was not stopping for a second without even realizing that his fist was bleeding.

Armaan's POV:

I know it was my fault that I lost my control on myself that night in Lonavala and kissed... But I know that I should get a chance explain myself, which everyone deserves, the second chance. But she isn't trying to understand that from what I'm going through. Not only has her, in fact not even me myself known what I'm going through. I'm getting affected with her ignorance. I want to talk to her and clear all the misunderstandings but I don't know why the hell she don't want to listen me, not even once.

And on the same time I'm getting affected with that guy also, with whom she was dancing happily, I don't even know his name, still I was getting affected. What is happening to me, even I don't know. And the opinion she owes for me that I'm a cheap cheater who has cheated on his sister I don't know from where it has buried in her mind, but she became such a stubborn girl not even listening me. I am so angry with her I just want to realize her that all the time she can't be right, other can also be right. I will make her realize, and that's my final decision and I promise to myself, I want leave this promise of mine to myself, again as I always do.


Armaan came back to his senses when he realized that a vehicle has stopped in front of the main door of his apartment, but he didn't care about it and kept continuing what he was doing. But the main door of his apartment weren't close, which he has forgotten.

Shilpa tried to call Armaan as she didn't want to enter his apartment, but he didn't pick the call up as he wasn't in his senses, all he could think was about the misconception of Shilpa about him which he wanted to clear but she wasn't trying to listen and he became angry with that.

"Gosh! If he isn't taking the call why don't you go inside his apartment", Sanskaar asked irritatingly as he was waiting since 10 minutes.

"Because I don't want to", she retorted back.

He rolled his eyes and ordered, "Arey go na baba", and he forced her to enter but he himself waited outside for them.

Shilpa gulped the fresh lump formed in her throat, closed her eyes and took a deep breath to collect all the strength which was inside her and pressed the bell, but no one responded. And the same time she realized that the door was already open. She pushed the door slowly and entered inside the house to look after him but she didn't find her but the same time someone snatches her arm from the back, which jerked her.

She jolted with sudden touch which was holding her tightly and then she gulped the saliva which has formed in her throat, as she was so scared when she looked at his red blood shot eyes. She tried to get free from his tight hold from her and uttered, "Leave me!"

Hearing this he tightened the grip on her wrist and she whined in pain, "Leave me dammit! It's hurting", and this time she succeeded to free herself from his tight grip, with the help of her other hand, and jerked him.

"What the hell do you think yourself? How dare you touch me?", she crushed her teeth and said.

He kept glaring in his eyes without removing them from hers, not even for a second and started stepping forward, which forced her to move backward and finally she stopped when she got pinned to the wall. Now, she was jammed between him and the wall.

Their eyes were lost in each other's unintentionally and they wanted to not look in each other's eyes but something was stopping them to do so, with which even they weren't aware. After a glance of God knows how long he held her shoulders tightly and clenched his jaw, "What the hell are you doing here?"

She pressed her eyes to control her angst because his hold was hurting her and she was trying to get loosen his hold as soon as possible. So she didn't argue and spilled the reason directly, "Apni marzi se nahi aayi hoon, Di and Sid wanted you to be there", she rolled her eyes and continued, "I don't know why they want you to be there on their most special day, after all you can ruin it", she sarcastically completed and he tightened his hold on her shoulders and literally crushed them. She winced in pain and pressed her lips in a thin line, "Leave me", he could see the hatred in her eyes clearly for him, and the same time he left her.

He sarcastically taunted her, "Who the hell want to hold you? At least not me", and stepped backward. She was aghast with his reply and was thinking that how a person is so rude, harsh and mean.

She smiled at that irony and asked for her sister's sake, "Are you coming or ...", but he interrupted in between, "No I'm not and tell Sid and Riddhima that I can't be there because I'm not well", he added the excuse as well while pinching the bridge of his nose when she realized that his hand was bleeding a lot and the punching bag has the blood, which assured her that the blood belonged to his wound.

"I can't understand what the hell he is", she thought in her mind when the same time she heard a familiar voice.

"Hey Shilpa! How much time will you take, everyone will be waiting for us", She turned back and noticed it was Sanskaar.

She licked her lips and stammered, "Haan! Lets...Lets go"

"Kya lets go? Isn't he coming with us?", he asked with crease on his forehead.

At which she nodded her head in a no, and he replied, "But we were here to pick him up right?"

She rolled her eyes and almost screamed, "If he isn't interested in coming then what we can do. Let's go"

"Hey calm down girl. I will go with you but at least introduce us", Sanskaar calmed her down.

She looked here and there and didn't realized that Armaan wasn't at all comfortable with Sanskaar's presence as his all attention was on the pictures which were again drawing in front of his eyes, how she was dancing with Sanskaar and he was making her smile, laugh and happy but she wasn't noticing him.

But Armaan controlled himself and pierced her eyes with his and said, "Yes Shilpa please introduce us"

She uttered finally uttered, "He is Sanskaar my best friend and Sanskaar he is Armaan my colleague", listening the word colleague from her he almost clenched his jaw and wanted to scream loudly but he controlled himself when Sanskaar forwarded his hand to shook it and in response Armaan too forwarded his hand which was bleeding, and didn't get unnoticed by Sanskaar.

"Oh my God! Its bleeding a lot. You need dressing", Sanskaar said worriedly.

"It's okay buddy. Life ne itni chot di hai ke ye to kuch bhi nahi uske aage", he looked at Shilpa and spilled out but Sanskaar didn't understood his real meaning.

"But still you need it. Where is the first aid box?", he asked.

"It's okay I will do it myself", he replied.

"No its fine", Sanskaar said, so he couldn't say no when he insisted as he didn't want to create a scene but it doesn't mean that he was liking concern for him.

"There", he instructed the direction for the first aid box which Sanskaar found but the same time his cell phone rang.

"Oops! It's an urgent call. Shilpa do it na, I will be back", he requested Shilpa who was trying to deny but he left the space without listening her and she unwontedly had to dress the wound.

She took the piece of cotton and dipped it into the antiseptic liquid to clean the blood and forwarded her hand so she can take his hand in his and dress it.

But he denied and curtly said, "Koi zaroorat nahi hai, I can do myself"

"Thik hai jao karlo. I don't understand kaunsa attitude lekar ghoomte ho", she retorted back.

"Tumse to kam hi hai", he immediately answered back.

"Huh! Come on. Give me your hand otherwise he will ask me why I didn't dress your hand", she indicated about Sanskaar.

"Oh so you are doing this because he will ask about it. Wow!", he sarcastically applauded her.

"Think what do you want to I don't care, now give me your hand", she clenched her teeth.

He had no option left, except forwarding his hand in hers and she wiped the blood with the antiseptic dipped cotton and he winced in pain, "Ah!"

She immediately but unintentionally replied looking into his eyes, "I'm so sorry", and blew the air on the wound and started wiping the blood lightly. He was constantly looking at her as he didn't understand that how come she was so concerned about him, instantly. Then a thought came to his mind that she might be doing because she is a doctor.

She finally applied the ointment on the wound and bandaged it and left his hand with concerned but suddenly she realized that why she was so concerned about him and even she didn't know the answer.

And the same time Sanskaar came back, "Hey have you done?"

"Hmm", she hummed.

"Okay then takes care. It's pleasure to meet you", Sanskaar smiled while bidding adieu.

Armaan wasn't please to meet the person named Sanskaar but he gave a fake smile and the two buddies left Armaan's apartment and when they drove off, he threw the vase on the mirror which was reflecting his red eyes.


Next Morning in the Sanjeevani,
Around 5 p.m.

Shilpa was ignoring Armaan from the whole day and Armaan was getting furious with it. He couldn't digest that how can someone be so judgmental about anyone. On the other side, Shilpa was so misunderstood that how can a person be so mean, who don't care about other's feelings.

Shilpa has finished her surgery in which she was assisting Dr. Keerti and wasn't able to concentrate in it as in she was all lost in the memories of last night and the moments which she shared unintentionally with Armaan in Lonavala. When Dr. Keerti ordered her to cut the umbilical cord her hands were shivering while clipping it as in it was her first time as well as her concentration was somewhere else, so Dr. Keerti ordered her to get out from the OT, to which she obeyed.

She was throwing her gloves in the dustbin cursing Armaan when she noticed that the red light of the OT get off and then the nurse informed her that operation has succeeded and the lady has delivered a baby girl at which she smiled.

But when Dr. Keerti came in the changing room she scolded Shilpa to get alert and concentrated while treating the patients as they can't take the risk with their lives being doctors.

Shilpa agreed while nodded her head positively and left the space after removing her operation coat. She filled the glass of water from the filter and gulped it down in a single go as if she hasn't drunk water since ages.

"Why the hell I'm not concentrating on my work and that too because of that Armaan. How foolish of me", she cursed herself.

Armaan thought, "Why I'm getting affected by her and ... And with her friend. Oh god! Please let get me out of all this"

"What does he think of himself? He left my sister, played with many girls' emotions and now he thinks that he can trap me", Shilpa clenched her jaw and completed, "No. Dr, Armaan Mallik I'm not such an easy fish to fetch, I will make you realize that girls aren't dolls"

He fisted his hand and thought, "I know you have make a nonsense judgment for me but I will make you clear that I'm not wrong this time, whether it is by hook or crook"

Shilpa was passing through the corridor while cursing Armaan and the same time someone snatched her wrist tightly and dragged her inside the fire escape.
Shilpa was passing through the corridor while cursing Armaan and the same time someone snatched her wrist tightly and dragged her inside the fire escape.

"How dare you", Shilpa screamed.

"Sh! someone can hear us", he shushed her keeping his finger on her lips.

She removed his hand roughly from her lips and jerked it off, "I don't care"

"You don't care?"


"Ok then you have to", he started stepping forward and she kept stepping backward and now she was pinned between his chest and the wall. She could even feel his breath and held her from the shoulders, tightly so she cannot move anywhere, but she was trying hard to get herself free from his tight grip but it wasn't easy for her.

They both could feel each other's breath and the same time Armaan started taking his face near hers. She realized that his intentions aren't good so she tried to take her head away and turned it to the left so he can't touch it but he being too smart and stubborn took her chin in his hand tightly and removed the distance between their lips by kissing her deeply and passionately but this kiss wasn't satisfying, but dominating. She wasn't at all responding him but he wasn't in mood to leave her when suddenly she grabbed all her strength and pushed him from her hands.

But before he could understand anything she just slapped him tightly and he left, rubbing his cheek from his hand.

"Tumhari himmat kaise hui mujhe...mujhe choone ki bhi?", she screamed loudly blasting in angst.

"Jaise tumhari himmat hui mujhe Thappad Marne ki", he retorted back.

"Tum jaisa characterless or cheap insaan maine aaj tak nahi dekha", she clenched her jaw with disgust.

"Oh really!",  she was about to leave as she was so uninterested to waste her time on him, but he gripped her wrist again, "Mana ke tum almost sahi hoti ho Har bat mein but it doesn't mean ke tum Har baar sahi ho"

"Har baar ka to pata nahi. But I am right this time about you", she pierced her eyes in his and removed his hand from his grip and left the space in utter anger.


In the night,
Around 9 p.m

Shilpa was getting ready for the cocktail party of Sid and Riddhima's but her mind was portraying the image when he kissed her without her consent as according to her he isn't a person of good character.

She dressed herself in peach off shoulder blouse and a long umbrella floral skirt with the long danglers which were studded with diamonds. She has worn the diamond and pearl high heel stilettos which were peach and white in color. The skirt was kissing her ankles. She put minimal make up and tied her long hairs with the help of a clip but they were still half open and were lying on her shoulder.

She entered to Riddhima's room that was getting ready as she wasn't sure about the neck piece to wear and Anjali was constantly calling her because Sid has already arrived with his gang of all the boys except Armaan. So Shilpa helped her in choosing the neck piece and set her hairs to give the final touch and they both rushed to the ground floor.

As in this was the party for the youngsters so all the elders have left them alone for the party so they can enjoy, not being orthodox. When Shilpa and Riddhima jumped the pebbles slowly, Sid couldn't took his eyes off from her and was all mesmerized in her beauty and the same time Yuvi clasped his fingers in front of his face, so that he came to senses.

He was smiling at his restlessness when Riddhima joined him and he whispered in her ear, "You are going to kill me tonight", and smirked at which she blushed.

"Hey so the to be bride and groom are here then let's celebrate", everyone cheers

But Sid interrupted, "Not yet. I have to thank someone because of whom this day has came to my life"

All were confused hearing this including Shilpa, when Sid continued, "I want to thank my dearest friend Armaan, hey by the way where he is?" at which Shilpa rolled her eyes.

And the same time Riddhima stopped him to announce and whispered, "He hasn't came"
"What? But why?", he asked

"Let me call him"

Riddhima dialed Armaan's which he didn't picked up for umpteenth times but finally he decided to because he knew that Riddhima wouldn't stop calling him till he doesn't pick her call.

Armaan: Haan bolo.

Riddhima: Why aren't you here Armaan

Armaan: Actually wo...

Riddhima: I don't want any excuses you have to come and that's final ... you left yesterday also but today you have to come...

And she disconnected the call immediately without listening him once, who was so uninterested to go to the party not because he was hurt to see Riddhima and Sid close and he wasn't able to digest their oneness, in fact he was happy because Riddhima has finally got her love. But because he wasn't interested to get in argument with Shilpa who has already make a wrong opinion about him which he wasn't able to digest.

But finally he decided to left just for the sake of his friends, Sid and Riddhima, and changed quickly and drove off.

When he reached the venue the party was going on and the same time Sid's eyes fell on him and he smiled and held his hand called everyone for the attention by tapping his Champaign glass"

"Here is the guy to whom the whole credit goes to, for this special day of mine and Riddhima's", Sid gave him a tight friendly hug and Riddhima also thanked him.

Shilpa creased her brows as she thought if Armaan has betrayed Riddhima then why the hell both SidMa were thanking and applauding him and for what deed."

She was lost in the dilemma when a voice came from the crowd of the guests, "okay, but how this man is the reason for your happiness"

Sid and Riddhima shared a look and she answered, "Because he left his first love for ... for my sake. I left him but... but he didn't ask not even once that why... why the hell I did this injustice with hi...him", and she chocked in between because what if she doesn't love him but somewhere she had something for him in his heart, whether she has forgotten him forever, but she couldn't deny with the reality of the past.

So Sid narrated that how Armaan sacrificed his first love Riddhima for her sake, happily because what he wanted was her happiness, which was his only priority as his happiness was connected with hers.

Shilpa was aghast when she came to know the reality and was feeling ashamed and regretful for her rude and harsh behavior towards him. She was searching him here and there but she couldn't find him, as he was on the bar table and was sipping the glass full of beer.

But she didn't notice him and bumped on a body who uttered sorry to her and she mumbled it's okay and was stepping forward and realized who was it, it was Yuvraj. So she called him from back and he turned.

"I wanted to ask something", Shilpa asked hesitantly.

"Haan. Bolo", Yuvi replied.

"I've heard that... that Armaan is a play boy who can Play with any girl's emotion and no girl can get away from his charm...", Shilpa was uttering without stopping when he stopped her said, Calm down! Take a deep breath"

And continued himself, "By the way who the hell has said this to you"

"No one, but I have heard JP and Jiggy's conversation in which they were saying all this in Sanjeevani", she replied looking here and there.

He thought for a while and remembered about which conversation she was talking about, so he shrugged his head and replied, "OMG! That conversation? You know na how JP and Jiggy are they always Crack jokes or fantasize anything about anyone. Wo bas bakwas kar rahe they as usual"

This reply of his bombarded likes a shock on her and she was in mixed emotions, regret, ashamed and angry towards herself. Her eyes became teary as she was so ashamed. So she started searching for here and there.

When a waiter passed from her side to which she asked, "Have you seen Armaan? I mean the person who has wore a black suit, white shirt and red tie"

He thought for a second and asked, "the one to whom Sir was applauding?"

"Yes. The same one", she replied.

"I have seen him on the bar counter last time"

"Okay. Thanks. 

When she entered he wasn't there and the bar tendered informed her that he has just left so she rushed towards the main door, holding her skirt in her fist.

He was about to opened the door of his car when she called her from behind, "Armaan"

And he unwanted stopped, she came closer to him and she mumbled, "I am really very sorry for being judgment

He came forward and jammed her between the car door and his chest. 

"What do you think whenever you want you will make an opinion about me and call me CHARACTERLESS", he clenched his jaw while saying the word characterless and continued himself, "and whenever it comes to your mind you will change your opinion about me"

"You're hurting me", she panicked.

"No. You have hurt me a lot when you become so judgmental about me. Huh!", he left her and turned his back towards her, By this you have forced me to become a devil towards a girl, which I'm not dammit"

He again faced her, but you wouldn't understand after all to trust someone isn't your cup of tea, you will do the same whatever you want to...and you know what I really don't care what do you think about me, his eyes were piercing hers and she was feeling as someone has pierced the knife in her heart and twisted it.

They were all lost in each other's eyes with the feeling of regret and anger, respectively when the same time a water droplet fell on her cheek and the cloud started threatening that it was in a mood to tear it's womb and open the tap of its water.

They were not caring about that and suddenly the rain started and both of them started getting drench in the cold water. Her blouse has started sticking to her body and the hairs have also become wet.

They both were fully drenched in water but none of them take their ego back. Armaan was so angry with her so he didn't care about anything except the angst and on the same time she knew that she was regretful. The water droplets were flowing through her face and kissing her lips and then the bare neck and collar bone.

He was constantly looking into her eyes and then realized that she was all drenched. He was following the water droplets and gazing them with the flow. 

He started stepping forward and she became trembled as she was in the fear as he could do anything whenever he come near to her, so she stepped backward and jammed between him and the car but shockingly he removed his jacket and let her wear it so her revealing parts which were sticking to her body shouldn't get notice by him and left the spot.

But these two were unaware that a pair of eyes was noticing them, keenly.


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