Thursday, 6 June 2019

part 5 : Come Back to Me

He flung the keys over the table before sinking into his bed thinking of the events of the day and trying to make sense of his train of his chain of thoughts. He was startled by himself with the question he had popped to himself in the car.

"Do i love her? Am i in love with her??"

Armaan kept thinking to himself as he recalled his moments with her. He felt free and comfortable....unlike he ever felt when around with other girls. She was different. Simple, innocent and yet strong willed. It was her persona that drew him to her. She had her weak moments but she hadnt faltered once nor had she come and asked him to support her. She was fierce,independent and yet so very vulnerable from inside. When he had seen her at her weakest moments he was moved by the pain she had undergone and yet she wanted to fulfill her mother's dreams.

"Ahh i can just go on and on" he thought. "Why am i thinking so much about her. Ok now dont be silly and say you dont understand what is coming up. The plain fact is you're taking her to be more than just a friend feel something more Armaan. She is special and its high time you accepted this glaring truth."

"She herself felt it too. You are treating her like that and pampering her so much. So dude, its're in it deep now." Armaan got up smiling as he flipped open his cell to see a picture of hers set as the wallpaper.....which he had taken when their project was declared to be the best one. She was smiling so very deeply and he felt he could just keep staring at her all night.

"Ok Armaan....she is special. Now lets see how deep your feelings are before making this obvious to her. I dont want to hurt her from my side. So mission Riddhima starts now from tomorrow." Armaan put his cell aside grinning as he ran his fingers through his hair.

"As if i hadn't started this mission from day one itself.....unknowingly atleast but still i're in it now......"Armaan smiled as he hit his pillow lightly.


Riddhima tossed from from one side to another. She couldn't sleep at all. Again and again her interactions from the day with him kept flashing in her mind.. He had specified some solid reasons for him being so nice and treating her so specially. But did she believe it?? Well, he was telling her the truth no doubt but was it only that?? Was there something more??

Riddhima got up and sat hugging her knees. "No Riddhima there isnt anything more from his side.....maybe you wanted more." She frowned surprised by her own thoughts. "Maybe you wanted him to give a more special reason ....the reason why he is pampering you so much. Maybe you wanted him to say that...........say that.........nooo Riddhima.......he is just a friend. Don't get these feelings in between. What if you lose i'll stop this here itself now...." thought Riddhima hitting the bed. As she closed her eyes she couldn't smile as the thought came to her mind. "What if he had said you were special?"


The next day Armaan was there to pick her up as usual. As Riddhima sat down closing the door Armaan noticed her smile deeply at him. He stared back suddenly finding an urge to just feel his arms around run his hand over her face.....seeing her lips curl into a deeper smile. Riddhima looked at him staring and consciously shifted her weight a little away .....towards the door.

The movement zapped him back....and Armaan looked away feeling awkward. "What were you doing? Staring at her ofcourse.........remember mission Riddima?" he justified his actions to himself.

"Yes but now from where on earth did this mission involve staring at her  longingly and  looking like a  cracked up fool to her awkward feelings?  No Armaan, thats not your mission.....come on man, you can do will you stop thinking for so long and start the car........its been 10 minutes fool!"

As they drove away Armaan noticed her fumbling with her dress constantly. That is when he noticed her properly leaving him with no other option but to scrutinize her from head to toe. She was wearing a flowery printed summer halter neck dress that made her look all the more beautiful. It seemed she had taken some extra efforts to enhance her beauty..........enlightening her features. The light touches of the blush so clearly visible on her cheeks.......the natural shade of gloss making her lips look deadly appealing. "Gosh Armaan at this rate, you'll go crazy man............."


Hearing her sudden scream, Armaan looked at her with a shocked expression.........

Wondering what made her scream, he questioned his actions to himself "What happened, why did she scream? Okay, i was staring at her........hmm.......Armaan control yourself. You're sounding like a desperate fellow now...................Gosh, what is wrong with me? Now why did she scream mannnnn? Wait.......i was looking at, maybe i dodged a car ahead or something..............naah're driving in one side lanes you idiot, where will traffic come from the opposite side.........hmm........or maybe I accelerated the speed..........what the hell is wrong with me?"


"Oh............sorry Riddhima, whats wrong?" Armaan looked ahead to check all looked fine to him, the speed too........."Then what was the issue dude?" he wondered to himself.

"Armaan the pace at which you're driving............we will definitely reach the university by tomorrow!"

 Riddhima chortled while Armaan looked ahead sheepishly to notice he was driving just in gear one past 20 minutes. Finally accelerating the speed, he looked straight ahead too embarrassed to even look at her.


Present Track

It had been two weeks now and Riddhima and Armaan soon came to be known as the best compatible team. Despite having their fair share if arguments over issues they never seemed to falter in giving the best performance. Everyone was greatly impressed. Who would have expected the shy, introvert girl to pair up with the charming, flamboyant guy??

"So Riddhima and Armaan? You will be doing this right? Together? I want it to be brilliant.....seeing your performances so far. You make a good team. If you want i can assign you more members" Mr Josh...their professor added while handing them a new assignment cum project. They were supposed to be doing it for an external company this time......if it turned out to be good then it would give both their grades and prestige a great kick.

"No Sir....we are fine..." Armaan nodded politely declining his offer for new members. He and Riddhima were just fine enough together.....a bit too fine enough he thought turning red slightly.

As they drove back home....Armaan noticed her sitting unusually quite.

"Riddhima? What's the matter?? "

"ummm nothing much its just that....." She looked at him listening earnestly to her.

"ya go on sweetheart...."

"Armaan i hope we pull through this project i mean....i am nervous...and..."

Armaan looked at her and smiled. Balancing the wheel with one hand and taking hold of her hand with his other he said

"We will Riddhima.....100% we will come out shining I promise."


Riddhima looked over at him sitting with his back against her leaning against the table. She glanced at the clock. It was way past 2 am in the morning and they were still working just like past 2 weeks where they had been following the same routine. After classes were done they would either sit back in the library and work or as later on they found it was more convenient and comfortable to just head back home to Riddhima's place. Working late night's everyday was definitely taking the toll but neither of them seemed to mind it too much.

 It had not slipped out from Armaan's notice then whenever he was with her time just seemed to flow. He could just sit staring at her if nothing else. The two weeks had brought them pretty close in his opinion and he felt all more drawn towards her. The tiny feeling of being more then a friend towards her had grown to take a monster's form and now the slightest proximity with her had a tantalizing effect on him.

 As he got up to call it quits for the day or rather night he felt as if someone had placed a ton on his eyes which were severely sleep derived. Giving out a slight yawn he closed his mouth consciously as he saw her approaching him.

"Armaan why don't you stay back for today?  You seem pretty tired and it's already way past 2 am, stay back."

Armaan looked at her almost opening and closing his mouth like a goldfish. She was asking him to stay over the night? Agreed they practically spent 15 together from the 24 hours in a day but asking him to stay over??

'No Riddhima I'll just get going '.agreed its too late and I feel I should be going hence. '

Saying so he got up intending to make his way towards the door only to be stopped by her voice.

' Armaan stay back it's really ok I mean we have to get going back in a few hours and you going back and coming here again makes no sense'..i don't mind it really I mean. Or wait are you fearful of staying back alone with me for the night?'

Riddhima looked at him mischievously as he turned around grinning and walked towards her.

'You read my mind sweetheart. Now you don't take for a fool to spend a night alone with you. A handsome guy like me'..from a '.from a '..'

'From a what Armaan?' Riddhima looked at him glaring as though forbidding to utter anymore, dare he say a word and he had it. Armaan read her expressions and chuckled.

On an instinct he moved forward'.closing on 'on her . as the distance decreased he could sense  the gradual change in her as the confident challenging look was replaced by a nervous, withdrawn and shy look. Smiling he edged still closer. Barely being an inch apart he moved forward as he heard her breath in sharply and whispered.

'Actually sweetheart isn't it you the one who should be fearing me?? Beautiful lass like yourself all alone with a guy like me. Hmm the night seems to be interesting now. I had better stay back.'

He pulled looking at the confusion on her face and a slight fear contract in her eyes as he grinned at her. She looked away not knowing how to react. His seductive tone aroused a thousand new feelings in her suddenly. It wasn't that she feared him, not in the least. She knew it was just teasing on his part to annoy her, bug her. She knew it didn't mean any of it at all'..but no the closeness, the proximity had just created a tingling feeling , a new sensation run through her.

Seeing her lost Armaan wiped the grin and spoke.

'Riddhima?  I was just kidding sweetheart. Don't tell me you took me seriously''ok if you feel like that I'll leave and'.'

'Armaan no I know you were joking I mean I trust you now come on'.you can'.'

'Ohhhh so you trust me'.cards are in my favour'.lucky you Armaan' Armaan spoke in a hush tone smiling at her and winked.

'Then what are we waiting for Riddhima? Tell me shall I hit '.i mean we hit the bed?'

Riddhima chuckled at his non-stop dosage of cheeky lines as she moved towards the bed'.picking up a pillow she placed it on the couch and started straightening the creases on the bed as Armaan approached her.

'Wow your getting the bed ready? Your toh even faster and eager then I thought you to be. '

'Armaan shut up will you??' Riddhima glared at him furiously.

'Ok shutting up. Now will you tell me what are you upto honey?'

'Getting the bed ready for you ofcourse and putting up mine on the couch'

'So you mean I will sleep here on the bed while you on the couch. Are you crazy Riddhima?'

'No Armaan you are my guest. And ofcourse you will be sleeping here on the bed and'''

'Riddhima stop this'.what guest and all crap you are talking?? Just keep quite and go to sleep now on the bed'

'But Armaan'

'No buts'.'


'Riddhima now'..' Armaan grabbed her from her shoulders and pushed her gently on the bed. Switching of the lights he grinned at her and spoke in a soft voice.

'Goodnight honey'.do you want me to help you fall asleep? I can definitely make the night more interesting' Armaan moved forward taking hold of her hand only to snapped away and receive a thud on his back with a cushion.

'I made a mistake by asking you to stay over' silly of me' Riddhima muttered annoyingly.

Armaan got up quickly chuckling and walked away before falling prey to any more snaps from her. He sank on the uncomfortable couch, trying his best to adjust himself there.

Unable to make himself comfortable he got up. The moonlight had cast a silvery effect all over the room as it streamed through the window'.he saw her in a deep slumber as he softly approached the bed. The exhaustion was so very clearly visible on her face but it yet it looked ever so dainty and beautiful.

Sitting down beside her he raised his hand to gently put aside loose strands blocking his view but then realized that they were perfect that way too. Just few strands here and there also made him smile lightly and deeply.

Your beautiful sweetheart. He thought. And it's your persona that's pulling me towards you rather then your features trust me'.he thought. The innocent charm you carry has cast a deep spell and now I am''

Armaan looked at her frowning slightly as he took hold of her hand. Holding it close to his heart he whispered.

'I have fallen hopelessly for you now Riddhima. Earlier I thought it was infatuation or plain attraction ' the same old 'More then friend's kinda feeling?' But now as I think about it'.its no longer a juvenile fascination. What I feel is much deeper and way past and above those feelings. I wish for you to remain with me for the rest of my life. Just as you are. I wish to give the world. And all this points out to just one plain truth'..that'..'

Kissing her hand ever so softly he whispered 'I love you Riddhima'



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