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part 5&6 : ye saazish hai boondon ki (arsh ss)

Armaan started stepping forward and Shilpa trembled as she was in the fear as he could do anything whenever he come near to her, so she stepped backward and jammed between him and the car but shockingly he removed his jacket and let her wear it so her revealing parts which were sticking to her body shouldn't get notice by him and left the spot.

But these two were unaware that a pair of eyes was noticing them, keenly.


Late Night,

Shilpa was trying to sleep peacefully but her concentration was still on Armaan and her misconception about her. She kept turning left to right, right to left but slumber was nowhere. She uncovered her duvet in anxiety and gets seated on the bed.

"I should be thankful to give di so much happiness that too without being an important part of her life, and I thought that he destroyed her life and now wants to spoil mine. How foolish of me, she patted her forehead.

She was feeling regretful after all she has thought that he owes an identity of characterless play boy, "I think I should apologize. Par wo to sunta hi nahi hai, she bite her forefinger with her teeth.

"Kaise sorry kahu use main?, she fell into dilemma when her eyes fell on a black jacket hanging on a hanger, "Idea!!, and her eyes enlighten like stars.

She covered herself with duvet, switched off the lamp and sleep peacefully.


Next Morning in the Sanjeevani Hospital,

Armaan entered the hospital and immediately reached to the locker room where she found a girl was standing on the table on her high heels to pick something from her locker room but was failing every time. He jerked his head at her foolishness and asked for the help at which she nodded the head affirmatively.

Armaan arched his brow, "What do you want?, she pointed to a jacket, "that black jacket

Armaan easily snatched the jacket and threw in her hands. At which she twisted her mouth and thanked him. He was about to left the locker room without replying but stopped when she said, "It is your jacket Dr. Armaan

He turned a little and retorted back, "It was.

He left Shilpa with open mouth and she uttered, "Thik se baat bhi nahi karta. Mr. Arrogant.

She pouted, "Ab sorry kaise bolu. Jacket bhi nahi chahiye., she slammed her  forehead, "par sorry bolna to padega, after all I misunderstood him very badly and...and he helped my di as well

"Kya kare Shilpa soch!!


"Kya kare Shilpa soch!!, Shilpa was chanting this while passing from the corridor and some chuckling sound reached her ear, "heheheh, she turned and looked at the board it was Children Ward, and the little kids were playing and chuckling a beautiful smile automatically creep on her face, but she got stun when she realized there was an elder person as well because of whom the children were smiling and she looked for the person, it was Armaan.

Her forehead has frown, she did not believe on her eyes that the rule breaker, a basket ball champ and the street fighter of the Kasauli can be so lively, childish and playful with children. She has thought that only and only the angst is his shade but now she found herself wrong, he was like an onion, with umpteenth layers and only two layers of this onion has peeled yet.

She was leaning on the door with amaze when one of the children snatch her hand to invite her inside but with that only the smile get vanished from Armaan's face, and he left immediately. She tried to stop him but he threw the ice-cream cone and left.

She caressed her forehead and immediately followed him, "Dr. Armaan i need to talk to you

"Dr. Shilpa i think i have assigned your duties to you and change nahi hongi, he curtly replied while leaving and she stopped on the track.

"Oh gosh! How many shades he has sometimes a playboy, sometimes a sincere doctor, sometimes a street fighter and sometimes a cute guy, she shrugged her shoulders and continued as if asking to herself, "Hai kaun ye?

"Armaan Mallik, is hospital ka malik, someone replied from the back.

Shilpa turned back listening the familiar voice, " Riddhima Di!

"Armaan ke baad Armaan ko sirf main samajhti hu yaha, Riddhima said.


Armaan was tired after the surgery of a pregnant lady and bringing a child into this world. He threw the blood dipped gloves in the dust bin and congratulate, "Operation is successful, it is a baby girl, and smiled.

Sid who was the co-operator in the surgery looked at him with a smile, "Armaan ke hote hue ladka kaise hota, Armaan is all around with girls

"Shut up Sid! All children are the blessings, especially girls, he corrected Sid.

Sid also agreed and they left for the cafeteria,


In the Cafeteria, Riddhima narrated how Armaan has come with her as an intern; they fell in love and get separated. How Armaan used to behave previously and how has he become now and why, because Riddhima rejected his love and chose Sid over him.

Shilpa was aghast by knowing this, entire how a happy lively guy changed into a serious sincere angry man.

"You didn't did right di, Shilpa left the chair and said in soft hurtful tone.

"But by choosing him, i couldn't give him darkness, reasoned Riddhima.

"Agreed. Par aise uska dil todne ka haq nahi tha aapko, argued Shilpa

"Shona!, tried Riddhima to said something but Shilpa cut, her words, "he didn't give you happiness Di, you snatched it from him. You didn't do right. Ek acche khase insane ko statue bana dia apne, Shilpa banged her hand on the table and screamed.

"Shilpa!, a voice came from her back, "Say sorry to her, the voice continued and when she turned it was Armaan.

"Look at him di, Shilpa replied.

"I said say sorry, Armaan ordered in high pitch, almost he screamed.

"Who are you to order me? Pagal ho tum, Shilpa frustratingly said and left the area.

"I am sorry from her side, Riddhima apologized to him and left with Sid and as usual Armaan remained alone.

 He slides near the chair and tears automatically started rolling down on his cheeks.

Armaan's POV

How beautiful my life was with her but the destiny wanted something else. I'd accepted the truth that SHE, Riddhima was made for someone else, for Sid, and I was made to be alone.

"Yeh kaisi saazish thi in boondon ki, key inhone mujhe mere pyaar se juda kar diya...humesha ke lie, screamed I on the terrace of the Sanjeevani in the stormy rainy night.

A lone tear kissed my cheeks as well as someone else's, I felt and turned back. I found her. Tears were flowing in her eyes and in this stormy rainy night, i couldn't realize whether she was crying or not but my heart was screaming that yes she was.

But why my heart was kept saying that yes she was. I was feeling, her feelings or emotions. Why was I feeling a connection with her? After all she was merely a stranger to me.

I'd answers of my own questions, but still I was answerless, clueless regarding her, why? Why did I scold her when she said something to Riddhima which was in my favour only, after all it was a truth, May be because i didn't want to hear a single word against Riddhima.

No I wasn't made for Riddhima, or none and that's the fact. WE, I and Shilpa met in a stormy rainy night, just like today, was it any clue of this stormy rainy night that it wanted to give me... I don't know anything, and I don't even want to know, but why was my heart trying to let me know.

With my turning back she was about to quit the terrace but I stopped her, "Tum nahi samjhogi tumhari behen ne esa kyu kia...kyuki wo samajhne ke lie dil me pyaar hona chahiye...bahut pyaar kisi ke lie...itna ki...khair tumhare pass nahi hai, listening this she ran the stairs down and I too did not follow her.


Shilpa was roaming left to right, right to left, here and there in the room when the footsteps attracted her, she understood it was Riddhima but did not turned to look back.

"You were right. I was wrong in not choosing Armaan.Riddhima stopped and make Shilpa turn back, "But you know what, if I would have lied, it would have been injustice to Armaan

Shilpa lowered her lashes and Riddhima kept saying uplifting her sister's chin, "and you know, kisi ka dil rakhna pyaar nahi hota, agar mein use jhooth bolti to shayad ek dost bhi kho deti

Tears filled in Shilpa and Riddhima's both eyes and Riddhima ended, "Aur main ek dost bachana behtar samjha, a lone tear fell down from both the sisters eyes. Riddhima lowered her lashes but Shilpa embrace her in a tight loveable, apologetically hug.

"I'm sorry Di, please forgive me. I couldn't understand your real reason to...apni choti behen ko maaf ko maaf kar do na di, she parted and apologized like a child and Riddhima caressed her tears, "main apni choti behen se naaraz hi kab thi

"Now wipe your tears and give me a tight hug, loveably ordered Riddhima and they hugged each other.


Next Morning,

Sid who has witnessed all the cafeteria confrontation of Riddhima, Shilpa and Armaan, was worried for Armaan, "Riddhima wasn't upset with this and Shilpa, she is fine now but Armaan is alone. He need someone, he completed the sentence when the whole boy gang surrounded him.

"Armaan Sir needs someone? Who?, Yuvi asked.

Before Sid could say anything JP cut his words, "Arey Yuvi bhaiya you don't understand he might be need some flowerji, and chuckled with Jiggy.

"Shut up, both Abhi and Rahul scolded him.

"Then what?, asked Yuvi trying to be cool.

"May be some change!, Sid tried to hide the main reason.

"Oh waise wo to we all need right!, Rahul said making a puppy face.

"Yeah! Let's think something, Sid said.

"Sochna kya hai isme, Sanskar puked his nose in between.

"You are saying as if you have some idea in your mind, Abhi pinched bridge of nose.

"Yes I do have, Sanskar winked.

"What?, all the boys together questioned.

Sanskar pinched his clean shaved beard as was pretending of thinking, "Bachelor's Party!!

All faces have different expressions.

"Hahha! Pagal samjha hai Nikki to mera khade khade hi operation kar degi, feared Abhi.

"And Muskaan will not even need to operate me, Rahul made gloomy face.

"Aur meri shaadi to jayegi tel lene, Sid made a bechara face.

"Come on. How much you people are scared with your spouse, laughed Yuvi.

JP interrupted, "You are saying as if Naina flowerji will spare you, at which all laughed out loud.

Yuvi coughed and elbowed JP's stomach to not say this again otherwise all his respect going to drain in front of other boys.

"Hello Yuvi, you're not alone ... shadi ke baad to aur bura haal hoga beta, giggled Abhi and Rahul with Sid giving Hi-fi to each other.

All hang out together in canteen when Sid being serious said, "Guys! Mazak bahut hua Armaan ko kaise manaenge

"If Sanskar is here then no fear buddy, Sanskar patted his own back.

"Meaning?, asked everyone.

Sanskar coughed, "Meaning, I will take him to the party

"Hey guys, pehli baat to there is no bachelors party going to be happen... sirf dinner hoga, all the boys decided.

"Yes this is better, all agreed.

"Arey yaar accha mood spoil kar diya., Sanskar snapped his head and continued, "But anyways, I will take Armaan in the dinner, he put his collar up.

"Sure?, asked Sid.

"Yes I am.

"Okay then lets meet tonight, they all parted to their duties and Sanskar to the hotel


In the night,

All the girls were having funny discussion about their spouse bachelor's party at Gupta House.

"Bachelor party, Bullshit ye boys to na akele humare bina golgappe bhi khane nahi ja sakte, joked Muskan and finally laughed in her epic style.

"Dar rahe honge kahi pit na jae, Anjali giggled.

"Di. Becharo ke itne maje bhi mat lo, Riddhima intervene in between.

Nikki coughed, "Oho! Tumhe badi humdardi hai un becharo ke sath?, at which Riddhima threw a pillow on her.

"Becharo ke sath ya bechare ke sath, all the girls screamed at which Riddhima threw pillows in all the directions.

Shilpa was enjoying it very much from the door, standing with the two full overloaded bowls off popcorns and wafers.

"Arey now stop movie dekhte hain, and she switched on the movie.

Sid's House,

Everyone, especially Sid was amused how Sanskaar managed to take Armaan at Sid's bachelor's cum dinner party but all he was feeling was that yes he was here.

"After a very long time girls ke bina khana khane mila hai, Atul started.

"Haan nahi to hospital se lekar ghar tak, party's se lekar shoping tak sab jagah biwiya, Abhi snapped his head at which Sanskaar laughed.

"Armaan pass the pasta bowl na please, Sid tested Armaan's mood. He was as normal but not normal as all the time.

The same time someone's phone buzzed, it was Sanskaar's.

"Hey Armaan esa kya kaha Sanskar ne ke tu aane ke lie ready ho gaya, Atul asked with amazement.

"Usey kya kehna hai mere friend ki party mein an eke lie us Sanskar ki sanskari sifarish chahiye kya?, he taunted especially Sid.

Sid pressed his lips, "It's not like that...

"Anyways have some dessert...mein leke aya tha, Armaan tried to look here and there, "Oh gosh! I just forgot in the car, main leke ata hoon

Armaan quit the spot and stepped towards his car so that he can fetch the dessert, the red velvet cake, Sid's favourite, but while locking the car he heard a voice, "Arey kaha na sorry

Armaan rolled his eyes when he realised it was Sanskar.

But stopped when he heard, "I love you too Shona!... I love you more than anything

Armaan was shocked and rooted to the grass.


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