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part 7 : ye saazish hai boondon ki (arsh ss)

Armaan quit the spot and stepped towards his car so that he can fetch the dessert, the red velvet cake, Sid's favourite, but while locking the car he heard a voice, "Arey kaha na sorry

Armaan rolled his eyes when he realised it was Sanskar.

But stopped when he heard, "I love you too Shona!... I love you more than anything

Armaan was shocked and rooted to the grass, the only one word slipped out of his mouth, "Shilpa!, he was in utter shock when he realized that Sanskar and Shilpa were... he couldn't even complete the sentence.

He somehow collect his unknown unnamed emotions, snatched the dessert from his car and get inside, but his brain was not inside.

He opened the packet of red velvet cake and said, "Sid! Cut it please

Sid scratched his beard, "hmm. We should wait for Sanskar, don't you think

Armaan wanted show as nothing happened and agreed when the same time Sanskar come inside excitingly, "Hey guys where we were

JP mouth wateringly said, "Here we are

"Okay now cut it otherwise JP and Jiggy will eat it raw, Rahul joked.

Everyone laughed out loud and finally Sid cut the cake and feed everyone. They had a great time and this ended the party with a twist.


Shilpa's POV

I am highly confused, it is looking like, I am sitting in a roller coaster ride and something new is happening every day. The start was the height of craziness, when he...he kissed me and I ... I threw him aside. I still think, what the hell was he thinking of himself, that he ki..kissed me... Shilpa Gupta and, that too, when he loves my older sister. I thought that it is his favourite pass time to change the person to whom he kisses or claims to be loved, but no I was wrong, that too first time in my lifetime. He loved Ridzi di and then left her just because she wanted it, just because her happiness was in this, how wrong I was, literally he is an eternal ashiq.

And then he came, Sanskar, that too alone, uninvited. I have noticed that Arman does not like him, and with his expression I can judge it, but why, why the hell he doesn't like him. What the hell Sanskar has snatched from Armaan that he used to give him not again expressions, only he and the lord knows.

But why didn't he like when I asked di about him in cafe, maybe he didn't wanted to be feel pitty or sympathized. But again, why did he kissed me what did he felt for that time.

Armaan's POV

Yes! Again I am punching the punching bag, it is not pleasing feeling to punch it but what do i do, i don't have answers of my own questions. What should i answer myself, why did i kissed her in Sanjeevani Orphanage, why was me not me in that moment, what was i feeling for her and why the hell i was feeling something for her.

Why was i affected when she danced with him, that Sanskar. Why it was unpleasant for me when he hugged her. Why why why ...why Shilpa Gupta matter to me dammit.

Why was i become rooted when Sanskar called her Shona...and those 3 golden words? And why did i kissed her. What is happening to me, can't i get answer of mine own...

Kya farq padta hai if Sanskar loves her or not or she loves Sanskar or not...what is happening to me...

Ouch!! And now my hand started bleeding I have to take bandage, but still i didn't get my answers.

Shilpa's POV

Ah!! What has happened to me, why did i felt that someone hit my heart...?


Next Day,

Mehendi Ceremony of Riddhima and Siddhant,

Everyone was delighted when they saw the to be bride jumping from the pebbles of the staircases with her beloved sisters. She was draped in green saree. Green, the colour code for the girls and black, for the boys, present in the ceremony.

She was looking like sunshine, but Armaan's eyes were stayed on Shilpa, who was looking adorable in green and gold off shoulder indo western lehenga. The stone earrings were lingering on in her ears and a matching stone bracelet was decorating her even more. The other hand filled with golden and green bangle set were making noise just like her silent but spoken smile. But the most beautiful and pleasing piece of her jewellery was the pearl waist chain with a lingering matching pendant, which was lingering on her petite waist and kissing it.


Looking at the waist band Armaan, just gulped down the fresh lump formed in his throat and he felt that music was playing in the background. He just could not take off his eyes of her, she was that mesmerizingly beautiful.

They finally jumped of the last pebble when Shilpa was almost fell but Armaan handled her so nicely. He touched her bare skin, looked into her eyes and was lost again when a pat on his shoulder took him to senses with a jerk, he literally thought who the hell is the person when he turned, he found Sanskar, and the last night half conversation, recalled in his memory and he immediately left her with a jerk, with which she felt strange, very strange.


Shilpa's entire concentration was on HIM, Armaan, but she could easily witness the unease on his face, she wanted to ask him what's the reason, but right now the priority were the groom and bride. She settled down her sister on the wooden chair.

She requested to the girls, "this is the mehendi came from groom's house, now you may continue the designs, and handed over the plate of mehendi bowl and cones, came from Sid's house.

"Yes! And the mehendi design should be the best, Padma kissed Riddhima's forehead.

"Aisi ki Sid...I mean Jiju dekhte reh jaye, Anjali added and teased her little sister at which Riddhima blushed crimson red and Shilpa smiled.

She tried to run from the crowd when Riddhima called her, "Arey, Shona where are you going it is my mehendi yaar

"Haan and you too will be applying mehendi on your hands. Right Ridzi, Anjali and Riddhima have planned this and they both giggle.

"See mom they are teasing me, mujhe nahi lagani mehendi, she complained.

"Ye kya baat hui? It is your sister's wedding, you have to, she heard from back.

"Dad!, she was aghast.



"Yes, Nani ordered at which Shilpa's mouth remained open as in she didn't like to apply mehendi and somewhere in intentions she wanted to look upon Armaan, but she didn't get chance.

"Yeah..., all the girls cheered.

"And please apply one of the best mehendi on her hands as well, Anjali showed tongue to her.

On the other side, Armaan was again and again recalling the last night phone call of Sanskar, and he wanted to left too, but he heard, "The mehendi design's beautiful, Sid said.

"Wo to tune cheating se phone pe dekh li but how will you search your name, Abhi shrugged his friend's shoulder at which Armaan giggled.

"Hasle haan! tu search karke dikha naam, kisi mehendi mein se, Sid challenged while putting his hand on his waist.

"Are you challenging me?

"yes i am

"done, and they both shook the hands.

"Nikki ko phone lagao bhai, said Sid.

"Abe oh she is your bhabhi, Abhi said.

"Arey kisi mehendi ka photo lengi, Sid clarified.

"Whose?, asked Rahul.

"Anjali ki kabhi nahi, Atul immediately said at which all laughed and after thinking many names all the boys except Armaan and Sanskar came to one result.


"Didi! What name should I write?, the mehendi designer asked Shilpa.

Shilpa thought for a while, "Not name, just initial. S

"Okay, the designer started designing when she asked, "If you don't mind can i ask you what does S mean

"Yeah why not...S means..., and the sentence remained incomplete.

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