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part 8& 9: ye saazish hai boondon ki (arsh ss)

"S for Shilpa, not Shona...aur Sanskar toh bilkul nahi", A short heighten girl in a funky top, a pair of jeans and a leather jacket blabbered out with giggling laughter.

Shilpa looked at her back and ran towards that girl while saying, "Swara!!", and hugged her tightly.

"I am very much angry at you, why you did not come with Sanskaar, haan", Shilpa complained tilting her face aside.

"Hey Shona part 1, I could have come haan, but your best friend behaved really bad with me, mujhe ghar par chod kar khud chala aaya", she too complained about Sanskaar to Shilpa.

"Oye! Sanskaar, how dare you to leave her alone", Shilpa pointed her finger at Sanskaar.

"Oh Ms. Shona part 1 and part 2, shauq nahi tha akela ghar chodne ka, iska concert tha", Sanskaar put his point forward and continued, "Aur madam part 2 kal aapse maafi maangi thi na raat mein...aur tum meri complaint kar rahi ho?"

This remind Armaan the last night incident when Sanskaar appologised to any Shona, and confessed his love for her. But still he was not sure, to which Shona he was talking to But the next deed of Sanskaar cleared the whole picture.

"Hey. accha I am really sorry jaan...meri shona", Sanskaar come forward held his earlobes and appologized to Swara.

Swara faked to be disappointed but then, ran towards the mehendi designer, "Mere hath pe bhi na S likho... S for Swara, ...", she took a bite and continued, "No...S for Sanskaar"

Armaan was numb, what was he thinking was completely opposite to the reality. Swara was that Shona to whom Sanskaar was confessing his love not Shilpa. But why did it affect HIM so much was the question revolving in his mind. Why does it matter to HIM, whether Shilpa loves Sanskaar or Swara.

What was his concern in this? Shilpa was just Riddhima's sister for him, and it has to be that only. But why it was not like that? He thought for many a times and ran towards the roof when everyone asked about that Shona part 1 and 2 confusion to them only.

Actually, Shilpa was called Shona by everyone, because she was so sweet and Swara belonged to a bengali family, where every second girl is called as Shona. Shilpa-Sanskaar-Swara, the 3S were the best friends from the college time and while college Swara and Sanskaar fell for each other.


Armaan was roaming here and there on the roof, with the thoughts of the confusion of Shona and the incident of Mehendi and the way Sanskaar confessed his love and Armaan's thought that, this Shona is Shilpa.

This thought process of Shona, Sanskaar and Shilpa was not leaving him, in fact it was eating him up from the top to bottom. He has now become frustrated. The same time he heard some footstep noise. He with the thought of thief, slowly went towards the door, from where the footstep voice was coming.

He creep and dragged the person whose footsteps were they and both of them were on the floor, when he realized that it was none other than Shilpa.

He was on the floor and she was on him, her eyes were tightly closed as she thought that some anti-social personality has dragged her and his eyes were lost on the beauty of her innocence.

She slowly opened her eyes and found a pair of ocean blue orbs were looking in her grey orbs.

They both were lost in each other when the same time the jerk of lightening they came into the senses.

She cautiously collected herself and her dupatta from the floor and he too stood up from the floor.

"I am sorry. I thought it is a thief", He appologized to her.

She said, "Thats fine."

"By the way what are you doing here?", he asked.

"What if I asked the same question to you?", she retorted back.

He took a deep breath, "Khuli hawa mein saans lena aasan hota hai"

"Haan par roof ko gate na lagao to chor aa jate hain", she too taunted him.

He was trying to understand this girl, who was sometime A and sometime Z, who was very difficult to understand, in fact impossible to understand.

He forwarded his hand and said, "chalein"

But the same time he noticed some stains of henna on his hand and shirt, so as she noticed that her mehendi has been removed.

"Ye kya kiya", both of them screamed in unison.

He argued, "Jab mehendi sookhi nahi to aayi kyu?"

"Bataya na door lock karne ko", she argued back.

"Ab ye daag kaun...", he was suppose to ask who will remove the stains when the same time the clouds open their doors of womb and after a little lightening, which scared Shilpa with which Armaan was introduced from before.

The clouds roar again and then rain start as they were doing some saazish to made them come closer to each other.

"Daag acche Hain Dr. Armaan", she chuckled and after a second both laughed together a loud.
part 9

 Shilpa laughed and laughed and the same time clouds started pouring water, tip-tap. She looked above the sky which was started opening its tap of water, at which an adorable smile crept on her lips. He looked at her face which was shining like an angelic face. An unknown, unwanted smile came on his face as well.

He took a step forward when the clouds started showering the rain water and Shilpa wiggled around and her skirt too danced. He took a step forwards again when the inattentive Shilpa came into senses and noticed him but the same time the water encompassed them.

He took few steps forward again and her lips shivered a little. The eyes were meeting with each other and started having conversation.

They came too close and she closed eyes tightly and gasped strongly, "Huh!

He clasped his hand on her cheek which shivered her and she caressed his hand with her cheek and with that he took her in his arms, while clutching her with the waist.

The lips were too close and they were about to join them in senselessness, her eyes were still closed and he was about to join them when the clouds roar like lion and both of them came to the senses.

She ran backward and he avoided looking into her eyes. Both of them were aghast with the deed which they were going to do.

She ran towards the door but looked back once but when she pulled it, it didn't work. It was locked from the other side.

She tried a lot but it was not working. Being a gentleman he tried to help her but why would it have had been working, after all it was locked.

They looked into each other's eyes and Armaan thought, "What should I do now?

The first idea came in his mind was searching for the mobile phone. He tried to call but due to heavy rain fall it wasn't working. He asked her, "do you have your cell phone?

"No. I have forgotten to pick it from the room, she answered.

"Damn!, he reacted.

But still both of them were not in ease to face each other and the clouds were busy in drenching them.

When Armaan unbutton his jacket and Shilpa was amused thinking, "What the heck this man is doing today, she gulped the fresh lump and took steps backward and backward.

She was about to fall from the roof and closed her eyes tightly when he immediately held her arm tightly to save her and not let her fall.

He grabbed her from the arm and she with the velocity of the light fell on his chest and he fell on the floor with her. They were in wrath of intensity, so close to each other, but their eyes had the depth of the thoughts which they might be wanted to read from each other's but with the roar of lightening came into senses and they collected themselves from the floor and on the body of each others.

Shilpa was now drenched totally but Armaan being a gentleman turned his back to face her and offered his jacket to wear which she obeyed like a good girl.

They were sitting in the corner of the roof where they were safe from rain but Shilpa always wants to enjoy the barish.

She took the water drop in her palms and started playing with them and by mistake splashes them on Armaan and laughed when she realized.

He too splash water drops on her face at which she opened her mouth in a perfect O shape at which he laughed rolling over the floor.

She clenched her jaw and sit apart from him at which he realized that he should persuade her and sat beside her but she wasn't in a mood to get persuade so she joined the rain and started dancing.

She was dancing like a peacock happily and with joy. Her mehendi has got vanished but its color was perfect. Armaan was enjoying watching her dance but the same time lightening happened and fell near the wood arranged for the marriage and they caught fire, which scared her a lot and started crying.

"Bachao! Help me!!, she was surrounded with the wood and her skirt also has caught fire, so she asked for the help.



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