Sunday, 9 June 2019

part 8 : Come Back to Me

"I love you Armaan"

These words were still ringing fresh in his ears. He recalled how stunned and taken aback he was himself when he heard those words from her. She stood there whispering what he wanted to hear, those three words that his heart ached to hear. And, when the moment arrived he was too stunned to even react. As she shifted her weight a little edging away from him, he pulled her back again and looked at her.

" Riddhima please say that once more? I want to revive that moment when you confessed all over again. Our moment.......


"I love you Armaan"

She whispered looking at him stopping in his track, his hand still on the door knob of his car. She waited as the stillness of the night fell between them and saw him still with his back facing her.

"I love you" she whispered again feeling silent tears flowing down as she quickly wiped them to find her thumb smudged black as the mascara accompanied her tears leaving traces on her cheek.

Armaan felt his heart go still as her words echoed in his ears. He couldn't believe them. Did she just say that? He turned around his hand leaving the door knob. She was there standing looking at him. He felt his feet taking him towards her. As he closed the distance between them, he found her standing still with a fresh wave of tears brimming down her eyes.

 "What did you just say?" he spoke his voice barely audible. Riddhima continued to stare at him as he stood barely an inch away from her. "What did you say?" his tone was even softer than before.

She gazed into his eyes, the intensity boring from them made her feel weak.

"I love you"

She whispered looking into those deep grey eyes. She found herself spellbound as if he had hypnotized her.

"Armaan I ...."


 He placed his finger softly on her lips allowing it to linger, tracing it from the upper lip to the lower lip. Riddhima felt herself shiver as she felt his slight touch on her lips. She felt him suddenly lift her hand and opened her eyes to see him lightly kissing her wrist. She shuddered as his lips brushed against her skin.

The sweet sensation that the touch of his lips initiated was replaced by a sting causing her to shudder as she realized it was the same hand he had twisted a few minutes ago. Seeing her shudder he looked away up to see the small frown on her face, her eyes still closed. He gently blew holding her hand close to him trying to ease out the pain he had inflicted.

She opened her eyes to see him blowing gently and then covering it with his lips again. Raising her hand she lightly placed it on his cheek causing him to look up momentarily.

"I love you Armaan" she whispered yet again.

"I love you too Riddhima...." Armaan responded this time only to look at her hand, at the reddish mark on her skin. Fingering it lightly with his other hand, he spoke.

"I am sorry Riddhima, I didn't mean this to happen. I don't know what came over me and......"

"Shhhh......." Riddhima placed her finger on his lip causing him to look up at her. Seeing silent tears brewing and threatening to spill again, he cupped her face in his palm

Cupping her face in his, he thumbed away the traces of tears along her cheeks as she looked straight into his eyes. He buried his head into the thick locks of her hair as he pulled her into a tight embrace. Feeling his arms around her Riddhima closed her eyes as she rested her head on his shoulder.

"I love you so much Riddhima" he whispered.

Feeling her arms around his waist and her head on his shoulder, he smiled. Hearing the soft sniff still coming, he gently stroked her back. She stiffened at his touch. The slightly cool breeze flowing through the night added to the shivers that ran through her. Feeling goosebumps rising slightly on her skin, Riddhima pulled out of the hug unable to take new sensations now throbbing through each pulse.

Armaan smiled deeply as he held her still. She lowered her eyes as he took hold of her hand again and looked at the sore skin. Kissing it lightly, he suddenly interlocked his fingers with hers and went up to her door tagging her behind him.

Opening the door, he wordlessly entered. Once in he asked. "Where is the first aid?" Riddhima who was thoroughly confused by his actions now saw the light and quickly spoke. "Armaan you don't have to seriously do this. Its just a little peel off; the skin will wear off and...."

 "Shut up" was the curt reply she immediately got.

Turning hersef away, she tried her best to look annoyed. But Armaan was too busy to notice her pouting angrily. As he gently applied the ointment sitting next to her on the couch, he kept blowing softly.

"I am sorry" he whispered trailing the reddish mark.

"Armaan its really...."

He looked up to see her gazing at him with the love he craved to see in her eyes for such a long time. Gently blowing though unnecessarily on the fading red colour, he muttered "No it isn't. I behaved like a complete idiot and...."

 "Armaan you didn't. Please stop blaming yourself. Had it not been for that, i would have never ever come around and..."

Riddhima stopped midway not knowing how to frame the next.

"And told me you love me?" Armaan whispered now smiling as he interlocked his fingers with hers holding her hand close to him.

"So that implies that whenever I want you to say something I will have to force my way like this?" Armaan grinned mischievously as she laughed.

"No I don't mind that sweetheart but just keep 2-3 tubes of this ointment ready."

He laughed as she hit him on the shoulder. Placing her head on his arm she felt a content as though she never felt more peaceful all her life.

 "Armaan, I still can't believe this...........that we.......... I mean...I" Riddhima felt herself pulled closer

Riddhima felt herself being pulled closer as he slid his arm around her waist. He took hold of her other hand and held it close to him. The extreme closeness was getting on her and suddenly she felt herself feeling nervous and all the more conscious. His grip on her waist suddenly made her shiver. She looked up to see him staring at her. Unlocking his hand from hers, he brought it up to her face and lightly caressed her cheek with the back of his hand.

"I love you so much" he whispered again as he gently brushed his lips against her cheek. Kissing her forehead he gently trailed down to her nose. He felt her hand around his waist as his lips lingered over hers. He saw her eyes lowered down as he softly kissed her cheek. She was now completely under his spell as he gently blew away the strands away from her face. Unable to hold back, he bent closer still to feel her arm around his waist stiffen.

He suddenly looked up at her and pulled back. "OMG what was I doing" he wondered. "She just confessed after so much of persuasion and I? She might get drifted right away and not realize but what if later? Later she might regret it....or think otherwise. I shouldn't take things so fast. She needs time and I......?" He got up abruptly thinking ....and didn't think he could meet her in the eye now.

Riddhima looked at him zapped. What was wrong?? He took her to an entire new world of fantasy and then dropped her with a hard bang? Had she put him off....or...maybe....

"Armaan?" She got up after him as he went to the door.

He saw her standing behind him and turned towards her. Placing a light peck on her forehead he looked at her guiltily.

"I am sorry sweetheart" he looked and spoke to her.

"Love you....goodnight" He walked out leaving a stunned Riddhima behind.

As the door closed, she stood still trying to comprehend what had just happened. She saw him at the door again.

"Umm...........forgot to tell you that tomorrow as usual 9 am sharp I'll be here, be ready, we have John's class tomorrow so better to be on time and sorry for whatever happened. I didn't mean to make you feel......."

Leaving an awkward silence, he trooped off closing the door behind him.


Armaan smiled through the darkness as he recollected their awkwardness that night. It was their first close moment ever and he had lost control practically the very first time. Silently smirking at himself he what impression would I have left on her had i not taken control....he turned to her side gently.....his grin vanishing as he saw her tear strained face again. I wish I had taken control over other matters too....he thought....then you would have never had undergone this.....he thought cursing himself........



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