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Part 8: The Green Blue Hues (AR ff)


One week later.

 Armaan is sitting in the midst of a hall flowing with activity. It was the preparation fro Shubhankar and Keerti's wedding, which would take place within three weeks. They all were preparing for a small get-together of all the family members, who were coming in from all parts of the world.

Armaan sat and bit his nails. What he had gone through in the past one week had been a torture, yet it saved him the trouble of bringing up the topic of marriage again. There had been confrontations, from every single person in his family. Padma and Divya had both chosen to ignore him, while he had got a very bad scolding from Dad, Taya and Tayi-jee. Yet, now that the bad part was over, they were all okay with the fact that he had married someone without permission. But now was the part he was dreading the most, because today Riddhima was coming to India.


In the past one week, Armaan had nagged Padma and Divya with bouts of apologies. They had chosen to ignore all of them, until one day, two days ago. He had been sitting in his room, working on his laptop when someone had knocked on the room. It was Padma and Divya, both standing there with raised eyebrows, frowns and a determined expression on their faces.

Armaan: Mama?? D…?? Ayen na…(standing up)

Padma came and sat on the bed, while Divya stood next to Armaan.

Armaan: Mama…I am really sorry na…main…(Padma raises her hand to make him quiet)

Padma: dekh Armaan…tu ne jo kerna tha, who ker lia…ab main jo keh rahi hun, tujhe who kerna parray ga…

Armaan: (sits down in front of her, on the floor) of course Muumma…job hi ap kaho, I will do it…

Padma: theek hai phir….humne tujhe mauf kia….tu bacha hai, ghaltian bachon se hi hoti hain….(Armaan smiles and puts his head on Padma's lap, hugging her)

Armaan: awww thank you Mama…I love you…

Divya: pehle puri baat to sun le Armaan…haan hum ne tuje mauf kia…par barray hone ke nattay hum sab ne aik decision lia hai, aur tujhe who manana hoga…

Armaan: kia D?? (looking nervous)

Padma: tu Riddhima ko yahan bula le…

Armaan's eyes shot open in shock and he at once looks up.

Armaan: KIA???

Padma: haan…is mein itna chillanay wlai kia baat hai?? Ab teri shadi ho gai hai uss se, to yun akele akele rehna theek nahi hai…

Divya: aur upar se ab who humari family ka hissa she should be here for Shubh's wedding na…

Armaan: (thinking: NO NO NO!! This is like a bad dream come true. I cant call Ridz here, she will kill me with her bare hands. No cut that, she will kill me with that look in her eyes….Oh God, help me….soch Armaan soch…koi bahana bana…ummm….) Maa…who,….woh yahan nahi asakti…

Divya: kyun?? Kyun nahi asakti??

Armaan: D who…ummm…who papers de rahi hai na aj kal…iss liye…(sighs)

Divya smirks

Divya: good one Armaan…papers khatam ho agye hain….sab unis main chuthiyan ho gai hain…

Armaan: ummm…who haaan…lekin who job kerti hai na…who job se usse leave nahi millegi…

Padma; arey aissay kaisay tu khud se hi boli jar aha hai….mujhe kuch nahi pata….yeh humari family ka bohat acha event hai, mein chahti hunk e iss ghar ki donon bahuain yahin rahain…tu bi ab London wapas nahi jar aha...(standing up)

Armaan: par Ma…(looking helpless)

Padma: I don't know anything Armaan…I want her here on this wedding…tumhari biwi hai, usse mana to sakte hi ho…that's it….

Armaan looked at them, gaping at them open mouthed as they both walked out.


Well then, he had to do it. There was no way out. First, they had been torturing him for marriage, now they were after his life to meet their 'bahu'. God, why did he have to be such a stupid fool and blurt out the worst lie ever? Now how was he going to tell Riddhima. These thoughts kept nagging him all the time. But then, one day, when everyone had given him a deadline to call her himself and tell her to come here or they would call her up themselves, he called her.


2 hours later. Mumbai Airport.

Riddhima walked out of the Arrivals gate, clad in tight white capris and a flimsy light pink sleeveless tank top. She had her hair open and was wearing glasses, and was trying to balance the trolley with her luggage. She looked around in the crowd and found herself being stared at by everyone on the by-stands. Looking at herself, she thought there was something wrong with her attire due to which everyone was staring at her like that. She searched in the crowd for a familiar face, but couldn't find anyone. She was freaking out now, it was so hot in here, there was no one to pick her up, and the people staring at her were making her nervous.

She gulped and took a few steps towards the exit. Suddenly, her trolley was stopped by two people, both short and dark in height, wearing beige coloured suits, with weird grins on their faces and an aweful stench of sweat coming from them. One of them put a hand on her trolley while the other went for the strap of her bag. Riddhima at once held onto the trap.

Man: Memsahab…kidhar jana hai??

Riddhima: leave…leave my bag….(pulling onto the strap)

The man held onto the bad

Man: main le jata hun memsaab…ap kyun takleef kerrti hain…jana kahan hai??

2nd man: abbay…meri sawari hai…meine pehle trolley pakri thi…

Man: to kia hua…bag to mere pass hai na…(looks at Riddhima) bataiye na madam…where go??

Riddhima looked at both of them and completely lost it. (thinking: OMG!! I am going to be surrounded by the thieves now…they are going to take my bags…oh God help..where the hell are you Armaan??)

Man: (clicking his fingers before her) madame…bataiey na…..(held on steadily to her bag)

She pulled the strap of her bag forcefully.

Riddhima; leave me…leave my bag right now or I am going to shout….helllppp…(looks around helplessly) somebody help…..!!!

The men looked at her and then each other, then shrugged their shoulders and left.

Man: (to the other) pata nahi kaisay kaisay pagal ajatay hain…

Ridhdima gulps and tries to compose herself. As soon as she felt herself calm down, she felt someone tap er on the shoulder. She yelped in terror, and turned around, to see HIM standing there, his hands in his pockets, smiling at her. Never had she been more happier to see him than today.

Without caring about anyone else looking at them, she threw her arms around him with such force that he had to steady himself with the help of a wall at his back. She held onto him closely, and he hugged her back, putting his arms around her tiny waist.

Riddhima: ARMAAN!!! Where the hell have you been? Man, I was shit scared in here….all alone…such weird people…(breaks loose of the hug) OMG!!! Look at you…you are surely looking better than before….something in the food in here?? (winking at him, smiling all the time)

Armaan just looked down at her and smiled at her banter. Just looking at her after so many days had he realized how much he had missed her, his best friend, his luck charm, his girl.

Riddhima: what are you smiling at now, weirdo? And what the hell is going on?? Couldn't u have come up with a spookier way to call me here than that totally random and meaningless call days ago….now spill up, whats the mystery dude?

Armaan looked at her and bit his lower lip. Yes, he hadn't told her about anything. He hadn't tld her about the huge blunder he had made, cuz he wanted to tell her face to face. That way, he could handle her freaking out, not over the phone. So he had called her up, made up some totally ridiculous story of some emergency coming up and so he wanted her to be here with him. She, being the girl she was, hadn't questioned again and caught the next plane to Mumbai asap. That was how much she trusted him. Alas, he was in big, big trouble.

Armaan: there isn't any mystery…actually there is a big mess….I…(he was interrupted by a loud shout)

Voice: BHABHI!!!!

He whipped around at the familiar voice. To his utmost horror, he saw Atul, Aditi, Imaan and a couple of his other cousin-sisters standing before them, smiles plastered on their faces. OH NO!!! They had all insisted on coming with him to pick Riddhima, but he had strictly forbidden them from doing so. He didn't want them to blurt out anything in front of Riddhima before he had told her everything. But he should have realized, they were highly stubborn. They were going to get the way. And as he had left home extremely discreetly, he couldn't figure eout how they had come to know he was going to the airport?

Anyways, now they were here, looking at them, smiling, passing knowing looks. He looked at their weird glances at him and Riddhima, and then looked down to see that he still had his arms around her waist and hers were around his neck. He quickly let go of her, while Riddhima looked at him confused.

Atul and gang moved forward, smiling at them, standing next to Armaan, who gave them 'don't-u-dare' looks, but they very conveniently ignored him by looking at Riddhima.

Aditi: well at last…we get to meet the girl…hii bhabhi!!! (smiling at her)

Armaan closed his eyes in horror after listening to her while Riddhima looked first at Aditi then at Armaan, all confused.

Riddhima: bhabhi…??? (frowning)

Aditi: oh I am sorry…I didn't introduce myself…I am Aditi…Armaan's younger sister…(extending her hand)

Riddhima's face broke into a smile as she shook her hand.

Riddhima: oh hi!! I am Riddhima…

Imaan: we know Bhabhi…Bhai told us all about you…

Atul: and a lot more that he didn't want to…(winking at him)

Riddhima smiles at them politely, then looks at Armaan with confused eyes, mouthing 'BHABHI??????' at him. Armaan signaled her to stay calm and wait.

Armaan: so….umm…yeah..Ragz…this is Aditi…Imaan…Atul…and (introduced all his other cousins) so umm…guys what are yu doing here?? (with death in his eyes)

Aditi: hmm…we didn't want to miss a chance of meeting her before everyone…and yeah, I know you must be really mad at us gate-crashing your romantic get-together…but we couldn't help..(chuckles)

Riddhima's eyebrows shoot up at this. She looks at Armaan questioningly, who signals her to be quiet for a minute.

Armaan: acha theek hai…a baa hi agye ho to yeh samaan apni garri main le ke jao..(pushing the trolley towards them) main aur Ragz puhanchte hain gahr…

Atul: ohooo…kia baat hai….akele akele…(winks at him)

Armaan: baqwas band ker aur jaa na….

Aditi: haan haan ja rahay guys carry on….(they all laugh and leave, taking the luggage)

Riddhima rounds up on Armaan, hands on her hips, anger seething out of her. Armaan looked at her and gulped: (thinks: dude, u r busted)


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