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Part 9: The Green Blue Hues (AR ff)

Sorting It Out.

 Riddhima glared at Armaan as he drove the car. He had very conveniently made her sit in the car and had even driven half way through without touching the topic at concern. She could now slightly figure out what was happening and why he had called her here in such an emergency, but the main puzzle was yet to be solved.

Armaan: (thinking to himself while driving) dekh tujhe kese dekh rahi hai, Armaan beta aj to tu gaya….ghar se bhi nikala jayega aur maar bhi itni parray gi ke dubara kabhi jhoot nahi bolege…..

 Riddhima: Armaaan!!! For the last time….i am asking you…what the hell is happening?? (shouting loudly in the otherwise silent car)

Armaan looks at her cheekily and smiles

Armaan: so that means you wont ask me after this?? Thank God, I was getting worried that you'd go on and on about it forever…

Riddhima glared at him.

Armaan: *Gulp-I am screwed*…umm Ragz…just wait up for 5 minutes…I will tell you, but not here….lemme see….(looks around, keeps driving for some time, then stops) yep we are here.

Riddhima looks around to find herself at a beach. Pushing all thoughts out of her mind, she unlocked the door and jumped out of the car, squealing as she ran towards the water. If there was one place she loved in the world, it was the beach. Armaan gave himself a victorious pat and smiling, locked the door and slowly walked towards a glowing Riddhima, who was now standing in the water, the water coming up to her calves as she looked at the sun horizon far away. Armaan went and stood beside her, looking around. It was the deserted area of the beach, not many people were around. The perfect place to tell her.

Riddhima: I never knew India had such beautiful beaches….you never told me that….(looks up at him, breathing in the fresh air)

Armaan: yeah…actually there are many things I haven't told you…(smiling guiltily)

Riddhima: oh yeah….(rounds up on him, hands on her hips) Now that we are here, do you mind explaining the scene that took place at the airport….

Armaan: ummm…yeahh…

Riddhima: or am I supposed to figure it out myself….though I know my hindi isn't credible enough to match up to your ranks, I still have the common sense to understand what BHABHI means…..so do you mind explaining it to me how I turn out to be your sister's bhabhi?? (going on in full speed)

Armaan: umm..Ragz.yeah…listen…(puts a hand on her shoulder) calm down, okay…first of all…I want you to promise me you wont shout when I tell you everything….and you wont hit me…promise…

Riddhima: (sighs exasperatedly) Armaaannn!!

Armaan: I am zipping my mouth till you say the word promise….(tapping his foot)

Riddhima: okay…fine…promise…whatever…now spill up…

Armaan: okay ummm…here it goes…(he narrates the whole thing to her, how his family was nagging him to get married, how they were setting up the whole wedding fiasco and him meeting up with the girls, how that dya he had got so frustrated and lied that he was married, at which point Riddhima breaks in)

Riddhima; Mallik…look me in the eye and tell me that YOU DID NOT SAY MY NAME IN FRONT OF YOUR FAMILY!!! (her mouth open in shock, and her eyes spilling anger)

Armaan, guiltily smiles at her, scratching his head…

Armaan; umm, well…Bingo!!! (grins stupidly)

Riddhima looks at him for a second, and had Armaan not known this wild, crazy girl he would never have thought of taking that second as a lifeline and started running for his life. Riddhima followed him, her hands turned into fists, ready to strike his back.

Riddhima; (running after him) I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!!! MOROOOOON…..

Armaan: (still running, but turning back, so that now he was running backwards, looking at her) what was I supposed to say….??

Riddhima: you could have said any other name….of your stupid girlfriends…OF ALL THE FREAKING WOMEN IN THE WORLD, YOU UTTER MY NAME IN FRONT OF YOUR FAMILY AS YOUR WIFE….YOU STUPID, IDIOTIC, DUMB-A**…..(the swear words continued, as Armaan ran for his life, Riddhima targeting first one and then the second sandal of hers at him, which unfortunately went amiss)

After some time, Armaan stopped running and caught hold of Riddhima, who was by now livid.

Armaan: (huffing) okay Ragz…I am sorry…seriously….damn sorry…I knew it was wrong the minute your name came out of my mouth…but I couldn't take it back…

Riddhima: Armaan you could have said anything else na…..now what are we going to do?? And why did you call me here then??

Armaan: Actually…that's the part….for the next one month, you have to pretend to be my wife in front of my family…

If Riddhima was shocked by the first news, this one certainly hit way below the belt.


Armaan: well…I wish I was…but that's the way it is….see…I don't want all this too but…(puts his arm on her shoulder) you don't now my family Ragz….they would get me married in the same mandap as Shubhankar Bhaiya and I don't want that…seriously, they are after my life….this was the only thing I could come up with…you, of all the people know, how important the whole prospect of marriage is to me…I don't want to ruin it cuz my family wants to rush me into it…try to understand na….

Riddhima breathed heavily, trying to calm down.

Armaan: okay fine…I am sorry…I shouldn't have done this, this all is a stupid mistake…my stupid mistake, I will deal with it…(turning his back towards her, feigning emotional drama)….you don't have to pretend anything, I will go and tell my family this was all a lie….i don't want to drag you into this with me….i have no right to do that, plus it isn't right for you to…

He stopped when he felt a resounding slap on his face. Looking up in horror and shock, he saw Riddhima standing there in front of him, livid with anger.

Riddhima: don't you dare utter a single word more, Mr. Armaan Mallik….or you are going to get a worse spanking than this one…..(points a finger at him) never, ever ever again say you don't have a right to do anything for me, or all that bloody formality you just went through….i am your best friend moron…(smiled, ruffled his hair) I am always going to be there….

Armaan looked at her, still recovering from the after-effects of the shock he had just gotten. She smiled and put a hand forward, in the form of a fist.

Riddhima: lets do this dude…I am on!! You game??? (winking at him)

Armaan, in spit of himself, smiles and punches her fist with his.

Armaan: Game!!!


Padma was so busy in overlooking the preparations going on in the hall and the kitchen that she had no idea who was where. No one knew Riddhima was coming that day, except Atul, Imaan and Aditi, and they had been ordered by Armaan to stay quiet about it.

Padma: (in the hall, talking to the servants) arey bhaiya kia kar rahay ho…yeh phool sahee se lagao na…aur Kamini tu abhi takk yahan kia kar rahi hai?? Ja ja ke dekh kheer banni ke nahi..aur….(she feels a hand patting her shoulder) haan aik second…arey who dupatton ka thaan tha yahan, kahan gaya…uffo is ghar main koi kaam theek se….(tap again) OHoooo!! (turns back) KIA HAI??? (becomes silent at once)

Before her stood his handsome, young son dimpling at him and with him stood a breathtakingly beautiful girl dressed in western wear, yet looking extremely beautiful. She smiled as she looked at her, yet couldn't figure out who she was. She had never seen her before.

Padma looked at Armaan, a bit confused, but the gleam in his eyes and the certain small dip in his face when he pointed towards the girl confirmed her who she was.

Padma: let me guess….Riddhima, right?? (looking from Armaan to Riddhima, who smiled in unison)

Armaan: yeah....yeh, ummm Riddhima hai….Ragz yeh…umm..meri mom hain…

Riddhima's face lit up at the word MOM. She at once gave her million dollar smile and put her hand forward.

Riddhima: Hi!! I am Riddhima…pleased to meet you..

Padma is a bit taken aback at the introduction, but she quickly smiles and shakes her hand too.

Padma: Hello beta….main Armaan ki mom hun….

Armaan smiles fakely and murmurs between his teeth to Riddhima.

Armaan: Paun chuyo…

Riddhima: (looks at him confused) HUH???

Armaan: bend down and touch her feet…it's a tradition…(rubbing his face slightly)

Riddhima nods, then bends down and touches Padma's feet.Padma is touched and smiles, puts her hand on her head.

Padma: khush raho!!! (Riddhima stands properly) (Padma looks at Armaan) tu ne mujhe batay kyun nahi Riddhima arahi hai…main garh pravesh ki puja rakhwa leti na…buddho…

Armaan: (puts an arm around her) Mom…main apko surprise de raha tha….to kesi lagi apko apki bahu?? (winks at her)

Riddhima, in a lame attempt of being a tradition Indian bahu, looks down, shying away, batting her eyelashes. Armaan looks at her and wants to burst out laughing. In the meanwhile, Padma touches Riddhima's chin and makes her look up.

Padma; Bohat bohat sundar hai…kisi ki nazar na lagay…

Divya: (cominh from behing) kis ko nazar na lagay Mom….(stops as she sees Riddhima) OMG!! This has GOT to be Riddhima, right?? (looks at Armaan who nods, smiling)

Divya eyed Riddhima and smiled, looking at Armaan and tilting her lips and raising her eyebrows in a way of saying: Not bad at all!!!

Divya: (fully smiling) HI!!! Main Armaan ki barri behen hoon…Divya…

Riddhima: OMG!! You are D, right?? (looking from Armaan to Divya who both laugh and nod) Oh…Armaan keeps talking about you all the time…I am so pleased to meet u…(shaking hands with her)

They all stand around talking, when suddenly a voice interrupts them.

Voice: Armaaaan putttaaaaaaaaaaaarrrr….



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