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Prologue & cs: The missing world (arsh ff)

Armaan was following the cab, in which Shilpa was leaving from Sanjeevani. Shilpa noticed him but didn't order the driver to stop, because she didn't want to face Armaan and become weak, before leaving his life and engulfing her new world.

But, somehow Armaan succeeded to reach the cab and driver stopped by himself. He leaned on the glass of the cab and they shared an eye-contact.

Armaan complained looking into her eyes deeply, "Shilpa jab iss waqt, life mein mujhe ek dost ki sabse jyada jarurat hai...tum mujhe chod ke jaa rahi ho. Great!!"

Shilpa smiled in tears and replied controlling herself to not cry, "Armaan, Saccha pyaar or sacche dost...kabhi door nahin ja sakte."

"Kuch hua hai?", he quizzically asked.

She explained and tried to hid the reason to leave Sanjeevani, "Armaan, apni ankhon ke samne apne pyaar ko aage bhadte dekh paana...bahut mushkil hai, aur tumse behtar ye kaun samajh sakta hai."

She pressed her lips and continued herself, "Aur jab tum, The Eternal Ashiq, tum yeh nahin kar paye main kaise kar sakti hu."

Shilpa felt that what if he understands her real reason to leave Sanjeevani so she tried to change the topic.

"I'll miss you Armaan Mallik.", she confessed as she was trying to convey her feelings.

Armaan slowly took his hands away from the window, glaring as he wanted to say "Don't leave", but wasn't able to.

The cab drove off and he whispered in his mind, "Bahut hi alag ladki ho tum Shilpa, you're amazing...kuch nahin diya maine tumhein, phir bhi tumne hamesha mera sath diya..."

He pressed his lips and continued himself as was praying to the God, "I hope tumhe ek din tumhari sacchi chahat miley...koi aisa jo tumhein usi tarah pyaar de sake jaisa tum deserve karti ho"

"I love you Armaan. Jabse pyaar ke ehsaas ko jaana...aur samjha bas tumhi se pyaar kiya aur karti rahungi...Hamesha", Shilpa stuttered in her mind while travelling in the taxi. A lone tear fell from her cheek and she closed her eyes tightly.

 They finally, parted their directions away in opposite direction, but who among them knew that the story was yet to begin.

Character Sketch

Armaan Mallik
He has changed himself completely after the betrayal of Riddhima. He now hates Riddhima. He has become a man of few words who used to be rude and serious most of the time. He pretends to be strong but reality is shattered from inside.

Shilpa Malhotra

After knowing about armaan and riddhima, still she loves him and wants to live with the beautiful memories of armaan. She is running from herself and her feelings for armaan. Most of the time, she used to be quiet and lost somewhere. She is not at all a chirpy chummy girl as she was previously and exactly opposite of it.

Riddhima Gupta

She has chose Siddhant over Armaan and ordered Armaan to leave her life, but she is still confuse about her feelings for Siddhant. She is searching Armaan in Siddhant, who is not there. So she has become a frustrated and confused woman.

Siddhant Modi

He loves his wife a lot. He is a very caring husband but now he is not enough to tolerate her behavior and ego. He is trying his best to satisfy Riddhima, which is not working and suffering him with frustration. He has suffocated in his so-called married life.

Supporting Cast

Zaroon Junaid

He is good looking, handsome and charming but a very understanding, jolly and friendly senior doctor in Sanjeevani Mussoorrie. He does not treat the interns as his juniors, but as friends. He is committed to Kashaf Murtaja, who is going to be his wife soon.

Kashaf Murtaja

She is very sweet, understanding and caring intern, but a cheerful intern of Sanjeevani Mussoorie. She is Shilpa's good friend, but doesn't know anything about her broken heart. Still, she believes that Shilpa has dealt with something in past. She loves her fianc and senior doctor Zaroon Junaid.

Samrat Shergill
He is a handsome guy and very flirtatious and childish most of the times. But on the contrary, he is very caring and supporting friend, especially for his childhood friend Gunjan Bhushan, who loves him but he is unaware about her feelings for him.

Gunjan Bhushan
She is a cheerful, chirpy but intelligent and hardworking girl, who has always been in love with her best friend, Samrat Shergill, who is oblivious about her inner feelings. She doesn't have strength to confess due to the fear of rejection.

Aniruddh Sehgal
A very strict and disciplined dean but an understanding doctor and human-being.

Dilshad Khan

She is the ex-warden of Little Angel's orphanage, who still lives there. She has groomed up Shilpa from the age of 7 and has soft corner, just like a mother has. Shilpa calls her Masi.

Dhurandhar Sharma

He is a cook-cum care taker of Armaan's house. Armaan calls him daddu as a short form of Dhurandhar to tease him, as he calls Armaan as Ammy. He is a very talkative and fun loving man, but on the same time a serious person too.


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