Friday, 21 June 2019

Prologue : Deception

Perplexed. Lost. Defeated. These weren't just words that where found in a dictionary, that were used to describe a person's state of mind. They were his reality for the past 1 year. Ever since he had been given her case his life had turned upside down. In all his years of work with the New York Police Department Armaan Mallik had never been so disturbed over a case in his life. He had seen many criminals of different shapes and sizes but he had never come across a woman like her before. It didn't matter what was said or done to her, she would stick to her standard answer that she wanted to be killed. And that fact disturbed him all the more. He just couldn't understand why this woman wanted to die.
I just don't get this woman! Why would she want to end her life for something she clearly didn't do! I mean all the evidence show's that she is innocent and yet somehow the judge sentences her to life in jail. I don't get it! How can that be? I mean who or what on earth has made her believe that she is at fault? There has to be a reason for her behaviour. I mean why would she kill her own child. It just doesn't add up. There has to be something I am missing here! But what?

Armaan ran a hand through his black hair trying to calm his jumbled brain as he sat back into his black leather chair. He had been reading over her file again trying to find a clue that would help him figure out what the real story was but once again failed. He was beginning to get irritated. He had never had to spend so much time trying to get a criminal to speak about what they had been through and yet this woman just wasn't opening up. He had tired everything to get her to speak and yet she continued on with her one liner of ending her life as she knew it. For the first time in his career Armaan felt helpless. He just didn't know how he was going to help this woman. But one thing was for sure that he wasn't going to give up without a fight. He wasn't going to let her end her life that easily.

I guess I better talk to her one more time. Maybe she will finally open up. And if she doesn't well then I guess I will have to try something else.
And so getting up from his seat he was about to head towards the door when his phone began to ring in his pocket calling for his attention. He stopped in his tracks and dug into his pocket taking it out. He looked at the caller ID only to see the number of his partner Zak or as he liked to call him "Z". Zak had been his partner ever since he had joined the force 8 years ago. They were more like brothers then colleagues. They had seen each other's up's and downs and when the time came they even had each other's back. Armaan knew he could trust Zak with anything. After all he had been there for him during some ruff times.

"Yeah Z what's up?"

"Um. Dude you better get down to Rose Hill Hospital ASAP!"

"Why? What happened?"

"She tired to cut her wrist."

Hearing that Armaan almost didn't believe what he was hearing. He felt his anger begin to build up. Here he was trying to help this woman named Riddhima Gupta by bringing her justice and she went ahead and tried to end her life. Well he wasn't going to have anymore of this. He was done being Mr.Nice Guy. It was time to give her a piece of his mind. He wasn't going to let her play with her life the way she was. And so hanging up the phone abruptly he ran out the door.


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