Saturday, 9 January 2021

Prologue : ye saazish hai boondon ki (arsh ss)

The loud roar of the lightening held Armaan's attention, who was sitting inside the apartment of Panchghani's orphanage. His lips automatically curved in a slight smile and he took the steps towards the shaded balcony.

He smiled and looked up to the sky, the thunder of lightening was knocking the door of clouds, which encouraged them to ripe the womb and it seemed as they have opened the taps to pour water on the earth's surface.

Armaan's smile widened, witnessing the first rain of the season and he started looking here and there. When he was shifting his eyes, they rested on a girl in her white chudidaar and kameez, stretching her arms to catch the water droplets in her palms, who was Shilpa.

He couldn't shift his eyes from her and witnessed her dancing, taking circles in the rain. His hairs started flying, but Shilpa being unaware of his presence was dancing like a toddler, a girl of 7.

And he kept gazing her with a broad smile.

Shilpa jumped lightly on the muddy floor, in order to play with the deposited water and tries to fetch some water in her fists. She was completely wet from head to toe, her hairs were totally wet and the clothes were sticking on her body. But, forgetting everything she was just enjoying the rain.

Armaan has now tightened his grip on the railing of the balcony and kept gazing her with a broad smile on his face. Whereas, she shrugged her head and shuffling her wet hairs turned, being oblivious of his presence and remained rooted when she realized that HE was witnessing her.

Armaan leaned on the balcony railing and kept starring her not being in his senses, but she gulped down and rooted at the same spot, fisting her palms tightly with embarrassment.

And with the loud thunder of lightening, Armaan came to his senses with a jolt and shifted his eyes from the wet, Shilpa.

But their eyes were connecting and contacting with each other in the rain, whereas Armaan's hairs were blowing. They became lost in each other's eyes; even the God knows for how long, they kept talking through eyes.

But the intense sound of the thunder took them back, which destined to the heap of the straws and caught the fire. Armaan noticed that the fire encircled Shilpa at which he screamed, "Shilpa!!"

Shilpa too noticed and tightened her hairs tightly with scarcity in her fists and called, "Armaan! Please help me".

He was running with the speed of velocity to rescue her and finally reached near the fire. Whereas, Shilpa being a fire phobic has started gasping chanting the name "Armaan", as she knew that he will definitely save her.

The fire was flaring even more and the highly scared Shilpa was losing hope, but Armaan calmed her down, "Shilpa! Just calm down, I'm coming"

The smoke of the fire was creating difficulty to let her breath and she started gasping. She fainted due to lack of breathing and finally, destined to the muddy grass.

"Shilpaa!!", Armaan screamed loudly and without wasting a second he jumped from the other side of fire and entered the fire circle.

He patted her cheeks to bring her to the conscious state but it wasn't possible till the straws were burning. He immediately slaked the fire and picked Shilpa in his arms to take her away from the smoke.

Armaan laid Shilpa down, on the grass, away from the smoke and while leaning, he patted her cheeks, "Shilpa!! Shilpa!!"

He massaged her palms and tried his every best to bring her in her conscious state, but it wasn't working. But with the shower of rain droplets from the sky she mumbled, "Armaan!!"

Armaan took a relaxed sigh and the pictures of the moments they shared with each other started revolving in front of his eyes as, when a thought stroke in his mind that what if he has lost her at that moment.

He was hardly an inch apart from Shilpa, who too was feeling the same pain with which, Armaan was dealing.  Armaan and Shilpa, both weren't in their senses and she parted her lips to inhale and he bridged the gap at which she cupped his cheeks in her hands and allowed him. They shared a soft but passionate kiss at that moment but with the immediate the cold breeze and the thunder, Shilpa came to her senses.

She widened her eyes and leaving his cheeks, tried to get herself free from the situation at which Armaan too realized the intensity of situation. He picked himself immediately and gave a hand to her, but she rejected and collecting herself, immediately ran inside.
Armaan kneeled down and hid his face in his palms with utter shock.

"Ye kya ho gaya mujhse?", he mumbled and his knees rooted on the floor.


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