Friday, 12 July 2019

AR Os : Betrayed by Trust!!

Saanse kho gayee hai kiski aahonmein main kho kho gayee hoon jaane kiski baahon mein……………..

(Playing in the background)

She slid down the rough brick wall, that scraped her visible back from the halter. Her ripped knee lenght skirt was now rising a little above her knees. Her tears reached down to her neck. Her sobs got louder when she realized what had just happened her eyes naturally got smaller and she stretched her memory back, winding it for 30 minutes before the present.

~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~• FLASHBACK •~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~

" Riddhima beta love come here dekho tumhaari shaadi paki ho gayee hai!" She made her step forward cautiously was ghat true bu she loved him she loved Armaan then why, this guy? He knew she loved Abhi then why Armaan why?

She elegantly placed her foot ahead I order not to show her discomfort. But ofcourse he knew it the Armaan Mallik knew her from the core of his heart. It's been five gears for gods sake he's been in love with her since long.

He finally got up the courage and take a step forward. He Invitdd her in and they made their way to his room in silence. She bravely spoke by saying, "nice room." But he sensed her awkwardness he knew she didn't like this one bit so he decided to ask her. "i know this is a bit fast for you so I wanted to ask you if you are alright with this marriage. There is no force from my side it's just that maybe you are not ready." She couldn't handle it any more she really qicly mumbled, " Ilovesomeoneelseandhelovesmetoopleasesaynotothismarraige!"

He knew what she said and he knew it very well and so he said okay she stared at him in awe and smiled he smiledback but she noticed the pain.

Somehow it pricked her heart inside bub she rubbed the thooght away and said thank you. In excitment she abruptly pulled him into a hug and said a thank yu again. A tear slid down his cheek but he managed to wipe it away. How could he be so foolish. She's preety cute how could someone not fall in love with her?

They broke the hug and he asked her," If you don't mind may I know who is the lucky one?" she answered bit one bit hesitant ," His name is Abhimanyu Mallik!"

His smile turned to anger and he relectantly replied," I know him and because I care I'm going to let you know be is not a good person even if he is my brother!"

Her smile vanished and she slapped him across the face. How dare he say anything about him like that, and what did he mean y brother. Just then realization struck her he was the Armaan Mallik Abhi kept on talking about: What he had done to him.

She rushed ou of the room and instantly called Abui. She tole him she is coming to his house in half an hour.

But due to no traffic she reached there in 15 minutes. Her heart was beating fast, for some reason she was afraid and her heart was pleading her to go back to Armaan where she felt safe in his arms. She couldn't believe what she felt and she imidietly ran into the house. Bit no one can run away from their own feelings and thoughts now can they. She entered the house and to her amazement it was open. She smiled because she knew he left it open for her. She didn't say anything as she bought she would surprise him but she had a surprise herself. He was screaming at someone. "Why are you here I didn't give you a second house key for that she's coming right now if she finds out that you and me are dating And that I'm cheating on her she will kill me. No to forget you know I'm doing this for her property. Come onjaan get out from here before she comes.

Riddhima was shocked but she didn't break down she quickly hid behind the kithen wall and she saw that B**** make her way out eight an evil smile. She was just about to leave when her skirt got caught I the drawer. She pulled it out and it ripped from the bottom.

~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~ END OF FLASHBACK ~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~

Now, there she lay on the wet ground with only the support of the brick wall. She mow realized how much she trusted him and what would have happened if she..........

No she could not let that happen. She jumped with fright when someone tapped her shoulder. She looked up to find him, Armaan without thinking she hopped upto her feet and embraced him.

They broke after along time and she said she is sorry. He replied that there is no need but thy both knew it wasn't the hug thy were referring to it was the slap.

The slap that changed their life. That slap which brought out the reality.

She smiled and he held her hand reasurringly a tear slid down her cheek and he being polite just wiped it away.

Somethings in life are mutual like theirs how silence could speak so much, and for them I was the start of a new begenning.

~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~ 2 YEARS LATER !!!!!!

" I love you Armaan, happy birthday"
" I love you too baby thanks for giving me the pleasure of your company on my special day and happy anniversary"

On his birthday to loved ones united because it was all because of him.


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