Monday, 15 July 2019


They adamantly filled the whole surrounding, with their roaring, thundererous noise. Father  called for them flickering eyes, through the veil of the ragged dark cloud mother. Running down like a naughty child, from the mother sky giggling, making atmosphere tinkle with it, Rains washed the streets of Mumbai. She stood there in the middle of the Secluded Ally, enjoying this family day out..oops!..night out. The road on the opposite side, which  was just a few while ago, drooping with the force of hundreds of bystanders, and gushing velocity of vehicles, now shown no signs or any clue of it, there was just a dirt pool gawking at this fragile, yet elegant pretty lady, who stood all mighty there, at the core centre of the shrunken road appearing similar to an ally, absolutely undazed by the horrendious torrential deluge around. The approaching shadows of Darkened dusk, along with the already pale sky made it nealy discomforting, for her to concentrate on the street. Try as hard, she couldn't find any destination, or corner to hide herself. This had reluctantly, made her follow the path she was on right now.

Water running down her entire slender, milky white figure wetting, and transpiring her silky pale- blue chudidaar,  hairs wet and dripping, causing to form ripples in the ground below, as they collided with it. She was there all alone, with not even a hint of  a living cell . Crossing her hands, around her, she waited there in sublime anxiousness, but still patient for a bus, to ride back home still there was a calm merrier look in her eyes, which indicated her Love and affection for the season and environment.

"God today is very important to me. I m going to take the most important decision of my life. Please mera saath dena!" She offered a silent prayer looking up at the showering sky.


A rust red Lamborghini  jerked, in front of her petite figure. The sharp polarising light, through the head-lights gave her a faded, yet clear view of the  road ahead now half immersed in approaching waters.

"Hey Riddhima!..What are you doing in the middle of  the road ??"Abhi the guy  mounted on his dry comfy seat of  closely-sealed  enquired. He just pulled the window glass shield half way for her to hear him.

"Come-on get in fast. It is so stinky  and dirty here," He wrinkled his nose.

Riddhima smiled, "Actually Abhi I m wet ,if I came in the car, I will ruin it and you don't have covers too."

"Oh ya!..You will mess my whole car.So..What now??How will we go for the Date??...I m so looking forward to it"....Abhi winked giving a devilish grin. Riddhima knew his intensions quite well now. She knew where she will land with him.

"Abhi, I think we should drop the idea...and about me.....You don't worry, I have already called Dad. He will be here in a while. So you may leave if you wish." Ridz said  acting innocently when actually, she was tempted to puch him really hard.

Abhi was a lil disappointed, but was relieved that atleast she wouldn't mess his seat, of his favourite  car.

"Ok! Fine . I will call you tommorow..We may go on some other day," Abhi probed chirpily..

"We will see Abhi," Bye.

"Bye," and he speed off ,without acknowledging ,that how it caused Riddhima's kurta to leash with dirt.

After  a few minutes.

"Hey Ridz,"...she saw a porshe stood beside her. A guy  called her from inside, lowering the glass covers.

"Hi Rahul." She smiled ,as she  continued playing with water trying, to fill her joint palms with them.

"What the hell is wrong with you?..... Come-on just get in the car. Why are you standing here? ..Couldn't you stand in that shed of the tree." He said pointing towards the tamrind tree at the otherside.Riddhima looked back, and then again turned her attension towards him as he continued.. "Look how drenched you are, and all this dirt covering you. Come in we need to go now."Rahul barked at her with his one-sided rapid fire.

"But Rahul,  I love Rains. How could I stand there just craving to enjoy it,"..Riddhima pouted.

"Enough Ridz!....Listen You don't know what's good and bad. Do you know if anyone discovers that Riddhima Gupta..Rahul's to-be Wife was caught standing at the middle of the road, acting childishly and playing in the damn rains with dirt and all over her. It is so disgusting..So L .S," He gave her a disgusted look." Now come on Get in Right Now!.".he commanded.

"Don't you dare shout at me Rahul. I m supposed to be  your To-be Wife. But I m not Your Wife Now!...So don't try to Boss me, flaunting your status, and regarding the marriage I m not Interested in living as your arm-candy to flaunt good bye. "

She turned her face other way and he drove off angrily without giving her a second glance.' Why should he..I can get many like her.Why should I beg her.'

Ridz stood there bitting her nails which now were gullitoned to the nail beds.  She was Riddhima Gupta- The Gupta heiress and the Only child of them.Her parents had given her an ultimatum to choose a guy for herself. They had selected Four guys, and had asked her to meet each one, and then give her consent about one of them atleast, so they could marry her. She protested only to get emotional blackmailed by them.

"FINE!!..I Will , " She finally gave in. She knew there was No escape Now..."But" ....she continued only to raise their blood-pressure, and lines of worry crossed their faces.".But what?"..".When, Where  and How we meet..I will decide that, and you'll won't interfere!"...she said cultly.

"Ok!.."Both agreed quite happily. Atleast their Daughter was ready to meet someone. She was 27 years almost, and still a spinster. She was their sole  daughter ,which caused them to worry about her,  as any other parents would. They just wanted the Best for their child, and so they had selected the most eligible bachelors for her from their social circle.

Riddhima was in a chiken-soup, she thought. She never wanted to get married to any alien random guy, and spend her entire life crying and self-sympathising..but she loved her parents too much  to dis-obey them. Moreover, she knew that they always wanted the best for her. She never had any guy in her that was ok with her.....but the main problem was how was she supposed to know, who was the best for her to submit her life in the name of his love.

After a lot jerking and banging head too, she couldn't think of any solution. To top it all it was the Gravity of the situation ,which caused a turbulance in her. Trying to escape those mind-boggling thoughts she ,settled herself in her balcony with her favourite Authors poem. It was ironical how she, had always found answers to all the questions in her life, in those simple words and emotions of it. She had always a habbit of jumping on Random pages while reading and relishing it. Today however she came across this one-The Last Bargain-By Rabindranath Tagore. Yes he was her Favourite writter and poet. As she lost herself in it's magnetic charm savoring it, her worries left her and she, almost suddenly discovered her answer once again today, as she had always found them.

Though the writter writes something in his own way and state of mind, It always has a different meaning and impact on every individual who Reads it. There are many who come close to what the author or the poet wants to convey..but the others who don't also find a different meaning or emotion in it. Later was the case with her today. She had read this one many-a-times before but today, it was appealing to her in an absolutely new Light. It gave here a solution, to her for a problem , which was hardly related yet nothing sound more to be aquainted than the one.

 It was simple , and there was no chance any one would Suspect what was going on any way except her. So now Riddhima, had to impliment it, and she choose a Rainy day, called all three of them to meet her at the same place ..The fourth was already chucked by her. She had been a spectator to his henious acts in a night club earlier.Today she had called all of them to meet her, knowing quite well how the rains had devastated the whole city  by pouring continiously, within equal intervals since yesterday. Moreover, weather reports reveiled, that there was no interception or thwart  till the next two days. This was the Best oppurtunity for her to impliment her plan ,she knew.

 It was utterly Childish and Crazy she knew..But there was nothing which she, found more convincing than this. She specified the time interval  of  15 minutes difference for each one. Her plan worked. At least for the two. The third one probably din't turn out. How irresponsible, she thought.The irony of the fate was she, hadn't even seen him or met him personaly as the other three from the lot. He was a Delhi-based Buisness man and an MBA from IIM  just a couple of months older to Riddhima, her mother had informed her. Armaan Mallik,  had gained all the luxarious and success in life without any decending fortune from his forefathers on his shoulders, he was a self-made man ,as many of the articles announced.  Apart from that she, also found her ma's inclination towards him more than any of the other perspective grooms. This even made her , a little excited to meet Him. Afterall it wasn't easy to please her 'Ma' so easily for a guy and that too from an altogether  different generation.

' I think he won't be turning up today.Oh no! Ab iske liye ek aur plan. But....Pa ne toh mujhe do din ke dead line de hai. What Now?' she worried.

 As the night approached, with it's blak blanket covering the Earth from the bright lit sun-rays , she stood there hugging her body clattering her teeth shiveringly,curling her fingers in a fist she, was now decending her feelings from enthusiasm and acending restlessness, and tired. Like a hungry cheshire cat pouncing on it's prey, the cold caught her in it's icy arms.


Riddhima almost jumped out of her skin, as she saw a mercedes, speeding her way ,and was about to collide with her. She,  on a sinking impulse shut her eyes tightly, half expecting her last few minitutes in this World.

A few seconds passed and she felt nothing. Gradually she opened her eyes to find herself staring in a pair of Blue eyes.

"Hi!...Riddhima?" A guy spoke in a baritone, which sounded in sink ,with the gushing rains almost tugging her out of her partialy dazed state.

"H..Hi!..she tried to see his face clearly. The lack of light made it quite impossible again.

"I m Armaan ."

'He is here?...Oh!  Thank God.' She sighed this time with relief, to have some aquaintence with her on this now looking feary,horrendious street.. May be it was not that full-proof idea to impliment the plan during Night.

She again shivered, as a breeze of cold air passed by causing her wet frame to feel icy-cold.

She blinked, as she found a hand on her shoulder. Her cold skin came in contact with his wet still, warm hands.It felt as if, a current ran down her whole body producing ripple effect. Before she could doubt his intensions he had pulled his hands back and she found his jacket hung around her shoulders providing  her the much needed warmth. She instantly snuggled in it pulling it more close.

"Thanks! "she spoke softly to find him nod.

"I m sorry I m late. Actually  I was stuck somewhere."

"It's OK. "She smiled.

"Can I drop you Home? Umm.... If you don't mind."

"Hmm. "

Nodding, she made her way towards his car, as he lead her. Smiling he opened the door for her.

"Umm..I m Wet....Your seat? "She asked as he joinded her on the driver seat.

"No problem. If you haven't noticed My clothes are also not quite dry." He chuckled assuring her.

She almost skipped a beat, as she saw his dimpled smile along with his tall frame and  handsome face  in the light for the first time. He was really a very handsome man. She blushed, as she thought that he could be hers.

"So you Like Rains?"..he asked trying to strike a conversation.

"I love them.' She smiled  with twinkle in her eyes, trying to convey her answer through it.

 He gazed at her, adoring her happiness, and smiled back at her.

"So you know why we are here?" Armaan asked.


"Did you like me?" He asked with a seriousness.

"I wouldn't be sitting here with you if I din't." She answered Blushing a bit surprised at herselfs. He smiled a satisfied smile.

 It was clear that he liked her even before he met her actually. It was the affection and love he received from Riddhima's Parents especially, her mom that made him confident, that she would be as lovable as her parents. And, today when he saw her on the street, in the pouring rain with his cars headlights centering on her frame, he could have sworn, he had never found someone as beautiful and preety as her. Armaan, was sure that she was the only one for him.

 She looked outside avoiding his gaze, observing the suddenly calm sky . Gone were all the rains and the sky was now starlit in the Twilight, how well did it reflected her life. Gone were all the hinderances and her heart lit with the company of him-Her Choosen one. Yes she had choosen him. Him who  took her for nothing. Neither with his Power, Money..nor Artificial fake Beauty?he asked her for nothing and she did gave in.



The End of the shot and Begining of THEM!

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