Tuesday, 23 July 2019

AR os : One Encountered Moment

"Ridhima" she turned around to face her best friend running towards her. "Wait for me" ridhima shook her head.

"Like I have a choice" Ridhima whispered quietly to herself as she watched her best friend Muskaan run over towards them.

Ridhima put her bag around her neck and onto the other side of her. Her eyes glittered in delight as she watched amazement the clouds pass by. Today was going to be the day, finally ridhima thought quietly.

"Excited?" Muskaan murmured beside her, as they both took their respective sets the car, Ridhima just nodded to Muskaan words. "Why do you want to go watch this thing again?"

Ridhima gaped at her for a second and then rolled her eyes at Muskaan glaring reflection in the mirror. "Because it's one of the most amazing concertos being played"

"It's just a bunch of geeks playing an instrument!" which then was rewarded by a slap from Ridhima on Muskaan's arm. "Ouch" she exclaimed.

"Say another word about them and you'll get no Rahul for a week!" Ridhima grinned devilishly as she blackmailed Muskaan, she knew that Muskaan had a crush on Rahul since they were 15, and now 6 years later, nothing changed. "You don't have the guts to talk to him muski; if you did then you would be dating by now"

Muskaan groaned from the passenger seat, as they passed through the spring-full trees, the leaves were starting to rise again, unlike how winter passed, snow and more snow here in London, but now it looked like everything was getting back to normal.

"Ridhima, you promised that I and Rahul would meet every day, even if you have to lock him up in a room with me" Muskaan winged, while ridhima poked her tongue out to her.

Ridhima laughed. "It's called payback Muskaan, now you'll watch this concerto with me or else-"

"Okay Fine"

They both pushed out their respective doors, Ridhima made sure that she locked the car, as she walked into the huge stadium. Well more like an auditorium, people had already started to crowd around the London's biggest halls. The room was surrounded with red and gold material, around the tops of the auditorium, and some dangling from the stage. The huge stage stood in the middle, with a lot of stands of music already there and a beautiful gold piano standing in the middle. Red roses were covering each and every corner, making it even more gorgeous.

"Someone went a little overboard" Muskaan muttered quietly under her breath, unfortunately heard by ridhima. "What?" she said innocently.

Ridhima shook her head, as they took their seats on the third row. She watched as the time clicked on, waiting desperately to watch this.

"I swear riddz, this better be good" Muskaan said angrily. "I could be at my house, with a pair of binoculars, peeping into your brother; rahul's bedroom"

Ridhima groaned at her sentence. "God Muskaan, I don't want to know what you do during your spare time" she smirked slightly. "And who knows maybe Rahul likes coming to concertos"

"Yeah right" Muskaan smirked. "I know your brother more than you know him"

"Stalker" Ridhima said softly into Muskaan's ear, who just smiled back at her. The auditorium started to fill up, there were people sitting right in front of them. Most were business peoples, or very classy upper class students or families. "I can't wait" Ridhima clapped her hands together as the curtains closed in front of them and the whole hall turned black.

"Can't believe you've dragged me into this" Muskaan mumbled. "Shhh" Ridhima whispered back to her annoyed at the disturbance.

The curtains rose as a flow of soft music started to occur, ridhima closed her eyes in the sweet sensation, hearing the soft sound of the piano tripling along the lines, the soft sound of flutes and recorder playing the soft harmony along the lines of the piano. Lovely soft trickles of the piano jumping from one note to another, while the higher notes of the trombone and trumpet started to fill the arena. Suddenly the music coming to a soft stop-

"Is is over yet?" Ridhima turned around to see Muskaan's head in her palms as her eyes were feeling droopy.

Ridhima shook her head as she now finally looked up to see the musicians, and at that very moment she caught her breath, her eyes were shocked opened, her mouth hung opened, she felt her chest started to heave up and down. Panting, panting for air.

"Riddz?" Muskaan said nudging Ridhima softly, but Ridhima made no move, nor did she blink as the music started to get louder. "Ridhima?" Muskaan followed Ridhima's gaze and was come to a beautiful stop. The Piano Man

"Oh My God" Ridhima let out a gush of air. As she watched the beautiful man behind the piano facing towards them, he was so aroused in his music that he didn't even look up. But how could Ridhima not notice this? Ridhima noticed his deep blue eyes gazing down onto his fingers as he played the beautiful melody, the way his head moved from side to side taking in the song he was playing. Ridhima then caught her breath seeing his features, those beautiful features she said to herself. His hard jaw that moved along softly, she could feel herself getting bolder and hot underneath all her clothes. She noticed how he closed his eyes every time the note went up high or the fact that his lips were pursed close.

"His lips!" Ridhima sighed as she watched his tongue dart out and run across his bottom lip, she closed her eyes feelings a pleasure starting to occur in her body, goose bumps running down her arms and then the shiver which caused her back to jump up.

Ridhima looked at Muskaan who was blinking again and again as her eyes were stuck on Mr Piano Man. "His mine" Ridhima said confidently, as she received Muskaan curious glance. "You've got Rahul, so please let me look at this guy?" Ridhima asked, as Muskaan just grinned and leaned back. While Ridhima stared at the Piano Man again, her eyes not leaving his dazzling face, her eyes lingered longer on his beautiful features.

"Is is wrong to describe a guy as beautiful?" Ridhima asked loud.

Muskaan leaned in closer. "Not if that is the beautiful guy. God riddz, look at those eyes and those fingers" Ridhima moaned softly. "You know what they say about Piano fingers" She bit her cheek to stop herself from groaning out loud.

"Hell ya" she muttered as time passed by, within 2 hours, Muskaan had fallen asleep on the side of Ridhima's shoulder, while ridhima's eyes hadn't moved an inch from the beautiful man in front of her.

Suddenly she heard an announcement. "This is the last piece, I hope you all like it" Ridhima was shocked from the core; she had finally heard his voice, that smooth slick surreal voice, that could have women dripping at his feet, if he wanted. Ridhima closed her eyes and let her drown in the luxurious music, it was Yiruma – Rives flows in you, it was a beautiful piece that was composed by Yiruma, and this beautiful man playing it had Ridhima hot and bothered within seconds.

Ridhima watched as her eyes came into his own, like he was watching her, like he knew who she was. Ridhima blushed thinking that she may have got caught gaping at this stranger. But it didn't feel wrong, she slowly looked up and saw his eyes looking at her, his fingers still playing the music, but his eyes playing havoc to Ridhima's heart. Slowly the music started to come to a fazing end, dripping off into a different world. Claps and whistles had surrounded the moment, as all the musicians stood up and bowed, however Ridhima's eyes were struck upon the young man, who looked like he was in his early twenties, she watched as he came from behind his piano and stood in the middle of the stage, dressed in a pair of dark jeans and a beautiful red shirt, the first 3 buttons undone, showing out his masculine chest.

She still didn't move her eyes, her smile widened as she saw him bow and give a cheeky smile out to the audience, as she heard the females around the room swoon quietly, talking about him. Whispering, he looked so beautiful. His eyes met Ridhima's, while Ridhima just looked down and bit her lip softly. Within seconds the lights turned on and the curtains closed. Disappointment filled ridhima's brain.

"Muski?" Ridhima shook Muskaan, who startled and sat up right away.

"Who, what, what happened?" Muskaan said quickly, looking like she was in shock. "Where did Rahul go?" Ridhima laughed at Muskaan, shaking her head. "What? We were really getting into the action, did you have to wake me up?"

"Urg, Muskaan, some things you don't tell your crush's sister" Ridhima moaned as she turned around gazing at the curtain. She wanted HIM. The Piano Man

They both walked out, Ridhima sighed annoyed with herself, she closed her eyes trying to push out the picture of him but all she thought about was him. She smiled thinking about his beautiful blue eyes.

"Piano Man?" Muskaan asked, clearly amused, while ridhima just pouted and nodded. "Wah, Ridhima, never thought you'll ever be Love Drunk"

Ridhima laughed. "I'm Not in love, it's just, him" she sighed again. They both reached at their car, while ridhima turned around one last time, she didn't know why but she felt empty, like she was missing something.

"Go Inside" Muskaan commanded, while ridhima looked at her confused. "You might get a chance to meet him, if you want to" Ridhima smiled and without any hesitation she ran into the auditorium again.

"Good luck" she heard Muskaan's voice drifting away as she ran inside quickly, hoping that she could catch him or even just finds out his name.

"Please be here, please be here" Ridhima chanted that mantra in her head, as she was lead into an empty auditorium, the people had left very quickly, the instruments and music sheets were all gone from the stage, while ridhima tried to looked around. She heard a Bus leaving from the outside and as she ran through the back door she saw the Banner of the Music bus leaving, everyone was in there, even him.

"No" Ridhima squealed as she watched the bus leave the arena and into the main road. Ridhima hung her head, as she walked into the auditorium again, her eyes started to prick, only if she found his name. "Piano Man" she whispered.


Ridhima's eyes lifted up within seconds, and the moment she looked up she was spellbound, her eyes were shimmering with delight. Her brain was screaming at her, her mind was filled with a million questions. "Your- You're here?" Ridhima said unsure of herself at the moment, could she have been dreaming?

His laughter echoed the empty room; his eyes were filled with amusement. "Yes beautiful i'm here" He started walking towards her. "So very beautiful" he whispered, Ridhima lowered her head down at his statement.

"Don't hide that beautiful blush from me" he gently lifted her chin put using his index finger, ridhima shivered at his touch, her eyes rolled back into her head as she felt his other hand come up and caress her cheek.

"Armaan, Armaan Malik" he whispered into her ear, ridhima jumped up as she felt his lips come in contact to the side of her ear, and slowly trickling its way down her jaw, while ridhima kept her eyes shut the whole time. "What's your name beautiful?" Armaan whispered onto her lips, Ridhima shut her eyes tighter, feelings his hot breath touch her lips. "Or should i just call you beautiful?" he asked gently pressing his lips on the side of her cheek.

"Ridhima" Ridhima whispered quietly, as she felt Armaan's lips linger longer than ever. She closed her eyes feelings the beautiful moment pass by, ridhima clutched her fingers into a fist, but then she felt her fingers being moved by a hand, and then interlocked with another pair of fingers.

"You Look beautiful Ridhima" Ridhima gasped feelings Armaan's hands playing with her own fingers. "I saw you ridhima-" she opened her eyes looking at him confused. "-When you came in here, i was behind the arena, and i saw you, looking as beautiful as ever. And when you're eyes were struck on me during the whole performance, do you know how hard it was for me to keep myself from getting distracted?" she threw her head back as she felt armaan's lips linger down her throat. "I even missed a whole proportion of music, because i was distracted by your lips" her breath was caught in her throat, as she felt armaan's fingers part between her lips.

"I.... I'm sorry" ridhima shuttered. But closed her eyes as she heard armaan chucked beside her, his lips moved up her throat, kissing and sucking the small fathom of skin.

Armaan tugged onto her earring. "But you aren't, i can see you aren't sorry, because you played with me. Sucking that beautiful lower lip" ridhima pulled her lip into her teeth. "Your eyes boring into mine, did it occur to you, how much you were playing with me?" ridhima closed her eyes as she heard his husky voice, and then moaned loudly as he took in her ear lobe softly, tugging it with his tongue.

"My eyes never left you, beautiful Ridhima" Armaan looked up to see ridhima's eyes gazing back at him, filled with lust and something else. "May I?" armaan asked, making ridhima even more confused as he brought his finger to her lip. "May I kiss you?" he asked again.

"Armaan" ridhima moaned as she felt his sexy voice undoing her at the moment. "Please" that was all the encouragement armaan needed.

Armaan lips pressed softly against ridhima, his moved it slowly taking in her bottom lip, caressing it with his own. Ridhima moaned into his mouth, opening it for armaan to jump in, as he tongued his own tongue with her own, they both fought for dominance and then went lost into immense pleasure. Ridhima pulled onto his hair bringing him closer, but not close enough, while armaan hugged his fingers around her perfect waist, pulled and tugging onto them.

They both pulled away breathing desperately. "You've drove me mad Piano Man" ridhima mumbled as she hid into his arm. She relaxed into his arm after the most amazing kiss of her life.

"Mine" armaan said out loud, as ridhima looked up. He softly took her lips into his own again, messaging them carefully with one another.

Ridhima blushed as she hugged him tighter. "I don't do this every day" ridhima said, trying to explain herself, but was stopped.

"Neither do i beautiful" armaan said kissing the top of her head. "I know we've done this the opposite way round. But would you go out with me?"

Ridhima opened her mouth to answer when she heard her name being called, they both turned around to see a very embarrassed Muskaan. "Sorry" she mumbled and turned to leave, giving ridhima a wink which just made armaan chuckle.

"Where were we?" ridhima asked. "Oh yes, I would love to go out with you Piano Man"

It was those 3 words that saved my life.
It wasn't complicated, wasn't pre-meditated.
To you I'm dedicated.
Lets go ahead and say it...

I love you...
i love you...
i love you...
you are the love of my life.


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