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AR OS : What Made me fall for you!!

MUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! screamed a 21 year old as it was early morning on a Monday!

"Mummy dekho na iss duffer fir se uutha diya subha subha!" The girl blasted again.

"Hello Hello, duffer kis ko bolti hain" A strange grey eyed boy about 22 relpied with a frown upon his face!

"Armaan, Riddhima subha subha jhagda shuru ho gaya tum dono ka?" A women said.

"Mama, iss Armaan ne fir se mere sir pe paani dala" Riddhima complained

Then out of nowhere Armaan laughed looking at the enraged Riddhima and mostly at her hairstyle..

"Arre iss ko kya hua.....?" Riddhima asked with a horrified expression because of his way of laughing. Armaan took her in front of the mirror to explain himself and that is when Riddhima had started giggling and all three were having the time of their lives! When Armaan looked at the time and shouted..........

" RIDDHIMA...... zara time ko toh dekho hume 10:00 baje pohochna hai anaat ashram varna aaj hamari dhulai pakki!

"Main abhi tayyaar ho ke aati hoon tum jayo gadi le kar aao!"

Armaan obidiently followed her orders and left for the car.

15 minutes later they were at the anaat ashram and you see they are gathered around by kids as one kid asked, "Almaan bhaiya aap aur Liddhima di kab miley aur kaise??"

Armaan and Riddhima were looking at eachother and started to explain......................

FLASHBACK *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~~
In 3rd person perspective:

You find a girl in a crowed college infact the best college of Delhi ,Maurya Medical Institute, You see her engrossed in that book she is reading when all of a sudden **THUD** she bumps into someone very strong she is prepared for a hard landing she new she was going to land on the marble tiled floors but when she didn't, she was amazed at the distance between her and the ground it was about 1 foot and wondered how is that possible unless gravity has given up then it.......... just when she looked up she found her self being stared at she was feeling insecure but secure at the same time like he is someone she knows from a long long time, when she looked into the deep grey eyes she was stunned like time has stopped the other people moving around have frozen and it was only them, the two of them she felt the stranger raise his hand to push away the strand of hair that was blocking her view or shall I say his view of her creme courled skin and the pure shade of blue eyes...........................................they both snapped back to reality the girl which you've probably guessed it is our one and only Riddhima shot up and said, "I'm sorry I wasn't watching where I was going" the man followingly said, " Oh no I'm sorry I was lost in my self, by the way I'm Armaan Mallik second year and you are......?" "Riddhima , Riddhima Gupta" she replied, " So coffee?" " Sure why not!"

They were at the Edward Stone Cafe (it is made up) you could see they are having a great time laughing and sharing hobbies .................. " Mujhe Sky diving bohut pasand hain aur romantic movies I love shahid kapoor in Vivah he is so sweet and cute in that movie have you seen how awesome that movie was and did you see it and Shahrukh in Dilwaale Dulhania Le Jaayenge that scene at the end where he says that kay hua agar woh ladka tumhe deewaano ki tarah pyaar karta hai it made me want to jump up and give him a tight hug oh and that old movie Love Story was just fantastic and..............." she was disturbed at the way Armaan was looking at her he was completey dissolved in her " Kya hua? Aise kyun dekh rahe ho" siad Riddhima puzzuled " Nahi kuch nahi" he answered Riddhima looked at the time and said " Armaan it is getting very late and I'll have to go" " Oh that's fine we'll meet tommorow at the theater 2:00 ka show hai Love Aaj Kal no no's okay" " par Armaan" " I said no no's" "okay fine"

Over the week they had become great friends they were always together movies disco's malls ghar pe ek dusre ke aur college ke canteen ko bhi nahi chod te thay!

One day there happened to be a call that Riddhima had recieved from armaan meet me at hollows Hall at 9:00 p.m. sharp aur dress up!

It had almost been one year to their friendship and Riddhima was very happy with her and his relationship she was wondering what was going to happen now! Armaan was always giving her surprises so she was ready but it wasn't any special day today which made her worry!

As she entered the place she was kept in pitch darkness "Armaan" she called frightened with no reply she was starting to get teary eyes "Armaan" she called out again but all her efforts went in vain and suddenly she was blinded by a ray of light shining up above of her she was amazed at how high the ceiling was and importantly she realized she was standing on rose petals she saw her elagant white sari and the red matched perfectly. Another ray of light shot from above and revealed an beautiful round table, set with navy blue rose petals (there are such things) and red chairs with white candles and then again a red table cloth it was just what she always wanted!! What she dreamed of she had shared this dream with Armaan and no wonder he did this she just wished he was going to propose she would finally be living her dream with the love of her life!


2 Weeks ago

Dear Diary, Monday December 14th

Aaj maine Armaan ko Maya ke saath dekha mujhe pata nahi kyun itna bhura laga aisa kyun hota hain? Maine aisa kabhi feel nahi kiya Armaan ke liye asia kyun lagta hain ke main sirf uuske baare mein hi sochti hoon? kyun har waqt mujhe uuske hi khayal aate hai? Mujhe kyun bhura lagta hai agar woh kisi aur ladki ke baare mein baat karta hai? Kyun main love stories padhte padhte uuska chehra meri aankhon ke saamne aajata hai? Kya yahi pyar hai? Nahi pyar toh nahi ho sakta, lekin yeh sab uuske hi symptoms hai yaar main personal life mein bhi doctor ke connection kar rahi hoon, but I think .....I think I am in Love.............Yes I love Him ...........I LOVE ARMAAN!

Back To Flashback! (Orignal)

The music from Fashion Kuch Khaas Started playing and a shadow appeared from behind the table Riddhima smiled when hios face came in clear view he was a wearing a white shirt with a his orignal ripped baggy jeans you could say he was looking very appealing , sexy!

He came upto her and said," Riddhima tumne mujhe saari khushiyaan de di yaahan aake tumhe pata nahi hai main kitna nervous hoon tumhe yeh baatane ke lye ki itna nervous tabh bhi nahi that jab maa aur paapa ka divorce ho raha main bas yeh kehna chaata tha ki jabs maine tumhe dekha hai mujhe sirf tumhaara khayaal aate hai aakhen bandh karoon to tumhaara chehra aate hai aur tna bhi ke jab main book padh ta hoon toh tumhaara chehra hi dikhai deta hai aur mujhe yeh kal pata chala ki......................................................... he was interupted by Riddhima's soft sudden lips pressing against his as he realized what this meant he escatastically kissed her back the passion between them two was erupting the two were finally together. They released from eachother's girp and Riddhima was blushing badly,"Oye Hoye!" Armaan said, "Tum blush karte hue toh kuch zyada hi khoobsurat lagti ho!" Riddhima hid her face in his chest out of embarresment he hugged her back while saying," I Love You Riddhima" " I Love You Too Armaan,Armaan jab tumne Maya ke baare mein batayaa tab mujhe bohut bhura laga tabh hi mujhe pataa chal gaya tha ki main tumse pyar karne kagi hoon! Tumhe mere baare mein kya accha laga?" " Bataadoon?" He teased her," Bataao" "Bataadoon?" " Ab bata bhi do" " Thik ab tum itna insist karti ho toh main bataa hi deta hoon ki mujhe tumhaari aankein bohut pasand hai pehli baar jab maine tumhe dekha tab mujhe nasha ho gaya tha tumhaari aankhoon se itni khoobsurat ankhein maine pehli baar dekhi thi mujhe laga ki yeh sab toh sirf bahhaari khoobsurati hai issliye maine tumhe coffee pe bulayaa sochaa tumhe acchi tarha se jaanloo fir maine realize kiya ki tum itni bhi bhuri nahi ho aur fir hum acche dost ban gaye sur mujhe tum acchi lagne lagi aur jab bhi tum uss Rahul ki baat karti thi merra khoon khaul ne lagta tha mujhe bohut jalan hoti thi uss se tabhse maine tayy kar liya ki main tumhaare saath har waqt rehne vaala tha aur maine tumhe kissi aur ladke ke baare me sochne hi nahi doonga fir maine socha lekin mujhe kya hai agar tum kissi aur ke baare me soch ti ho toh then I realized I'm in love that I'm in in love with you!" He finished.

"Armaan",Riddima said "Hmm......... I love You and I just don't say that I love you I mean that and it's because of how you are I really mean it and you are the world for me!" Armaan was sincerely staring at her face understanding what she was trying to say and followed," Riddhima, I promise main tyumhe kabhi kabhi dukh nahi doonga aur kabhi bhi yeh beautiful aankhoon mein aasoon nahi aane doonga aur bas itna bata doon that you mean the universe for me not world!" He finished and Riddhima simpley just hugged him and the two became one forever the lived life and enjoyed the company of the eachother for 5 years until little Ryan came in their life followed by Ria! They were like a fairytale couple they lived happily ever after!


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