Sunday, 14 July 2019

ArSh Os : ek Duje ke Vaste!!!

Kuch pyaar ki daastaon mein aisa bhi hota hai ki pyaar ki emhiyat tab pata chalti hai jab bohut der ho chuki hoti hai……. Lekin iss ki koi aur vajaa bhi ho sakti hai…….. bas vishwaas, samajhdaari, aur pyaar ki zaroorat hai…………. Phir apna past, majbooriyaan aur problems toh kya bhawaan khud bhi in dono ko juda nahi kar saktaaa………. Kyunki pyaar duniyaa pe nahi chalti………… duniyaa pyaar pe chalti hai……….. TOH ………………. Jaa…………………….. JEE LE………………………. Ek duje ke saath ke sahaare……………………. Ek Duje Ke Vaaste………………………..

Saasein kho gayyi hai kiski aahon mein main kho gayyi hoon jaane kiski baahon mein
Manzillon se raahein doondhti chali, main kho gayyi kho gayyi jaane kahin raahon mein…….

She sat there plainly. Numb from all the thoughts evading her mind. Now she had to pick from two, two very beloved things to her, two most important things to her. One was her family's love that she has been longing for all these years of her life. Those painful years she spent in an orphanage without any warmth or love from what you call a dad or mom. HECK…. She hardly knew if these were meant for her. Until, one hopeful day she saw him…. Her love on a rainy day while trying to help a few kids in the storm she had hit him with her rod. Through these circumstances she giggled. She still remembered how he was pissed at first but forgave her later on. Her smile vanished directly after knowing the truth. He was her so – called EX Jiju. How she wished he could be hers forever. How she could be his forever. How she wished they could be each others. How she wished………

But…. She had to face reality, she couldn't marry him, she couldn't tell him how much she cared for him. She couldn't tell him that if no one else cares for his well being she does. If he thinks ki kisi ko uski khushie ya ghamm se faraq nahi padta, usko padta hai.

She couldn't do it anymore she had to decide. Armaan or her sister, Riddhima. She chuckled again, it is funny that these to names weren't ever said apart. It was always Armaan – Riddhima, never said a part. She wondered how Armaan – Shilpa would sound. OLD? Mysterious? Perfect? Yes, perfect was what she settles with, just perfect.

She closed her eyes once more to think of what she wants. His pictures flashed in front her. A full slideshow. Even though she tried there weren't any pictures of her family that fit in, not one. She had gotten her answer. She had to go tell him, even if he didn't reciprocate those feelings.

She entered Sanjeevani in a rush and headed straight to the recreation room. And there he was sitting on the stool with his head placed in his hands. She almost skipped a beat as she saw him in his black undershirt. His broad frame was heavenly appealing.

She walked up to him and whispered, "Armaan" and once she said that his head shot up. He stood up gradually taking the support of his punching bag and looked her straight in the eye. All she saw was pure hatred, and anger. Even through his swollen red teary eyes she could figure out his feelings for her and so she decided to turn around and just leave.

Before, she could even slide a mille meter behind his chest was pressed hard against hers.

He had hugged her, hugged her so tight no allowing dust to pass through. She was dumbfounded for a while. She sensed security importantly she sensed LOVE. She gave in and clung onto him, and cried. She cried and cried and cried. He shed his tears as well. All that was there was love. She couldn't think of any words to say.

After they pulled away a huge smile was set on his face, a smile of satisfaction and pure LOVE!

" I Love You" was all he managed to utter in that heartwarming husky voice.

Her smile reached up to her eyes and she placed her lips on his tender ones. They both savoured each other for what felt like just mere seconds but it was actually 5 minutes. They broke apart for their breathes and he pulled her in an embrace again.

A gentle one this time.

"When you said you are leaving me forever I died, I died Shilpa, I died, I died all over AGAIN, when Riddhima left me it didn't even hurt that much then when you said those frightening words. Shilpa, don't you dare even think about that gain, co this time I literally will, d……" He said interrupted with her finger on lip.

"I'll NEVER leave you, coz you what? If I leave I also die, I can't live without Armaan. Shilpa dies if there is no Armaan." She spoke stuttering.

"And Armaan dies without Shilpa." He muttered.

He kissed her once again, with all his pent up emotions for the past 3 months. All he felt, all she felt was emersed in that liplock of two soulmates.

They lived happily TOGETHER! Ek Duje Ke Liye!!


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