Monday, 29 July 2019

Chapter 1: Alone in this World??

Once, not to long of a time ago there lived a charming, little girl who would soon grow into a royal, rich princess. The odd thing was she was all balled up as she was crying with her hair blowing in the cool winter breeze and her white skin tight t-shirt drenched with tears. We see the king in his late 20's being carried past her. You could see the dark circles around the handsome man's eyes and you could easily make out the stains of tears and exactly where they stopped, something was not right. "In the honor of the king I shall announce his will" says a court man from across the lawn. "The only demand on the will is that all his property and rights will be passed onto his daughter and until she is 16 the duke will take care of it" the man continues.


Sixteen years later in the town of Markham

You see a young, beautiful woman sitting in front of an elegant, mirror. Through the reflection of the mirror you see the gorgeous, wide, honey-brow n eyes sparkling in the dim light of the marvelous crystal chandelier. Her long, silky, and straight hair reaching down to her lower back swings as she smiles flashing a set of perfect teeth glistening in the sunlight. Again, for some odd reason there was something missing from that exceptionally beautiful face. The face which, anyone could look at and stay staring. It was solemn. "Riddhima" came a sound from somewhere nearby. "Coming" she replies with a hint of excitement. Riddhima steps forward with grace, complementing her blood, red dress rising just a little bit under her ankles. Running she reaches her bedroom door. Just then does realization strike her, it wasn't her they were calling, and it was just someone calling their daughter at the park below her window. She smiles seeing the duo of the father and daughter as he picked his darling daughter up spinning her around in the mid air as if there was no one around, as if there was no worry in the world. Suddenly, her eyes travel across the park to where a cute couple was sitting sharing their ice cream. Now you know the missing glow from the face, she felt lonely, she had no one to look after, she had no one who would love her unconditionally and look after her, not even her father. A tear slides down her cheek as she walks back to her table where, she continues writing in her dairy. Her face has unevenly drained its colour as she picks up her pen and dips it in the ebony black ink.


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