Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Chapter 1 : Obsessed...

"Mom, I am Off too work, Aree Chachu app?" the guy passes his briefcase to a well-dress driver, who moved out of the house with it."Kase hain?" the guy, embraced a man around 40 – 45 years old. "Mai theek hoon Arman. Tum suno Kesa hou? Aur kesa Chal raha hai Tumhara Business." Billy spoke, brother of Arman Malik's father. "Everything is going awesome, but Chachu I have to go right away -" looking at his wrist watch "My meeting is probably gonna start any moment" he added.

"Ok Ok... off you go – but we gonna have a long chat in evening" pause "Promise Chachu" Arman added and went away after giving a tight hug to Billy and then planting a small kiss on her mom's forehead and rushing out. After a final good bye.


"Hello, Raj ? Yea coming just on my Way – say the delegates to wait – I be there in few minutes..." Arman spoke, while settling in the car – and hinting the driver to move on quick through hand. "Raj, do stand out of the hotel with the file – I want to review it once more before talking to them" pause, smiling while hearing the person Raj, speaking on the other end. "Sorry Raj, u again caught me Man, seriously last night, I went for a date – mom fixed me up for you know marriage and all; well then I came late and that's what the result is." Arman ended his daily banter.

"Kaka, drive karoo jaldi – warnaa Yea mera P.A Raj naa, Mera khunna karde ga..." Arman kept a hand over the phone, and spoke to his old shabby – white hair driver, who smiled back through the front mirror"Acha, Raj chal bore mat krr ! Araha hoon. Bye." Arman some how cut the call "Acha kaka, Simran app ki beti ki shaadi hogai naa acha saa?" Arman spoke up to his driver while texting some one, through phone.

"Haan, beta – sabb app ki waja sae..." Driver was interrupted by Arman "Ohho Kaka, ab bass karo ronaa – aur jaldi chalo mjha late ho raha hai..." Arman softly stops him from thanking him. While the driver passed a genuine smile.

"OH SHIT KAKA …................."

Thud Thud thud

His car turned and twisted – rolled off the road, upside down. Everything, turned silent – Arman and his driver were hanged off, head over leg. Somehow the driver and soon, Arman got conscious about the surrounding and saw the petrol leaking. "kaka …. huma nikalnaa hoga – its leaking..." Arman spoke, while coming out through the broken glass of his window - "Ahhh..." he shouted in anguish as one piece pierced his waist and then making a cut over his knee and a last over his leg.

"Kaka... hatth Dou time nahi haai" Arman spoke, dragging, limping across the car in pain towards the driver seat. "Arman beta hum nahi bach payegan..." Kaka cried. "Kaka, Please -" Arman pleaded and pulled the door to open up – got more angry as he saw the back bonnet of car, lightening up with a slow flame. He Pulled the door hard and took hold of the driver and pulled him out – while the car was on fire soon.... Arman himself was injured to help the driver; when few people came up to him and helped him out while taking hold of the driver and some helping Arman – when they heard a loud shriek off people as the car blown off in the air.


"Billy bhai shahab" Arman's mom shouted, as she saw the headline on T.v with an headline

"Arman Malik, the owner Of Mallik industry – the Only heir; is taken to hospital 'Sanjeevani' as he faced a severe accident – for more details, stay tuned."

"Naina bhabhi, app fikar matt karo... chalo hum hospital chalta hain..." billy was just about get hold of the keys when they showed, the clip of Arman limping with few people and his car blown off – this made them both rush off the house in a black Mercedes.


"Arman Malik???" Billy slightly banged the reception "Room 243 Sir" Reception replied politely... while Naina, Arman's mom rushed behind Billy

"Arman" Billy flipped and opened the door harshly... "please Stay out...!" Dr shouted. And the nurse took the both hurdle family member out.... "Dr.s we have to make quick analysis.... Dr. Riddimaa and Dr. Rahul from face to waist line ! Stitch him! Stop the blood! Dr. Anjali help in to stitch his Leg side..." Dr spoke gravely."Rahul, I can't...." one of the Lady Dr. Whispered "Riddimaa, Calm please. And clean his head wound." Rahul whispered back and started to clear the wound that was on his lower abdomen..'Oh God – please save him – save my Greek love...' she prayed and softly, with delicateness she cleaned the wound on his head."DR. Riddima !" Dr shouted, angrily. "Yess yyes... sir" the cotton dipped in Arman's blood fell of his hand

"What do you think you are doing??" Dr. spoke " Sorry sir, I got unconscious" Riddimaa spoke, guilty. "night duty!" Dr. Spoke in punishment voice "Sorry Sir" pause "2 Night duties and you be handling this case." pause, while her eyes pop out "good job doctors..." they moved in a pile out off the room.

"Dr. how is he?" Billy jumped off the bench and took hold of the big, mature – who looked senior as compared to other. "HE is ok – we have given him sleeping injection and you can meet him after two hours when he gets conscious." pause "and the driver is in next room – fit and healthy." Dr. added"Thank you Dr." Billy moved his hand, while the Dr removed his green mask off his face "Your welcome billy" with a grin "Shahank??" Billy spoke seeing the face – face of an old friend "haan – kase hoo? Lets go to my cabin?" Shahank spoke "Have to catch up with old times...." walking to the sink and washing his hands while the nurse opened up his green attire.

"yea – lets go and by the way this is Arman's mom... Naina..." Billy introduce to fair lady, wearing a light pink saree and tears all over the face "Babhi – Arman is fine. Lets go and have a coffee." Shahank spoke, smiling softly to which Naina nodded and walked behind the two man.


Locker Room,

"Soo Riddima?" Rahul spoke with a grin. "yeaa Soo Riddimaa?" Anjali jumped in "Ohh Come onn now!" Riddima replied angrily. "he is just a patient nothing more and nothing – less" she whispered the last word while blushing a bit and digging her self in her locker "NOW ! Some one is blushing."Muskan spoke, the chatter box placed herself in Rahul's arms and kissed his cheek, softly "Why on the earth will I blush?" Riddimaa wore her white creased coat putting her pager in the front pocket "first did we ever mentioned Your Name?" Anjali said encircling Riddima's waist from back "and second, Yes You Will be the one, who will blush on the Name of Arman Malik" Muskan spoke

"Shut up Muskan !!" Riddimaa shrieked in fear and looked at the door, if some one heard them. "and Guys, please. I mean we both can't hook up at all !" Riddima spoke in a matter of fact. "Ahan? Now why?" Atul walked out from the changing room "Because I am 21 and he is 26" Riddimaa said "Childish!" Rahul remarked, on her thought "Bakwas!" Muskan replied. "Yeaa I mean, Our mom is 10 years smaller than dad !" Anjali said "Di, I know, remember we are sisters!"Riddimaa replied, angrily "And seriously, age different rarely matter – dumbass!" Musken hit her head with her palm. "Oww Muskan..."

"Dr. Riddimaa – Room 243" Loud speaker bawl

"Ajaa ooo meri Riddimaaa – aaa bahoon mai ajja... abb honaa payen juuda hum" All sang the song

"SHUT UP GUYS" Riddimaa walked out of the locker room but stop in mid way and looked at herself in a glass mirror "YOU Look Good Riddimaa" Rahul shouted and all shirked in a ROFL."Urghhhh" she stumbled and walked away.

'Oh God... I am nervous – the one, who was part of my fantasize – is really here... oh Riddimaa calm down and don't make any sort of fun out off yourself. Didn't you read his dating portion column in daily times yesterday – I mean he leaves one and get hold of other – and still you are all ga ga behind him – stop being a dumb-ass – yes I don't like him. He is just an average guy' pause 'with the cutest face, with cutest deep dimple and killer smile and speaking eyes glittering with sparks.. and urghhh urghhh urghh I can never change – shit with you Riddimaa" she thought and pulled her coat together and stepped in too see an elderly women and a guy with the patient 'errr I meant the Arman malik' she reminded herself

"Hello every one... I m Dr. Riddima Gupta – official doctor of the Patient." Riddimaa introduce and walked up to the bed. 'Oh God he is soo real – I mean soo handsome' She thought and took hold of his wrist while others passed a genuine smile 'Including him' she thought "Beta – aur kitna din yea yahan stay karega..." Naina asked

"uhhmm.... Aunty, abhi inkae kuch test karna hain. Inkae feet say bohat Blood loose hua hai aur abdomen sae bhi – tou blood recovering kae 3 or 4 days tou lage gaye... and if then he is healthy enough to leave – we will discharge him." Riddimaa spoke with dignity.

"Theek hai, thank you Dr. Riddimaa" Billy spoke to which Riddima made a nod "So, How are you feeling Mr. Malik?" Riddimaa looked at the 'Patient' on bed. "Good Dr. but I am feeling quite a lot of pain in my stomach." Arman spoke looking at her face 'angelic face' he thought "Oh yes, its just for few days – the stitch are just too new – once they get strong enough the pain will move out from your way and I guess you are quite a strong man – to handle that much pain." Riddimaa spoke looking at his chart. "OH its your Medicine time... Sisterr!" Riddimaa looked out of the glass door of the room just to find no sister near. "Well let me do that for you." Riddima took his medicine and a glass and pass it over

"wait let me help you" Riddimaa kept a hand below his head while billy placed the medicine in his mouth and Riddimaa made him drink the water. "Thanks Dr." he smiled 'oh he gave me his trade mark smile.... and oohh his hair soo soft and refreshing.' she thought.

"I will be here to check you around ..." she left the place.


"So How was the first encounter?" Muskan took a seat beside a dreamy Riddimaa in cafe. "was he looking hot in bed?" Anjali spoke while others eye pop out, including Riddimaa "I meant in hospital bed, he lying alone their – with a blood bottle hanging beside him and his parents standing beside him and Riddima standing too beside him – You guys have a one track mind I tell you!" Anjali sipped her coffee while other chuckled.

"Guys I am his doctor – and that it." Riddima sighed, "Kyaa yrr Riddimaa Bata" Muskan spoke irritatingly "OK FINE ! HE looked hotter than the pictures I had I mean have. He passed his trade mark smile to me with the dimple – cherry on the cake and and I just touched his hair and they were soft and I am falling badly for him ! Happy??" Riddimaa sighed heavily and calmed her self – moving a hand over in her hair...

"Gosh Women!" Atul commented and slamming himself back in his chair "Jeez Women!" Rahul replied to her out burst. "Shut up Guys." Anjali "Abb kya karogi..." Muskan asked. "will look after him for three or may bee four and then Ta taa Arman Malik -" pause " I mean come on guys – I can't get every single thing that I wish for and on second though he is not even a ' thing' he is a human being and I can't force a person to like me and all" while every one nodded in agreement

"I guess Riddimaa is right – she can't force him to like her.... " Rahul said and soon others went off to their duties and Riddimaa sat their quietly up to herself. 'I mean, I can't have him – but I can feel his presence around me for three days...' she made a mental note to keep her feeling's up to herself and just be happy in getting a chance to see him.



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