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Chapter 10: Obsessed...

Evening – 6:00

Feeling the cool whether pass her, she looked at the sun almost going down – and sea having high waves almost hitting rocks and then going back... she looked at the sea with a blank face – no emotion – no thoughts – no Arman in her mind – only she ? She and her loneliness -

every one has some one for herself 'Papa for Mom – Atul For Di.... Rahul For Muskan and Sujhal For Kashish and many more in this world ! Then why not Arman For Riddima?' she thought looking at the sea almost hitting the rock on which she sat and making her legs go a little wet due to high splash of water. Making her blink her eyes as few sparkles flew up to her face 'Only if I had showed some attitude to him – only if I had ignored him, he would have been right behind me but when I wholeheartedly being a girl confessed by feelings for him – he took me as granted' she thought

 'Now IF I ignore him?" she thought "this will mess us more ! That's a idiotic solution ! Fine – I could ignore his rudeness towards me and be just Friends !' She concluded 'he is not mine – I should accept this thing – he is a tycoon one of the business man, who is young and famous – thousands of girls are ready to get him – then why would he be behind me. I should be happy with what I got' she thought 'friends..... and a hidden love in my heart' she thought picking up sandals she walked out of the place to her house..


"Hii mom..." Riddima walked in with sandals in her hand. "what?" Riddima asked looking at her mom having tears in her eyes. Riddima made a weird face and looked in the house to see filled up with people – 'let me rephrase people ! Stupid fellows My friends' she thought and looked at them angrily "WHAT??" she asked again, she saw Arman sitting there all tensed up but she ignored him

"Ridiz tum kahan gaye thi?" Anjali asked "Di – OH God ! I left a letter in your Locker" Riddima hit her head and sat beside Kashish "Yea this" Anjali took it out "Dii, I am going out, not feeling good – will come home when I feel good !" Anjali read it loud "what the heck that means?" Anjali added in end "WHAT? I am Grown up girl ! I don't need to tell every bit of here and there !" Riddima walked up stairs angrily as her family created a scene calling Malik and her friends... whole dinner time – Riddima didn't came down – not even once – not even down to say a good bye.

Kept her self locked in room !

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"Hey Riddima, could we meet up? Arman" she read the message and Replied with a NO

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"Fine – I am coming to your house ..." she read the message 'I don't give a damn to it !' she replied, and settled in her bed while pulling her blanket upto her face

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"I am here" she read the message and jolted up with shock getting out of her bed she wore her slippers. Almost walking out of her room when he took hold of her arm and pulled her away from door – keeping a hand over lips "It's me – Arman" he whispered from behind – keeping one hand over her mouth and one on her abdomen to get a good grip of her ! "Uhmmm Uhhmmm" she tried to free her self as his warm palm was passing a different heat in her body – she couldn't control ! She had always controlled herself but today just due to this closeness her breath had left her unspoken

He stood there holding her tight in his embrace – gushing in the aroma of her body – she had just taken the bath and he smelled the fragrance for her, his breath felt a sudden storm in him – he couldn't control himself. He left her mouth but gripped her abdomen – nailing her stomach making her moan louder, he moved her hair away from her shoulder to find out her bare shoulder – nibbling her near her shoulder and arm joint – going down to her nape – kissing her after every inch "Armannn" she gasped his name

he turned her around – hold her through her lower waist – bending her a bit "You look so beautiful...." he said while moving down to capture her lips when Riddima placed a hand over her chest to stop him "NO..." she shook her head "I can't Hold myself Riddima... please" he replied huskily "I can't let my self stoop soo low Arman – please …. No" she spoke hoarsely. "You are not stooping low in any way – Love..." he kissed her below her ear – sucking her ear- lobe – he bit it ever so lightly, yet making her moan... her moan passed through his ear to eardrum – making him take a sigh "You don't Love Me...!" she commented which stopped him from kissing her – his lips were inches away from her face. He moved his face a bit away and looked at her face which had turned all flashed up ! She was red crimson !

"I am sorry..." he moved away, ashamed of what he was up to – only if she hadn't stopped – he would have done that ! "I am sorry ! I really didn't mean to.." he apologized, he sat on the edge of bed with his hand on his face 'thanks for touching me like that Arman ! No one can touch me like this ever again – this body soul everything belongs to you from today...' she thought, concluding it to herself 'God ! I had fallen badly for him.' she thought – removing a tear away from her cheek, just to hear Arman still chanting the Sorry !

"Shut UP Arman !" she replied, annoyingly "huh?" he looked up at her – his eyes fell on her body. She had wore a small pink – satin nighty that landed upper her thighs.. he shook his head – to get the worst idea that pop in his head – like how to tear this nighty and see whats next to it !

"I am s.." she placed her finger over his lips "Its ok ! I lost too.... I hope it never happens again" she spoke, strictly though she was dying to feel it again "Yea Promise ..." he took hold of his skin of his throat 'Man ! Arman you always break this promise of not coming closer to her and end up sticking much more to her' he thought

"Ok... tum yahan aye kyun?" she asked angrily "Wo – about that day – I went away with out telling you – I came to say sorry ! I had a meeting in Singapore and had to leave the very moment !" he spoke "Stop Lying – " she went and sat on the other end of bed "uhm – no nothing like that seriously I had a meeting" Arman tried to speak up 'shit she caught me' he thought

"Well ! Its ok – you could have told me this in morning ! Are you act werid some times – I guess you should go now" Riddima said walking up to the window. He looked at her strangely, he thought she will scold him for ignoring her – he thought their relation will end up with his unknown deed ! "Well you ok with all of it?" he again asked walking up to her, looking down at her white shiny bare legs his eyes stroked her knee joint from back – moving his eyes up to her bare thighs and the fur of her night dress that almost landed on hip.... he felt like stroking it with his palm – but he sighed loudly – putting out his desires.

"Yes I am ok ! And arman I have duty in the morning.." spoke to make the conversation end. "ok – I am going." he passed a fake smile and tried to jump of the window. "Bye..." he spoke again and went away after giving a last look to her from down – he neared to his car and found her still standing – soon she moved away – he felt ditched and went to his seat, when she came out and looked at him with lasting …

'OH GOD ! What just happened ? What just happened.?' she remembered the moment that they had in last couple moments

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'Riddima – I forgot to tell that Kashish was asking about her report – we will collect it tomorrow and yes, we are keeping a party of Kashish's and Sujhal's Anniversary at our place, do join with family... I also forgot to tell this...' she read the message

'you could have told me this all in the morning' she replied back,

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'it won't have this much fun …. * Grin*' she read the message

'Rascal !' she replied

'don't tell me your names – sweety !' she read the message

'shame on You – and Don't message me again – I am sleeping' She replied

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'fantasizing me jaan...*blush* Hahhhahaa' she read the message

'Shut up And NO nooo I don't fantasy a Rascal - moron like You ! Bye' she replied and do her phone on silent mode and slept with his dreams....

'did he call me jaan' she thought giggling under her duvet ' I have lost it'


Next day

No one dare to ask Riddima where she was? Though they had mad out last night through her appearance – she was a bit wet and her feet had a bit sand – her shoe in hands, so they knew – she was at sea ….

"Hey guys... whats up?" Riddima asked coming in the locker room with a glowy face "Hey – something good happened last night that you look soo radiant "oh nothing much – bass I feel good – can't I be happy ?" she pouts

"kidding yrrr !" Atul said while wearing his coat "Acha I forgot to tell – Arman had kept a party at his house and told every one to come today !" she spoke walking with them to the reception for duty

Everyone shook and understood why was she soo happy

"Kya hua ..? she looked at everyone, as they had sheepishly grin over there faces "Kuch nahi lets go for the duty" Muskan took her away.


Evening 5:00

Hi, Kashish... uhmm how should I say this..." Riddima made Kashish settled on a seat – and sat herself on the seat beside her... "Am I pregnant?" Kashish spoke excitedly "a..." Before Riddima could continue "Hey.... So what's the news?" Arman walked in... with a huge smile 'God I missed her...' he thought "Hii Riddima.." he passed the smile "Hi..." she replied and turned to wards Kashish, pause "So? Is it a boy or a girl" Arman jumped up once again in the conversation as he saw Riddima starting to talk to Kashish

"Aa..." Riddimaa tried to speak again, when Kashish "Arman, how stupid of you – Its too early to find that out !" Kashish commented "Yes Riddima you speak"Kashish looked at Riddima, who was getting irritated now... "Kashish – I am sorry but you are not.... Pregnant" Riddima hold her hands to ease her pain which was quite visible on her face "but... but I had vomiting … twice" she choked, as she accepted that it was high time that they have a baby "I am Sorry Kashish – don't cry …. baby will come soon. You just don't loose hope Ok?" Riddima got up and hugged her while Kashish hid her face in Riddima's abdomen "Sujhal was expecting one..." she mumbled...

Arman, who stood there – felt bad for Kashish, and thought over something... "Oye Kash – chill, you will soon have many" Arman kept a hand over her head and shook it a bit – to ease her "Chalo Kashish I will take you to the canteen..." Riddima parts her and took her to the canteen as she knew their duty hours are finished up "Hey What are you wearing in the party at Night?" Riddima, tried to cheer her up "Sari – Sujhal again told me to wear it !" she chuckled "and I didn't learned up till now" Kashish added shamelessly "Ohkay I will come at your place early...!" Riddima gave her a side hug – finding her smile a bit though "Thanks – look its 5 and your duty is over – come over with us – right away huh?" Kashish asked

"aa.... I have to tell Di.. .first" Riddima told and walked in the canteen to find everyone chilling – Atul's head over Anjali's shoulder and Rahul's head over Table and Muskan's head over Rahul's "Hey... kya hua – sab ko?" Riddima asked "TRIED RIDZz..." Atul blast "I want to Kill Our In charge Dr.Mehra … he is one ruthless person..!"Atul added and brought chairs for Arman and Kashish

"Kyun? He is nice – he always gave me nice duties !" Riddima brought three coffee and two plates of sandwich as Arman said he just wanted coffee. "Yea because he is flat over you – Riddiz" Muskan got up and passed a sleepy smile to Arman and Kashish "Oh shuut Up !" Riddima replied ignoring it

"Now the senior Doctor is Behind Riddima, that's a news" Arman spoke a bit flaming. Every one looked at him with cock eyebrows "Someone's burning – that's a News" Kashish commented and laughed out loud with Muskan "Rubbish – why would I care !" Arman commented and took one sandwich of Kashish "ohhh hero when did we said You..." she laughed much more louder

Ahem Ahem

Karan Tacker

every one turned to see Dr. Mehra

"Good Morn... I meant Evening Sir..." Atul sait, Everyone got up but Rahul stranded over his chair but got control "I guess DR. Rahul had his duty lined up for One More hour" he walked in strictly – in his black suit "yes Sir – just came for a coffee" Rahul took his belonging – planting a kiss on Muskan cheek – he ran pass Dr. Mehra.

"Dr. Riddima? You duty was an hour back over what are you doing here" he spoke politely with a smile "jee? Vo sir I am here with friends" she pointed "Ohh – Mr. Malik? Nice to meet, heard a lot about you in news – how are you feeling now? Dr. Riddima took great care of you didn't she?" Dr. Mehra came in front and shook his hand while Arman got up and gave an arrogant smile while shaking hand. "Same here" he replied "Riddima.." Kashish got up braking the trance that Arman and Dr. Mehra passed to each other "Excuse Me sorry to interupt you beauty... but I wanted to ask something to Riddima..." Dr. Mehra spoke, everyone looked up at him "yes Sir...?" Riddima got up and looked at him "Would you go on a dinner with me … tonight ?" He spoke with a glint smile over his face

Arman's hand turned in to a fist – he so wanted to break his face ! "Sir – I am sorry but we already had a plan at Arman's house... he is having a party..." Riddima made a apologized face "Its ok ..." he turned to go when "Excuse Me Dr. Mehra – why don't you join us at the party?" Kashish spoke while Others mouth hand down except Riddima's, who smiled cutely....

"Oh That would be great – okay then see yea there !" Dr. Mehra smiled and went away.. "What?" Kashish looked at everyone... "Why did you do that?" Arman asked "Because I felt like !" Kashish said "Meri Party hai meri marzi..." pause "Anjali I am taking Riddima along … I have to wear sari for the party" Anjali nodded while Kashish took Riddima away

"GOD Kassshh !! why?" He shouted and walked behind them … 'Ab tou my plan will start ! Mr. Arman Malik – this Mehra is going to be a nice help' Kashish thought

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