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Chapter 11: Obsessed...

"you both wait I will go and collect Kashish's dress from the designer ..." Arman parked the car, "Hey Arman – we will come along ! Riddima don't have a dress !" Kashish came out of the car "Aree Nahi – I will tell Di – too bring mine from house" Riddima spoke through window of her side – still sitting in the car

Kashish walked up to her side "Come out" Kashish pointed a finger dragging the finger out – in way to tell her to come out. "No arguments!" Kashish added, strictly. Riddima got scared and came out meekly while Arman suppressed his laugh. "Lets go now !" Kashish pulled Riddima along with her.


"Bhaiya Me the Best Saree in your shop !" once collected her saree she went to ask for a saree for Riddimaa while the other two stood behind Kashish "Arman suggest!" Kashish called once the best one were kept in front of them

"Red... I always Love Red !" Arman spoke cooly "Excuse Me?" Kashish spoke with cocked eyebrows "Aree you asked me I told you … ok FINE uhmmm This !" Arman pulled out

"wow Mr. Malik what a choice – I must say !" Kashish spoke "Thank you thank you !" HE replied while bowing his head in front Of her "I Like to be praised by lovely beauties!" he commented "Stop flirting Arman – I am only Sujhal's try on Riddima – she might be free only IF she has NOT given her heart To Dr. Mehra..." Kashish commented back and told the shopkeeper to pack it "Ridd.." Arman was about to talk to Kashish regarding this topic when Riddima almost shouted "Kashish ! I can't buy this" Riddima hold Kashish's hand, in which the saree was "Who is telling You too buy?" Kashish spoke "aa... uhmm sorry – I thought you both choose for me" Riddima felt embarrassed "Yes honey its for you only, don't be embarrassed" Kashish kept a hand over her cheek to pull her face up "but its expensive ! I don't wear such expensive cloths ! I mean meri tou ek month ki salary khatam hojae gi isa Ek saree mai !" she commented pouting over it

"You Like the Saree" Arman stepped in – after noting her cute-able face "Yes Arman, off-course but..." Riddima was interrupted "bhaiya pack it" Arman spoke in his firm voice "bass Our work Done !" Kashish smiled "and your salary is saved ! I tell You – in shopping thing Arman is way better than Sujhal !" Kashish commented "he never ask Money from Girls while on the other hand Sujhal is Like take your Own Money out ! Why should I bother" Both Laughed

"Jokes Apart Arman – I will give you the money any how !" Riddima settled in the car this time she was force to sit in front seat as Kashish said – she want to lay back till they get home. "No – do one thing Give Me the saree back ! I will give it too some of My Girlfriend, for tonight" he told finding the shopper he took hold of it – when Riddima snatched it back but he kept on pulling hard towards himself, finally he got hold of it and kept in down near his feet while driving"FinE ! Even I don't want it !!! give too whoever you want ! And I really don't Want to wear it because I never wore it Before ! So don't want to get embarrassed soo you keep IT" she blasted angrily

"Shuuu Shuhuhh" Kashish moved the hand between them, in order to tell to shut up "we are home Kash !" Arman commented after a while "great Lets go..." Kashish got out and took Riddima in...

"Hey Riddima..." sujhal moved Forward And gave a sid-hug "Hii... how are you?" Riddima asked, happily "Good ! Come on inn...!"


I Don't Think Kashish – I can take this Along.. what if it falls?" Riddima stood their while making plates of her own saree – as she had got Kashish ready first for not getting any delay …. Kashish sat on bed and ignored what Riddima said "Kashish ! You heard WHAT I said?" Riddima looked through the front mirror to Kashish's reflection, who looked totally not interested "Riddimaaa ! You are such a werido Person – eating my from last one hour ! NO it will not fall – and if it does we will hold it together" Kashish laughed out on her own comment...

Riddima pulled in the plates – neatly looking at the falls – that came down perfectly when the door blast open "KYA YRRR ! HOW MUCH TIME More.............." every thing got still – his mouth sealed up when he saw Riddima standing in-front of the mirror and her her Pallu was still not over her Shoulder as she was busy corrected one plate of her sari. She got tensed and looked at Kashish grinning , she pulled the saree up to her chest "sorry !" Arman shrugged and walked away. While Kashish giggled in herself " I am going out – tum ajana !" Kashish finished and went out.

Riddima stood their for couple of more moments and arranged her sari properly... wearing the other accessories


God ! What did I just saww....? she was tremendously HOT soul- striving mannn... he thought, he felt a hand over his shoulder turn too see Kashish grinning "Kya huuuuaaa?" she teased "Shut Up Kashish" he shushed her away. "Koi baat nahi beta – kuch tou hou hee jaye ga Ajj !" she commented smugly.

"Sujhal... how do I look?" she showed him her maroon saree – taking a twirl in front of him "Breath taking – I guess – we should get up to Our bedroom !"Sujhal hold's her hand and pulled her in their Room... "Behave Sujhal NOT now... guest are coming !" Kashish tried to save her but till then they were in the room and he had banged her with the door – smooching her lips... he got involved in her...


"Naina Aunty - DO you want any help?" Riddimaa walked in the kitchen to see Naina running from here to there while shouting on some servant or ordering the other – the next moment "Aree Riddima – you look beautiful – Arman told me – they bought the saree for you ! And you look really pretty … he even told that you wanted to give money to us haan" Naina hold her ears "Oww … sorry aunty" making a babyish face "OK forgiven" Naina hugged her "You are like a daughter to us – and we don't take Money from our Daughter, its the other way round" Naina placed a black color behind Riddimaa's ear "God keep you away from bad spirits" she placed a loving hand over her cheek...

"Aunnty ! Should I help – and look you havn't changed" Riddima commented "Ok..." Naina told everything to Riddima and went away to change

"Maaa Maa.... the cake couldn..." he stopped and saw Riddima pulling out a hot-baked cake from the oven and holding her sare.. "Riddimaa? What are you doing here?" Arman walked up to her... once she kept the cake – she pulled her sari up to her one shoulder – getting it around her waist from back she tucked it on her waist "Arman, I heard you talking on the phone with the bakery guy – and I know this cake is not a big one but I will make it – you just have to give me 15 min..." Riddima took out her pencil heal and brought a bit small size cake from the same over and then more round cake smaller than the other two...

keeping the bigger one at the bottom and then second and then the third – the smallest over it … "Rammu Kaka bring out the cream and strawberry..." Riddima spoke making the whole cake stand over the Rod Stand.... "jii Beta.... " Rammu Kaka smiled AS Arman pulled a chair in front of Riddima, admiring her work and her too.... Rammu Kaka smiled at Arman... "Done !"

"Its Great Riddima …."Arman looked at the cake in vow.... "Thanks.." she blushed... seeing him getting up and coming to her side while his eyes looked at the cake. Rammu Walked out when he heard billy calling.

"I feel like bitting it – tasting it – licking it all over it" he looked at her deeply – she blushed thinking he was referring to her or the cake? He stood behind her – she gasped as her hip brushed his body. He bend down and brushed his dry lips on her bare shoulder ever so light "Armman.... Please – I have to keep this is fridge before it melts" she commented hold the counter from saving her self from falling. Arman moved back and stood a bit distance away till she picked up the huge cake and placed it in the huge refridger.

"kya huaa... why are you staring me" She asked while cleaning the mess she created "no – nothing like that, just looking that you look hot in this saree.." he spoke, making her blush "Thanks..." she replied... "Why have you not left you hair open... I like them open" he walked up to her from back and open the knot she had made – making her hair fall down.... he moved his hand in them when

"Riddima beta... oh... uhmm everything done" Naina avoided his sons presence and totally spoke as she Didn't saw him playing with Riddimaa's hair … But She Saw it, and smiling up to her self "Ji- -jii Aunty..." Riddima spoke picking up her shoe – she went out..

Naina looked at him with narrow eyes while Arman's eyes wandered over the roof and he went out while whistling...


9:00 at night

Everyone thanked Riddima for the cake – and soon all the children hit the dance floor Except Riddimaa....

huffing and puffing Arman took a seat near her and order a drink "Riddima what are you doing here ! Lets go...!" Arman gulped the drink and took her hand.. "No... no... I don't dance !" she pulled her self back. Arman sat back with her "You GO Arman !" Riddima added "No... you come with me..!" Arman replied "Nahi Arman, I don't Dance ! And then this Saree... it will open up if I danced" she spoke out her fear. To which Arman laughed but apologized after seeing her pouted lips "Aree Riddima nahi khula gee Tumhari Saree Lets go..." pause "pleajjj" showing her his best killer looks

"Ok...." she got up holding his hand and they walked up to the dance floor when "Hii Riddimaa" both stopped, and turned to see Dr. Mehra ! "Hello Dr. Mehra... How Are you?" Riddima left Arman's hand and walked up to him. Arman stood there and looked at his hand – as Riddimaa's hand slipped of his palm, his eyes blinked and looked Riddimaa's back – as she left him behind and Walked up to Dr. Mehra... an unknown tear formed in his eyes – which went away as he blinked his eyes twice... or thrice

"Riddimaa YOU coming or NOT?" Arman stood their for a very good 5 minutes ! "OH Arman – no you go – I will accompany Dr. Mehra...." Riddima commented coolly... "R..." before he could say anything both walked away to the same table where Riddima was settled before.

"Arman mera lal – mera peela – mera hare... its just the beginning …. of the night which will surely have a bitter end for you – but a good phase for both of You..!" Kashish walked behind Arman and looked at him – looking lost – as if his Soul had been lost – or Robbed ? Robbed - Steal by whom? Riddimaa...........


An Hour passed out – Riddimaa was still involved in Dr. Mehra's conversation. Arman had it enough... he didn't knew what he was doing but he went and sat right next To Riddimaa's chair – while Dr. Mehra was settled to the opposite chair of Riddimaa "Kya hua Arman?" she looked him – he looked tense and sad over something, she thought "Nothing – I got bored there with out you" he commented and kept his head over her shoulder, Arman's eyes trailed up to Dr. Mehra, who was burning by seeing them so close , Arman smudged at him

"Kyun? Didn't any of your girlfriend came?" Riddimaa tensed up with closeness "No – I have stopped dating or meeting girls, when you came in my life" Arman commented with close eyes. Still keeping his head over her shoulder, not knowing what he just blurted out "Huh?" Riddimaa looked at him "Excuse Me...i be back" Dr. Mehra got up "Sameer..." she took Dr. Mehra's name "Its ok – you can sit..." Riddimaa added. "No he can leave – if he wants" Arman spoke "Arman !!" Riddimaa glared at him

"WHAT?" Arman looked back at her... "You know from past one hour you have been doing nothing but ignoring me.." he told her angrily and walked out of the party... Riddimaa looked at Sameer Mehra... and looked at Kashish, who didn't expected Arman to be soo harsh

"Sameer – I Apologized on his behavior, he act like babies some times" Kashish apologized "Its ok – I could see Love in his eyes For Riddimaa" he spoke with a ditched tone and saw Riddimaa's retreating body; as she had left out behind Arman. "Sameer... I – don't what to say.." Kashish was less at words "I know – I know, you called me here – to burn Arman's heart ! Its ok ! I understand … I will do tonight what ever I could do..." Sameer smiled at Kashish and went away to have a drink.

"What were you Doing with that Dr. Sameer?" Sujhal came from back, looking distracted "Flirting ! Or what?" Kashish teased and pulled Sujhal to dance floor "Excuse Me – you don't have that license ! Got it?" he said. "Really now" Kashish came really close rubbing her body with him – soon their lips met again not worrying about the surrounding...


"Arman ruko !" she tried to walk fast in her pencil heal.... "Owwwww..." she whined hard as her feet turned badly making her almost fall – but she hold the car – for support that was just beside her. Arman turned and walked back fast to her "Kya huaaa..?" he took hold of her hand "My feet !" she cried. "Take out your shoe..." he spoke, worriedly and made her stand bare feet on roads – he walked slowly with her – making her feet get eased up "why the hell were you running behind me in heel !" he explode at her "i came to talk to you..." she spoke meekly, and frowning as her feet pained a bit. He held her both hand and made her walk very slowly... "Tum pagal hou..." Arman made her stand in front of the car... her back relaxed as she stood in in front of the car – giving her back the support of car.

"Arman – tell me.. what was all inside?" Riddimaa came to the point "Nothing – I guess I over reacted – I mean, why should I bother if you are sitting with any other man ! I mean, we don't love each other – I mean, you could go and chat and laugh and have fun with any one you want right?" he said, not evening bothering what he had blurted

"yes... I am not bound to answer you or any one - I am a free and single girl" she replied grinning – and thought that he didn't liked if she talked to any other guy....

"yeaa soo lets go inside" Arman took her shoe in his hand and she walked in with him with bare feet...

Once they got in Riddimaa was offered for a dance from Dr. Sameer Mehra, and to tease Arman she accepted. Arman threw the shoe at one corner and walked up to the bar corner and asked for red Wine....


"Arman – Look Now its high time – you go and take hold of her. She is Your Love, she can't dance with any other man!" Sujhal spoke while having the wine with Arman "Are you sure Sujhal?" pause "I mean, that day – when I left her alone in the hospital and went to Singapore.... I knew I loved her...! but is it the right time to tell her?" Arman gulped the whole glass "Off-course ! She has the right too know...Arman. You should have told her the same day. But you and your confusions.... I guess – today you got a final stroke, if you didn't told her now then I guess that Dr. Sameer Mehra will surely marry her and you will be left here drinking Red wine and weeping over her marriage" Sujhal spoke thickly

"NO ! She is mine ! My hearts shouts for her ! She Belongs to me... and only me." Arman gulping another glass walked up to dance floor.

"Great Work jaan!" Kashish from back hugged Sujhal "Its all because of You Kashish – I still remember how worried confused Arman Looked that day – when he had came from hospital..." Sujhal turned hug her back

Flash Back

Arman walked in Sujhal's room and saw them almost smooching each other in bed – when they parted and Sujhal was about to blast over Arman but stopped when Kashish told him that he is weeping. "Kya huaa?" Sujhal walked up to him – straightening his shirt he settled on the other seater and on one Arman sat. "i mean – what IF Riddimaa is behind me for Fame and money?" Arman spoke of blue

"Haaan?" Kashish and Sujhal shouted "I mean – what if her Love for me is not True?" Arman again spoke "I mean, today I got so... worried – I thought I lost her --- their were so many people injured in hospital – and thinking that Riddimaa could be one of them – stroked my inner parts … I felt my life at stake !" he spoke, making Kashish smile

"Arman you Love her... don't you" Kashish stood behind Arman and pressed his shoulders to relax him while Arman tilted his head up and looked at Kashish "You Sure?" Arman asked just to get a slap over his forehead by Kashish "Ask Your Heart Buddhu !" Kashish Laughed.

Flash back End

"I guess, he asked his heart today and got the reply..." Sujhal hugged her....


"Excuse Me Dr.Mehra... can I dance with her..." Arman spoke "what if I say No..?" Dr. Mehra smirked "Sameer.... I really wanna dance with Arman..." Riddimaa interrupted both as she Saw Arman getting angry and he was about to hit him – she just knew it ! She had to stop this "Ok – if you say soo" he grinned and left while Arman passed a smug to him "Arman, What is wrong with you, today?" she looked at him... when with out words he passed his hand up to her bare-waist and pulled her so close her softness touched his hard core chest.. making her gasp loudly, her hands landed on his shoulders – and soon circled his neck. He moved closer to her face – blowing over her face to move away the strands that fall on her face – in reply she shut her eyes tightly "you.... you are making me do all this" He whispered ever so lightly, which was quite audible to Riddimaa. She turned her face a bit side way – Arman bend down and kiss her nape.... making her tighten her hold near his neck.... he felt her breathes near his own neck.... he kissed her yet again – nibbling her nap.

Ahem Ahem...

They parted to see their whole gang standing above them with cocked eyebrows "Sharam karo yrr public place hai" Atul commented, while the other gang laughed at them... Riddimaa left his neck in a second But Arman didn't bug a bit "Arman chodo !" she glared at him.... "I don't give a damn to the public yrr Atul – I Love Riddimaa !" Arman spoke looking direct at Riddimaa, who stopped moving and looked at Arman... thinking if she is dreaming or did he really said that... hearing the four cheering for them.... but still Riddimaa looked at him with utter shockers. Arman shook her through her waist, where his hand was before

"huh?" pause "Kya hua – Now Don't tell me you don't Love Me !" Arman looked at her with big eyes... "uhmm … vo I …. mujha – Di... Chaloo" she blushed to an ultimate end "Kyuuu? Abhi ruko Please" Arman pleaded, locking his hand around her waist more tighter "Vo... subha Sanjeevani … dI...." Riddimaa whispered, gasping... "Anjali I will drop her home – you come with Atul..!" Arman spoke – seeing sad face of Atul and Anjali "thanks Arman..." Anjali spoke and came forward to hug him "Please don't hurt her... she is too naive..!" Anjali whispered. "i know – I really love her...." he whispered back... all walked out with their own pair in hand in hand while Riddimaa walked bare foot – but still unsteadily … the thing was not getting in her head – the confession he made – was sinking her heart

she was in the car – and the silence was killing Arman, he turned and took the car to beach "Arman.... My house is on the other end" she spoke looking up at the road "I know but – we are going to beach !" Arman smiled at her while she looked down "No... Arman not today...!" she commented – making him a bit depress … "I want to go home" she whispered... making Arman feel bad – he once again turned the car and drive to her home....

"Can I … uhmm Come in.. ? I want a glass of water...i am thirsty" he lied …. "Yes yes... please" she said coming out of the car 'I have to clear everything Right now ! Or else I won't be asble to sleep !' he thought... having the water, his eyes only stopped at her - gulping water into pieces... "thanks..." he said keeping the glass on the counter he moved up to her – just to see her backing away.... he again moved up to her and she backed away, getting all shied up... once she bumped with the counter – he moved his hand over her bare waistline, making her gasp for air, and due which she end up feeling breathless.... "you are not Happy that I love You" he whispered, knowing no one is at house – as every one is at His mansion, still partying.

"Nahi – vo... I ..." she tried to speak but couldn't put the finger ! "say you Love me...!" he spoke orderly... she looked up at his, he was inches away "Arman, you sure ?" he frowned "I mean, all of sudden...." she was interrupted "Not All of sudden Riddimaa – I felt for you the day I came all worried to the hospital and left you clueless" he cupped her face "i came that night to your room just to tell that I had started building up an unknown feeling for you but when you said 'I don't Love you' I felt some just pierced my heart – as it shouted that it Love you and only you... its not a mere attraction – and today when I saw you with some one else – I felt if I couldn't built up the courage to confess now ! Then you will leave me forever – I felt some one just took out my soul in that few seconds … and I had apart you too !" he ended and hugged her, telling her how insecure he felt that moment

"OK – ok Arman Mera Sans Ghut raha hai hai Chodo..." she whispered feeling him circling his arms around her waist more tighter "I Love You too Arman... ab chodo" she whispered again. He left her and looked at her with a happiness jiggling in his eyes... she smiled back – it was when she once again felt his warm finger caressing her waist skin... she shrugged and looked up to see his happy eyes turning in a passionate one. Getting a good grip of her bare waist in his palm he pulled her closer making her hands fall over her chest.... his finger nails dig in her waist skin making her gasp louder, in reply she took his shirt in her palm and closed her eyes – as his lips brushed her lips going smoothly as slow as possible to the edge of her lips... moist lips... he pressed ever so lightly over her lips she was pulled to his level by her waist – in reciprocating to the kiss her hand went up to his neck – encircling him.. as they kissed more passionately to each other. His one hand took hold of her face,below her cheek bone rubbing her cheek in order to make the kiss deepening, sucking her below lips – in considering his nail dig in her waist all more..

Encircling her hands around his nap – she pulled him more close to herself. Both were getting mad after every second... Riddimaa got breathless and tried to part when she moaned between the kiss – Arman Revolved his tongue in her mouth – pushing her lightly back – as her back touched the counter .he left her waist and his hand clutched her from behind. Tasting her mouth saliva – while Riddimaa heaved for breathe... and soon, he withdrew back looking at her with passionate eyes... moving his hand back to her face – he rubbed her swollen lips with his thumb "I guess, I kissed you too hard..." he whispered right over her lips and nibbled her lips very lightly – to get the pain eased up.. he went down and kissed her on her chin... tilted her head by keeping his finger over her chin and pushing it lightly upwards he turned his head and kissed her neck... leaving wet kiss.... Riddimaa's hand reached to his back her eyes shut like for ages...

Soon, her Sari Pallu fall showing a great excess of her chest to him he couldn't help but admire her perfect shape

Cluck Cluck

"Riddiz I am Home – Kahan hou? Arman's car is outside – where are you both?" Anjali came in with Atul... "Kitchen maii...!" Arman by mistake replied just to get a hard Spank over his head from Riddimaa "IDIOT!" she mumbled – pushing him off her she arranged her sari rubbed her lips... clearing it up – she took out the juice and poured in the same glass in which Arman drank the water and stumbled it in his hand "I don't need Juice Riddimaa..." he smiled while rubbing his head

"Areee Arman – don't you remember you asked for one?" Riddimaa spoke, before he could create more trouble "Hii Dii, Uhmm we were just talking about...." Riddimaa added but was interrupted "How to give one another – the hottest kiss ! Right?" Atul Spoke, smudging to himself "shut Up Atul... Now Arman Goo.." Anjali looked at him angrily but smiled as he blushed a bit and walked out with Atul While Riddimaa had turned her back towards all of them.

"Sooo?" Anjali asked "Diiii" Riddimaa turned and hugged her sister... "I am happy for you – I just hope Arman keep's you happy too." Anjali hugged her back.


Next Chapter: Wanted to give you a shock in next chapter ! But after few parts lets just say next two three parts for those who want to see AR … having a good time to themselves … and After that a Twist is awaited !Lolz.... relax – in the end AR will meeeT !


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