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Chapter 13: Obsessed...

One hours passed out every one wished Riddimaa Birthday.... and so did Arman, they all settled around Riddimaa's room when Arman got fussed up... "Yrr … Me and Riddimaa will come back in a min.." Arman got up and took hold of the Riddimaa, who settled a bit away from him "Kahan?" Atul teased "Terrace par..!" Arman commented in the same tone "Kyun?" Muksan stopped them "Kyun kya Kyun? She is MY Girl friend – I want to wish her in a different way – aur haan please tum sab bhola matt bano ! I know how – all of you are, always smooching each other – kuch tou sharam karo … we are newly couple – we need more time !" Arman blasted over them with frustrated look

"Arman ! Shut up !" Riddimaa pushed him and walked up to Anjali with a shock look "What yrrr !" he whined and went back to his place, unwillingly... he kept on passing flying kisses to Riddimaa from far – making her go red, every time he use to do that – she would glare at him... "Riddima take him with you to the terrace before – he annoys us more through his flying kisses...!" Anjali commented, annoyingly. "Chaloo... Terrace pa..!" she spoke sarcastically

"Mujha nahi jana !" Arman commented and leaned on her bed "Arman Chalooo" she held his hand – but he didn't moved a inched "Armannn ! Chaloo !" She pulled him once more "Fine ! GO to helll !" she kicked over his knee and went out of the room.... other kept on laughing like manics "Shit ! Its all because of you people ! Look we had our first fight ! I hate you all tiny whiny monsters..!" Arman scolded them and ran out "Riddima ruko yrr !" Arman walked up to her and held her hand "Hatt chodo Arman !" she spoke angrily "Sollly" he hold his ears... "Armannn...!" she turned her head – and her back faced him – he saw a door opened behind him and guessed, its Anjali's room – he pulled her in and locked the door – once banging her with the door "ouch ! Arman what are you doing..." Riddimaa whined in pain...

"have you heard that song?" he whispered while she whimpered in the pleasure of his voice "Which one...?" she spoke looking at him with love. "Koi nahi hai Kamre mai..." he paused and went near ear... turning her face he rubbed his nose behind her ear …. making her shrugged... "Kya haseen Mila hai pal...." he stopped taking his nose down to her nap..... in between rubbing his lips... "Ajj shararat karna dou – kaam baki karain ga kal..." to which she pushed him hard "Heyyy.!" he spoke, as an offence

she showed him tongue and turned to open the knob when he held her hands nd locked it over the door beside her face.... "aahhh Arman – leave me...!" her front was pressed with door and from back Arman press his body.... she was shivering.... he left her one hand and caressed her waist ….to – fro …. he touched her right from under her armpit to down her waist.... feeling her curve that went in and then came out she gasped as in the process he moved his fingers on the edge of her shirt and pulled it up …. feeling her moan.... he lines her abdomen from front..... to side... his other hand left her hand and went on her waist – he rubbed his palms over her abdomen – finally pulling her shirt up – he rubbed his palm on her bare stomach – feeling her gasp ...he slightly moved his finger over the place where her pajama ended on her waist … getting it way from her abdomen through his finger made her feel weak !...

she felt she might fall due to this.... "Arman please chodo..." she whispered when he turned her and kept his back on the door and pulled her up to him... she leaned over him... his hand slid under her shirt and grabbed her waist from back.... making her lean over his chest all more – bending down he nibbled her lower lips – biting it, "Happy birthday baby..." he whispered between the kiss.... and made her involved in the kiss....


"Thank God – you both came ! I thought puri raat !"Muskan commented "Shut up Muskan!" Arman spoke, and sat on the bed of Riddimaa taking her along with him... she in front of him and he leaned over the bed … "Acha its Riddimaa's birthday – tou why shouldn't we show Arman Something ..." Anjali got of the fluffy couch and walked up to Riddimaa's bed where they were settled "NO... Di please !" Riddimaa jumped of the bed and went to other side where Anjali was going

"Why Riddimaa? Asa kya hai ? Anjali batoo!" Arman hopped up in the bed and rolled to other side of bed … where the sisters stood... "Aree Riddimaa – he has the right too know yrr!" Atul told.. "please..." Riddimaa mumbled with slight tear..... holding Anjali's hand … "Acha acha ok – sorry ! Don't cry.! Its your birthday pagal !"Anjali hugged her and told every one to keep mum! Arman felt bad – as he wasn't told about it.... he went back to his place... and didn't spoke a word.

An hour passed out in pulling each others leg – an hour back Arman and Riddimaa sat on one side of bed …. but now Riddimaa sat on one corner and Arman on other – not talking at all due to a small event ! Riddimaa was feeling guilty – soon The four slept off while cuddling to each other – Arman Trying to have a sleep – which Riddimaa knew was not real – he was avoiding any conversation thats why !

She opened her closed with a sigh – took all the things out and kept it on bed – between herself and Arman... getting up from her side she walked to other side and shook him lightly – he looked up at her with sad eyes – but didn't spoke a word – he turned his side to see lots of things on bed – he frowned giving a look back at Riddimaa and then back at things... he noticed C.D's – cut outs – pictures... letters... that she wrote to him every day... but never posted

Hi.. Arman

I really want to meet you – though you don't know me, but one date won't harm you

Arman Ki dewani Riddimaa.

Hi.. Arman

Arman I didn't like your girlfriend Ainee ! She was not your type – looked like a lousy pig

Arman Ki dewani Riddimaa.

Reading this he let out a laugh when Riddimaa kept a hand over his mouth from back and glared at him "shhuuh !" he smiled fully – taking hold of her hand – he pulled her down on bed – her back face him and he overlapped her be almost coming over her – he picked up the c.d and saw titles 'His 1st conference' 'Arman – on business channel' 'Arman – went to Business school !' 'Arman – and her accident video...:('

"Accident video? The one that happen now?" he whispered from back and she made a nod in yes "he placed all the pile of c.ds to one side and looked at his photos... they were many – few in piles few in albums "You have My pics... more than I have !" Arman commented kissing her on her earlobe "Tcchhh Arman dehko !" she showed his cut out's of his and his girlfriend – he read all the letters – she told him everything, when she first saw him in real – he had came to a conference and she and Muskan had got out of the house – telling that they were going to library. And went to see him !

Though he told that he didn't knew about it.... she said she was only 19 at that time – and she was far away for him to notice..! they cuddled and soon slept after Riddimaa kept it back in it's place...


Next Morning

"Oye Love birds Get up ! Aunty Dou barr aye hain door knock karna!" Muskan shook them "Good Morning Muski" Riddimaa got up and hug Muskan "Good morning baby – happy birthday" Muskan hugged her back "Apna romeo ko bhi utho !" Muskan parted and shook Arman "Muskannn !" Arman shouted. To which she laughed and ran away

He pulled Riddimaa and hugged her "Happy Birthday Princess !" "thanks Arman chodo ! Mom ajae gi !" she pushed him and got of the bed – shook her sister who was cuddled up in Atul's arms and Rahul who slept in the middle of road – got up when Riddimaa buy mistake kept her feet over his chest

"Ahhhhh – RIDIMAAA!" Rahul got up rubbing his chest ! "Sollly Rahull !" She pouted her lips "IF I Wasn't your birthday naa ! I would have thrown you out of the WINDOW !" he spoke gritting his teeth and went in the bathroom after banging the door – which made Atul and Anjali get up with shock

"Kya hua … kon maar gaya …?" hearing Atul Riddimaa laughed and ran down – Arman laughed and walked behind her – down stairs... "Hello princess !" Riddimaa heard the voice and saw Shahank standing on the door with his suit case "Papa !" Riddimaa ran and hugged him "Happy birthday Riddimaa!" Shahank wished her "I thought you wouldn't make up!" she apart from hug

"How could I not make up? After all its Riddimaa's birthday !" Shahank passed the suit case to the servant and walked in with Riddimaa "Papa – you know, I wanted to talk too you about something... really important.." Riddimaa took seat on the couch with her father "yess – bolo... I am all yours.." giving her a side hug while Riddimaa leaned over her father "Papa – yesterday night some one on bik........" she was interrupted "PAPA!" Anjali walked down with all of her friends – Arman was just behind her he was frowning before Anjali came – he kind of heard what she said "Yes Bhai agaya ! I am sorry that I went with out telling my angels... ! But it was duty call !" Shahank told and met every one "Arman Beta why are you standing here? Come on take a seat !" Padma from back shook Arman.... and took him where others were settled

Shahank soon left the place and went to his room to freshen up while all of the others made plan for evening party with Padma's help – she invited every one – and called party decorators... ! Soon after lunch the whole gang went in the mall for shopping – soon Sujhal and Kashish were called up too !.


"Riddima? How about this?" Kashish showed her a dress "Noo... its too loud! I don't wear such clothes" Riddimaa shook her hand in front of the dress – twisting her nose towards the dress "Aree yrr – you turned 22 ! come on – its time to celebrate !" Kashish said – picking up yet another small dress that had strips on her side and landed right on the hip "NO WAY ! Throw this away !" Riddimaa turned to go when she bumped in Arman "Hey kya huaa..?" he took hold of her and made her stand on her own feet "Kuch nahi yrr – Yea Riddimaa bhi naa !" kashish laughed – "I showed her some party dress and she got nervous – and scared that how will she wear small cloths" Kashish laughed at nervous Riddima

"OK Riddimaa relax – kashish Pagal Hai" he got a spank from Kashish "How mean !" Kashish commented "Chalo I will select something good for you" Arman took her away to other corner of shop and saw lovely beautiful gowns... he showed her the blue – filled with beads

"Too loud nooo !" Riddimaa remarked

" Tooo Short !" she commented on the black one

"OK This is perfect Riddimaa ! I want you to wear this" he showed her the dress, though she herself loved it and soon he bought it for her – and then walked up to other accessories... Kashish smiled as she looked A changed Arman.... Dropping Riddimaa home and others Arman went back to his house and saw every one almost ready and leaving for the party while Arman said them to go – he will come up on his own....



Looking at the angel in front of him, his eyes looked at her. He couldn't help but walk up to her.... "Hi...." he whispered from back – leaving her startled … she turned to see him looking as hot as ever !she felt like bringing up the camera and clicking his photos.... she smiled and told him he looked handsome, he smiled at the compliment he got – in return he leaned and kissed her cheek "Thanks, love – you look tremendously Hot..!" he whispered and asked her for a dance....

possessing her through waist – he clutched her tight. Pulling her in his arms, they dance for eternity... though many others danced too but this couple was showing up – errr visible in every one's eyes 'God bless them...' was thought, who ever eye fell on them... "Riddimaa" he talked after a while, still dancing "yes .. Arman?" she smiled "I wanted too ask you about in morning, what were you telling your dad.." he was interrupted when Muskan came to take Riddimaa for the birthday cake … they wished and cut the cake...

Party was in it swing... everyone was enjoying – elders were having there own time in one corner and children in other... "Oye Riddimaa – Bring The camera from my car yrr..... Lets click photos" Muskan passed the keys – and Riddimaa went out of the hall, smiling to her self

"Hey guys Riddimaa kahan gaye?" Arman came up to them as he had gone to take Juice for himself and Riddimaa "Aatii hai thori dera mai – camera lana gaye hai" Muskan informed and took the glass from him – Arman didn't stopped her from drinking but went out


she was circled with people … Arman had been looking for her … but seeing her shrieking voice he ran up to the gathering – pushing people apart – he saw Riddimaa covering her face "Ma'am whats going on between You and Arman Malik?" One of the person asked, keeping his camera on her face... "Ma'am Are you both in Love?" "Ma'am is it a short affair...?" "Ma'am Are you tucking along Arman Malik for fame or Money?"

"STOP STOP !" Arman shouted "GET OUT ! GET OUT RIGHT NOW" Arman pushed them away "sir …." one them tried to speak "SECURITY !" Arman shouted and all of them were thrown out. "Hey.... relax" Arman engulfed her in hug... while she sobbed in his arms... "I told you not too involve media Arman" she sobbed more louder "shhh – I never knew this will happen – I will look up too it – I promise." he rubbed her back and took her in his arms...



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