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Chapter 14: Obsessed...

Pacing in his room – he got all more worried, this media will create a hell drama... he knew this – he had to stop this before this lead to any trouble in their relation – he was ready for any nonsense, regarding Riddimaa – he Loved her, and didn't wanted to loose her due to any knucklehead person !

He saw his room's door opening up, "Should we Come in?" He smiled seeing two heads peeping in. "Off course !" Arman replied "Arman, look its ok – we knew you would take this media issue a bit high !" Sujhal commented sitting on the bed along with Kashish, who remained quite for a while

"She didn't wanted media in this Sujhal ! What if, her parents found out?" Arman told one of his worries regarding their relation "Oh tou her parents does not know and you both are roaming around like secret couple ehh? Like teenage people! Interesting – what else have you two done – except sneaking around..!" Kashish commented, pulling her legs up on bed... excitedly.

Both passed a 'Not-Interested' look... "Ok Ok... continue your serious Discussion" Kashish added while making an air " ". "Arman, tell her to tell her parents at least !" Sujhal spoke looking at a worried Arman, who stood in front of them – once in a while pacing – "I am trying to call her – but she is not Picking up ! And I guess, after the we came in after the whole issue of media – Padma Aunty saw her in my arms..." Arman ended, and again dialed Riddimaa's number

"Oye Ring ja rahi hai !!" Arman jiggled "Hello?" pause "Sorry Ji...ok.... bye..." Arman cut the phone and fell down on the couch behind him "Kya hua .. bol??" Sujhal got of the bed and so did Kashish, all worried "Padma aunty thi ! She scolded me and said to leave Riddima for a while as she had to get some score equaled" pause "she asked me too come tomorrow morning !" Arman pressed his lips together...

"Man ! This is getting all dramatically Serious..! I am such a Fuc*inghead – hit me Kashish !" Arman commented, loudly – getting up from his seat,pacing once more "Ouchhhhhhhhhh !" pause "Kashish !!!" he shouted, rubbing his bum as she had hit him through a bat – lying carelessly in his room... "Sujhal take HER AWAY !" Arman blasted to which Sujhal hold her arm and shushed her out of the room - "YOU MORON !!" Kashish shouted and kicked the locked room "DON'T EVEN GET CLOSE TO MY HUSBAND !!" Kashish stood out of the room as Sujhal has closed and locked the room after getting her out of the room

she kicked the door – but Soon door opened and Arman literally pushed Sujhal out and he fell on Kashish.... holding her and saving her from falling down "TAKE YOUR SO CALLED HUSBAND – BEFORE I GET HIM IN MY BED … ! OHHHH I M SOOO NOT GAY! YOU BITCH !" Arman shouted and close the door on their faces... both smiled, knowing Arman was back to his own cheeky way... they even knew he will figure out something good !

"Kya huaaaaa?" Billy came out scratching his head "OH GOD ! NOT HIM NOW" Sujhal rolled his eyes and took Kashish in the room "HUH?" Billy frowned and walked back in the room...

Back in Arman's Room – he sat in his room for almost an hour and Thought to go to Riddima place right now because he knew, he couldn't sleep – he took hold his car keys and was about to go out of his room when his phone buzz and he picked it up "Hello? Riddimaa?" her named flashed in his mobile so he stopped his room to talk to her first "Hello ??" he again spoke "Ok... Anjali... relax..! I am coming... I am on my way. You stay around her...!" Arman walked out of his house


He looked Anjali standing in the balcony – saying him to stay there she is coming... Arman did as he was told to – though he wanted to meet Riddima

He saw Anjali sneaking out of the main door and running up to her "Heyy..!" she huffed for air … keeping her hands on her knee to relax her arms – bones... "Hey kya hua? Aunty na kya kaha !" Arman asked passing her the bottle that was in his car "They are sending her away from here ! They didn't wanted all this – they took it quite serious, and told her she had turned out to be a disrespect for the family – she apologized thousand times but Dad, said he had decided to send her away from here from Mumbai !" Anjali concluded

Arman leaned his on car – rubbed his face through hands "yea kya ho gaya haii yrr !" Arman mumbled "can I meet her?" Arman looked up with a hope "No... she told me tell you that she won't meet you because mom didn't wanted That !"Anjali stood beside him leaning on the car... "Kyun yrrr ! Mene KYA KIYA Hai ! I Like her For God Sake !" Arman busted on her

"Chill chill – Did I told you Not to Love Her? Did I told you That I won't Help you? Did I Ever say you Too forget her and move on" Before Anjali could complete the phrase Arman Hugged her. "Oye chorr Meri hai Anjali" Atul spoke "Abe kutta – thori dera chup nahi rah skatta tah puura maza kharab kardiya ! Arman ki shakal Dhekna jase thi" Muskan hit Atul and soon Rahul came out too "Tou tum sab na mjha yahan tang karna bulaya tah ! You all are on of kind ! Morons !"Arman commented angrily but smiled

"Yrr please tell what ever Anjali told that Riddima didn't wanna meet and all is a lie?" Arman spoke hopefully "Well that's the part which is true !"Anjali told "tchh !" Arman felt ditched "ab???" he added "Well – if she doesn't wanna meet – tou kya hua. You want to meet?" he shook his head in yes "come on !" Anjali took him in the house – they both sneaked "Arman, when I give you a call hide some where ! I will come to take you out on my own !" Anjali whispered and opened Riddimaa's door. He whispered back in ok.

And went in the room – Anjali closed the door slowly with a best of luck... he smiled ... he turned to the room almost dark – but a sobbing voice was heard – he felt his heart melt off.... he walked closer to the voice to see her all cuddled up in her bed under her duvet – he puts on the side lamp – when she pulled her face out of bed – she tilted her head towards back as she laid on her stomach to see Arman settled on the bed looking at her with most famous trade mark smile. She dragged her self up – turning her self around – she kept her mind on side and did what her heart told !

Flung herself in his arms – she kept her head on his nap … kissing it lightly she told she really loved him but she would not go against her Parents "Its ok !" he whispered back to her... he rubbed her back "We can get Married!" he spoke, without even knowing what he meant by that – he had kept his mind on one side – and just thought about the peace he was getting while keeping this girl in his arms.... this particular girl had stirred up all the unknown – utmost desires in him -

The thought of letting her go – had broke him as much as she was broken "But Arman – its just two days that we had been in relation......." she moved her face away to see his face "Soo what – You know me from last 5 or 6 years – and the few days I have or had seen you – I knew I can never find a better partner than" Arman placed a hand on her cheek

"But Arman – I know you ! You don't Know me much" Riddimaa pointed out 'marriage? This is wrong!' she thought "I know you enough Riddima – and we can build up Our relation more after marriage too like our parents they had an Arrange marriage and they built their relation after marriage!" Arman pointed out

"Nahi Arman – what if it doesn't work between us" she tried get her self free from him "We Will make it Work !" he pointed out – rubbing her back …. easing her all worries "Just held my hand and Promise not to leave me in any way – rest is my work !" Arman bend over her, before she could argue he smacked his lips on – pondering over her.... she gasped for air – but he didn't left her and kept on kissing her ….

Knock Knock

"Sorrryy ! But Mom could come up now – Arman its time to leave..." Anjali said. Arman brushed his lips lightly against her "Arman !" Anjali came in closing the door behind her "two minutes please" Arman whispered "OK hurry !" she stood their looking at them with a smile "Are you with me Riddima?" Arman asked "Arman – agar mom dad didn't accepted?" she asked holding his hand in her hands "That's my headache naa ! You just tell – do you have any objection Regarding our Marriage"

"WHAT?" Anjali shouted in her whispered voice "Shut UP Anjali for a second" Arman spoke in a grave voice – looking back and glaring at her – to see she withdrew her hands up in air "Yes Arman only if – Everyone accepts it" Riddimaa hugged him "Thank God .! You took ages ! Challo bye" he again kissed her and went out with Anjali …

While Behind Riddima went in the washroom and then went to her balcony to see Every one jumping in joy. It was obvious that Arman told about their conversation. She saw his car going away with her other friends – her room door opened …. she turned to see a grinning Anjali – Riddima ran and hugged her tight "Thanks for all this di !" Riddima mumbled. "Awww – anything for my baby!" Anjali hugged "Ok listen – Arman's plan........" Anjali took her too the bed....


Next Morning: Malik Residence

"Billy ! Gooo Speak to mom !" Arman pushed his uncle in the kitchen – once billy was in the Kitchen the other three ran up to Arman's room... - peeping their head out they heard Naina shouting... Arman got worried "ARMAN !"

he shrugged and went out "Yes mmaa" Arman spoke making the most innocent face ever "what am I hearing?" Naina acted up, which Arman caught the very second "OH Thanks for proving this Rishta Mom" Arman hugged Naina tight "Look Yrr Naina Babhi I told you not to speak – he catches Your lies in a second – You act poor then third grade class movies !" Billy Commented and soon Sujhal and Kashish walked in

"Dad at least Naina Aunty is a better Actor then you" Sujhal commented "Oh you just Shut up – You always stand against me ! Whats your grudge Against me haan?haan>" billy spoke, making a funny face "uhmmmm I want all the money from the your lockers – give it too me give it too me now – I can't wait for you to die – I would have thousands of babies and their babies but you will still be over my head urgghhhh –and once you transfer all the money to me than only – than I will tell ya about the grudge I hold for you" Sujhal spoke. "why Should I giveee YOU !" pause "I will give it too my NEW Babhu ! Riddimaa !" Billy smirked "dad App mujha bhool gaye" Kashish stepped in

"HAAN HAAN bhool gaya mai tum kou, Sujhal ki cham-chi !" Billy twisted his nose while Arman laughed at this "Daddddd !!! I Love only you and you – Sujhal is just a time pass !" Kashish spoke in a sugar cot voice "Excuse ME – I take that as an offense" Sujhal pushed Kashish and billy apart as they were hugging "What SHOUld I do !" Kashish blasted over him

"OK OK Guys .. stop" soon Arman's voice mingled among them "OHh hello !! STOP" Arman shouted "Excuse me ! Hello – we were talking about my marriage ! Billy" Arman walked out leaving then shout - …. all kept on shouting each other – with err probably without reason, while nania had went back to her work....


11:00 Gupta Residence

"Shahank I know you didn't expected us – but seriously yrr – lets get the kids married... they Love each other... and the media problem will resolve itself" Billy sat with the worried father, Shahank... "Billy, I don't know what to say..." he was interrupted

"App kou pata hai billy bhai sahab – from the very morning, half of my family had been Calling ! Riddima asee hai -- wase hai ! I mean – pura khandhan ka naam kharab kardiya" Padma walked out of the kitchen with a knife in her hand as she was cutting vegetables and by mistake brought out "Aur tuu Arman – mujha tou pehla hee laga tah Daal mai kuch Kala hai – why didn't you told us before !" Padma pointed her knife at Arman

"Aunty Maaf kardoo – app ka bacha hoon! you had even cuddled me when I was born ! Naked !" he spoke, backing away from knife – every one shrugged out in a laugh and Riddima, who was peeping down through straight fell on the floor and laughed... soon Padma smiled and turned her ear "Naina Now I am sure he is the same Arman ! Who liked to be naked all the time !" Soon Arman withdrew his ear and Hugged Padma

"Aunty I promise I will keep Riddima happy" Arman spoke breaking the hug "That I know – bss this Family created the mess... and we thought you both were just hagging out – we surely didn't knew that you were serious about this relation !" Padma kept a loving hand.... "Shahank soo should we take this as a Yes?" Billy asked

"If that's what all want – I am happy for my daughter" Shahank commented, Anjali squealed and ran upstairs with Muskan too get Riddima ready..


"You look beautiful …. in this saree....." Arman commented as they had came out in garden for a walk...."Arman – yea sab itna jaldi I mean..." she was interrupted - "Chill Riddima – I have thought to just get you Engaged with me – we can keep the marriage after 6 months or an year !" he winked – keeping a hand around her shoulder from back … "Nice Garden !" he commented looking around the plants and the Green roof....

"Thanks I love Flowers..." she commented "That I didn't knew – thanks for informing ma'am" he kissed her cheek while she showed him his garden and told about her school – college life and what she hated and what she liked ! "Riddima you never had a boyfriend?" he asked walking beside her... "Nope – actually it had been always been you !" he spoke slowly... Arman turned her – taking her in his arms, he kissed her right on her lips.........

They were interrupted when his phone buzzed and Riddima turned her back - "Hello – yes Mr. Mishra..." keeping a hand on phone "I be back – its a business call" he told to which she nod and was amused that they had walked up to the main gate of their house.... she frowned – to see no guard on door – opening the steel gate she went out to see if see if the guards were out -

All of the elders had came out too – as Malik were leaving … so they thought they will meet Riddima and Arman outside itself...

Arman turned and saw Riddima checking guards small sitting place – he smiled at her, checking her every little move while talking on the phone.

Two three bikes moved around the place, which made Arman frown – he slowly walked up to her... "Ahhhhhhh Arman !" one bike got hold of her – keeping a piece of cloth over her mouth – she fainted – the guy made her sit between two guys and took her away … "RIDDIMAAA" Arman threw his phone and ran all his mighty... opening the huge gate he thought to hold the bike guy – his cap touched Arman's hand and he pulled it – but they went away....

"RIDDDIMAAAA" All the family members came out. Arman fell on his knee on middle of road.



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