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Chapter 15: Obsessed...

Media – Reporter, Press – All over Gupta house. Almost trying to jump over the long steel gate and get in...but couldn't high security was called and they covered almost whole house... though it was not the Headline new – but it was one of it ! They tried to speak to one of the members but none came out …
Reporter's tried all their mighty but failed to get any new.....Every now and then People get kidnapped and so was Riddima. But the question is why she? Her family is not one of those rich bagged families – her father worked in Sanjeevani as Dean, nothing else – he didn't owned Sanjeevani... he was just An Employee in other words Head of Other Employee's but that means he was an Employee too.

Her Mother – a simple Gynecologist... Big deal, there are many like her – her sister and herself a simple Interns in Sanjeevani ! They were Just Intern... they didn't get briefcase filled up with money ! They just got a palm full of money every month ! One thing was sure she wasn't kidnapped due to money... least if she was – the family must have got a call from the kidnappers for a whole sum !

It was more than 24 hours and no new -Inside the house all were worried tensed what to do and what not ! The life of a girl – there Family girl was at stake, it wasn't a big deal for outsider but for Gupta's and Now for Malik's also Was A Big Deal !

"Why the hell aren't You searching for her!" Shahank shouted at the D.S.P, who stood there quietly "Sir, we are trying – but we are clueless – no one saw there face even !" pause "and no calls..." The D.S.P office ended. "So what do YOU Want Us to Do...?" Shahank walked up to the Officer when Arman hold him back "wait sir – that's we could do..." Office spoke, politely. Shahank tried to take a step and hit the man right on his face but Arman hold him back and made him settled down

"Uncle this will not Work ! We have to think Practically !" Arman asked some one to get water for Shahank... mostly woman were weeping silently at one corner – Rahul and Atul, including Sujhal tried to search out through their own personal sources but they asked to wait …

that was the thing they couldn't do ! They Just Couldn't wait !! it was 24 Hours that Riddimaa was "ALONE" with so many guys... All use to terrify at this thought – at times Arman was found shrugging


Arman got a call after 1 more day passed out and still all were settled full awake at Gupta Residence. "Hello? Yes Officer...." pause, Arman cuts the call and after hearing the other side of Call. "Rahul !" he shouted "haann bol !" Rahul came all startled... "where is that cap – that I took hold of it !" Arman exclaimed... "I don't know...." Rahul shrugged and ran out to see it around the place. Arman ran after him – reaching near the main gate – they saw all the camera's zooming on them – though the body guards tried to push them off but they didn't stopped and kept on shouting with questions...

"SIR – What ARE YOU Doing Here...?" some reporter shouted "Was she Your girl Friend?" pause "Are you serious about this girl – are You really Going AROund"

Arman Ignored all of it – though he wanted to shout and tell to get the hell out of here – its his personal matter but he just ignored "Rahul Mil gaya...." Arman found the cap in garden – turning it around .

'PizzaNext Down' both smiled and Called D.S.P in the house.....

"Now What -?" Arman asked the officer - "We will go and get hold of the people around their – some one would know about it !" Officer smiled, taking hold the cap – he went out – while the four, Arman, Rahul, Atul and Sujhal went along him – though he insisted them not to come but they just ignored and rushed out of the house in Arman's car.


Pizza Next Down

"Please All all you stay down – Not to panic...! I Want Manager here !" officer shouted. "Yes - Sir. I am the manager, Om..." the manager shook hand and introduced "Are any of your waiters – deleivery guy missing? Or any thing unusal?" Officer asked "yes – I made a complaint – Four lousy brats took cloths along with bikes – with them 5 days back !" pause "did You find them?" he added again "No Om... but we want their names – details all of the information ! And yes we will get your bikes soon!" pause "Till then – I want to meet the rest of waiter and delivery people, who were friends of the one, who ran away" officer told – soon the manager called all the workers...


"So what now?" Arman asked as they were way back to Gupta residence "Look Mr. Malik – you look sensible ! I want to tell you – that it would have been a small kidnapping only if these boys were involved in it – but my informer tell there is some head of them ! Who is operating and telling these boys to do this – I mean, look at their Cv... the bio-data all are 20 or 21 age boys ! Not big – And they worked here as part time job!" Officer tried to explain

but just to see Arman frowning with a confused Face

"Ok lets go home I will explain you !" Officer sighed and Arman drives home - 'I love you – Arman, Kahan hou.... jaldi aoo' "ARMAN !!" Atul shook him – as he settled on the back seat with other two !

"huh???" Arman came back to world. "We left the house behind turn the car..." Atul informed

"Sorry" Arman spoke and took a U turn back to Gupta house "I know Mr. Malik – you tensed up – but I really wanna say – you have to keep high hopes, its the 1% believe that we will find her" Arman looked at the officer shocked "I mean – I didn't wanted to say anything inside the house..... but there is seriously involved in this – these three boys are just the puppet of the real Gamer !" officer came out – once Arman passed the car inside the house and steel rod pipe gate was closed...

Officer went up to media – thought the gate was between the media and Officer... the four guys stood beside car – Arman was in tears...... he didn't believe what Officer 'I mean – My Family was talking about My Marriage inside two days back ! And Now what just happened in a click' Sujhal shook him

"I love Her.... I just Realise the zeal of My Love for Her ! I just can't let her Go sujhal" Arman finally broke and engulfed himself in Sujhal's arms "I Want Her !" he sobbed trying hard to get himself balance.... "WE Will find you Love Arman – its a promise!" Sujhal rubbed and other spoke words that did boost him bit ….

"Arman – come with me to the media ..." Officer came and took Arman at the door … "Yes.... What do you wanna ask?" Arman looked up at them with anger "Sir Are you in rela..." Arman interrupts

"Yes ! Me and Riddimaa are getting Married – WE are in Relation and I WOULD BEG you to GET OUT ! Because you are No help for us in Finding My Riddimaa – you are Just helping the kidnappers by Telling our every MOVE !" Arman blasted opening the huge gate and pushing the media "Who EVER YoU ARE – SEND MY RIDDIMAA BACK ! AND IF I GET MY HAND'S ON YOU VBEFORE THAT I M GONNA KICK THE HELL OUT OF YOU !" Arman shouted on the camera in a way conveying his message to the converter – all knew that the kidnappers were keeping an Eye on Maliks and Gupta's through Media !

Soon Extra force was called and Media was literally thrown out of the range....


"Uhmmmm Uhmmmm" she tried to free herself – but she was tied up on the chair – tears coming out of her eyes.... a boy of her age tying her feet's with chair – and teasing her while tickling her under feets "we don't know you much – but you are one smoking chick haan!" the boy commented "IS this your lover" The other boy pointed at the LCD that was Right in front of her – clipped on the wall

She Saw Arman – shouting at the media and telling them about her... "Come on Riddimaa... why are you wasting your tears for him ?" The other boy circled her from back.... moving an arm around her neck sensuously … making her cry more – her hands and feet were tied up with the chair and so was her mouth with a cloth... she moaned and cried more – she could help her self she felt helpless – what was happening to her why she ? She herself didn't knew...

"BehAVE !" some one shouted – the three boys moved away from her... "Sorry" The one who had encircled her from behind apologized. "Don't forget she is My.Love ! And no one can do that accept me..." The guy in black suit walked up to her from back – though Riddima couldn't see him but she had surely recognized the voice – when he softly circled his arm around her neck and placed his chin on her shoulder "Hii... remember.." he whispered huskily in her ear … she turned her face 'Sammerr Mehra? her Duty Incharger!' she thought while he smiled at her shock face – feeling good, to find her so close – he kissed her cheek making her turn her face to other side....

"Leavee !" he told to the three guys... Sameer came in front and removed the cloth of her mouth "How DARE You Dr. Mehra" Riddima shouted at him "Shhhhhh !" he placed his finger on her lips – rubbing it till she herself pulled her face – putting the same finger in his own mouth he sucked it "hmmmm – tasty !" he remarked "Baby – here My rules My ways ! So Never – I Mean NEVER" he hold her face from back and pulled her close "Shout or dare me !" he kissed her lips making her turn her face to other side – while he laughed and went out .. "Will send the dinner !" he spoke and went out !

"WHY SAMEER WHY !" she shouted, he stopped and looked at her – her back face her this moment "Because I Love You – and Hate Arman Malik !" he shut the door hard making her move in her seat with his out burst – her eyes got bigger when she heard his feet voice getting closer – he rounded her and came in front "I hate THAT BASTAR* !" Sameer spitted on floor "due to His Father....."

Knock Knock

"Sir, we have got a problem...." one of the three boys came in - "I am coming – the rest later" pause "Love" Sameer smirked and went out....


"Arman..... Meri beti kasi hogi – its almost four days.... beta.. get her – get her back for me....!" pause "I want Riddima back" Padma sobbed in his arms "Aunty she will be back soon – I promise – we Will get her back" Arman took Padma in the room with Naina's help Mostly Maliks had been living here from Last four days – Naina use to feed everyone …. Billy use to take care of the media problem – while Kashish was helping boys in any way she could while helping others too... Anjali has been shattered, though she had fights with Riddima but that doesn't mean she didn't love her ! She did Love her and the way she just vanished always swollen her heart – Atul had been taking care of her only when he gets time

Every particular Member was indulge in something or other – Anjali didn't even dig her head in Helping the other in finding Riddimaa – she use to sit in her room Like Shahank – who was helpless and was surely requested by the Officer to remain out of the case because he was doing nothing but creating a fuss – and hurdle out of it !

Private Agent was called up too by Arman – Officer and the agent use to get close to the Real Gamer but something or the other would happen that what ever they find will turn in to total useless !

Almost a week went by in tears when Atul asked Arman to do something About Anjali – Arman sighed, clinched his fist and walked up to her Room – walking up to her – he made her stand from ground. She frowned "KYA HAI HAAN?" Arman shouted "Kya Problem HAI?? KAHA NA – WE WILL FIND RIDDIMA ! Why ARE YOU ACTING LIKE A PIG !" Arman shouted on her "WHAT DO YOU THINK ? WEEPING IN THE ROOM WILL SOLVE THE PROBLEM? WILL IT BRING RIDDIMAA BACK?" he shook her – too see her shedding more tears

"WE need Youu" he spoke politely "I … can't help... it... I" she broke down and hugged her "I love her too.... Please --- all of you – I beg all of you" he turned and saw whole family at Anjali's door "be My strength ! Not my weakness …. I will be shattered if – you all leave my side and keep on thinking bad about My Riddima !" he fell on bed – keeping his hand on his face

"Sorry Arman...." After a couple of minutes silence – Anjali settled on her knees in front of him "Lets go – we have to find My sister !" Anjali smiled pulling Arman's cheeks – he smiled "and My Love !" he added.... she smiled – others smiled tearfully.... and got the hope light burning up in there souls...

"MR. Malik !" Officer shouted "we were very close to the target – and we had almost found where she could be – but the Kidnapper changed it place …" Officer fell on the couch feeling ditached "WE will Try again ! Call Rahim to my house – I will back – I will have a meeting with him ALONE!" Arman announced, Rahim the Agent


Malik Residence: Arman's study

"Rahim …. listen – I guess, Some one is leaking out our plan's why all the time when we get really close to the kidnapper he run's away !" Arman holding a bear in his hand – and his back facing to a man, who was quite a built up personality … huge muscles – huge posture ! "Well – lets get it cleared – You – her Family Your Family ….. can't me the informer right?" Rahim smirked to which Arman turned and looked at Rahim, who gulped down his bear – shrugging bit "which Leave The Officer ! And ME ..." Rahim spoke, confidently … "choose one!" Rahim added, sitting on the huge leather couch " Fuc*ing Officer!" Arman crushed his cane "Bingo !" Rahim smiled and drank his glass – Arman took another cane from his private bar .



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