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Chapter 16: Obsessed...

Rahim was one of those faithful employee on whom Arman could have blind faith – Rahim's Father was a loyal Private agent – and now, after Rahim's father Retirement, Rahim took over his over though at the start Arman really didn't trusted him but gradually when Malik emperor was building up Rahim had put of his efforts in what ever he was required with out thinking twice about his own life.

From that end Rahim became one of those trust worthy person whom Arman can leave everything and die peacefully. He knew Rahim could not be sold off – Arman Just knew it Rahim would not stab him for Money or no matter what.... Smiling at their plan – they shared a wine.

Arman wanted to go and get the life out of that officer, who was doing nothing but playing around like One more Puppet of the Real Gamer. Nights were surely sleepless – Riddimaa's shout would keep him worried – no one except him could hear her, soulful prayers... he knew she was calling her and he was just waiting for a sign and then – Riddima was near him

Though Officer once said that its only 1% chance that we find her but here Rahim say's we will find for 100% - Arman usually thought that he is saying to make him feel good – the thing worried him most was when the sun dawned – and a new night came – he use to have horrible dreams... wanting her soul back – his breath would stuck up right between his throat – if it had been about 1 hour – 8 hours or 24 hours, he would have not been worried that much.... 3rd week was on it end – and they didn't even got a call...

Shahank tried to be calm but always felt miserable and felt like killing himself for not doing anything for her own blood. Padma worshiped day and night.... Naina though had shifted back to her house with billy but they use to be around the Gupta's in day times. No one can put the finger on Malik family, when Own family – relatives shows No concern then why they? They were not even Family ! They Were Nothing – Arman didn't even Got engaged and this disaster happened but still Malik's were always by their sides – when Ever Padma called to lighten her heart – Naina would come up right after the call ends …

"Arman.... Shimla... they are in Shimla Now.!" Arman hit the horn – wheel angrily. "Rahim – we are in Mumbai and Now you saying they shift In Shimla" Arman stopped the car with a jerk "Arman – this Is no time to stop, let's move it – they have stopped for a while to relax in Shimla – we have to get hold of them before they get out of there !" Rahim retorted back "Come on Move the Fuc*ing Car" Arman turned his keys – racing up the engine – took the main highway towards Shimla......

Rahim dialed a number and talk to him "yes? What? Listen you stay near their quarter's – and don't give them any sign ! Before we reach...." Pointing at Arman to stop the car. Which he did angrily and moved his hand forward to Kill Rahim when Rahul and Atul from back seat moved forward to hold him. "and Listen – How's she?" pause, Arman eyes turned soft, getting a bit wet.... he withdrew his hand back and looked Rahim's pale face "ohkay – we be there !" Rahim cuts the phone and looked at every one in car staring at him, including Sujhal.

"Uhmm Well, get out Of the Driving seat Arman !" Rahim barked opening the door he pushed Arman out and jumped over the driving seat – Rahim turned the car back to Mumbai side "Hell WAIT !" Arman opened the passenger seat "WHAT THE FuC* was that?" Arman shouted

"NO time to tell you ! In short, we been fooled up – it was all there plan to send us shimla, so they can make a quick move from here – the first destination was bloody correct that Fuc*ing officer is going to die through my hands" Rahim speed up the car, and took few turns....

soon, they reach the destination, a boy around – 20 ran towards them... "Sir that Cottage...." All ran in – busting in they saw a chair – ropes – a big LCD... Arman went forward and touched the ropes the chair – tears came out – a bed was right over the side whose sheet was all messed up and a letter on it

Sujhal took it and read it loud

'Good Mr. Malik – you reached up to here? Good Good – but I m far more fast thinker than your Stupid Agent Rahim ! Loyal Fellow ! I must say – I did send a packet Full of Money to him though he burned it in Fire ! Bad For him …. well – to be concise, Riddima – yes Riddima Gupta – My Love … is safe uhhmm Now Mine ! Totally mine ! In all ways – yes you got it Right, we both had a bliss....' Sujhal stopped Rooted – and tears brim out through his eyes Arman took the chair – and threw it on the Lcd screen -


"AHHHHHHH....." he shouted. "RIDDIMAaa......"

'your Father's deed will be paid of through Riddima' Rahul read it …... the left over paper... and tore it

"I know Arman – nothing would have happen just don't loose hope..." Rahul went and console Arman who sat on the floor.. "Only if we had not turned to Shimla we might have got hold of her – only if we hadn't gone half way to Shimla and wastes the time" Arman spoke with sobs.... the room was empty the chair where they tied her was left like that – they were made up fool, by telling that they are In Shimla – they were never in Shimla – they were in Mumbai all the time ….he looked around the house and cried till Rahim made him stand and took him to the car.

Making him sit in the car – he called one of his helper – who informed that they are trying to get the target but couldn't pin point – feeling ditched they made there way to Maliks Residence in Mumbai though they thought to go back to Delhi where they actually lived but they thought to postpone for a day.... as they won't be able to inform anything about Nothing to Gupta's.

Though they were never at Shimla – but now they are in Mumbai or not – they didn't knew...


"take her in – till I check where they have reached" Sameer told to boys, who took hold of a faint Riddimaa – her arms were around the shoulders of boys and the third one opened the door to a house which was new... white beautiful house...

she looked half faint though quite weak – Sameer in front of the house – while his back faced her – the boys some how dragged her in the house, Sameer in his goggles – called his man... "Yes... Maliks Gone back to Mumbai" Sameer took a sigh of relief – "Good – I am happy – don't inform any one about me... and tell Hospital I want one more months leave – if they ask for resignation I will post you – you don't have to come here..." after couple of moment's he closes the phone and goes back in the house with smirk

seeing Riddima taken up throw stairs he smiled and follow them – soon Riddima was tied up with a chair - "Where are we....?" she asked getting consciousness "Too Our new house jaan" he opened a bag kept on the study table right in the same room, taking out a injection he sprinkled some of the medicine checking the injection he walked up to her

"Why do you keep on giving me this.... ahhhhh..." Riddima shouted as the needle pass through her vein... of her arms... he kept a cotton … "don't take the tension of this sweetheart...." he whispered while she turned her face away, whining in pain "you did let Arman touch you more than this..." he traced her arm till her wrist.... with his fingers making her shiver... "I loved him" she whispered "And still love him" she added, he tightened his hold near her elbow

"One more time – say the same Thing One more – time ! I dare you – if You say it once more time – I will rip off your cloths and have Se* with you ! Uhhmm let me reframe it - Make Love too till you feel sour all over the body" pause "don't think that I being sweet – I would have taken you in bed – but I will have the moment when we actually get married !" he smirked, tears came out from her eyes.... she sobbed silently... she didn't dared to speak – she was too scared to claim her love For Arman....

"well, save your tears – I am not in a mood to take you in bed Yet ! Though its a wish that Only you will fullfil !" he pointed coming in front of her – he sat down on floor "Lets make this Love of Arman turned into hatred in you!" he spoke to which she frowned. "confused? I will tell you something about me and Arman... and"


"Sir food" a boy brought a plate when Sameer pulled out a bottle and mixed a medicine in it – Riddima saw it but she couldn't dare ask why? "Don't worry this medicine is good for you and me both -" opening her one hand he kept the plate in her lap – she ate with shaky hands.... "Well when I was around 10 … My father was one of the loyal worker of Vikram Malik, Father of Arman Malik …." he smiled as she ate food – after a long time....

"we were not rich – but Vikram Malik always gave bonus – and help us in very much many festivals. My parents use to worship Vikram malik – I use to have a soft corner for Vikram – time passed on I grew and turn 14 – those 4 years were best time of my life – Maa... baa and my little sister and me – we use to have a good time – eating together doing all masti – what not ! What ever a person – a child wants me and sister got.... but." he pause

"one day – Vikram Malik on his feet barked in her house – a bullet had injured him on his shoulder – My Maa – made it fine – cleaned the wound – Vikram Malik had been very pleased and said once he goes safely from here – he would promote my Baa to higher post.... day went and he stay with us …. I was happy as I talked to person, who made our life heaven – week..? yes almost 7 days.. he spend in our house when next morning – people with guns.... rifles came in...." pause, he got off the floor and went to window,

Riddima left her food and looked at him with wide eyes "i was gone out to bring medicine for vikram as his shoulder was hurting he need a pain killer. "i was far away from there – I didn't knew what happened – when, I saw, the people with mask – firing up my family and Vikram Malik running out before I could go and meet my parents I saw Those …... those mask people coming out and firing mercilessly over the Running Vikram....too" Tears rolled down through his eyes – Riddima cried too

"i went in – with trembling hand" Sameer said "these hand – which went up to their bodies" he turned towards her "DO YOU KNOW HOW IT FEELS WHEN YOU SEE YOUR OWN BLOOD – KILLED ! They WERE KILLED MERCILESSLY – NUMERIOUS BULLETS IN THEIR BODY" Sameer ragged towards her in anger and shook her through arms "I took hold of THERE BODIES – MY SISTER WAS ONLY 7 ! was ShE AT ANY FAULT" he shouted and the plate fell of from Riddima a lap

she cried... and so did he... he pushed her hard on the seat back making her wince in pain "then some how that day – I got to know that – Vikram Malik, pushed my dad on the mask people – and tried to run – due to his small plan – just to save his Own Fuc*ing a** he put my families life at stake... just to save himself – but"Sameer Smirked "but he got killed too ! But why the Hell HE BROUGHT MY FAMILY IN IT ! WHY WE ???? WHY MY FAMILY !" pause

"I couldn't punish Vikram Malik, who killed My Family but I will punish his family – due to you ! Its even more easier now ! Arman has lost much of his interest in business – his Two Factories out of five – our being injected by bombs.... soon the other three will be done and his emperor would fall off to earth – my Last Aim will be Arman Malik's Family! Once I kill him – I will take you with me too Goa.... and we live their – forever..." Sameer smiled...


"Sameer..." she spoke politely "i know tumhara sath ghalat hua – but yea jou tum kar rahe hou vo sab ghalat hai !" Riddima spoke, to which Sameer frowned and stood in front of her – leaning over the wall behind him "I mean – Arman's dad Got his Punishment – Why are You destroying Arman – he was not even there at that time" Riddima spoke politely

"He is same like his father – Bloody Bastar*... I was 17 when I went up to him for work – in a way to get in his business and destroy it ! At that he was 21 ! he had became one of the famous businessman in one year – he rejected me and said – I was not applicable for the company ! Because My father was the betrayal due to MY Father HIS Fathers died ! But THAT NOT THE TRUTH – Due TO HIS FATHER MY FATHER DIED …. MY FAMILY DIED ! I WAS LEFT ALONE ! I WANT HIM TO FEEL THE SAME LONLINESS ! WHEN I KILL HIS MOM – UNCLE – BROTHER AND HIS BABHI" Sameer smirked

"I will make him regret the moment he – said no to me – I will take my revenge – I will take all the revenge – You just see Riddima how I am gonna make him cry ! He will die for you too ! I wanted too kill you – but ….. I fall in love with you – and beside that it will hurt him more when he sees you in my arms" Sameer hugged her from behind...

Riddima cried and sobbed till he finally left her and went out to get his planned processed up


"Rahim kuch Pata chala?" Arman packing his things as they were going back to Delhi – leaving Riddima in Mumbai – Arman didn't knew he was sooo near her – and still could get her – they were leaving her back here – he didn't knew !

He didn't knew but felt that Riddima is here in Mumbai – right here where they are... but faith.... but he dismissed the thought and placed all the luggage to one side – and told the boy, to take it up to their cars....

"Arman....." Rahim came up to him "Last Hope ! Last chance – Last Luck..." Rahim Whispered... Arman was in tears.... feeling that Riddima would leave him was hard – though it was upper than month – they had keep themselves hidden in Delhi for last 2 weeks... and informed that Bloody officer that they were back – they had kept the officer locked up in Gupta Residence – yes he was locked up by the Tough Girls !! Anjali Muskan and Kashish had locked him in bathroom.... once he had informed the Sameer that Maliks were returning which was said just to fool sameer

Arman and Rahim had dig the past once again as Sameer himself left the clue

'your Father's deed will be paid of through Riddima' Rahul read it …... the left over paper... and tore it

These were the words that rang Rahim and he shook Arman ! And asked him what had Vikram done in past... investigating … searching out in last two weeks – they had learned whole truth that it was non-other Sameer Mehra – Atul and Rahul were shocked and told Arman that he had joined the hospital the time Arman got discharged from the hospital for the first time.... finding more – it revealed that the acciedent that Arman had when he was in car was also one Of Sameer Mehra plan ….In this Process, Rahim had find out Everything Accept ….. the one plan that Sameer hold for Destroying Malik family

Arman sat on bed … and cried the day he found out whole truth – cursing himself and his family to endanger Riddima... he would never forgive himself or his dad, if anything happened to his love

the night today was hard.... for Arman, because Tomorrow he is gonna get To Riddimaa – this planned had to work !! he promise

Riddima, who was still tied up with the chair – faint – due to sudden dose of her medicine... which Sameer has increased first she got twice a day now thrice.....

Sameer, was having the hard time - in his way …. tomorrow his own plan was on action – bombs have been fitted in Malik Residence – In 4 factories...... one was left – but Sameer couldn't wait now – he was getting hasty he wanted it to Just Happen

Everyone – was waiting for the sun shine – which was not coming !


Next chapter: Will Arman find Riddima or lose her forever....? what will these Bombs do? Destroy his family? What will these medicine do? Tune up to know what happens next and how the riddle solve....

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