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Chapter 18: Obsessed...

It was almost 48 hours – Till Riddima had came back to her family... All were waiting for the doctor to come out as she had gained consciousness – but the family was stopped as Doctor wanted to check her first... Sighing the Doctor came out -

"I am sorry to make you wait for so long – I didn't wanted to give you any news without reports – well, precisely I was right Riddima had almost forgotten some months of her life – the injection and medicines she use to get was given her for this Purposely Mainly – just to get her mind wash off – the instant that happened around two months...." he saw all of confused face – so he started off from start 'again'

"Let me explain you properly – Dr. Sameer Mehra was a qualified doctor...! he had given Riddima a dose of those injection which make them forget the day event – or you could say what ever she was told whole day by the nite and next morning – she use to forget the past event and think the day never came …. like for example …. she was kidnapped for almost 1 month and a week – the last day of her running out of the house – to safe her – she took that day as her 1st Day Of Kidnapping – the whole month is never in mind – though when I tested more on her – We found out that she was given extra dosage in last days – which had damaged her head – and she thinks takes today uhmmm what was it nurse ?" the doctor looked back at her nurse

"Sir, she said its 28th November 2009" the Nurse told – which made every one shocked "and today is … 24th April 2010 – soo yes that's true she don't remember much …" Arman came forward to speak "and yes – you can make her remember – but don't burden over her – she just got up... no worries the rest is ok...." Doctor smiled and so did others.....

Arman fell on the bench that were in corridors "Kya hua Arman beta – now everything is fine ! You should be happy !" Padma sat beside him "Aunty..... I met her on 1st January – when I had a accident...." he felt his heart broke – she forgot all the moments they had ! They spend she just not remember him …. everyone turned shock............. and soon Padma engulfed him in a hug....


"Hey … di..." Riddima was made settled on bed and soon everyone walked in to see her – four faces were unknown to her though "Hie Ma.... Papa" Riddima hugged both - "Hii Muskan – Hii Rahul – Hii Atul !" she wished a hi to almost everyone

"Riddima – you might not Remember us – let me introduce my self Naina Malik, This Is billy – That's Sujhal – and Kashish, his wife" Naina – placed a hand over Riddimaa's head lovingly "Aunty you are...." Riddimaa's eyes almost got out when she called Muskan to her other side.

"I KNOW HER -SHE IS ARMAN MALIK'S MOM !" She whispered in Muskan's ear, but it was quite audible to others... who smiled "YES I KNOW – DO YOU WANNA MEET ARMAN MALIK?" Muskan asked Riddimaa in same whispering voice with all excitement

Riddimaa shook her head inYES – But Then NO... "NO NO NO........... I hate Him"Riddimaa concluded – which made Everyone frown

"WHAT?" Muskan shouted

Everyone turned out to be silent...... No one dare to speak.....


Soon The elders went away – Arman who was standing beside the door heard the conversation held between Anjali, Muskan And Riddima... while the boys stood out With Kashish ! "You know – I remember, in today's Magazine – I saw a Picture of Arman kissing a Girl – and they even wrote that Arman and that girl had spend a good whole week at Colombia !" Riddimaa told her friend

"But Riddimaa todays Newspaper??" Muskan interrupted

"Yeaa... 28th November 2009's Magazine ! MUSKAN ! I read it in the morning ! Didn't I told you?" Riddimaa asked, Anjali took a deep gasp - "uh-huh" Anjali mumbled "But Yaar Riddimaa – you know we can't believe all the news ! You know once you said its all rubbish they cook up all the stories and all !"Muskan tried to persuade her …

"When did I said that – I believe MY Magazine !" Riddimaa pouted, "she don't remember this because she said this in 2010 – which she don't remember" Anjali whispered "Guys... tum log itnaa weird kyun behave Kar rahe hou !" Riddimaa asked finally getting frustrated

"Listen Riddimaa let me get to you clear....! first its 24th April 2010 ! today ! And your few memory has been Rubbed up ! Soo in the duration of this period You Forgiven Arman and again kept on dreaming about him!" Muskan shouted till the nurse rushed in and scolded Muskan to which Muskan apologized.

Riddimaa turned mum – she looked at the two girl, her eyes got watery... till Anjali came and engulfed her in hug - "i – I don't remember di....its almost 5 months …...." she hiccuped while crying in Anjali's Arms...


When Arman heard Muskan's out burst Arman jiggled up and down ! "Yes Yes... she told her – she told her" Arman took hold of kashish and danced with her "Arman!" sujhal called "She is crying !" Sujhal informed to which Arman pushed Kashish and went back "Moron !"Kashish told "Bitch !" Arman retorted back

Arman remained near the door but didn't went in whole day... he was tensed, now she didn't remember him – how will he gained the attention he use to get From HER? I mean when he met her – she liked him Actually – BUT that was 1st January 2010 when he had met her – and her mind is stopped at 28th November 2009, when he had gone to Colombia with his last girlfriend though they didn't Do much ! But surely Magazine had cooked up by itself !

Everything was surely settled by the mid of December in magazines too 'BUT SHE Don't EVEN Remember THAT !' he thought. After two days Riddimaa was taken back to Home – Arman didn't knew how will he meet her like Face To Face. …. she didn't even knew that He was around... feeling ditched he went back to his home – and look after the business which really need him.


28th April 2010

Arman had passed the orders to clean up all the lands and start making the factory once again – though Money Was never a prob... the factories were insurance !that would surely help and on second note – if it wasn't then to it O.K … he had enough of money to make his emperor back

He was working day and night to make it stand on it feet again – everything was called best machines – best architecture ! Best people were settled to make these three industry again.... He usually came late home and his first question use to be "Did You met Her? Hows she? Does she Talk about me? Do she remember anything...." And Kashish use to say – no.... to most of the answer Except "Yes she talks about you...!"

"Hie Ma.... where are you going !" Arman asked seeing his family all dress up "its a party at Gupta house – only the two families ours and theirs !" billy told "And why?" Arman pulled out his coat rubbing his nap... "Uhmm because today a date is going to get fixed up For Anjali and Atul and For Riddimaa's returning back !" Sujhal came out with Kashish

"Aren't You guys taking me along?" Arman pouted his lips looking at his family "No..." Sujhal replied "you are tooo busy to come !" Sujhal added "Bhaiii !" Arman whined and rushed up to his room "WAIT FOR ME !" shouted while running the stairs....


Gupta Residence

"Wait up !" Riddima shouted and ran to open the door – her mouth fell down, her eyes almost grew wide.... "Hi... Shall we come in..." he grinned, and walked passed her, she was in a smile suit pink in color and he had wore a blue jeans with a white shirt – others smiled while Kashish Closed her mouth "Chalain Riddimaa" Kashish tucked Riddimaa and took her in the house …

"Hii... Aunty" Arman hugged Padma when she turned his ear "Ab aye hou – almost after 4 day?" Padma scolded "Sorry Aunty – busy tahh !" Arman hugged her tight.... "I miss you aRman ..." Padma informed "me too" he squeezed her in his hug "Ok Chalo – Mom... bass bhi karo. Dad is staring at you people … Angrily" Anjali commented where as Riddimaa looked totally confused and had walked in the kitchen...

"Hi.... you look confused..." Arman walked up to her.. "app yahan – I mean...?" Riddimaa fumbled like the first time. "Well, you don't remember me – its ok … lets get it start all over again. Hmm – hey I am Arman Malik" Arman moved his hand forward to shake hands "I would like to go on a date !" he added, smirking

"No Thanks" she replied coldly "Ok – can we be friends at least?" he stood in front of her blocking her way "Listen I don't even no you!" Riddimaa said "Lair ! Everone know's Arman Malik" Arman grinned – Riddimaa blushed …. "Ok soo??" Arman cocked his eyebrow

"I am not like one of those" Riddimaa humph and stomped her feet before going out "Uhmmm heard that line a long time back" Arman told himself, laughing remembering how they started dating and all....

"Riddimaa – can you serve the food beta – everyone is quite hungry" Padma informed when Riddimaa nodded and went up to the kitchen to face Arman as she left him there "You came back – I know ! No one can resist me .. Malik Charms – irresistible" Arman teased walking up to her he got hold of her waist - rounding his muscular arm around her petite waist he pulled her closer - with a jerk - "Say it" he spoke huskily, teasing her

"How dare you ?" she pushed him away "Don't EVER … I mean EVER touch me !"Riddima pointed out a finger that touched his nose once – he smirked, taking hold of her finger through his lips – he sucked it like a fiddle – her eyes got bigger and she distangled her finger "eww.. ! You suck !" Riddimaa commented and ran to fridge as Anjali and Muskan came in till then "Hey Arman" muskan spoke "Hii !" Arman said and settled on the counter "Anjali?" Arman spoke...

"Do I Suck?" he spoke innocently – looking at Riddimaa's horror face "No Arman – You are too sweet !" Anjali replied and walked out with plates in her hand and Muskan with dishes while Riddimaa was busy filling glasses of water "See.... your sister find's me sweet !" Arman told finding Riddimaa alone – he draw himself down from the counter and stood behind her – his hand went up to her waist..

his fingers opened up wide – soon grabbed her abdomen through cent-re... pulling her deep in his embrace "Ahh..." she whispered, kept the bottle back with trembling hands on the counter – she felt him rubbing her nose on her shoulder when she turned around and slept him hard


"Don't Touch ME !"

she walked out with the glass in her hand – Arman kept a hand on his cheek, Muskan walked in grinning fully "Hey.." pause "Owww owww – need a ice ball !!" Arman winced rubbing his cheek while Muskan laughed in her hoarse voice "Mann – Muskan tera Idea fail hua ! I m not getting ANY closer to her … she hits bad enough !" Arman informed Muskan and placed ice over his cheek

"Hahahhaa – Tou ab kya Karna hai?" Muskan asked while Anjali walked in ..."Kya hua..." Pause, Muskan And Arman passed a look "OMG... she hit you !" Anjali laughed "shut up Anjie !" Arman threw the ice ball at her

"abb kya karnaa hai?" Muskan asked

"I AM NOT getting anywhere closer to her.. !"pause "YRRr SHE hate's me" Arman raised his hand up in air as defeat "Come on Arman use your charms !! have you lost it haan haan haan?"Anjali provoked him

"Ok...Well, the Question is Who can hate The, Yea The Arman Malik. I mean, King of every Girls Heart, can't loose it's charms on Girl like Riddimaa! Come on dude! You can do it... Its Just a about girl? Well Riddimaa Gupta I AM Obsessed about YOu? Matlab mai Tumhare liya dewanna ho raha hoon – AND I will Get hold Of you" he made a silent note and went out for dinner …. "I will Make you fall for me – Miss Gupta – after all you too Our obbsessed About me...." doting her in between evry one – while passing a flirtatious smile



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