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Chapter 19: Obsessed...

Late Night every one went to their house a date for engagment was fixed after two weeks – and marriage when Atul build's his own house which Was in process though – Anjali and Atul use to spend much of their money's in making the house much more beautiful and friends yes well they use to bring small things as Atul had strictly told them not to Do much as it will be His gift to His Wife !

Atul's Parents were no more – But due to his hard work he got the internship in Sanjeevani and became one of Best Interns.... Well Muskan and Rahul – never thought About getting Married yet ! Because both were equally struggling for a better furture – though they loved being like this....

Same Night,

Riddima sitting by her bed with her Drawer all upside down on the bed when Anjali walked in "What You Doing?" Anjali came and sat in front of her "Dii – I don't remember soo much – I mean look soo many cut out that I actually don't know about – Look at this one Arman broke up with his girl friend its... uhmm 13th December 2009 ! I don't remember this – I mean I am going through every single thing but I don't even get any flash backs" Riddima pouted her lips while crossing her legs – Anjali laughed and helped Riddima in closing every things back when Riddima saw a CD

"Arman Malik's Accident 1st January 2010?" Riddimaa read it out loud.... and looked at Anjali who took a sigh "Ok first lets just keep this away !"

"Riddima – much of the things happened in last five Months – I mean you met Arman Malik 0 talked to him – he did asked you for a date and then again date – and I don't know much because we did had a fight over Arman in starting" Riddima frowned "Let me tell you in short as Doctor said not much of the stress – yes you highly accepted his date – and went out ! But though you both ended up fighting and then uhmm yes you were friends....." Anjali finished

"Just Friends?" Riddima looked up at her sister.... "No well, you both did started getting feeling's, Mom dad got to know... you both did t...................." Anjali got a call "dii... bas nothing much" Riddimaa stopped her and asked her before she picked up the phone "ek minute Riddimaa..." Anjali politely said and picked up the phone – walking up to the window she talked to some one and soon came back after around 10 min.

"Who was it?" Riddimaa asked "Oh No one – I mean ..uhm aTul ! Yea Atul !" Anjali fumbled "ok... acha we both -... you were about too tell something..." Riddima asked "uhm well yes you were just friends – but you both did felt something for each other – that's what all I knew …." Anjali said getting off the bed

"Ohkay – soo that means I should be rude with Arman?" Riddima asked leaning in her bed "Well, why on the 1st thought you are getting mad At Arman? He saved You Riddima – we all almost lost the hope of your returning – Arman was the who found you and did what ever he could do !" Anjali camly told, while brushing Riddimaa's hair off her face and tucking her properly in her bed

"Really?" pause "Yeaa... I do remember – I coming out from house and falling off but he safed me from falling" Riddimaa frowned Remembering "Well.... that's good enough for one day – go to sleep now" Anjali whispered – dimming the lamp light "Good Night..." Anjali mumbled and walked out of the room to see Padma with slight tears "lets Go out mom" Anjali mumbled and went out

Closing the door behind "Anjali – why didn't you told her about the marriage of Her's and Arman" Padma spoke slowly while walking up to Anjali's room "Mom – Arman just called me and warned me Not to tell Riddimaa about their marriage thing – he will first make her realize what they shared in these 5 months and then once Riddimaa herself is ready they will surely tie the knot" Anjali explained while jumping in her bed

Both of them talked for a while – abouth Riddimaa's and aBout Anjali's new house and many random talks. Soon Padma walked with a Good night...


Next Day – In Evening,

"Hey Guys.... Ajj ka koi plan hai...?" Rahul asked pulling off his jacket "Mera sona ka plan hai" Atul hopped in "Mera bhi" Anjali said "Me too" Muskan shouted "Come on yrr – lets do some thing Riddimaa is back after sooo many weeks its time to do masti !" Rahul insisted to which Everyone nodded "Energy kahan hai – Patient na pee li kya?" Rahul taunted "OK OK challo" Every one spoke and Riddimaa giggled while walking behind them

"aree Arman kou tou inform karo – phir naraz ho jaye ga" Muskan shouted "Kyun?? I mean.... what will he do... ?" Riddimaa didn't wanted him – don't know why just when ever his name is mentioned the interview of his and her girlfriend would come up in his head and she would end getting boiled – jelous

"Abey he is one of YOUR closets friend call him !" Muskan insisted "But Mera pass Number nahi hai" Riddimaa told "Its in your cell...!" Anjali commented taking a seat on Atul's bike.... and Muskan on Rahul's bike... "Guys – how will I come" Riddimaa looked at the couple.

"Call Arman Ridiz – how will you fit in two seater Bike!" Anjali spoke "and we will meet you at blue Shines..." Atul added "what's wrong with them" Riddimaa stomped her feet and dailed Arman number

"Hello?" arman talked as if he didn't knew who it Was "Hello? Arman? Is it you?" Riddimaa spoke

Arman: yes, and can I know who is this [Smirking]

Riddimaa: Riddimaa – Riddimaa here....

Arman: oh haan.... bol kya hua?

Riddimaa: can you come and pick me up from Sanjeevani ? Sab Blue shines gaye hain – they said me to tell you. So that you could pick me up too

Arman: really? Now why should I bother about You? Come by your own...!

Riddimaa: Look Arman zaydha Smart Bana Ki koshish Mat karo – aur come and pick me up

Riddimaa cut's the call angrily walking outside the Sanjeevani


"Guys tou should I go?" Arman asked to other fours, who were piled up at the corner – staring at Riddimaa – but Riddimaa couldn't see them "Aba Pagal – you are at your Office Right now ! Go after 20 min... atleast – till we leave ok – meet you there at Disco !" Rahul informed while the Muskan and Anjali sat back behind their boys and soon their bikes went away "uff – still 15 min. left" Arman sat on his bike – and wait for 15 minutes to get over..........

9 minutes..................

4 minutes

"Bas Bohat hua …........" Arman sat on his bike turned it towards Riddimaa's Direction – racing it he wore his helmet "2 minutes.........." he rushed his bike at Riddimaa – saw pacing around but stopped feeling him stopping his biked right beside her leaving her startled – pulling off his helmet in all filmy style – shaking his head – making his hair fall over his forhead – at the giving the most adorable look to him – she gazed at him - her eyes were gasping to touch his forehead and move his hair back to postion as he looked to cute and she was loosing it … he had been her attraction – crush – Love, what so ever … she just can't be angry no matter what happens


"Riddima... I know I am sexy – hot – adorable – and irrestable but yrr look at the place ! Atleasst ! And if I am soo irrisistable we could always go and book a room !" he replied, cheekily "Arman...." she spoke out of blue "Yes SweetHeart..." he replied back in the same dazy voice

"Shut UP !" she shouted – glaring at him, she sat back behind him "well Well …. I never told you to sit but its ok you are most welcome … and please on tight – because....." he left it ajar "Because what?" she asked – keeping a slight hand on his shoulder "Oh just hold on... you will see to it" Arman started his bike and


"ahh Arman ! GoD Slow down Please" her hand went around his waist clutching it tight due to fear – feeling her hold getting tight – he raised further "Arman slooww!" she whispered keeping her head on his shoulder – her hands went up to his chest holding him tight – feeling the breeze tocuhing their faces – and both involved in each others fragance – and the promity made them surely daze in each other....

Arman closed his eyes as he felt her hand clutching him – he sighed with a closed eyes... "Arman …. Arman........." she called him "ARMAN !" she shouted in his ear – making him loose the balance "Shit shit............" he stopped the bike getting control of it "Have You Lost it Riddimaa !" Arman shouted back "You weren't listening" she spoke in a slow voice "Get Down!" he shouted.

She gulped – and pulled herself down – Arman straighten up the bike – getting it back on the road – he told her hop in – but she stood their "Kya huaa..? chalo we are getting Late!" Arman told "Arman Blue Shines was left behind !" she told looking up, biting her lower lips "Oh – Why didn't you told me?" Arman fumbled

"uh? I called you but you did......" he interuppted "Ok ok … chalo sit...." Arman stopped her and hid his own embarressment


"Yrr.... I am tired of dancing Alone – how should I call her" Arman asked while the looked at Riddimaa, who was sitting in one corner all up to her "Ask her naa" Rahul told him while dancing with Muskan "I did and she said no...." Arman gloomy said – dancing with a random girl "Ok make her jealous – ask this girl to help you out !" Anjali pointed out at the girl, who was drowling over Arman while Dancing -

For the first time Arman noticed with whom he was dancing - 'Woohoo She is something called hot" Arman Mumbled just to get a spank over his head by Muskan "Concentrate ! on Riddima Jerk!" Muskan commented - "yea focus Riddimaa..." he spoke, grining dancing with the girl and moving closer so that Riddimaa's eyes could drop over them...

and yes the target hit the place – she looked and soon Arman caught her eye ball over them – he moved closer to the girl – leaning, dragging their bodies together – brushing it with the swing of music

he felt a hand over his shoulder he turned around hoping its Riddima just to see a huge muscular guy "she is My Girlfriend Dude !" The guy jerked Arman Away with his hand – who was in a daze – a bit scared as he was forth time stronger than Arman. Riddimaa burst out – laughed holding her stomach. Arman passed a hard glare to her and saw a girl dancing right beside him – she was totally high

Arman took hold of her hand – swip her in in his arms – Riddimaa's Laugh got a hold and her mouth was slightly opened... she gulped and looked at them getting to closer... Arman's hand were wondering all over the chicks back .... she didn't liked it

"Arman lets Go.........." she took hold of his hand and tried to take him off the dance Floor, he smirked and pulled her back in a jerk "aahh" she landed in his arms "You wanted to come in arms – Now didn't you wanted that – hmmm?" he teased, fully grinning... "No - I was just saving you from that girl – she was not nice for you !" Riddima commented feeling his hand reaching her waist - grabbing it he lead her in the dance as a soft number came

"I guess I am lucky that I got a soft number ! when you came!" HE whispered in her ear. She closed her eyes – feeling his nose rubbing past behind her ear – till the dept of her nap .... she felt his hand holding her more firmly – possesively "Arman – what are you doing" she mumbled feeling his other hand moving behind her back – while her both had peacefully landed onhis shoulder

"Feeling you..." he whispered while nibbling her ear lobe "stop Arman..." she whispered back with close eyes. Moving her hands on his shoulders "Will you come over a dinner tomorrow night? At My house?" Arman whispered while kissing her cheek "No..." she replied loosing her self in him

"Fine I am not leaving you then" Arman grabbed her tightly – engulfing her in a firm embrace "Ahh... Arman you might broke my bone now" she smiled "Good - I would love to join it with my own hands then" he teased her "Stop Flirting Arman" she spoke – relaxing in his arms "Seriosuly I would Love to nurse you!" he smiled feeling her stiff body relaxing "Dii Told me that we were friends...." she spoke, seriously looking up in his eyes

"and...?" He looked down at her "And ...uhm we did went for a date..." pause "bs..." she added "You know you are a bad Lair ! I always use to catch your lies!" he smirked and saw her bowing her head "Arman – did I told you everything about me..." she asked avoiding what he said a minute a go "yes... Everything - I guess.." pause "If you are thinking about the cut outs CD's – Photos etc Of me – and you never had a boyfriend before - I – me Arman Malik your first Crush – Attraction and" pause "Love......" he stopped looked at her, who looked at him shock quite enough "yes Sweety – then that I know !" he borke away – to see her in a daze state "So Date Tomorrow?" pause "Night?" he asked to which she nod and turned to Anjali, who was lost in Atul "Di... shall we leave now" Riddima broke the trance...

"yea yea... ok Bye guys..." Riddimaa quitely went away – when Arman Hold's her hand and kiss her forehead "Don't worry – your secrets safe with me....! and yes no one except us to know that - I know about this – soo annoy your sister" he kissed her cheek while all the time her eyes were closed



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