Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Chapter 2 & 3 : Alone in this World??

Chapter 2
Dear Diary,

It was a tremendous day, it was the day when my father and I were both out to the horse races, having the time of our lives, when the terror struck. Everything was just fine as it was until, an idea struck his brain. He decided to impress me and said he would ride a horse and beat the experienced horse riders. I was okay with that being only four years old. I pushed him out the door urging him on. He told my baby sitter to watch me and left. Of course, I now regret my stupid, insensible move. I mean why did I have to be so damn curious to see him on an animal. That was the worst day of my life, or should I describe it as the happiest day of my life, because it was the first and day with my father. I see him getting ready to sit on a horse, and he sees me clapping my hands anxiously. He starts with a slow pace and then is galloping by the other riders who are staring at him in utter shock at how awesome he rides. Little did he know he, being the

king was the only reason they could live he was the one who makes this a safe place to for them to build an empire. Someone around this place was green with envy. Just as he was about to cross the finish line, he turns around to look at me and gives me a thumbs up sign. I respond equally. He is speeding and then the perfect scene is interrupted with a long silver sword compressed into his stomach. Blood is oozing from every part on his upper body. I'm staring in utter shock as I realize what happened. I'm crying as much as strength I had to burn all my blood. My baby sitter lifts me up and runs towards the scene of crime. I look at him with an expressionless face as I see the ambulance pull up behind the horse. All I could manage to say is "Daddy" when the stretcher takes him away.

A Whole Hearted,

By the time she is done her whole face and neck is covered in salt water. Her eyes are all red, and the blood has drained out of her face as she sits on her bed wondering.

Chapter 3

Riddhima smiles while walking in the park in her Lululemon jogging pants and exercise shirt. A young man with beautiful eyes approaches her as and asks," Excuse me madam would you by chance happen to know where Ms. Riddhima Gupta lives?" "May I know who you are sir?" she replies not answering his question." I'm sorry madam I may not reveal my identity to anyone other than her in person," he answers apologetically. "Please follow me," she says a bit annoyed and leads him to her apartment.

After she changes back into her gown she makes her way towards the man waiting in the guest room.

"I am Riddhima," she tells him and shows an ancient ring to him. "I am so sorry my princess I didn't recognize you," he asks for forgiveness and she accepts."What may you seek from me," she asks, "I do not seek anything from you my princess. I just needed a confirmation that you are safe as the orders of the king, back then." His words pinch Riddhima's heart and she turns around revealing her scars plastered across her spine." Does it look like I'm okay?" She yells."You people beat me, bashed me after I came back to England from school in the U.S. You said I wasn't the daughter of the king; I was just greedy for the money. You were the ones who were greedy; it was you men all along. You guys are the ones that forced me to come to Canada and now I have no wish of staying alive, if I did want to stay alive, I have no one to stay alive for. It was you court men that were delighted with the death of my father it was you all along get out of my house, my place, and my life!" She continues to yell breaking down in front of him. He holds her by her shoulders and lifts her up staring at her face all red and wet." It was nice to meet you my princess" he says as he sheds big fat tears from his beautiful, wide eyes walking out the door. Looking at the direction he left she stands there in put.


Riddhima is in the kitchen strangely sitting on the floor. Out of thin air there is a gorgeous, young lady standing there. She immediately stands and runs towards her when, the lady exclaims," No Riddhima just stay there your mother is not alive I came back to talk to you about a special subject." Riddhima looks at her ghostly mother, who is floating up in the sky and says," Momma, if this is going to be about that court man I'm not going to listen."" Look at me honey, what makes you say he was a court man?" she asks her with a surprised expression." Mom, no one in all of Canada knows that I'm the daughter of the 8th king Mr. Shashank Gupta, what else am I supposed to think?" replying to her mother's question with another one."My love, did you think that he may not be from Canada maybe he is from your school." She says leaving a confused Riddhima behind her thinking who that could be.


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