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Chapter 2 : Obsessed...

'Hayyyee – Arman. How do you feel when your Dream Come true – I mean, I have been a admirer- Lover of Arman Malik; the single heir OF Malik family from last 5 years, yea when I was only 17 and he? He was 21 – I mean, is it attraction? I mean, it can't be loved I am just obsessed about him' pause 'magar dewange bhii tou – ek pyar karna ka anndaz hai... tou kya mai.....' pause 'Magar, he is never serious about girl naa – I don't want to be another girl, which he uses and leaves...' pouting while looking up at sky, which was turning orange with a shade of blue and black 'OH God, please give me Resistance to keep my self away from him' pause

'Riddimaa, just live the moment. And seriously He Is The Tycoon ! A businessmen Of year – Famous handsome – Gorgeous a Greek God and me?? A creepy Girl, who only wear's simple dress with a stupid coat.' Looking up at sky turning almost black – night was coming an owl making creep voice...

'well, its almost 8:00 in the evening and its time for my rounds too – so it won't look bad if I just went and look at him and check him once again and its his medicine time too...' she thought and turned to go off the terrace of Hospital.

"Ahem Ahem" pause "Going some where Riddima." Anjali spoke, who was leaning over her locker and was busy chatting with Muskan and Rahul but distracted their attention towards Riddimaa too. "yes. Rounds" making a not-happy face."so if you don't feel like going – I can go on your behalf." Rahul spoke picking up his white coat "Nahi nahi Rahul – I can do my job. Thanks for the Offer" Muskan began to laugh at hesitate Riddimaa's Reply to which Riddima pouts "Gosh Guys, I feel – I shouldn't have shared about my Crush on Mr. Malik at the very first place!" Riddimaa spoke in frustration, "But were only 18 when you told me." Anjali blinked innocently, chuckling with Atul at Riddimaa's flashed face "Diii...." Riddima glared. And tried to go when "Oyee you told me – as far I remember when we both were stepping in 17.... or 16" Muskan placed a finger in her mouth and thought over the time back

"It was 17 Muskan" Riddimaa helped her and then bit her tongue "Ohhhhhooooo" was a roll in locker – while Riddimaa ran off.

'Kya yarr Riddimaa Chalti phirti Comedian ban gaye hai tuu – but Mai Arman kou dhekna ka chance Miss bhi tou nahi karskati thii naa – yea Rahul Bhii naa, Kya zaroorat thi Muskan ko Rahul ko batana kii About.... about Arman' she whined inwardly and walked in the room beside his, "Hello Uncle – abb app kasa feel kar rahe hain...?" pause "beta mai theek hoon Arman sahab kesa hain?" The old-driver tried to get up, to which Riddima and a nurse came to help him. "Khan Uncle, Vo theek hain – app araram karain – app nae Medicine li" he shook his head in no "Tchh Khan Uncle asa thori hota hai... Nurse Uncle kou medicine dou..."

"abba" a girl, dressed in red attire walked in "Dr. mera abba theek hain naa" Riddimaa walked up to her and kept a hand over her shoulder "Haan, app ka abba bilkul theek hain – bass subha Discharge hojayen gaa..."

pause "Simran, Mai theek hoon beta – Aryan aya hai tera saath?" Khan asked "jee woa bahar hain." Simran replied "Beta Arman sahab sae bhi mil lena... aur phir ghar jao mai Theek hoon subha anna" Khan said, telling her too go – "Aryan ko ana dou abba phir chale jaoon gi..." simran replied authoritarian; went and settled beside her old father, who surely needed some one beside him – but couldn't force some one to linger by his side. He missed his wife today and Riddima could feel it - that he felt lonely "Khan Uncle, App ko jab meri zarrorat hou tou Nurse ko Order denaa Ok? Mai ajungii..." to which he chuckled and took a sigh. Moving his eyes to her one and only daughter.




"yes please...." Pause, she walked in with a refreshing smile "Hello, Mr Malik..." pause "Hello Dr..." he bit his lower lip "Riddimaa." she helped him out "Oh yes, Hello Dr. Riddimaa." he gave a smile 'OH not the trade mark Smile again! I should be angry with you for getting my name – Zoora sa bolo kuch tou puthoo mua sae bol ka tu ausa pasand karti tab sae jab sae tjha pata bhi nahi tah pasand kis dictionary ka word hai bol bol booll' she thought, while sulking inwardly. "SO, Where is your Family?" she asked, taking hold of his wrist and looking at her watch. "hmm Mom at home and Chachu might have gone to look over Office. I guess." He replied, while looking at her face. She made a nod "OK and your father.?" She went down to his leg and looked at it precisely, if it is bleeding or not. "He is no more with us...." he replied, looking down.

"OH my Gosh – Mr. Malik. I am so stupid" she whispered, Very slowly. "I read about it in the magazine – but I wanted to distract you; as most of the patient feel pain while their check up is done...!" she again replied, innocently; walking up to him and keeping a hand over his elbow.

"Its ok... I didn't mind it." he Smiled "thank you..." she whispered, in same slowest voice possible but she was feeling guilty. "hey Doc. Soo you read about me...?" he spoke. "yea a little here and there..." she lied againn ' 'sach bol Riddima, ka tu magizne or newspaper utha tii hai tou bass Ausa ka liya – auki new stupid gandi shakal wali girlfriend ki break up ki news sunna k liya... bolll' her mind shouted from inside, coming up to him and looking at his forehead bandage … "nurse, could you open up his shirt..." Nurse nodded and pulled up his shirt from his waist... "Nurse bring an extra bundle of cotton and bandage – the stitches are leaving much of blood" she spoke in a hurry tone "MR. Malik ! Did you try to get up?" She spoke looking up in his eyes, whose smile vanished and he flattered a bit … "yeaa... uhmm to have medicine I got up on my own" he spoke slowly.

"Nurse... why do you think you are here?" Riddima shouted... and slowly and steadily opened the wet-blood bandage. "Dr. Riddimaa, What happened.?" "Dr. Shahank the patient got up too have the medicine on its own while the nurse wasn't here – and that's what the result is." Riddima spoke angrily.

"Steady Arman – lay back – and don't panic." Dr. Shahank walked up to Arman, who tried to look at the wound but was stopped by Shahank. "Dr. Riddimaa.. be careful." with in no minutes Riddimaa cleaned his skin and corrected stitch while Arman kept on whining in pain "Gosssh Jeezz Doctor it Hurts!" he at-last shrieked in pain. Riddimaa, sighed and gave him a anesthesia injection.

"Good Job Dr. Riddimaa." Dr. Shahank Walked and called the Nurse out.'OH Arman you scared me....' she thought,worryingly and saw him drifting off to slumber.


10:00 Pm – Riddima stood in the open sky terrace of Hospital – she had a night duty but right now she felt the need off some rest "No, Dii. I am ok. Yes Di – I will have dinner – ohh don't worry. Its not like I am doing a night duty for first time. Its different today? Why? Because of Arman?? oh Gosh Diii u have lost it byee" she cuts the phone

'I mean, she is my sis. Yrr and she think I might loose myself under his charms? Oh God ! Diii' she thought; just then her pager rand and she rushed to as her pager flashed 'Room 243'

'Armann.' her heart spoke.


"Nurse kyaa Hua..." Riddimaa walked in too see Arman passing a smile to Riddima. "Ma'am Sir medicine nahi lae rahe -" Nurse replied helplessly "App nae mujha Pager isa liya kiya? Vo bhi emgergency keh karr …. Oh Sister, app nae tou mujha darra hee diya tah. Chaleya app jaea aur medicine mujha deijeya." Riddimaa sighed. And walked up to Arman, who passed a grin

"Kya hua Mr.Malik? Why aren't you taking your medicine.?" Riddima Holds a medicine in one hand and passes to him while she takes the glass in her hand and the other free hand goes under his head. "Come on now... medicine kaheya" she spoke politely while he kept on staring at her - "Mr. Malik !" she spoke, loudly. "OH sorry...." He snapped out -and opened his mouth while she placed the medicine in his mouth; he slowly tilted his head up and made him drink water. She felt him staring at her – which made her look other side with a little glint of blush. "Ok Mr. Malik off to sleep now." Riddima placed the glass on the side and was turning to go when,

"Where you going ?" Riddimaa, turned to look at him, and was shock to hear that sort of question from him "Oh I meant – sit here. I am bored and I don't feel like sleeping" he added, as he saw her speaking up so he simply cut her off. "Ohhkay" she confusingly tucked her strand behind her ear. "so What do you do Riddima...Oh shit stupid question" to which she chuckled "OK I am a business man you know right?" she nodded. "So, yea – any boyfriend?" she shook her head and sat on the chair beside his bed. "i had and have many Girlfriends" Arman spoke shamelessly "I know." she replied timidly with a blank face "You know? Now how come you Know?" he spoke teasingly "just read here..........." she spoke, getting conscious of her surrounding "I know I know just read from here and there right?" he interrupted

'OH shit he caught my lie !' she thought. "yea..." she whispered and looked down. "So, what else have you read from here and there." He further teased her. "don't remember much" she replied "And I don't think – it will of your interest." She added "try me." he replied. "are you flirting with me Mr.Malik?" she spoke boldly. "If yes – will the pretty lady mind."He spoke, experimentally "its obvious.. ! Don't my face tell you – that I am Not interested?" she asked him, lying whitely "No – actually it tell's totally opposite of what you saying" he grinned, shamelessly. "Don't you feel sleepy, its 10:30..." she asked changing the topic. "no – not even a wink" he replied, grinning. "But I feel – you do feel sleepy. Do you.?" he added."Yes – I am damn sleepy – but duty is duty.!" when her pager beeped and she walked away after a final bye for a day.

'am I smitten by her? Yes man, I am .......... ' he thought and took sigh.

'oh my gosh what was all this..........' she thought and walked up to her next patient.


Love Maha

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