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Chapter 20: Obsessed...


sitting in lounge around everyone – while Riddima was engrossed in her thoughts 'Should I go – well though I accepted it but what if he..? I mean I don't remember anything how he had actually behaved in last 5 months – I just can't trust him like that in clicks' she thought when she felt the weight on her side – turning towards it she saw anjali sitting beside her – cocking her eyebrows while their parents talked animatedly about something

"Diii.... uhmm Arman asked me..." Riddima fumbled with her duppatta "for a date?" pause "great... after soo many months I guess he deserves it !" Anjali commented "The Date at his House !" Riddima interuppted and looked at Anjali, who frowned 'Yea tou plan mai nahi tah' she mumbled

"Kya di? What Plan?" Riddima caught Anjali's mumbling but hardly a thing of it "Oh kuch nahi..... tou kya hua... huh? Date he tou hai ! And his house is already filled with so many people – Kashish aur Sujhal bhi tou honga Chill When is the date.?" Anjali asked "hmmm today I guess he be coming at 8:20 to pick me up - --- Dii should I refuse ? I guess I am not ready ….." Riddima instantly spoke taking hold of her cell

"Nahi Nahi … Riddimaa kyun? He will not eat you stop getting scared ! And go and select something – I will come in a minute to help you !" Anjali picked her phone and went up to a corner while Riddima walked up the stairs with pressed lips and lost in her thougths

"Atul ! Date At Arman's house kyuuuuuuun?" Anjali worriedly spoke, she knew Arman wouldn't cheat her sister NOT Now ! Because she had seen a different Arman when she was kidnapped ! Arman was NOT THE ARMAN MALIK The OWNER of Malik Company's – he Was JUST Arman …. but the thing she was worried that what if they lost control and end up doing something which would not be right now. "Anjali – Riddima would be safe with Arman we trust him ! And in resturant's they weren't getting the privacy they need and seriously let them enjoy didn't we had soo many private date? Let the girl and his boy live the Life yrr... and on second thoughts come to Our new house – we will date too till Arman And Riddima then we be picking up Riddima from Arman's house will that work?" Atul asked making Anjali happen – she soon cut the phone

and Told Riddimaa that she is also going on a date with Atul.... and will pick Her Once The date is over from Arman's house – Riddima said ok and got busy in selecting dress – with the help of Anjali … and vice versa...

Buzz Buzz

'I be their to pick you up at 9 …. I hav meeting... Arman' she read the message and sat on the couch all ready – Padma did asked where her two angel's were flying up to – Anjali blurted out "Oh soo... Riddimaa ji is liking Arman... eh?" Padma teased "Maa... its not like that …. we are just.... just friends..." Riddimaa avoided the topic but felt bad 'Why just friends..?' she thought "Friends don't go on a date" Anjali commented. "Diii!"


"Riddimaa did he said he will come?" Padma sat beside her daughter – Anjali had gone as soon Atul came to pick her up as she didn't had car – as Shahank had taken it.... "Yes Maa... look he even messaged that he will be here by 9" she gulped feeling highly embarrassed "I guess – I made a fool out of my self" Riddima added as the clock stroke 10. "I am going in the room maa – IF Arman comes tell him to get lost...!" Riddimaa spoke pulling her beads long neckless of her neck – thrushing out her bracelet and watch...... un clipping her sandals – few tears came up to her eyes.

Tinnng Tong.

Riddima stopped on few stairs from there she could see the person on the door once the door was opened "Hii Aunty – is Riddima he...." Arman came forward and hugged Padma while his eyes went to Riddima who looked teared up – she glared at him as few tears came out of her eyes – and went up to her room after stomping her feet on a stair.

"Uhmm... well... vo Arman tum Andar aoo..... aur uppar jao – talk to her – I guess she is just upset" Padma noticed Arman whose face fell down as he saw Riddimaa all sad just because of him "when ever I try to do something good it turns out to be hell wrong" arman mumbled while walking up the staits in Riddima's room


"Riddima ?" He spoke "Go away Arman !" she shouted throwing her things on bed along with shoes... "Riddima please open the door... for a second." Arman knocked the door – not getting any reply he heard her sob. He wanted to hit himself soo badly ! He ran down – asked Padma about the extra keys of her Room.....

Padma did said that it would take time but finally getting hold of two keys she said – it would be one of these the first one worked as Arman placed it in the knob... turning it he opened the lock and went in – Closing the door behind while Padma, who was downstair – sighed and walked up to her room as she knew both needed time alone – and she didn't wanted to hear their personal talk... like they were grown up and mistaken was not their cup of tea.

"Riddima I am sorry – the meeting of delegates was getting bigger and I never noticed time or else I would have informed you" He walked up to her and saw her in the same dress while the accessories were or bed he sat on the ground his hand slight brushed her bare legs – he kept his arms over her lap holding her hands in hers "kuch tou bolo....?" Arman said looking up in her eyes

"Kya bolun Arman...? you expecting much out of me – I mean it might be almost 6 months for you – but its just probably a week that I have seen you ! In real – I mean you know about me soo much ! That I have not properly told anyone" she was interuppted

"Riddima same goes for you – you know about me from last 6 years ! And I don't what bits and piece you know – if I remember when we saw all your things kept about me … I literally thought that its was only me who knew about this ! You know things that no one in my family knows ! You know about me from last 6 years and I don't know what else you have dig about my past me ? I just know about things that just encountered in the 6 months between us !" Arman tried to explain that 6 months hardly matter

"But you were just the part of my...." pause,she felt shy "Fantasy?" he added and took hold of her hand and got of the ground sitting on the bed beside her – he moved his face closer to her face – rubbing his finger on her nap – he proceeded his hand till it took hold of her neck from back.... though lightly he pulled her face closer – their feets were of the bed – lingering down... which surely brushed – Arman's bare feet caressed her long white leg.....she whispered his name as soon as she felt his wet lips on her Lips.. "Armaan" she was quiten with a kiss on her lips.. she tried to stop but he wasn't letting go off her lips – he nibbled them.. he left her neck when he She gave into the kiss..

she turned to move back when he held her by her waist nd pulled her into a kiss, his hand wandered on her back. She shivered feeling his palms making circles all along her on her back.. she moaned feeling his hand sliding down to her knee and pulling her up in his lap – he broke the kiss and felt sighing – struggling to get off his lap when he tighten his hold – shushed her hair on one side and rubbed his nose on her long neck - "You look damn pretty ..." he mumbled reaching down to her nap.... progressing to the end of her shoulder – feeling her hands reaching up to his hair – she ruffled them and slowly made her lay down on bed

she felt his weight over her body and went daze "Arman.........." she gasped as his hand stroked her waist side.... and other cupping her cheek – he bend down and got hold of her lips – biting the lower lips of hers – he got off the bed "I guess – I should stop before this lead to something That You Regret" he pulled up on his feet "I just want to appologize for spoiling today's date …. would you come with me on date tomorrow... at a resturant though!" he told entwining their hand finger and pulling them straight down – as bringing their bodies in contact

"No..." she parted away and went on the window. "Ok – if you change your mind do msg or call me atleast as day after tomorrow; I am going to Malaysia – for the machinery purpose" he walked back to the door of the room while looking at her – his back was facing the door – taking back steps "For...2 weeks" he turned the knob and stepped out of the room

she turned to look at him but he was gone – she ran down bare foots to see him talking to Shahank, who walked with him till his car. Feeling guilty she walked back to her room – Padma did saw her coming down – but didn't said anything. As she preferred it that it was their own matter – personal.


Next day, Riddima had worked like a zoombie – thinking what will she do without him for 2 weeks - "Ma'am" Riddimaa stopped Keerti, who was busy looking over a file at Reception – Riddimaa had walked from their just like that – she didn't knew why she stopped Keerti but said what her heart said "Ma'am – I have completed my rounds and the cases you said – out of three cases two are discharge itself today aur jou ek hain vo kal discharge hojayen ga..." Riddimaa informed to which Keerti nodded and turned her attention back to her file

"ahem" Riddima coughed fakely "yes Dr. Riddimaa." Keerti spoke still looking at her file "Ma'am wo I need a leave" Keerti looked up angrily "please ma'am – half day hee tou hai please ma'am" Riddima spoke interuppting Keerti "ok ok ! Dr. Riddimaa you can go..." keerti turned back to her work "Thank you ma'am" Riddima sequealed and went to locker room

Mean while in Locker all were fighting – talking.... when Riddimaa barked in "dii – I am going on shopping – ajj raat Arman ka saath date pa jaaun ge – Kal nahi ja paye ! Tou I wanted to shop – I had taken the leave – Ok Byee..." Riddimaa took her belonging "Hey Hey hold on – itni jaldiii?" Anjali and no one else knew about this..... "You ? Actually waiting for this date?" Anjali asked "yes Di – I know it looks werid – but dii – he is going for malayasia and that too for 2 weeks.... mujha yea din memorable bana hai dii" Everyone smiled and said bye too her....

Anjali talked to Arman and told him Riddima's every step – he did sequeal in happiness but sobered as he remembered that he was stannding in the middle of his office between his employers, who looked at Arman with wide Eyes – and shock.

Well Arman was gone a miss her too but this was important. He had to go tomorrow at any cost. He thought to spend today's whole day with her – he rushed to the mall – after telling sujhal to handle the office for a day....


"Bhaiya – nahi... yea bhi nahi app ka paas ek bhi acha nahi hai...." Riddima scolded the shop keeper and went to other shop "Ji – do you have any night suit? Party varty jaisa.... but elegant hou …. short naa hou.... aur zyada expensive bhi na hou" she said in one go

"Aree …. sab ghalat – bhaiya you listen too me !" Arman walked in – in his armani suit "Arman" she mumbled – he came and stood right behind her – his body slightly brushed her hip.... she gasped but controlled feeling the Shopper's eye on them

"Bhaiya show us long.... Expensive dress for a date!" Arman spoke to the shopper keeper who went and brought the dresses...

"haan this one is good – take this Riddimaa – you will look great !" she smiled and asked for the money when Arman gave his card to shopper and said to go and make the bill "NO Arman ! I will buy !" Riddima spoke "No Riddimaa ..! I had bought it NOW for you and You will wear this ONLY !" Arman firmly spoke and went out taking hold of her from one hand and the shopping bag in other hand – she kept on speaking till Arman banged her with the wall – that was between two shops "ahh" her mouth flew open "Bass... ek aur word ! Aur mai...." he moved closer to kiss her … she brought her hand up to her mouth and closed it "uhmm uhmm..." she said in way telling him 'she won't speak now....' "Good..!" he kissed her cheek making a wet noise he took her in the shop for more shopping – When ever Riddima use to speak he would come closer – make a pout of his lips and would slightly brush his lips with hers... and she would close her mouth and buy it... they passed by a lingerine shop – when Arman whistled loudly – people did pass a disgusting look and Riddima hit him on his arm and walked away "Riddimaa lets buy one for you !" Arman said "Haaw Arman Shut up" she took him in the resturant...


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