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Chapter 21: Obsessed...

"Riddima chalo lets move to my house – Tum wahi change krna – we will go on a date from my house..." arman settled in his car and kept the bag on the back side while Riddimaa settled on the passenger seat. "Nahi Arman – drop me home..!" Riddima said locking the seat belt "Nahi Riddimaa – I am taking you too my home!" Arman said rushing his car through the empty road – and sun almost going down "Nahi Arman – Drop me Home!" Riddima insisted looking at him – Arman ignored this time and took his car to his home...

"ARMAN !!! Why aren't you hearing me ! Take me to MY Home !!" she shook him – not getting any response she pinched his hand which was on gear - "OUCH !" He stopped the car with jerk "RIDDIMA..." he moved closer to her – and smacked his lips on hers... she bend over her seat while he bend over her more..... he caressed her body... his hand brushed past her chest making her gasp loudly in the middle of the kiss.... he couldn't deny he was obbsessed by her – and no matter how much he try – he would end up doing this – God Know how he had stopped him self from kissing her – touching her in the mall – he could have done it but Riddima would have felt good about it – and now when he got time he just made an excuse that he kissed her as she had pinched her "its was your punishment" he spoke aparting away he sat on his seat back and drove to his home

he knew this was complete lie but Riddima couldn't pick it up ! She thought she really had been punished as he did said whole morning if she annoyed him even a little he would kiss her – and she did annoyed him a bit though and he kissed her – it Was HER logic... while Arman was licking his own lips... and feeling the moment..... that was short but fascinating – he smirk.

Parking the car he took all the bags and took her in the house "where is your family" Riddimaa looked at the house – as she was looking at a place. "uhmm well Sujhal had work in Office tou Kashish went to help him out – Billy is at the Office too … and Maa? I also Don't know ...Rammu !" Arman shouted for the servant

"Aree Beta app kitna dino baad aye!" The servant commented but Riddima frowned "Rammu vo sab bhool gaye hai Batyaa tah naa !" Arman told the servant about Riddima's memory loss "Riddimaa this is our Servant – you had came too our house – for making kashish wore a sari and you made a three floor cake even for her anniversary... its ok you don't remember – go to this room and get ready we would go out for dinner..." Arman shushed her in the room... and asked Rammu About is Mom's whereabouts – he told that Naina had Gone Riddima's house ! Why the servant didn't knew


Arman looks at Riddimaa in awe as soon she came out of the room her hands were wandering over her dress – pulling the dress down to make herself look good "Theek theek Lag rahi hoon" she fumbled seeing him nearing … "Kya huaa..? mene Phela kaha tah – Dress acha nahi hai ! But meri koi sunt........................" he pressed his lips on her smugged them "Uhmmm" she tried to protest as she heard servants working in kitchen.... he kept on hearing her half talks in the middle the middle of the kissed "Kya haai haan?" he spoke going down kissing her throat

"Leave me – tumhare Servant dehka – lain ga ouch" she took hold of his hair in her palm as she felt him bit her nap – and then smooching his lips to ease the pain "Ok – tou move in..." he shushed her in the room "Arman no – hum date par ja rahe tah" she took hold the door knob which he turned to open and was taking her in...

he sighed - "Are You scared of me Riddimaa...?" he whispered licking her ear "Uhmm no.... why would I be – I m am just plain hungry !" She pointed out and walked away leaving Arman behind who moved a hand in his hair and smiled looking at her retreating body . He pulled his blue shirt down - 'I look decent....' he thought grabbing his black velvet coat – thrushing his arm's in he came out seeing Riddimaa standing outsidie beside his car – he smiled and opened the door for her – she was quite close to him - she didn't sat in the car but stood facing him "Arman..... tumhara coat" she moved her arms around his neck – pressing her lips she stood on her toes and corrected his collar he rubbed his palms on her wasit "Hogaya...." she added – removing his hands – she settled in the car and Arman with a ting of naughty smile took his place in the smile

standing outside the hotel – Riddima's arm entangled in Arman's they walked in with respect.... settling in the booked chair they started with a drink – though riddima didn't drink – so she was offered Apple juice she did let out of a giggle when the chase the glass …. but enjoyed this formal date …..

hearing the lyrics both wanted to just go closer to each other – once Arman told the order they both walked to the dance floor

"Arman yahan log hain ok" she said walking towards the dance floor "Haan tou? I know …. Ek minute ek Minute! You pointing out like this so that I don't get to close to you haan?" Arman teased – sequezing her hand which was alread in his hand "Arman!" she glared side way. Getting her on the dance floor – she came infront of him – when he placed his both hand on her petite wasit "Kya Karuun Riddimaa Controoll Nahii hotaaa" he pulled her closer with jerks... yea jerks shaking her

"Armmannn! I am going" She pushed his hand away "Ok ok – sorry – seriously apart from joke … come on now I am going for two weeks ….! can't you do this for me ? For your Arman? For … your fanta...." she placed a hand on his mouth "Bas Arman tumha meri personal baatain pata hain that doesn't mean you would tease me" she pouted her lips.... "Yes I will – offcourse I will tease you About Riddimaa fantasizing me ! I mean why shouldn't I ?" she smacked her …. "Oww -that hurt's Riddimaa" he pulled her closer with the jerk – she smacked him again "You ! Really let repeat it Really Deserve it !" She said..... Arman smiled and dance smoothly looking at her with a satisfying look – she looked back with the same passionate look.... the words ringed – there smile grew bigger as the really felt the same.

Hey hey hey hey la la la
Resham si hai yeh hawaayein sanam
Aao zara paas aaye sanam
Mm hm hm hm hm
(Resham si hai yeh hawaayein sanam
Aao zara paas aaye sanam
Jaage jaage armaan hain, jaage jaage hum, oh
Jaage jaage armaan hain, jaage jaage hum
Ho jaane do ab faasle kuch to kam
Jaage jaage armaan hain, jaage jaage hum, oh
Jaage jaage armaan hain, jaage jaage hum) – 2

He slightly moved her back and rolled her once and then took her back in his arms – her arms circled around his neck and his one hand over her side waist and other caressing her back – both were quite lost in each other... he moved his hand near her face and tucked the strand behind her ear – which broke their trance "Arman...." she spoke.

"When are you leaving for Mala......." he placed his finger over her lips "shhhhhhh – mood off mat karo yrr. Don't talk about going right now... let me save the moments in my mind – so that I can remember them when I am not here...."he whispered.

Ho, khushboo hawaaon mein kaise bhare
Kaliyaan hain sharmaati, haai kya kare
Kya pata hai yeh kya, sharm hai ya saza.

"Riddimaa..." he spoke "Do you love me" he asked, gulping thinking should he have said that Or NOT – 'Was it a Bit early?' he thought not getting any response he pressed his lips together and spoke again as he saw her looking down "Its ok – if you don't …......" he spoke.... feeling ditched "nahi nahi asa tou nahi hai...." she hold his words .

Kyoon hai betaabiyaan intezaar ek zara.

"Bol bhi dou Riddimaa itna mat tarpao...." he spoke huskily. Below her ear "Nahi...." she smirked and pushed him away – walking back to the table with a smile.

Ek pal ki bhi doori to ab hai sitam
Jaage jaage armaan hain, jaage jaage hum, oh
Jaage jaage armaan hain, jaage jaage hum
Chup rehna chaaha tha reh na sake
Phir bhi jo kehna tha keh na sake.

the food was serve while both remained silence and the soft music lingered in the music ….. he was pleading her to say that he love's her – but she was on the top of her teasing session... both engrossed in their food did talk about here and there a bit thought .

Ho, tum mujhse kuch bhi kaho na kaho
Aise to khoye hue na raha.

after Finsihing the Food Arman ordered two ice cups... filled up with chocolate "Did I ate ice cream with you before" she spoke fully looking at her favouraite ice cream bowl - "Yes... twice !" Arman told.

Ab to jo ho so ho, baat dil ki suno
Kehti hain dhadkanein, keh bhi do keh bhi do
Jaage jaage armaan hain, jaage jaage hum
Oh, jaage jaage armaan hain, jaage jaage hum.

"Chalain?" Arman got up after placing the cash in the file.... "haan..." Riddima got up gave him her hand … "Arman – hum kahan ja rahe hain? Mera ghar tou is on the other side" Riddimaa pointed out once they were in the car  and Arman was driving "we are going to your house only but from a other root ! This is a big root and like this we could spend more time – together" he explained .

"Ohh... par kyun Arman" she spoke innocently – beginning her teasing session 'again' "Tumhe nahi pata Riddimaa...."  he spoke in the same tone... "nahi Arman – please batoo" she continued "Oh Shut Up Riddimaa !" Arman commented .

"haaww Apni date kou koi assa bolta hai .. Very Bad VERY VERY Bad MR. Malik"  Riddimaa said – punching his arm and then twisting her own nose "Kyaa Yrr !" he got irritated a bit "Riddimaa – I am going tomrrow .! Don't spoil the moment !" Arman said feeling werid "Ok ok... baba sorry !  Ab bolo …" Riddimaa turned her attention to him.

"Mai kya bolun  - you tou know that I Love You ! Now its your turn Bolo" he spoke, trying get it done straight and clear... once before he leave "Armmmann!" she looked out side the Arman saw the road and saw Riddima's home nearing so he stopped on the side way... "Riddimaa" he tried to talk "Arman Ghar chalo please..." she avoid any conversation... he sighed and on the car – stopping right In front of her house

when she getting out of her car... he took hold of her hand getting her in again – he first kissed her nibbling her upper lips – she didn't protested this time – he was leaving and she would only see him after 2 weeks now "Bye.." he whispered breaking the kiss – but still was holding her through waist "the date was superb thanks" he added kissing her cheek "Mai ja rahun – mujha tumsa javab chaya Riddimaa – jab lautoon gaa tou – tyaar rehana.... warna...." he left her waist she got out of the car "bye..." he smiled back – redusing the tention that his Word "Warna" made !

She nervously smiled – and waved him.....


"Riddimaa bohat hua Tujha pata bhi hai what are you doing...." Anjali loudly spoke – seeing Riddima chaning in her night dress so Anjali had her back towards her "Diii ! I am not ready … bss I am getting too know Arman" Riddima was interuppted "You Already KNOW ARMAN more than any of us !" Anjali spoke turning around as she saw Riddima pulling her shirt down.... "Dii but vo 5 months..." Riddima spoke softly

"Riddima uff nothing happened operated Arman ! He asked you for a date – when we stopped you – you were adamant to go ! And I stalked you on your date I didn't trust Arman ! I saw you both kissing first time – I slap Arman for it ..! next time you went on a date – not bothering to tell me – we did had a fight just because I slap Arman – we all went to Arman's house – he actually called you to help Kashish in dressing up …. and I appologized to Arman – there First Muskan blurted out that you are his fan... don't interuppt !" Anjali scolded

"And then you both hanged around and then kashish Anniversary – Dad's birthday Your birthday... ….. and then Sameer …. the guy who was incharger of our duty department – who in other words was your kiddnapper ! The villain of your lover story ! Took you away ….the day we had joined up For party...  – you were teased up by the media over your relation Arman - ….. Mom dad came to know and they thought to send you away ! But Arman came here at night …. in your room"

a cheer full Riddimaa hopped up from bed "OMG – he came in your room at night wow !" pause "sorry continue" Riddima appologized and sat back "then he convinced you for the marriage as he didn't wanted to get you apart from him – next day...... he was here with his friends – everything was Done – we were thinking to get you engaged ! But you got kidnapped at the same moment …."


"For 1 month and a week Arman ran from here to there …... Just for you some times Shimla – Mumbai …. Puna.... God know's where.... he was the one who found you – Sameer was taking out old revenge of Arman's father from you as he came to known that Arman dearly loved you....! And in the Revenge – Arman's three factories were blasted thousand of people died - ! but he was not their to save his fathers dream because HE was Finding you ! And you still don't Trust him?" Anjali told her pacing around the room

a gloomy Riddimaa sat on the bed ….. "Dii when is Arman leaving for the flight ?" Riddimaa got up from the bed..... "at 12 at night...!" Anjali spoke "Shit … its 11 …. at night...." Riddima took anjali's hand in her one hand and keys in other.... "Dii drive .. Airport Now ….!" Riddima took the passenger seat


Attention please flight a7560 – boarding time !

"Dii Arman kahan hongaya....?" Riddima mumbled "Excuse me? Itni Respect ? Hongaya?" Muskan commented "Shut up ! Muskan" Riddima slapped "There he is !" Riddimaa jiggled and ran up to

And bounced over him "Ohh Thank God I found you ….!" her hand circled around his neck she moved her face back and kissed him – let's rephrase smacked her lips on him "I Am Sorry – I was a complete Jerk...! I was afriad to tell that I Love You.... Please Arman -...... You know I thought you took me like other girls.... but.... I was soo wrong....! Di... told me how you saved me ..! how everyone lost hope... but you didn't" Riddima sobbed abit … Arman kept his suit-case on floor and encircled his arms around her waist...

"Its ok.... relax..." he hugged her nuzzling his nose in her neck "Arman … Please mujhasa narazz mat hona" she mumbled parting away she kissed his forhead – as he had pulled her up a bit in his embrace – her lips going down to his eyes – then nose.... and finally getting hold of lips.... "Nahi..." he whispered

they sealed into a kiss of promise..... of Love …

CLAPss.. people around them did applaud for it

"I Love You Arman..." she mumbled and slid down on floor with shy ness..... he moved down to her height and kissed her again "Love you too jaan....." she pushed him away.... "Go now...." Riddima said hearing his name over the airport speaker

"Abb dil bilkul nahi kar raha...!" Arman pouted his lips …. "Jaoo Arman....!" Riddimaa pushed "Call me jab land karo" Riddima added – after having a final kiss he went away....



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