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Chapter 22: Obsessed...

Going back home – Riddima felt satisfactory by her act – though it was all of sudden For her not for others ! But she felt contended ! Happy – glowly


Hie I am gonna fly any moment now – I am gonna miss you – Arman

Riddima: Arman I will miss you too – take good care of yourself and come back soon....


You too :) I Love you.

I love you too... she replied. And kept the phone while enjoying the ride back to her house

Anjali looked side way at her sister, who looked happy but some where Anjali knew that Riddimaa wanted to spend time with Arman – any one would love to spend time with his/her loved one after they had Confessed

and Here! They just confessed and were separated for two weeks... ! That's big ! Thinking over it – they both retired to their rooms... Anjali had forward the text to the gang to come early as she wanted to discuss this …


Next Day When Riddima woke up for work – she went to Anjali's room, and she was not in her room. Riddima frowned. "Maaaa" Riddimaa shouted whole way while going down stairs "KYA HAI ! Poora ghar sarr par utha liya hai !" Padma scolded to which Riddimaa puted her lips "Dii Kahan hai" Riddimaa asked.

"Sanjeevani ! Ausa kaam tah !" Padma went back in the kitchen while Riddima went to change.

While In Sanjeevani – "Haan tou now what should we do for them?" Muskan asked drinking her coffee. "But yrr Doctor keerti ! Will she give us a leave for 2 weeks? All of us?" Rahul spoke "Rahul That's what I am thinking.!" Anjali said.

"kya baat Hai interns...." Shubhankar entered with Keerti "Good Morning Ma'am" Everyone wished "you Look all tensed – what 's up?" Subhankar asked taking a seat "Ma'am – sir … actually we wanted a holiday for 2 weeks for Malaysia..... please ma'am........" Atul blurted "WHAT? 2 weeks?" Keerti angrily stood up but Shubhankar made her sit and cleared his Own Sweat – Seeing Keerti angry he got worried.

"Ma'am Please ma'am" Anjali requested "Dr. Anjali app jaanti hai – your marriage is nearing up ! You will do holiday in that too ! I can't grant you that big Holiday ! Aur App sab bhi ! Because You all will be taking an holiday in Anjali's marriage won't You People?" Keerti sat back and spoke much more politely.

"Yes Ma'am" Every one made a sad face – all their plans were washed up in desert. They had been thinking to surprise Arman and Riddimaa both but..... they all felt ditched "But.... I can grant you a Week... possibly" Keerti smiled all looked up – and then stared at each other in amaze... "I mean – you have been working quite tough from last 8 months – I don't remember you taking any holiday – so a week would be a compulsation right Subhankar?" Keerti looked side way.

"haan haan !" Subhankar smiled fully "Thank You ma'am" all jiggled up walked up to her – hugging her


Evening – Locker Room

"Diii – Guys. App log subha sa kahan tah – I have been searching for you !" Riddima barked in the Locker room and saw them talking in a circle. "hello !" Riddima Shouted when everyone turned and looked at her "Aree Ridizz tu agaye great – Suna... we have to leave right now packing karni hai – so much to doo I mean chal – guys come with your bags to my house at 8 sharp ok !" Anjali shouted while taking hold of Riddima she rushed out.

"BUT dIii Where are we going? Packing ? Kya baat ho rahi hai?" Riddima was pushed in the car and Anjali drove the car to home "Ridiz we are going Malaysia !" Anjali spoke "WHAT !" Riddima turned to Anjali with shock a gush of happiness "Yes My Love – tera Ishq ka chakar mein huma bhi holiday mil gaye !" pause "for a week !" Anjali added

"Ahhhhhhhhhh" Riddimaa shouted and so did Anjali both laughed "OMG … OMG ahhhh I can't believe ! Arman will be hell surpirsed ! LET me tell him" Riddima took out her mobile "OH noo no ! Have you lost it ! Its a Surprise ! We hav Talked to Sujhal and Kashish they are coming too ! They will take us to Arman and You would Surprise him" Anjai told the whole plan "AAHhhhhhhhhhh" Riddimaa again jumped in excitement

"OMG Diii Is it a dream?" Riddima said after a second "No dear...."

Reaching home Anjali went to her parents while Riddimaa went to pack the bags.... filling up bags with the Best dress she saw the time it was 6 – they had time – The ticket said 9 for the flight.... Anjali walked in and saw Riddimaa phone ringing – Both SAW ARMAN flashing -

"Hii Jiju!" Anjali snatched the phone and picked it up "Uhm Hi – Yea Riddimaa ka phone hai – where is she?" Arman spoke through other end – As anjali did it on loud speaker

"She is hear only getting all red !" Anjali whistled "Shut up Anjali Phone dou ausa" Arman spoke from other end "Kyun? Don't you want to talk to me?" Anjali spoke "No... now would you mind" Arman said "FINE !" Anjali gave to Riddimaa who shut the loudspeaker "Don't tell him about the surprise ok" Anjali spoke in Riddimaa's ear

Arman: what did she say?

Riddimaa: Kuch nahi – kyun phone kiya?"

Arman: Excuse me? You are my girlfriend I can call you when ever I feel like

Riddimaa: Acha Arman jaldi bolo I am busy – with full attitude

Arman: How Unromantic ! I took out time and called you ! And You !

Riddimaa: I am busy Armann

Arman: Ok fine bye....

Arman cuts the phone and Riddimaa got back to her packing "I know Mr.Malik is upset but I will make him better when he meets me" Riddimaa said to Anjali who was helping her.

On the other hand, Arman "What Does she think ? I just called to say I Love you – and She ? She showed her attitude FINE ! NOW I Won't CALL till she Calls Back !" Arman sat on his bed and looked around the quite room "I miss her" he shouted – pouting his lips.



"Chalo Ok Bye Mom Dad.... will call you once we reach" Anjali did as they heard their flight being announced "Riddimaa please be careful and don't roam around alone !" Padma hugged – though she denied for the trip as she was afraid of what just happened "Maa don't worry ! Arman bhi wahi hain" Riddima hugged Padma and soon they left Dehli and flew away to Malaysia.

"Dii – I can't sleep..." Riddimaa shook Anjali who slept beside Riddimaa in the plain "Riddiz... let me sleep please" Anjali mumbled Riddimaa looked behind and saw Atul sitting alone – she got up and went up to him "Hey Ridiz. Kya hua?" Atul asked "Dii soa rahi hain aur mujha needa nahi arahi" Riddima stepped in and took a seat beside him "Kyun? Is Arman teasing you in your dreams haan?" Atul nudged his elbow.

"Ufff Atul ! I am going agar..." Riddima warned "Ok ok sorry" both remained quite "Atul...." she spoke "hmmmm" he replied "am I doing right? I mean arman and me? Is it right ? Kuch ghalat tou nahi hoga naa?" she asked "Nahi.... kyun kuch ghalat hoga Riddimaa – he loves you – don't worry. It Happen's I nstart girl's do feel like this …. this is one the insecurties stage ! But when The man in this Relation makes the girl's insecurties hush away naa – then they fully trust him – look never get scared of loosing something – Enjoy with Arman ! He Loves you ! You Love Him – iguess that's what important is ! And that's all you should care about !" he explained and saw Riddimaa leaning on his shoulder "Thanks Jiju...." she mumbled and soon got busy in her nap

Atul chucked and closed his own eyes.. as he saw the time 40 mins to land.


"Sujhal bhai – where is Arman...." Riddima walked up to him as he was busy talking to the receptionist "Riddimaa his room is 248 – why don't you go" Kashish said with a wink – Riddima blushed and walked away shaking her head "Dii – should I" Riddima gulped feeling a different feeling in her body a shiver ran through her body thinking what will he do when he see's me.... "Off course Riddimaa !" Anjali said and they all went to Reception while Riddimaa walked up to the lift

"Which floor ma'am?" the lift man asked "huh? Uhmmm room 248" Riddimaa informed "Ok....." the lift man closed the lift and soon the lift moved – Riddimaa's heart beat stroked up really high.... she was getting an unbelieveable flashes of their kisses – she frowned not know when they had shared that – she saw him kissing her in the beach …. "Ma'am the floor" Riddimaa's dream broke and she came out

'What was that?' she thought – pushing away the thought – she thought may bee she is getting nervous about the whole surpirse thing... looking at the number plates on door she mumbled 246 – mumbling she saw 247 right in front of 246 and 248 right beside 246....

Standing infront of 248 – she knocked and bit her own lips "COMING..." his voice came from inside – she heaved a sigh – her breathe increased she felt she would get a heart attack and Thud Door Opened keep the food on the table Arman said tying his towel on his lower half – her eyes almost popped out seeing him in a white towel – and water dripping off his hair – he looked up and saw Riddimaa – he thought its the waiter

he cocked his eyesbrows seeing her here – he passed a confused smile his hand went up to his arm he pinched himself Lightly – while Riddimaa was in a daze "Ouch !" he spoke loud – shaking Riddimaa off her dreams "You Real … or Reel one?" he chucked at his own non-sense – walking up to her – he hold her arm and pulled her in "OMG.... you are really here !" Arman spoke – closing the door he pushed her on door "Kuch tou bolo..." he whispered – finishing the distance and brushing his wet body with her

he heard her gasp loudly – he couldn't hold up now. He kissed her, probbing her to respond but she stood their totally daze feeling his hands reaching near her waist he pressed his abdomen on her's making her moan with his movement his one hand went up to her face he cupped her cheek – and kissed her – sighing heavily as he felt her responding her hands went up grabbind hold of his shoulder - wrapping other arm around his neck – she lightly nailed his shoulder making him kiss her more strongly – both kissed eachother till they touched the heights of it.... his hand made animated circles over her waist... she gasped feeling his hand grabbing her hip

"Arman...." she moaned his name and pushed him away. He looked at her hungrily yet with Love – Riddimaa walked past him to the gallery attached to his room – he sighed and shook his head – changing in to his usual's he went behind her in the gallery – standing behind her – his hand cupped her hands on the railing – both looked up at the sky – its was a bright morning – probably 6 in morning "I love you and I am sorry for what happened inside" she stopped him "Nahi Arman – I guess, we just met naa – that's why we went along... no need to say sorry. I trust you" she said it – yes she did the moment back she didn't felt anything wrong.Both looked up at the sky.... and she told him about the how she landed here...

Every thing looked perfect – perfect as Dream. For her Everything was falling at right place.



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