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Chapter 23: Obsessed...

Meeting everyone – he thanked for the surprise and all of them made a plan for roaming around Malaysia and it's beaches... Though girls first went to shop for costumes which they didn't have – And boys thought to chill at hotel itself till the girls return

It's going to be looooooonnnng Trip that was what ring in everyone's head.

After having a good Lunch – Girls went to mall and Boys roamed around and soon retired to rooms.

"Dii – I don't want any sort of Small costume – I am telling before hand" Riddimaa announced once they stepped in the particular shop of Costume "Come on Riddimaa once for change give Arman a shock" Muskan commented to which Kashish and Anjali giggled "Ok – but zayda chotta nahi please" Riddimaa said with a ting of blush

"Ok... what about this ?" Muskan picked up

"Horrible..." Kashish and Riddimaa both commented "Ok this..." Anjali picked up a bikni and shot for her self "This is good for you Anjie ! Seriously" Kashish spoke "haan dii – app tou … I mean you wear these type naa tou wear it !" Riddimaa added.

Muskan Kashish picked up a similar shorts of light brownish Color but with a full shirt – waist type of shirt – the Girl Riddimaa was left "Nahi ShortS? No way !" Everyone ignored and picked up similar dress for Riddima

"Should we change and go from here or from the hotel?" Anjali asked while giving her card to the shop keeper "HOTEL" Riddimaa spoke "OK ok Chill ! Ridiz... tu itni nervous kyun hou rahi hai" Anjali looked at Riddimaa. They went to other shops for other accessories but soon left the place as they knew boys were waiting.


"Kitnaaaa time lagti hain Girls – look we are ready and right in front of the beach and those stupid girls are still Changing" Arman commented while goggling at a girl who walked by their side in a bikini suit – while the other three whistled shamelessly

The boys were in lower quarter only except Atul who did wore a shirt and Sujhal who wore a black waist. "Sujhal !" Kashish shouted soon the boys turned to see three Happening girls

MUSKAN dress

ANJALI's Dress

Kashish Dress

"Yrr Yea tou teeno Hot lag rahi hain ! But where is my girl" Arman frowned looking at the the three standing and posing for boys – the other three were enjoying gazing at their girl and ignored Arman !

"Kash – Riddimaa kahan hai?" Arman walked up to the girls while others soon gain cautiousness and walked up to girls "She was here…oh she is right behind us" Kashish saw Riddimaa just behind her – moving away Arman saw Riddima and was speechless

Riddimaa Dress

Muskan whistled loudly when Arman's mouth opened up a bit. Riddima pulled the sweater that she had wore to cover herself – she was already feeling everyone's eye on her – "you look pretty riddimaa" Atul commented "Thanks" she mumbled tucking her strand back " Shall we go in the sea?"Sujhal said seeing Riddimaa getting uncomfortable the water may do the work – he remembered how Riddimaa irritated Arman on their first date.

"Yea let move" Kashish pulled sujhal and so did others Riddimaa stood their when Arman grab her hand and took her towards the sea

She was not walking with him but behind him covering herself in his shield "Riddimaa come in front and Enjoy! No one here knows you!" arman pulled her right beside himself "and you look really beautiful" he commented – getting her in the water they played all together throwing water playing like kids - Riddimaa got comfortable as she was busy playing with Muskan – "Arman teri wali naa meri wali kou chor hee nahi rahi!" Rahul complained "Same goes to you Rahoool" Arman said hitting his hand in water

"MUSKAN ! come here yrr" Rahul called "haan kya hai" Muskan came and shouted "Yrrr you should be with me ! I mean its our first vacation alone!" Rahul moved an arm around her while Riddimaa hit water on them "guysss stop romancing! Atleast look at the place! Mai kya karun gii – if you keep on Romancing!" Riddima splashed more water on them "tuuu Arman k pass JA!" Rahul told

Riddimaa looked around and saw Arman goggling at girls – she huffed and walked up to him – tapping his shoulder – "what you doing" she asked angrily "staring at people" he commented looking at girl passing a smile "Arman!!!" she shouted as she saw him staring back "haan?" he looked back at her – his eyes went down on her chest – her sweater had stick to her side and her top to her chest – he stared at her chest – making her took hold of her sweater and wrapping it around her chest. Turning around she walked to the sea "Shameless" she blushed

"Hey Riddimaa lets go on a walk" Arman catches up with her – holding her wrist they walked silently on beach "Arman – Dii told me that before kidnapping we were getting engaged and all" Riddimaa looked at him side way "Is it?" she asked "yes – that moment the situation was different and now is different – we don't have to hurry up any more" he looked at Kashish and Sujhal making out beside Rock…. And Atul Anjali were with Muskan and Rahul in the sea. Riddimaa frowned at his reply

"Matlab?" she asked "Matlab at that time the news was me Arman malik is dating a girl – doing time pass – and to cover up the calls that your ancestors were doing and other problems we thought to hook up – though you said that we need time – this relation need time… and as per me – I didn't wanted to let go of you too – so we thought to get engaged and marriage only when we are ready for it" Arman explained walking up to the rocks – far for their friends – he blocked her on rock and stood in front of her looking at her

"Soo, you don't want to get engaged now?" Riddimaa was trying hard to get what he meant "I want to ! but whats the hurry?" he frowned – but rubbing off the thought he leaned over and kissed her eye – which instantly closed as his dry lips brushed pass it – he went down – wetting her cheeks – he bit her nose and proceeded to kiss her trembling petal's – when she pressed her lips together . he frowned and got a bit away but still really close –

"Kya hua hai?" he asked "Can we sit please…" she mumbled to which he said yes and made her climb the rock – taking a seat himself he made her sit on his lap – she turned a bit in a side way – they were looking at each other "Arman are you serious about me ?About are relation?" she asked

He was astonished at her – she asked straightforwardly "What do you think?" he asked blankly "I don't know" she mumbled – he took her hand and kept it over his chest on his heart "Though I don't wana sound filmy but Riddimaa my heart call's for you! And if you getting insecure that I am doing a time pass then sweetheart get over it ! I love you – and you will be the ultimate wife of Arman malik"Arman ended without waiting he kissed her

She couldn't deny as much as she wanted to control herself she would end up kissing him too "Riddimaa only God and me know's how the hell I am controlling myself" he whispered right over her lips – she giggled and slapped his arm "how about we get engaged?" he asked she looked up at him shock

"Really?" she asked, excitedly "Yes – once I get back I will talk to our parents" he said while she hugged him "you Arman – I was soo worried when I heard di –kashish and Muskan talking at Mall that all guys want one thing and once they get it – they forget everything – they forget to care and all"she told him her insecurities

"oh That's why ma'am was getting all fidgeted ehh?" he asked rubbing her back "Yes – for a sec. I thought what if – my dream gets shattered – you don't how much I Love you Arman" she whispered while tight her hug around his neck

"I won't leave you – Promise" he rubbed her when he saw Kashish waving at him and saying to come down –


after Dinner : 10:00 Pm.

"ufff I am hell Tired" Arman fell on Riddimaa bed "Go to your room and sleep Arman!" Riddimaa said picking out a simple night suit - a white knee length ties and a pink shirt "No I am Not THAt Tired !" He spoke getting up from bed and looking at her - "whatever Arman just go – I want to change !" she said looking at him – hands on her hips "uhmm – well ok … going. Call me once you change" he said walking out of the room awkwardly "no well – we meet in the morning now – I want to sleep!" Riddimaa closed the door

"Let me get engaged – then I will see How you throw me out Like this" he kicked the door "the way honey – Like I did now !" she said opening the door – he moved forward to hold her but she closed the door and his head hit right at the door "oww ! I will get hold Of You Riddimaa" he spoke loudly "We Will see !" she replied back

At the same time Other Couples were making out in one another room's – how Arman wished to do the same but Riddimaa was different and he had came across this reality. No Matter how bold she try to be she still would be nave and second starter in any moment. Though he loved to be the first one in any intimiate moment – but he surely wished that she would put t........... he left and went to deep slumber while On the other hand

Riddimaa Was thinking about the whole day event – Her Surpirse – his reaction – and then Shopping – Lunch … Beach – games... the day went in a click. His Reaction when he saw her was totally expected – she knew that he would do that to make himself believe her presence.

Never the less – she equally enjoyed but the thing always left her shaken what if he left her... she trust him in every way but still she need the confident over this trust – which will surely be – but it will take time – she knew it. Till then she would go along the waves ! After having a glass of water she tucked in bed and went to sleep – waiting for the next day to shine with more bright shine with more masti



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