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Chapter 24: Obsessed...

7:00 am

Riddimaa Woke up with a jerk as she heard an impatient Knock on her door "uhmmm" she whined and walked up to door – opening up she saw Arman in his shorts – bare chest, walking in "Good Morning." he spoke sleepily and hugged her once she turned and closed the door "Arman – what are you doing here" she spoke with half eyes open "I was missing you – I tried sleeping but whole night I kept of thinking you" he hugged her tighter. "Kyun....?" she was confused

"I don't know – I just felt that – that after what you said yesterday. I was getting bad feeling..." he mumbled to which Riddimaa smiled and moved away from him. She went and got a glass of water for him – he sat on window and engulfing her in a hug while she made him drink water "Arman – we should talk ! We should once and for all finish the insecurties we are feeling" Riddimaa said keeping the glass on table kept beside the window. She took hold his hand and walked to bed

"Nahi Riddima this wrong NO – way ! Tum ase Tou na thi!" Arman spoke stopping her from going near bed "Shut Up Arman – We are just sitting....!" she glared at him while pulling him towards the bed "Oh Like that – I thought" she interuppted him "I know ! Shameless Sit !" she spoke. Pointing at the bed. He took a comfortable place and she sat by his side – relaxing their back with the bed -

Arman kept a hand around her shoulder and she just sat there taking a sigh "i Love you Arman – and you know I have loved you from a long time back – and I just know you !" she commented "i mean you were never stick to one girl ! Least you had a girlfriend for 2 weeks – as far I remember. And that's why after kidnapping scene when I saw you – I was like he is pig ! What is he doing here – he was good in my dreams only" both chuckled "but when Dii Told me about my kidnapping and you running here and there and we spending a very beautiful 3 months with fun – with a beautiful confession and then marriage everything looked a dream which was like fairytale – and then me getting blank – I don't know – I tried to remember what we actually shared back there ! But I feel that I am missing something . I want that months back – I don't know but if I remembered it I would be more comfortable." she ended didn't knew what to say or how to express her worries

"Riddimaa its ok ! If you don't remember. We could live the moment again!" he whispered "but.... I want to remember the old times...." she whispered back looking at him "we would surely meet a doctor once we go back to Mumbai !" he smiled and kissed her head "Thanks...." she replied "how did you propose me for the frist time?" she asked moving back as she saw him getting closer for a kiss.

"ahh Well that would surely be interesting – well we had a party – Kashish Aniversary ! Sameer was their too – you were getting quite cosy with him – like talking to him dancing with him – ignoring me. Well as far I knew you weren't doing it on purpose but just like that – and when I land up on the dance floor and asked Sameer to move back as I wanted to dance with You" Arman leaned over her making her lean over the bed "Then?" she asked innocently

"well then – I got closer to you" Arman's hand reached up to her waist – pulling her shirt a bit up - "Then?" she asked with close eyes – feeling his finger tips lining her waist "Then I kissed you" he kissed her cheek and then railing down to her nap he kisses her several times while her hands went across his ears – digging her nails and fingers in his jet black hair – ruffling them and feeling his lips on her collar bone – his tongue going up to her throat she could hear the voice of his kisses – that actually echoed in the silence "and when Atul interuppted us I declared my love and said – I Love you" he whispered, turning his face to side way – he rubbed his nose behind her ear -nibbling her ear he slightly pulled her shirt of her shoulder kissing her till the pink strip of her under garment showed up to him with the help of his teeth he pushed it off her shoulder and kissed her shoulder more passionately.

"i went to drop you home – when we finally concluded are Love ! And confessed with a seal" he moved forward and kissed her demandingly "his hand went down her thigh – he grabbed it and pulled it up while rubbing his bare body – with her – she moaned his name – so many times – which surely urged him to do more and more.

Riddimaa jerked up – with open eyes – when she saw a similar glance of her leaning over the counter of the kitchen and Arman leaning over her – and they kissing in the same manner "I …. I...." she broke the kiss – and tried to speak as her breathe were heaved "I saw --- glimses..." she smiled a little "Really?" he grinned "then I should tell you how we started the day of your Birthday !" He smirked "you were at my Birthday?" she smiled keeping a hand over his cheek – they both very laid on the bed – Arman on the top Of Riddima "Well the night Before your birthday – we had gone to beach and had gotten wet – I came to your room to change" pause "and I rubbed your head ? With a towel?" she asked astonishingly

"How the hell you knew that?" Arman's eyes glowed up with a brightness "Well that glimpses are attacking me from the 1st day !" She shied "and you do get the glimses of what I did at that?" she asked cheekily

Though Riddimaa saw a bit and pieces "No" she whispered right over his face "Lair !" he remarked "on second thoughts who cares I will make you live the moment again" he went down – without even bother he pulled her shirt up looked at her abdomen for a second and kissed her "Arman !" she tried to push him off

He rubbed his nose over her cold abdomen, moving his head up – he kissed her on her navel – feeling her skin jiggling due to passion that was burning them... he took hold of her waist and kissed her – left wet kiss and damp prints behind he didn't left her soon - his head pulling her shirt more up through his head..... his fingers stroking her waist side – his hand were in her shirt.... he was getting aggressive... and she was feeling weak under his touch.... her hand laid over his nap rubbing it …

"what song I sung that day?" he asked looking at her – who pulled herself on the bed while his face was now over her knee-cap as she had pulled her self up – in a sitting position now.

"Koi nahi hai Kamre mai..." he paused went up brushing his bare body with her turning her face he rubbed his nose on her cheek …. making her shrugged... "Kya haseen Mila hai pal...." he stopped – going down to her waist "Ajj shararat karna dou – kaam baki karain ga kal..."

"Arman bas bohat hua – I don't wanna remember much Now ! I think I had enough" she got off the bed – getting all red – I mean she was living the moment again – how lucky a person can be ! Everyone die to live this moment once in a life time and she lived every moment twice "Now you should go and change" she had his back towards him "Riddimaa I feel like marrying you tonight" he mumbled kissing her over hair from back "Arman tum pagal hogaye hou!" he turned her and looked in her eyes with a burning passsion "Tumhe ab pata chala?" Arman asked leaning over her to kiss her when she kept a hand in between

"Bass ! Ab aur nahi app already bohat kiss lae chuka hain !" she pushed him back but he hold her even tighter "don't act innocent ok ! I know you equally love all this – and stop blamming me !" He told her smiling with dimple – she came forward and kissed his dimple

"Arman – I do love..." she whispered. "but … I am afraid... I don't want to do anything wrong" she opened up – and hugged him "I promise you Riddimaa we won't do anything Wrong....! I promise..." he hugged her back - "chalo I will leave you ! Get ready we be going out for breakfast and then I have a meeting to attend "When will you get over with the meeting" she asked as he was moving out of the room

"uhmm – I guess shaam ko – around 6" He told "haawww that Late?" she pouted her lips... "yea – I am here to work Riddimaa – not to do masti" he teased her "haan haan Tou go ! I will be enjoying with others" she said closing the door as he walked out "what does he think of himself – that I can't enjoy and do masti without him !" she huffed and went to change

Breakfast went away in pulling eachothers leg and soon both went To Arman's room. He quickly changed in to a formal suit and requested Riddimaa to make him wear the tie which she did happily – he couldn't live without saying " You be a good wife" and kissing her over her cheek making her blush.

soon Every one woke up for Breakfast and Arman went away to the meeting Riddimaa joined other with a simple coffee and told them that she had the breakfast with Arman – like Arman they also couldn't live without saying "Trying to be a good wife huh" she blushed like always


"Sujhal hey ! I got the meeting done and the papers should be submitted in two days – they need your sign and Kashish too" Arman walked in Anjali's room where all of them were settled. "hey guys – How was the day?" Arman asked while giving the file to Sujhal and opening his coat he pulled it – and kept in his hand "Sign karr Sujhal !" Arman said impatiently while Atul told him that they went again on sea and did lots of masti – his eyes went on Riddimaa who was standing near the window her back faced him

"But Arman – Dad(billy) aur Uncle(arman's father) dream Factory, why are you naming the company over me and Kashish's Name?" Sujhal asked Looking up at Arman, who was looking at Riddima but was distracted by Sujhal "Because we are family and thing's over my name had already shown many problems" Arman walked up Riddimaa "Rubbish" Kashish commented

"Kya hua Riddimaa" he kept a hand over her shoulder – she turned. He was concerned and tensed up to see few tears in her eyes – Everyone looked at her and frowned "I went to.... to have a nap and I saw Sameer – and how they treated me …." she broke down in his arms "shh.... ok we will go and meet a physiatrist now – Ok relax.. shhh" he calmed her and took her out of the room – Making a call one of his known physiatrist friend. Taking her to his friend – he messaged Sujhal to sign the papers along with Kashish and give it too the manager sitting down stairs.

And get Ready for the disco at night – for getting fresh


"bose – yrr now I told everything what happened. Riddimaa need help – she keep on getting glimpses – till she was getting good one I was ok – but now she is just sobbing – weeping as she saw the whole kidnapping glimpses ! I don't want her to remember that – it will do nothing but will give her pain which I surely don't want !" Arman ended to his physiatrist friend

"look Arman – it always happen's and as far I see this case – is just an ordinary one. Nothing to worry about. If she remember's the good phase she will remember the bad phase. Its not like – she is having these pictures unwillingly. Actually when a person actually force him/herself then only they are meant to see these picture" pause "Riddimaa is willing wants to know what happen ! She sleeps with a thought that she want everything opened up in her dream and when she see's it – she wakes up and kept on getting happy over the good and weeping over the bad" The bose explained

"Then what should we do?" Arman asked looking outside through the glass window to Riddimaa, who sat there quitely. "Well, Listen to her – help her in those things which you know and like Kidnapping part, no one knows except her ! Encourage her to remember... but when she breaks down don't force her much – and once the bad phase is over and she tell's you the whole thing – she won't cry over it ! That's for sure" Bose finsihed

"Thanks Bose – I would keep in touch with you" Arman said getting up – they exchanged number "She don't need anything except a helping hand – and yes the meeting I had with her – I came to know one thing that she is afraid that – that Sameer might have done something with her..." bose ended as they stepped out of the office "But he didn't !" Arman forwned and told him "How Do you know" bose asked "Doctor Told that the wounds she got is not of being......" he stopped "but it's just that she got injuried by them" Arman felt hard to find words

"Well in short she Was Tortured if not Rape" Bose spoke professionally "Bose !" Arman glared at her "Look Arman – I know the medical report Said That she is Not ! But still She need's to remember it Before she get's imagnative glimpses !" Bose ended as Riddimaa looked up and smiled at them


After Disco – they all went to there rooms and Arman asked Riddimaa to stay in his room – atleast till they are awake. She told him that she saw herself tied up with the chair – three boy's encircling her – she also saw Sameer injecting her - and mixing medicine in her food – she told him the part in which Sameer told her about Arman and his Part.....

he asked her did she remembered the whole thing of her kidnapping . To which she told him that most of it she remember's but the part of the end Picture dosen't join when He came in the picture

Maybe a piece or a big Picture is missing in between – she just want to figure that out – Whole Night they started from together – How sammer took her – Arman made her think with the help of Calender most of it was out – but the puzzle was still incomplete the last week when doseage was thripled is still fade – they both drift off in each others arms....


Next Chapter: Riddimaa would remember almost everything of her past – and AR Together with moments...

Love Maha

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